Why do you dream about your ex-girlfriend: interpretation from different dream books

Very often we dream about what we think about or what we want. Seeing your ex-girlfriend in a dream is quite common after the end of a relationship. If you saw your ex in a dream, then most likely you have not forgotten her and want to restore the relationship. No matter what you say, you still have feelings for her; you haven’t completely put an end to the relationship. You spend a lot of time thinking about her.

Who is she?

A modern universal dream book interprets a dream depending on who the heroine of your night dreams was. So, to see the deceased:

  • sister - indicates the need to analyze one’s own actions;
  • a friend - speaks of disappointment in this person;
  • to a stranger - predicts sky-high prospects;
  • lady of the heart - heralds a new stage in the relationship with your beloved;
  • former passion - prophesies lightning-fast changes in life;
  • girlfriend - warns about the risk of ruining good relations with the character

What to do if you often dream about your ex-girlfriend

Such frequent dreams should be regarded as a motivation to action. You need to make every effort to forget her and find a new girl. You need to finally decide for yourself that it’s all over with that one. Feel free to start a new life, fate will definitely bring you together with your soul mate.

But, if you just can’t let her go, and even after much effort you still want to get her back, then don’t lose hope and take the first step. In this case, your heart and intuition will definitely tell you whether this is really your soul mate. Carefully analyze your future life, whether you see her with you in old age, whether you want children from her. If your answer to all this is positive, then throw away all principles and pride and run to measure yourself against it. After all, this is the reason why you often dream about your ex-girlfriend. Everything is completely in your hands - act!

Let us return, however, to the interpretation of dreams. Seeing in a dream how you dated your ex-girlfriend foretells you a new relationship. There is a high probability that you will renew your relationship with her, or you will get together with another girl you know well, but to whom you have always been only friendly.

But, besides this, meeting an ex in a dream can mean problems of a sexual nature, the cause of which lies in a former relationship. Perhaps this is precisely why you broke up, and now it haunts you. This problem needs to be solved urgently, because otherwise you will not be able to start a new life.

Seeing your ex-girlfriend in a dream is not the most pleasant dream. Although you dreamed that you had a sexual relationship with her, then expect a reunification of the union. Moreover, she will be the initiator, so you don’t have to do anything. Let everything take its course, she will do everything herself. But before that happens, you will experience for yourself what it is like to be alone! Loneliness will become your neighbor for a long time, but everything will end favorably for you. Kissing in a dream foretells you having a fun time with friends. Holidays and joyful events await you, meeting with friends.

When you often dream about your ex-girlfriend calling you, it means that she is very bored and suffering without you. The ex-lover thinks a lot about breaking up the relationship and wants to make peace. If she cries, then everything is fine with her. The ex-girlfriend is happy in her new life, probably with a new guy.

If you were just talking to her, then expect greetings from the past. You might meet someone you haven't seen for a long time. It can be either a pleasant meeting or not.

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