Why do you dream about prison: interpretation from different dream books

Barbed wire: UGC Why do you dream about prison? There are probably no people who will rejoice at the thought, much less the dream, of it. However, according to the most popular dream books, these dreams can be the key to understanding what is happening to you now. Let's try to understand different interpretations of what imprisonment means in dreams.

Why do you dream about prison according to Miller?

Oddly enough, a dream about a prison can be positive, according to Miller’s dream book. So, what do different cases mean when you dream about prison:

  1. If other people were imprisoned in a dream, your social status will increase due to the fact that you will help many other people.
  2. Avoided prison - significant income can await you.
  3. If you see a bright light in a prison window, difficulties will pass you by for a while.
  4. Someone is getting out of prison - you will be very lucky in the near future.

The exceptions are several situations that the dream book interprets: a husband in prison - to disappointment in his honesty, being in prison in a dream - to unfavorable events that will ruin your plans.

Who had the dream?

It may seem that sleep is a universal thing, but this is far from true. The dreamer's gender and status play a determining role in deciphering the night's message.

In a girl's dream

If a young girl, who is still lonely but is in the process of finding a lover, finds herself in prison in a dream, this prophesies that she will find not love, but dependence on a powerful and self-confident man, who will probably be much older than her. If a girl had to free someone from prison, the dream promises prolonged loneliness. Probably this young lady lacks warmth and attention from men. Dream books recommend going outside more often, meeting with friends - this will help get rid of the painful feeling.

If a pregnant girl saw a prison in a dream, fantastic and rapid success in business awaits her. If a pregnant woman tries to break the bars and break free, she is probably succumbing to someone’s dominant and not very pleasant influence in life.

In a woman's dream

A woman happens to see a prison in a dream when she expects to receive news soon from friends or relatives from afar. It could also mean an upcoming meeting with high-ranking people. If a female prisoner feels justice from being in prison, she will soon be liberated from bad thoughts and their consequences. If you dream of a women's colony, it means an addition to the family.

In a man's dream

A man may dream of prison if he is in a depressed mood. Pressure from management, excessive demands from the other half of the house - the subconscious takes out all this lack of freedom in decision-making in the image of a prison. To get rid of these painful feelings, you need to unload yourself a little - find new hobbies, set goals, maybe even change jobs.

Being strangled in a dream - interpretation according to the dream books of Vanga, Miller, Islamic. Lack of air can greatly frighten a waking person. What if you wake up to someone strangling you in your sleep? Fall asleep after this...

Going to jail is a symbol of the dreamer's isolation

Why do you dream about prison according to Freud’s dream book?

This dream book provides us with the expected interpretations: prison, arrest are a direct consequence of problems in the sexual sphere. Different assessments of what it means to dream of being in prison are given in relation to the following categories of people:

  • Why does a woman dream about prison - fear of disappointment with a new partner.
  • Why does a man dream about prison - the fear of not satisfying his partner.
  • Why does a girl dream about prison - fear of losing her virginity.

There is another common situation that this dream book reflects: prison is perceived as an unfair punishment. This indicates fear of any sexual relationship.

Why do you dream about prison according to Loff’s dream book?

According to this dream book, the answer to the question of why you dream of going to prison is very rich in options. It's all about details and context. For example, for some it is a very alarming call and a reason for nervousness, while for others it is an opportunity to be alone with themselves, calm down and even gain protection.

What elements of sleep should you pay attention to? First of all, this is your sense of self: do you feel free to choose and act, or are you chained hand and foot?

The prison environment can provide some answers. Are there many rooms in it, are there familiar people inside it, how comfortable is it for living? The answers to these questions will help you navigate your dreams.

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Other meanings of dreams about prison

Anyone who happened to visit the walls of a women's prison will lose confidence in the eyes of others. This will be facilitated by a vile act, an insult caused by you, or an injustice shown by you towards a person you know well. Because of your damaged reputation, you will begin to avoid communicating with loved ones.

of being sentenced to prison on the eve of a protracted illness. It will begin with innocent symptoms, which will subsequently cause complications in vital organs. By deciding to self-medicate, you are putting your life at risk.

Why do you dream about prison according to the Islamic dream book?

Most interpretations of what it means to go to prison in a dream are related to health. There is something that the dream book directly says:

  • leaving prison means recovering or avoiding a disease that you may contract;
  • staying inside the dungeon means illness without relief in the near future.

However, there are also discrepancies about the meaning of sleep for other areas of life. Some interpreters refer to the phrase of the Prophet Muhammad that for a believer, life is like a prison in anticipation of paradise. Accordingly, then the dream should be assessed positively.

But there are other interpretations according to which such a dream foreshadows long-term sadness and troubles of completely different kinds.

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Why do you dream about prison, Loff’s dream book

First of all, you should understand the difference between dreams in which you dreamed that you were put in prison, and those in which you are simply in some kind of confinement, a dungeon. If a person goes to prison, even in a dream, this implies that he is facing some kind of charge. Whether it is fair or false is another question. Imprisonment can be anything, and legislation may have absolutely nothing to do with it.

Therefore, being in prison in a dream means being at odds with the law. Did you know from the plot of the dream why you ended up in this prison? What was the charge? Was it fair, and if not, then who needed your imprisonment?

Did you have cellmates? Do you know these people in life?

If you managed to consider the personality of the caretaker, this character is also very important.

If the conviction and prison were fair and legal in your dream, analyze why you got there? How does this accusation relate to your real life? This may be a serious warning, don't miss it.

If you dream of escaping from prison, first of all, it means that you ended up there for something. Remember why? The dream means that you want to avoid responsibility for something, because in reality a certain burden of guilt still lies on your soul.

If you dreamed of a prison according to Tsvetkov’s dream book

Seeing a prison government house from the outside in a dream is a warning that you will have to take responsibility for your actions.

If a girl dreams of a zone or a prison, she will have a hard time in marriage.

If a married woman dreams that she happened to be in prison, then she may lose her job.

Going to jail in a dream means negative events that will deprive you of the opportunity to mind your own business.

If you dreamed that they wanted to put you in prison, but you are hiding from justice, you will defend your own opinion at the risk of your honor and reputation.

If you dreamed that a person you know went to prison, it means that he has some secret from you that he has no right to tell you.

Dreaming of being released from prison or being released into freedom symbolizes the opportunity to openly tell someone about your feelings, and the circumstances can be very different.

If you dreamed of a friend in prison, a person whom you trust in real life and are confident in his honesty, in reality you will be asking for some privileges for this person or for recognition of his merits.

Dreaming about your husband being sent to prison is a direct indication that you are excessively, unreasonably restricting the freedom of your spouse.

If such a plot continues with a scene in which the husband escaped from prison, the dream warns that such tactics of behavior will end with his leaving the family.

If you dreamed that your mother was put in prison or that your father is in prison - such a dream means that you hold a grudge against your parents for certain prohibitions, it’s time to let go of this situation and understand that all this was done out of good intentions and out of love for you, even if you didn't like it.

To dream of your boss being taken to prison means a change in leadership.

Why do you dream about prison - Hasse's dream book

If you dream that you are in prison, it means in reality, on the contrary, you will gain freedom. We are talking about some kind of harmful addiction.

The meaning of the dream increases if you happen to go to prison, go there voluntarily, and confess.

If you dreamed that your loved one was in prison, he would want to break off your relationship.

The same can be said if a young man dreams that the girl he is dating is in prison.

Escaping from prison in a dream means repeating old sins.

If you dreamed of a date in prison, it is a sign that your relationship lacks sincerity and trust.

Why do we dream about prisons, Longo’s dream book

The threat of prison is a dream of strong remorse.

If you dreamed that you were in prison, consider this dream a cry from your own soul, demanding a rethinking of your life, actions, and analysis of life’s mistakes.

Escape from prison in a dream - reluctance to be alone, fear of any lack of freedom.

Being released from prison in a dream due to the end of your sentence means making a very right decision regarding your relationship with the person with whom you are in a quarrel. You will admit your guilt, even if it was only partial, and you will feel great relief.

In addition, if you dream that you will be sent to prison and you are very afraid of this, this may be due to an inferiority complex, isolation, or internal lack of freedom of the sleeping person.

If a young girl dreamed that she escaped the fate of going to prison, fate will protect her from an unwanted marriage.

Why do you dream about prison, English dream book

If you dreamed of a prison, a prison cell, in reality you will not be free in your actions or in your choice.

For a young lady, going to prison voluntarily is a dream for a quick marriage.

If you dreamed about your father, mother, or their parents (grandparents) in prison, a major scandal will break out in the family regarding the restriction of your freedom. Think about the feelings of your loved ones before starting this difficult scandal for everyone.

Seeing an unfamiliar man released from prison is a sign of someone’s revenge, the preparation of which you do not even suspect, since you have long forgotten about the offense inflicted on this person.

If you are planning to travel abroad soon, then a dream about prison may warn you of a possible travel ban.

Why do you dream about prison according to Nostradamus?

The root of all such dreams for the diviner is a feeling of lack of freedom and/or loneliness. When you see yourself inside a prison, this is one hundred percent evidence of your insecurity, which prevents you from implementing plans and tasks.

The dream book also touches on the following situations:

  1. If you looked at freedom through prison bars, then in real life you may be limited by a loved one.
  2. If you break into this lattice, then you are already struggling with the pressure of this person.
  3. If someone you know ends up in prison, it may be you who are overly terrorizing him or her.

What else does the dream book say: escaping from prison is a harbinger of troubles from decisions that were made in a hurry. And if you are helping someone escape, then you are very lonely and you need to make acquaintances.

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