Why do you dream about a white mouse? Interpretation of sleep according to dream books

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A mouse in a dream means trouble, a hidden enemy, an envious person who wants to ruin the dreamer’s life. This is a warning dream and the one who saw this dream should be more careful with new friends. But in order to correctly interpret, you need to take into account all the details and circumstances under which this dream was seen.

Mouse actions in a dream

Remember exactly what actions the mouse performed.

  • The mouse runs - to a big scandal.
  • A sleeping mouse is a hidden enemy.
  • The mouse plays - the ill-wisher is trying to gain trust.
  • The mouse runs away - you will be able to avoid trouble.
  • A mouse eats - to disagreement.
  • A mouse craps on the table/clothes/body - to losses, loss of money.
  • A mouse bathing means empty talk.
  • A mouse bites your hand - vain hopes; by the leg - the trip will be postponed; for a finger - a quarrel with relatives.
  • The mouse died - the end of the relationship.
  • A mouse eats another mouse - everything bad will be resolved by itself.
  • The mouse jumps - you will be invited to an alcoholic party.
  • The mouse is caught in a mousetrap - you will reveal the deception.
  • The mouse gets tangled in the hair - to rivalry with a beautiful competitor.
  • A mouse gives birth - to conceive a child.
  • The mouse jumped on the dress - a conflict with a loved one.
  • The mouse runs away from the cat - unjustified hopes.
  • A mouse chews furniture - to domestic problems.

Adjustment to the personality of the sleeper

It is impossible to recognize an image correctly without understanding the principles of operation of the dreamer’s subconscious. The specialist adjusts the general meaning to the person and position:

  1. For a woman, visions of nasty creatures reveal personal details. For a married woman, seeing something like this on a dress is a scandal. Lonely - longing. Polevaya ran in from the street - gossip, disappointment.
  2. A girl should control her girlfriends. Norushka symbolizes an envious friend who throws mud at the sleeping person.
  3. A pregnant woman should learn to distract herself from the jumble of her own thoughts. The appearance of little mice reveals a simple truth: the less you worry, the calmer your life and better your health.
  4. For men, the image demonstrates business prospects. A bite that responds with pain means betrayal by a partner. Feeding is a need for support.
  5. The guy needs to get on the path to fulfilling his obligations right in the morning. Norushki is a signal of punishment from fate, karma. If the situation is not immediately corrected, then the reckoning will be bitter and life miserable.

The dreamer's actions with the mouse

What the dreamer did with the rodent is also important:

  • Seeing a mouse means vanity and troubles.
  • Catching a running mouse means profit and success in any endeavor.
  • Catching the mouse means you will find yourself in an awkward position.
  • Kill a mouse - you will defeat enemies and ill-wishers.
  • Eat a mouse - get rid of competitors.
  • Crushing the mouse with your feet is a long and tedious struggle with your opponents.
  • Poison a mouse - get a large amount of money illegally.
  • Strangle the mouse - overcome obstacles.
  • Stepping on the mouse on purpose means getting rid of competitors.
  • Stepping on a mouse accidentally means making an enemy.
  • Holding it in your hands means you are confidently “standing on your feet.”
  • Feeding a mouse means needing support.
  • Feeding the mouse from your hand means keeping your enemies at a safe distance.
  • Drowning a mouse means you will plunge into negative thoughts.
  • Playing with the mouse is taking risks.
  • Hearing a mouse squeak means they will try to rob you, you should be more careful and attentive.
  • To drive a mouse out of the threshold is to expose a liar.
  • Talking to a mouse means having enemies nearby.
  • Stroke a sleeping mouse - disarm the enemy.
  • To save a mouse is to provide a service to a bad person.
  • Turning into a mouse means losing control of your emotions.
  • If you are afraid of a mouse, pressure will be put on you.
  • Set a mousetrap - win.
  • Looking for a mouse means avoiding deception.

Why do men dream about mice - 46 meanings

The main thing about sleep

If a man dreams of mice, then family quarrels and provocations from ill-wishers are possible. It is also a symbol of great profit or ridicule from a cunning woman.

Features of interpretation

A mouse in a dream traditionally describes the main qualities of a male dreamer that he can show in the current situation - and they can be both positive (sentimentality, cunning, enterprise, cunning, dexterity) and negative (cowardice, timidity, worthlessness).

In addition, the mouse can be associated with a woman, including a loved one, ill-wishers and competitors, obsessive thoughts, minor problems, and also characterize the future in general (profits, losses, conflicts, prosperity)

Best and worst meaning

Best interpretation: wealth, big profits.

Worst interpretation: rivalry, financial crisis.

Why do men dream about mice?

By appearance

  • A small mouse for a man is a minor nuisance, an insidious woman;
  • Big – big problem, ill-wisher;
  • Fat - confidence, contentment, stability, important person;
  • Dead - financial difficulties, separation, illness, quarrel;
  • Alive but without a head - greed, unreasonable actions, “bad” money;
  • Volatile - own fears, danger from strangers.

The nature

  • Angry/aggressive – provocation, open confrontation, mistake, illness, threat;
  • Tame/kind – timid, sentimental, controlled situation, human.

By mouse color

  • Black - a hidden or obvious enemy, a cunning woman, a treacherous friend, illness, failure;
  • White - reliable business, improvement of the situation, luck, spiritual assistant;
  • Redhead – financial situation (in appearance and actions), deception, deceitful, frivolous person;
  • Gray - boring and monotonous life, routine, boring, timid person.

At the meeting place

  • A mouse in the hands of a man means acquisition, money, a dangerous undertaking;
  • In the house/apartment – ​​family conflicts, stability, financial crisis;
  • At work - clashes with colleagues, intrigue, profitable business;
  • In a man’s bed – treason, betrayal, illness;
  • There are guests on the table, lack of money or income;
  • In a mousetrap there is a need for submission, a trap.

By mouse actions

  • Eating food - illness, threat, contentment;
  • Climbing into a man's bosom - an insidious woman, the birth of a child;
  • Squeaks - robbery, obtaining information;
  • Attacks - collision with the enemy, danger;
  • Falls/jumps on you - surprise, shocking news, own fears;
  • Bites - betrayal, illness, failure;
  • Runs away - success, temporary relief, recovery.

On counteraction

  • Chasing/catching mice for a man means a struggle with varying success, useless effort, competition;
  • Catch – revenge, satisfaction, control of the situation;
  • Driving away the mouse is a relief, a temporary solution to the situation;
  • Kill/ate a cat - complete victory, a sad event in the house;
  • For a man to be afraid of a mouse - cowardice, confusion, a shocking situation, powerlessness.

A mouse for a man in a dream according to dream books

Tsvetkov's Dream Interpretation

For a man, mice in a dream symbolize secret enemies, competitors in work and love, as well as women and losses because of them.

Aesop's Dream Book

For a man, mice are a symbol of his own insecurity and cowardice, as well as dexterity and enterprise.

Esoteric dream book

If a man dreams of mice, then depending on the details of the dream, they promise either large profits or serious competition.

Sleep by day of the week

  • Monday – situation at work, in business;
  • Tuesday is a way to solve a problem;
  • Wednesday – relationship with the woman you love;
  • Thursday – new ideas, perspective;
  • Friday – characteristics of others, the future;
  • Saturday – a good deal, a dream about health;
  • Sunday - pleasant chores associated with the house.

Lunar dream book
Doesn’t make much sense – 23, 19, 14, 10, 5

Turns soon - 27, 26, 24, 20, 18, 17, 12, 11, 7, 6, 2, 1

It will come true, but not soon – 28, 15, 3

Contains important signs – 29, 25, 21, 16, 13, 9, 8, 4

Dream Expert


I have been interpreting my own and other people’s dreams for more than 15 years. I know dozens of meanings of the same images, and I can find the most appropriate one in a particular situation.

Tell your dream

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When do prophetic dreams occur?

A prophetic dream can occur at any time, regardless of the time of day or day of the week. Most often, prophetic dreams occur on the eve of major holidays - New Year, Christmas, Easter, etc., as well as for several days before and after a birthday.

When will my dream come true?

The timing of dreams is very individual, as it depends on the information contained in it. Therefore, a dream can come true the very next day or many years later.

Why do you have nightmares?

Nightmares are the result of subconscious fears and unprocessed emotions received during real events. The deeper the fear or emotion lies in the subconscious, the more often and worse the nightmares appear.

What to do to prevent the dream from coming true?

There are special rituals and words for these purposes. However, it is important to understand that they simply help to forget the dream, but do not cancel its implementation. If you really need to change bad sleep, you need to analyze the situation and take real measures to eliminate it.

What to do to make the dream come true?

In order for the dream to come true, the most important thing is not to tell it to anyone. The fact is that a good prediction can cause too strong unconscious emotions in others, for example, envy, which can sometimes disrupt the chain of events.

What does a recurring dream mean?

Recurring dreams are the subconscious’s way of drawing the dreamer’s attention to particularly important information that can seriously affect the life of a person or his environment.

What are dream dreams and inversion?

Inversion in dreams is a mechanism that reverses meaning. Changeling dreams can be recognized by excessively vivid emotions. That is, if you laugh hard in a dream, you will cry in reality.

What is dream projection?

If the dreamer has planned something, dreams about something, or really wants something in reality, the subconscious can show a plot that exactly matches what he wants. This is a dream projection.

What kind of mouse was in the dream?

The color of the fur of a small pest changes the interpretation of sleep:

  • White - you are in error.
  • Gray – the desire to remain invisible.
  • Black means intense envy.
  • Redhead - good relationships with relatives.
  • Brown - you should be softer and kinder to yourself.
  • Pink – dreaminess.
  • Black and white - your behavior pushes your friends away.
  • Red – dangerous connections.
  • Big – strong fear.
  • Small - many unresolved problems.
  • Living is a strong enemy.
  • Dead – eliminating the problem.
  • Fat - a quarrel with a boss, an influential person.
  • Thin - difficult relationships with colleagues.
  • Field - unpleasant news.
  • Toy - troubles will bypass you.
  • Beautiful is a cunning rival.
  • Manual - to deception, betrayal.
  • The old one is a quick solution to a protracted problem.
  • Sick - temporary difficulties.
  • Kind fluffy - a truce with a person with whom you have long ceased relations.
  • Wounded - to gain the upper hand in a quarrel.
  • Computer - difficulties at work.

What does it mean if you dream about a dead mouse?

Seeing a dead mouse in a dream means a way out of a difficult situation. But pay attention to exactly how the pest was killed:

  • Killed by a person - you will soon get rid of your opponent.
  • Recessed - you will be able to reach a higher material and social level.
  • Killed by a cat - you will receive a bonus.
  • Poisoned - people who emit negativity will leave your environment.
  • Dying - neutralize enemies’ attempts to harm you.
  • The wounded woman is covered in blood - the powerlessness of ill-wishers.

Not the best friends

Mice can mean people who are fussy and like to make a big deal out of every little thing. A white animal can indicate a naive person who may be distinguished by aggression and fears, which may turn out to be insignificant, but at the same time bring great fussiness to life. Sometimes dream books indicate a very naive person who often makes a lot of noise about nothing, but at the same time disrupting the person’s normal life.

But most often, white mice mean cunning and petty people, friends who may seem kind and gentle, but are fussy and cowardly and harm the cause because of their own personal qualities. They can prevent you from achieving success and love.

Who was the mouse with in the dream?

It is also important what animal was next to the mouse:

  • With cockroaches - to exacerbation of chronic diseases.
  • With a cat, there is an ill-wisher next to you who wants to cause harm.
  • With snakes - to a great loss.
  • With kittens, your enemies will be distracted and leave you alone for a while.
  • With hamsters/rabbits - be stingy.
  • With rats - to a series of failures.
  • With a dog - to the support of friends.
  • With worms - a favorable period, there is no reason to worry.
  • With a frog - increase in wealth.

Where was the mouse in the dream?

The location of the hole also matters:

  • In the house - to grievances and misunderstandings in the family.
  • In an apartment - you are inaccessible to enemies.
  • In a cage - superiority over the enemy.
  • In bed - to treason.
  • In your pocket - experiencing financial difficulties.
  • In a mousetrap - to reveal deception, to reveal intrigues.
  • In the hair - a rival has a bad plan.
  • In the mouth - to empty talk.
  • In the bank - you will protect yourself from enemies.
  • In the kitchen - damage to property.
  • In food - squabbles with relatives.
  • On the body - to illness.
  • On the ceiling - to failure in the near future.
  • On the ship - weakness, malaise.
  • In prison there are health problems.
  • In the hole - you can avoid problems.

Appearance and behavior of the animal

A dream with a white mouse can be interpreted in different ways, so the sleeper should first of all listen to his personal feelings. A black and white animal suggests that people whom the dreamer considered dangerous are actually very friendly and peaceful. A dead animal portends problems in love. Seeing a dead rodent in food means quarrels with your life partner, in water means tears, in a mousetrap means exposing your enemies.

If the main character saw a pregnant mouse give birth to a baby mouse, good news awaits him soon. Fighting animals predict a meeting with an enemy or a conflict in the family. If a representative of the fair sex observed a snow-white rodent on her dress, she will play a key role in a major scandal. Entering the house and seeing this animal there is an unexpected disappointment. An aggressive animal promises a conflict with a friend, this can turn into a serious enmity.

A small mouse portends a lot of small troubles. The dream book advises not to spread yourself thin on many things at the same time; you should act consistently. A modern interpreter says that small rodents are a good symbol that predicts joyful changes.

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