Dream Interpretation Cat caught a rat and a mouse. Why do you dream about a cat catching a rat or seeing a mouse in a dream?

Dream Interpretation - Cats

Seeing a cat in a dream foretells bad luck unless you can kill it or drive it out of sight. If a cat rushes at you, you will have enemies who will do anything to denigrate your reputation and deprive you of property. But if you drive the cat away, you will overcome enormous obstacles, and your destiny and reputation will take off. If you come across a skinny, pitiful and dirty cat, expect bad news: one of your friends is very sick, but if you manage to drive the cat away in a dream, then your friend will recover. Hearing cats squealing and meowing means that your false friend is doing everything to harm you. To dream that a cat scratched you means that your enemies will successfully deprive you of part of the profit from a transaction on which you spent a lot of time and effort. If a young woman sees in a dream that she is holding a cat or kitten in her arms, then she will be involved in some unseemly deeds. Seeing a pure white cat in a dream means some kind of confusion, uncertainty, which can cause grief and deprivation of wealth. When a trader sees a cat, he should work with maximum efficiency. Because his competitors are destroying his business ventures. He should do everything possible to succeed. Seeing a cat and a snake being friendly to each other in a dream means the beginning of a fierce struggle. This means that you are supporting the enemy in order to use him and find out some secret that you believe is related to you. Unsure of the truth of the information received from him. You will refuse them because you are afraid that the details of your intimate life will become the subject of gossip.

Dream Interpretation - Mouse

The mouse symbolizes ingenuity, dexterity and at the same time weakness. The bat is the personification of the night, blindness. But, according to some popular beliefs, the bat can also be a harbinger of good luck, hope and even happiness. So your subconscious, sending you the image of a mouse in a dream could be based on a variety of events that happened in your life, in one way or another connected with folklore motifs. Watching a mouse running away from a cat in a dream is a sign that you will happily avoid danger. Feeding a mouse in a dream - a dream indicates that you should be more tolerant of the people around you, even though you see that they are weaker than you. There will definitely come a time when you will need the help of these people, so do not behave arrogantly with them at the present time. Betting in a dream a trap to catch a mouse is evidence that in real life you are a very enterprising, resourceful person who can find a way out of even the most difficult situation. If you dreamed that you killed a mouse or caught it, then such a dream means , that you have a very difficult task ahead. It’s a difficult task, from which you can emerge victorious only thanks to your courage. Seeing a large number of mice in a dream means a happy release from problems. Seeing a bat in a dream - a dream tells you what you need in real life learn to adapt to all circumstances, so you can easily avoid any danger. Watching a bat fly in a dream is a sign that your old hopes are destined to come true. Perhaps such a dream indicates that your affairs, despite all the forecasts, will end successful. Seeing a wounded bat in a dream is evidence that you should be careful at night. You may be in danger of being robbed. If you dreamed of a bat hunting for insects, such a dream portends great happiness. Maybe you will a profitable business that will bring you considerable financial profit and the respect of those around you.

Cats eat rat

Dream Interpretation Cats eat a rat dreamed of why in a dream Cats eat a rat? To select a dream interpretation, enter a keyword from your dream into the search form or click on the initial letter of the image characterizing the dream (if you want to get an online interpretation of dreams by letter for free alphabetically).

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Seeing rats in a dream means the appearance of secret enemies that are not so easy to get rid of.

Huge, impudent rats running around the house in reality foreshadow family troubles and insincerity of friends, business discord and losses.

If in a dream you set a trap for rats, it means that in reality you will become aware of the intentions of your enemies.

A rat caught in a trap foreshadows a robbery of an apartment or a scandal with neighbors.

Kill a rat - get rid of slander and rivalry.

A dead rat means a contagious disease. To drive rats out of the room, wielding a poker or something of the like, is a struggle with varying success and disastrous results.

If you are afraid of rats in a dream, in reality you will end up in an unpleasant situation and be falsely accused.

To grab a rat with your hands - you will experience disgust for a low, vile person.

Seeing a cat catching a rat means you will receive life-saving support in time.

If a cat eats a rat before your eyes, you will witness an unpleasant family scene in the house of your friends.

The cat is one of the most difficult symbols that one has to deal with when deciphering dreams.

The thing is that the image of a cat can appear in a dream for many reasons, and it is almost never possible to determine exactly how our subconscious worked at the moment when we saw a small kitten, a Siamese cat or an affectionate cat.

Perhaps in reality we encountered an amazing person who, despite all the difficulties, managed to avoid a seemingly imminent danger. After all, looking at just such people, we remember the folk wisdom: “He’s like a cat, everything falls on his feet.”

The appearance of a cat in a dream can also be facilitated by meeting an independent, independent and slightly frivolous woman. And this is no coincidence, because in real life we ​​call such a woman “a cat that walks on its own.”

Or maybe the image of a cat in a dream arose as a result of the fact that memories of how the cat washed itself were deposited in our subconscious: the folk sign “The cat washes its face for guests” is no secret to anyone.

A cat can appear in a dream even when we are watching with pleasure how a young guy caresses and plays with a cat: after all, it’s rare that another folk wisdom does not come to mind at this moment: “He who loves cats will love his wife.”

What if we dreamed of a cat, as a warning of impending danger (after all, during the day we were very worried when a black cat crossed our path)?

As for those human qualities that characterize a cat, they are, without a doubt, known to everyone. This is cunning, deceit and malice.

But at the same time, we must not forget that in ancient times cats were deified and considered special animals. This means that any dream in which you saw a cat is prophetic. The most important thing is to be able to decipher it correctly.

Watching a cat wash itself in a dream means guests. It is possible that you will meet old good friends with whom you will have a great time.

Watching a dog hunt a cat in a dream is a warning that you should under no circumstances deceive your friends. Having learned about your deception, your friends will turn away from you forever.

Seeing in a dream a small kitten hiding in a tree from an angry dog ​​is a sign that in real life you should be very careful.

If you dreamed of a kitten who, having noticed a dog in the distance, immediately runs to hide on the roof, then you should beware of a danger that you have already managed to avoid once.

If in a dream you saw a cat hunting for mice, then in the near future your life will be hectic and not entirely joyful. Various problems will arise on your way due to the deceit and evil machinations of your secret enemy.

If a cat scratched you in a dream, then in reality big problems await you, about which you will be very worried.

If you dreamed that a cat drove its claws right into your chest, then emotional anguish, sadness and sorrow await you.

Watching a cat pretending to be dead and lying next to a mouse hole means that in the near future someone close to you will attempt to deceive you.

Watching in a dream how a cat caught a mouse and carried it off to show its prey to other cats is a sign that in real life you are a very vain person.

Perhaps such a dream indicates that there are vain people around you who will bring you great misfortune.

If in a dream a black cat crossed your path, then in reality you should beware of dangers. Such a dream also suggests that you overestimate your strength, and therefore you should not refuse the help of friends.

Seeing a cat with kittens in a dream means problems with children. Perhaps your child is deceiving you.

Petting a cat sitting on your lap in a dream is a sign that in your environment there is a not entirely decent, frivolous woman who will greatly let you down by taking advantage of your trust.

Watching a young guy or a single man stroke a cat in a dream means that when he gets married, he will love his wife very much.

Feeding a cat in a dream is a sign that it’s time to stop “soaring in the clouds” and mind your own business.

Watching several cats fighting in a dream is evidence that a streak of minor setbacks awaits you, so be patient and courageous.

If in a dream an unfamiliar cat caresses you, it means that one of your new acquaintances has decided to take advantage of your kindness and trust. Be careful.

Seeing a dead cat in a dream is a bad omen. Apparently, you will learn about the illness of someone close to you.

Rats dream of quarrels, so try not to aggravate relations with anyone.

If in a dream you grabbed a rat, then you will be able to adequately defeat your enemies.

If you killed a rat in a dream, you will become a winner in any business and in any situation.

According to Nostradamus, the rat is a symbol of legibility, fastidiousness, fertility, luck, etc. death.

A dream in which a huge number of rats eat crops speaks of a crop failure.

Dream plots about cats and rats

Depending on what scenario will be played out in a dream, the interpretations will take on a favorable or not entirely favorable coloring. Because mice, cats, and rats are interpreted in two ways in dreams . To find out the exact forecasts that a dream brings, consider a variety of situations:

  • the cat catches rats, but does not kill them;

    Dream about a lot of rodents in the house

  • rat hunting;
  • animals bite each other;
  • friendship between cat and mouse;
  • a lot of rodents in an apartment with pets;
  • meal.

Why do you dream that the kitty who caught the rats was in no hurry to destroy them? This foreshadows circumstances when you will have to make a responsible decision. You are faced with a choice. But it is difficult for you to do it because of uncertainty. This can apply to both the amorous and professional spheres.

The message of the dream is guided by logic, but not by the call of the heart or the sixth sense.

Why do you dream about cats chasing rats? This may be evidence that there is no clarity in the relationship between the dreamer and the other half. They behave like little children: they quarrel over trifles, cling to each other excessively with stupid remarks. It seems that they started a relationship out of boredom, but not based on feelings.

If you happen to see a cat catching rats on the street, then this indicates a good camouflage of your enemies . You guess about their existence, but you just can’t figure out who from your environment is plotting against you.

Seeing a lot of furry hunters in a dream

When you dream of cats catching one mouse, this guarantees you help from many friends.

Why do you dream about how a fight broke out between animals and they bit each other? This ensures that your enemies destroy each other, thereby clearing the way for the successful implementation of your plans. This situation will be possible due to their differences in the plan being developed against you.

Kazhetta Akhmetzhanova, who took part in the television show “Battle of Psychics,” points out that observing the peaceful coexistence of these animals in a dream is an unfavorable sign. This means that the enemies, having united, will cause mutual damage to the sleeper.

She answers the question why we dream of mice and cats in large numbers in the apartment. This is a harbinger of betrayal on the part of a person who is very close to the sleeper.

When you dream of a cat who catches mice, puts them in a pile and is going to eat them, this means that your enemies will have problems that will distract them from you for a long time . This will enable you to prepare all your arguments and develop your defenses in the next fight.

A reversal plot happens in a dream when a mouse catches a cat and eats it. This portends you unexpected help from your own enemy. He just happens to have common enemies with you, and it is in his interests to help you neutralize them.

Interpretations of dreams about rats and cats depending on the details

Depending on what the cat does in its sleep:

  • tears off a rat's head - to organize a holiday;
  • fights with her - to resolve problems;
  • presses her - to a meeting with an old acquaintance;
  • tears - to respect from colleagues;
  • catches - to excessive spending;
  • kills - to a bad mood;
  • protects the rat - to a quarrel with relatives;
  • eats a yellow rat - to an exciting journey;
  • holds in the teeth, and then carries it somewhere - to danger and anxiety;
  • runs after her - to harmony in relations with a partner;
  • afraid of rats - to the implementation of plans;
  • runs away from them - to bankruptcy;
  • kicks you out of the house - to difficulties in communicating with others.

Depending on what the rats do:

  • rushing at a cat - to success in creativity;
  • chasing a kitten - to the appearance of ill-wishers in the close environment;
  • crawling out from under the cat’s fur - to a passionate romance;
  • sucking milk from a cat - to self-confidence;
  • chasing away a pink cat means doing hard physical work.

Depending on what rats and cats do together:

  • entering an apartment means the need to make an important decision;
  • hugging each other - to difficulties in business;
  • being friends - to quickly achieve the goal;
  • attack a person - to receive financial help from parents;
  • fall from the sky - to a calm and measured life;
  • lying around the bed - to commit a frivolous act;
  • eating a pigeon - a holiday romance;
  • playing - to an invitation to a gala event;
  • attacking a puppy - to sadness and worry.

Depending on what kind of rats and cats are in the dream:

  • white - to meet an influential person;
  • black - to support from friends;
  • pregnant women - a useless pastime;
  • kind - to a fun party;
  • home - to regret about mistakes made;
  • dead - to increase the level of income;
  • evil ones - to loss of property.

Depending on the actions in the dream:

  • seeing a sick cat fighting a big rat means a speedy recovery;
  • crushing rats and cats - to unfair accusations;
  • eating them means the loss of a valuable thing;
  • catching - to illness;
  • kill - to success at work or in business;
  • feed - to gossip;
  • Separating a cat and a rat means poor health;
  • protecting a rat from a cat is unlucky;
  • feeding rats to cats means a change of scenery;
  • seeing a cat strangle a rat means uncertainty about the future.

Depending on where you see the rat and the cat:

  • in a neighbor’s house - to misunderstandings in relationships with loved ones;
  • in the parental home - to trouble due to excessive frankness.

Depending on where the rats and cats are located at the same time:

  • on the windowsill - for a long-awaited purchase;
  • on the closet - to a little trouble;
  • in a boat - to negative changes.

Depending on how many rats and cats you dreamed about:

  • a flock of rats and one cat - for a country trip;
  • 2 rats and two cats - to offend your relatives;
  • too much - to an unpleasant surprise.

Depending on who dreamed:

  • for a married woman - to melancholy and disappointment;
  • for a man - to suffering.

Depending on who else dreamed:

  • mice and dogs - to praise from the leader;
  • a parrot and an owl - to the desire to evade responsibility;
  • snakes and cockroaches - to conflict in the team;
  • fox and roller skates - to good luck in all endeavors;
  • birds - there is a risk of injury.

Dream Interpretation - Cats

Seeing cats in a dream means that you will be deceived by people you trusted. Cats portend a scandal in the family, provoked by deceitful and cunning friends. If cats attack you, scratch and bite you, in reality you will resist the rapists of hooligan youths. Hissing cats with reared backs and tousled fur are a sign of theft and robbery. Seeing cats or cats sleeping peacefully portends incomplete success in business. Seeing yourself surrounded by many meowing cats means that you are surrounded by unfaithful people who are ready to commit any betrayal for the sake of profit. Feeding or petting cats in a dream foretells ingratitude for a good deed. If in a dream you beat a cat, in reality you will be held accountable for an offense. Killing cats means betraying a loved one. Eating cat meat means treachery and deception. Seeing black cats in a dream is a harbinger of all sorts of misfortunes. White cats portend that they will try to lure you into placed nets, but common sense and prudence will help you avoid serious danger. A cat and a dog suddenly throwing themselves at each other portend failure in a love relationship. Seeing a homeless kitten in a dream means your enemies, trying to do some dirty tricks on you, will ultimately harm themselves. Fluffy and playful kittens are a sign of impending success and prosperity, thin and sickly kittens are a sign of minor troubles and irritability.

Your actions in a dream

If you are trying to get rid of animals , beware of illness due to overwork and anxiety. Hostility towards cats and rats in a dream symbolizes the desire to get rid of worries and relax.

If you dreamed that you got a cat that was looking for rats, you will be surrounded by gossips . If the cat is sleeping, and you saw a rodent and were very scared, then you can count on great success in your work . But if the room is literally teeming with animals, the dream foreshadows quarrels with those closest to you.

A dream in which you save a little rat from a cat attack promises unpleasant conversations about your relationship with your partner. If in a dream you are in your parents’ house and separate fighting animals, you will be involved in charity .

Other images in night films

It is known that leopards, panthers, pumas, lions and others are representatives of the cat family. I wonder what they bring to the sleeping consciousness of the observer .
Seeing a leopard means someone wishes you harm and is gossiping behind your back. Panther - if you and your partner are planning to submit an application to the registry office, be prepared that you will be refused. Leo with disheveled hair - someone is trying to manipulate you and you are succumbing to such influence. Try to free yourself, express yourself. It's not very pleasant to be a puppet. A puma resting far from you means that what you planned and dreamed about will end.

The right approach and the desire to understand are the key to successful interpretation of your dreams.

Why do you dream about a rat?

Mice are one thing, but when a person has to look at nasty, dirty rats at night, it’s not a pleasant feeling. Why do you dream about rats and mice at the same time?

  • A battle between a rat and a puny rodent means minor troubles. Domestic quarrels with your spouse, as well as quarrels with relatives, are possible.
  • A dead rat in your apartment means an uneasy conscience. Apparently, you committed a humiliating act. You seriously offended someone or even set them up, which is why you are now tormented. The dream book advises you to simply apologize. Then your soul will definitely feel lighter.

But why do you dream of rats and cats together? It is believed that this mammal, which appeared in dreams, has almost the same designation as the mouse

It is important whether cats catch rats in their sleep.

A dirty rodent that killed a cat - they will be hypocrites behind your back. A major quarrel may soon be approaching.

A cat that has brought a live rat into the house and is strangling it in front of you - most likely you are psychologically depressed. Something happened and a dream is broadcast into your consciousness. This phenomenon reflects the state of the body. You need rest.

Why do rats appear?

A rat in dreams represents an enemy, an ill-wisher.
Of course, the more rats, the worse the meaning of dreams. Their number indicates the number of those plotting intrigues and trying to cause harm. The appearance of the animals is also important - the more well-fed, larger, fatter the rat, the higher the position in society the enemy occupies. Or he has significant capabilities and great influence. In addition to denoting an enemy, the image of a rat can be interpreted as a harbinger of troubles and problems. Of course, with this interpretation of the dream, the size and number of rodents are also extremely important. A lot of small, skinny rats with ragged fur are a harbinger of a lot of trouble, a series of troubles. If the animals are fat and shiny, then such a dream promises major, serious problems.

Rats can also appear in dreams, promising upcoming grief or gossip. With this interpretation, the size and general appearance of animals also indicate characteristics of future difficulties in life.

Dream Interpretation - Cat, cat, kitten

Cats in a dream mean petty thieves, envious people, slanderers, or illness and worry. Getting rid of a cat or killing it in a dream is a sign that you will catch a thief or overcome a disease. Fighting with a cat in a dream means illness. If she scratches you, your illness will last longer than you think. Eating cat meat or skinning a cat is a sign that you will not miss the opportunity to profit at someone else’s expense. Seeing a cat's skin in a dream means the return of what was lost. If you dream that many cats surrounded you, then beware of intrigue, slander and envious people. Kittens dream of illness and everyday squabbles. If you tear the kitten away from you and throw it away, then everything will be fine. If he scratches you, you will get sick or lose money. A white kitten cuddling up to you in a dream serves as a reminder of loved ones who are in dire need of your help. Especially if the animal was bleeding. If you refuse support or help at this moment, you may lose this person forever. A black cat in a dream, just like in life, does not bring good. If you see him in a dream, expect misfortune. A cat in a dream means seducers who encroach on the honor of your wife. Seeing in a dream how a wild animal tore a kitten to pieces means that your enemies will not share something among themselves, which will come in handy for you. Watching a cat fight with a dog in a dream is a sign of protection and help in a difficult situation. Eating cats in a dream is a sign of betrayal. See interpretation: animals, blood, purring.

The cat puts rats in a pile

This dream is very good. A dream - a cat caught a rat in the house, killed it, brought it, put it down and went for the next one - a harbinger that ill-wishers will have a very serious problem. Because of this problem, they will not be able to harm the dreamer.

Also, a dream with a similar plot may mean that a hidden ill-wisher will help get rid of misfortunes or enemies. A cat does not always symbolize an enemy in the literal sense; it can be about someone who treats a person poorly. For example, love and respect do not always reign between family members. Sometimes people treat their relatives extremely poorly, but this does not mean that they will not come to the rescue at the right time.

What does it portend?

A dream in which a person sees himself in the role of a cat attacking a rat or mouse is also bad, since it indicates that the dreamer is accustomed to taking on too much, without taking into account possible risks and without thinking about their potential consequences.

It is very bad if the sleeping person happened to see in a night vision a strangled cat, whose corpse is being gnawed by rats scurrying back and forth, because this means that retribution for previously committed misdeeds is not far off. Usually such dreams indicate the absolute irreversibility of some unfavorable situation, so a person must understand that any resistance will ultimately turn out to be completely pointless and all that remains for him is to come to terms with his fate and silently accept its blows. It is noteworthy that in the Women’s Dream Book this image is interpreted exactly the opposite, because its authors believe that a rat’s attack on a cat represents the long-awaited defeat of a rival.

The cat eats the rat

Such a dream can be interpreted in different ways; its meaning directly depends on the details of the night vision. Not a single dream book gives an unambiguous interpretation. The cat killed the rat and ate it - the plot as a whole is not bad, it means that the enemies will be destroyed and the problems will be solved.

However, not all so simple. The image of a cat is not always a projection of the dreamer. We must not forget that this symbol has primary interpretations - tears, hidden enemies, intrigues of hidden enemies. That is, a dream can mean that the hidden enemy will destroy the obvious one, while becoming even stronger and more insidious.

The meaning of this dream (the cat ate the rat) is worth considering separately. If we take as the initial meaning that a cat dreams of tears, then the dream can predict that personal sorrows will lead to victory over the enemy.

Dream Interpretation - White Rat

One of the wonderful animals, sometimes speaking, signifies in a dream unexpected, but dubious (!) enrichment, profit, prosperity, family happiness, based on unseemly affairs and connections, unclean aspirations. Occasionally, it indicates real treasures and represents help in business (or rather, a form of perception in a dream of a future event with a successful but dishonest deal). In general, the white rat is a great success, material success with bad consequences and often a tragic outcome. The energetic influences of the original prophetic plot of the dream, in which the main element was this “wonderful animal,” can be traced using a specific example. After accepting help from a white rat in a dream, one man after some time suddenly became rich in reality, but over time he became addicted to alcohol and eventually became an alcoholic, who eventually lost his family and health.

General interpretation of sleep

Seeing rats and cats in a dream means worrying about your future. Modern interpretation explains these animals as symbols of doubts and fears, secret enemies and intrigues. Analyze all your fears in reality - bring relief from anxiety .

Dreams about rodents and cats always predict changes in your life. Indicate unexpected developments or important changes .

Dream books believe that bald animals dream of a quick trip . But cat and rat babies definitely predict a surprise . A dream in which you see cute kittens and rats speaks of victory over your rivals .

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