Why do you dream that a house is falling? Interpretation according to different dream books

  • October 14, 2019
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Seeing a house falling in a dream is an unpleasant sight. The dwelling seen in dreams is connected with the dreamer’s inner world. Its destruction speaks of problems that plague the sleeper. Most often, dream interpreters come across negative interpretations of this vision. But not all dream books are so categorical. Even if the feeling after waking up remains bad, you should not become discouraged. Most likely, the subconscious is trying to give a hint, and not just scare a person. Therefore, first you should remember the details of what you saw. The dream book will help you find the answers, and the dreamer can only draw conclusions.

General information

If a person does not remember well the details of what happened in night vision, but fragments of what happened do not leave his head, then do not despair. The main factor is that the main symbol was dreamed about. Based on it, you can already draw specific conclusions and understand what the subconscious is trying to warn about. So, what can we say about what we saw:

  • Seeing a house falling means that the dreamer is in for trouble. The magnitude of the incident is the practical magnitude of the problems.
  • If a home is destroyed as a result of some object falling on it, then this indicates that soon unexpected events will pull the sleeper out of the usual rhythm of life.
  • If the building became a victim of natural disasters, this foreshadows financial problems.
  • When a house collapses due to a poor foundation, this is a reason to take care of your health. May have problems.
  • If the house is not completely destroyed, then this predicts problems. But they won't last long.

These are the simple signs sent by the subconscious that help you react in time and fix problems. After all, when a person is warned, he can cope with the problem much better.

House from the past

It could just be old memories, various activities, friends and a way of life that cannot be returned in any way, since much has changed.

The destruction of the house that you knew from your childhood and youth means not only that you will no longer be able to return the old relationship or person, but also the opportunities and deeds of the past.

Such dreams often come at a time when life is going badly, there are a lot of troubles, quarrels, as well as scandals, and the desire involuntarily arises to hide in a carefree childhood, to run away from responsibility to affectionate grandparents who will always feed and caress.

The dream book interprets any destroyed house as bitterness of memories, a sea of ​​tears, the inability to return somewhere again. Such dreams are designed to reconcile a person with reality and the impossibility of returning the past and what he does not have. However, there are dreams in which you begin to restore an old, destroyed childhood house or build a new one in its place. This is a good sign, which means a return to old affairs, but with renewed vigor. And there is nothing to worry about if an old and dilapidated house may collapse if a new, habitable building soon appears in its place.

To understand such a dream, pay attention to what kind of house from the past appeared in your dream. Sometimes the meaning is unexpected and symbolic.

The house of parents and grandparents, in which no one lives anymore, means memories of the past and a return to old affairs and problems. Modern books indicate that the dreamer may miss childhood, old people who always greeted their grandchildren well, treated them to sour cream, pancakes, with whom they could have a great time.

Usually such dreams are a cure for difficult reality, adult problems, but often they contain a call to complete childhood dreams or take a fresh look at what you once liked, since in a modified and adapted form to modern reality it helps you find something new in the present.

Therefore, walking through an abandoned old house in the village or looking for something there and finding it is a good sign. It will allow you to actively look at life and realize yourself in a new, often desired business for which you did not have the time and energy. For many people, such a dream promises marriage, the birth of a child, or the continuation of a family tradition in some profession. For example, a granddaughter can choose a medical profession or simply do what her grandmother liked.

Seeing the parental house from which you moved many years ago abandoned is a call to pay attention to the past. The dream book writes that such a dream means pleasant memories and feelings, the need to complete some things and undertakings. Sometimes, if you live far from your parents' home means you need to pay attention to them.

It is possible that something will happen there or you will have to deal with the affairs of the older generation. Sometimes a young couple has such a dream as a sign that they themselves will soon become parents. For some people, the dream predicts receiving an inheritance or the need to return to their hometown for some business.

Non-residential premises in a destroyed state, for example, clinics, shops, a market, the same as it was in your childhood, hint that you should pay attention to the activity or person of that time with whom you now do not communicate. Try to find him on social networks or learn something new about him, as this will not only help you find new common points, but also make life more beautiful and interesting.

If they begin to remove the rubbish of an old house in order to begin building something new in this place, a rethinking of some situations related to childhood or very young years will happen in your life.

It is possible that a married couple will soon have a child and they will begin to raise him in a new way, completely different from how parents do, or a person will decide for the first time to act independently, although previously he was afraid of contradicting his parents or the older generation in his own family. Modern books indicate that soon the past will remain far away and something new and interesting will certainly arise in its place.

Interpreter by David Loff

To see a multi-storey building collapsing in a dream means that it is time to tighten your belts. This is the case when the collapse occurred as a result of an earthquake. A person will face financial losses. Therefore, reasonable savings will help prevent undesirable developments so as not to be left with nothing. The same applies to a high-rise building that fell from a hurricane. You should not participate in dubious enterprises. There is a high probability of going bankrupt. If you dreamed that a house was being washed away by a huge wave, then this promises loss.

Why do you dream about a collapsing house?

Of course, this vision does not at all foreshadow the real destruction of one’s own real estate, but this does not mean that it should be overlooked, since we are talking about a very significant symbol.
Thus, most authoritative interpreters of various secret symbols and signs agree that the house itself symbolizes the dreamer’s life, so it is not difficult to guess what will happen if you see a collapsing house in a dream. However, you should not rush to certain conclusions, because the characteristics of a collapsing house, as well as the main cause of its damage, are of great importance for obtaining the most accurate interpretation of what you saw in a dream. In addition, one should take into account the fact that the image of the house reflects the dreamer’s own “I”, as well as his karma and basic behavioral line. A significant role is also played by the factor of what kind of house collapsed in a dream - former or real, your own or someone else's. The fact is that severe destruction or damage to one’s old home in a dream indicates that in reality the person to whose attention this image appeared will completely lose all life goals and guidelines, and it is quite difficult to predict exactly what circumstances will lead to such a development of events . Seeing that the former house is in disarray and all the furniture is completely upside down and scattered is also not good, because in this unusual way the stars are trying to indicate to the sleeper that he urgently needs to reconsider his own value system and clear his karma.

Vanga, Freud and Tsvetkov: interpretation of a dream

The famous soothsayer believes that such a dream is a warning to the sleeping person. To see a house fall means to destroy your happiness with your own hands. Therefore, you need to remain vigilant and “don’t cut from the shoulder.” After all, thoughtless actions can lead to sad consequences. Dream interpreter Tsvetkova also agrees with Vanga’s opinion. Seeing a house falling means that a scandal is coming ahead due to the harshness of the dreamer’s character and behavior. Mr. Freud's dream interpretation warns the night viewer of impending danger. If you saw a house collapse, then beware of strange companies and suspicious people. The dream book believes that such a vision promises sexual violence. Therefore you need to be extremely careful.

Hurry to new business heights

The lightning collapse of a multi-storey and well-built house in a dream indicates an equally violent break with business partners. Old connections will collapse for an unknown reason and it will be extremely difficult to restore former good relationships.

The interpretation of sleep in Tsvetkov’s dream book comes down to the need to establish new contacts. The psychotherapist suggests that old projects will outlive their usefulness, and the time will come to take on more promising things with people you don’t know much.

The Lunar Dream Book warns about health problems

When a house falls in a dream, this indicates some kind of disturbance in the functioning of the body. We need to remember what caused the building to collapse. If this happened due to a designer error, then you should carefully consider even the presence of a runny nose. Symptoms that may seem insignificant at first glance may be the beginning of a serious illness. If you see how people were injured as a result of a house collapse, you need to be more careful. The dream warns of trauma in reality. If you dreamed of living in a high-rise building that is constantly shaky, then you need to choose your doctor more carefully. There is a high probability of running into a deceiver who only needs money.

Dream Interpretation House Collapses

Destroyed housing is a dream of impending financial losses and gossip from spiteful critics.

  • Seeing your own home in cracks means in reality you should beware of false friends who can significantly ruin your life.
  • Watching a building fall is a warning about impending failures and quarrels in the family.
  • Seeing the wreckage of a home means difficult times at work.
  • Seeing a house breaking down means a change of residence.
  • Seeing bricks being taken out of the walls means minor losses.

To move from a beautiful estate to a crumbling hut in a dream predicts a pretty but stupid wife for a man.

Watching a beam supporting the roof suddenly break in a home is a warning of danger.

Being with a friend in the house and seeing a lot of mold is a test of reality, a test of friendship's strength.

Standing in front of your own home destroyed to the ground means the approach of an unfavorable period in life, worsening health problems, financial losses, betrayal of loved ones.

A plane or tree fell on a house

Such a dream prophesies huge changes in life. If the building has completely collapsed, then good changes await the sleeper. If some part of the house has survived, then joyful events will enter the dreamer’s life. If nothing was damaged at all, then this is a favorable outcome of events. All the bad things will go away from the dreamer’s life, only the good and bright will remain. However, the eastern dream book warns in the following case. When a tree falls on the roof of a house and the ceiling breaks, it’s a sign to slow down. Now is not the time to make serious decisions. You need to wait a certain period.


For a more accurate decoding, it is necessary to take into account what triggered the explosion.

atomic bomb - there is a high probability of getting into an accident or finally quarreling with a loved one.

nuclear war in a dream - dreams are not destined to come true. get over it, you can try again later.

homemade explosives - energy will be wasted.

The dream book deciphers the applied grenade as unprecedented luck. You will miraculously manage to avoid trouble.

dynamite - they don’t appreciate you, smiling in your face, behind your back they consider you a nonentity.

there was shelling from guns - expect conflicts with neighbors.

bombing - favorable changes in life, the end of a difficult period.

the dream book states that if a house explosion is accompanied by a glow, this is a good sign.

but the black, oily clouds of smoke enveloping the building foreshadow grief. fragments flying in all directions are a harbinger of many troubles.

Good sign

Why do you dream of a falling house? If you dreamed that the house was destroyed, but not completely, then this is good. When, after what happened, the walls remain standing, but there is no roof, this indicates getting rid of problems. The dreamer just needs to stop listening to annoying advisers, advises Miss Hasse’s dream book. When one wall of the house collapses in night dreams, this promises use with relatives. If you dreamed of the collapse of the top floor, then this indicates a rise in the ranks. The bosses will soon notice the dreamer’s efforts and reward her according to her deserts.

Who had the dream

It turns out that it matters a lot who sees such an unpleasant night picture. The dream will have its own meaning for different people.

To a woman

For representatives of the fair sex, a dream can mean a loss of peace of mind and a collapse of hopes. The girl begins to feel the vulnerability of the current situation, self-doubt. Apparently she will have to suffer a lot.

To a man

For a guy, a dream indicates the possibility of moving soon. Changing your place of residence will require a lot of effort and will be associated with a tense environment.

Attention! To tear down walls yourself means to go straight towards your goal, without taking into account the feelings of others.

If your own home collapses, most likely your subconscious mind warns of some kind of personal crisis

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