Why do you dream of grapes: interpretation according to different dream books

Grapes in a dream: meaning according to Miller's dream book

Seeing grapes in a dream, according to Miller, means that in reality there will be troubles and worries. Eating grapes in a dream means problems will arise that will become a test for you, allowing you to strengthen your character. If you don’t like the taste of the berries, expect worries and doubts. But everything will work out and you will regain peace of mind.

All your dreams will come true or you will get a lucrative position if you dreamed of grapes that you eat while sitting on a horse. If you saw large, beautiful bunches of berries, expect social growth: you will gain authority, you will be able to make people happy by helping them solve their life difficulties.

What else can Miller’s dream book tell? Grapes in a dream for a young lady are a promising event. Her most ardent dream will soon come true.

Other details and circumstances

If a person dreams of a bunch of grapes, his financial condition will soon improve significantly. If there are a lot of berries and they lie on a golden plate, then in the future the dreamer will have a calm and carefree life. The vine symbolizes new romantic relationships. But if it wraps around another tree, you should be prepared for betrayal on the part of a loved one.

Vineyards are most often dreamed of by those who love adventure and adventure. If an enemy of the sleeping person is walking in such a garden, then you should be on your guard, because... this person can strike again.

Seeing a car filled with berries means you will soon find happiness. Making wine means increasing social status. Anyone who dreams of grape juice will marry successfully. If the deceased treated you to a berry, in reality you should think carefully about everything and not rush into making a decision so as not to run into problems.

Vanga's dream book: why did you dream about grapes?

A popular seer believed that the berry was a good sign. If you dream about grapes being dirty, tasteless or rotten, then don’t worry - your worries and fears are in vain.

What else does this dream book talk about? Grapes have the following meaning:

  • Picking grapes in a dream or eating berries - you or your loved ones will have more joyful moments and reasons for fun.
  • The process of making wine is a success in business.
  • Carrying a berry in a basket means waiting for a bright and memorable love.

A profitable acquaintance will arise if you dreamed of harvesting a rich harvest. Sell ​​the collected bunches - a person will show reliability in business relationships and become a good friend.

Decoding actions

Actions change the interpretation somewhat. The overall impression is also taken into account. Woke up in a good mood - do not listen to negative omens, and vice versa.


Yes - to the fans. Their number will correspond to the size of the cluster from which the amber lumps were plucked. Details:

  • juicy - carefree pastime;
  • sweets are not an easy task;
  • with bitterness - parting;
  • solid - strife;
  • with sourness - to trouble through your own fault;
  • unripe - to tears.

The meal took place at the table - you will have a great conversation with a representative of the opposite sex.


Business success, mutual love and respect. Cutting the fruits of the amber vine yourself is a new job with a big salary. Watching the collection means freeing yourself from debt obligations. Tearing in a friendly company means a joint business venture or a hike.

The plot about removing heavy brushes from vines prophesies a fateful acquaintance. Young people will find a dear friend, and married ones will find a patron.

Buy, choose

Useful acquaintance, establishing contacts with the powers that be. Buying an unripe one is a mistake in communication with management.

Choosing at the market or in a store is a twist of fate. And for better or worse, they are judged by the quantity and quality of goods on the shelves. Poor choice is a temporary need. Abundance is the realization of something that was scary to even dream about.

If you bargained desperately during the purchase, you will begin to defend your own interests. Option: prove to your boss that you deserve a raise.

Treat, feed

Here the interpretation is closely related to who was the giver and who was the receiver. You are being treated - beware of overestimating the role of sexual pleasures. There are other aspects that contribute to the formation of a harmonious couple.

To treat yourself is a manifestation of kindness and compassion. Friend - for fun; enemy - to victory; a stranger - to unexpected joy. Giving a brush to someone with whom you are in a quarrel means making peace. Feeding relatives is a great celebration.


Warning. The coming time is full of aggressive energies. Take care of your relationships with your family. Irritation that flares up suddenly will lead to an unnecessary scandal.


A successful start. If you planted it in your dacha or in your yard, you will give a start to some business that will gradually lead to success in your professional activities or the sphere of your heart.

Where did you see the grapes?


  1. In the garden - to money. If the fruit is visible or invisible, then you will inherit the condition.
  2. On a plate - you will become the organizer of the celebration. The proposal will come from the hero of the day or newlyweds. Don't refuse. The details are indicated by other fruits lying nearby: apples - a close family holiday;
  3. pears - an official event;
  4. plums - a friendly feast;
  5. wine - a huge banquet in a restaurant, outside.
  • In bags - moving, a significant business trip.
  • Freud's Dream Book: seeing grapes in a dream

    Let's look into Freud's dream book. Eating grapes in a dream means pleasure and passion in reality. Tender, ripe and tasty berries are associated with human sexuality. This indicates a certain obsession with sex life.

    If everything is fine with sex, then there are no problems in other areas of activity either. Conflicts in the family are accustomed to being resolved sexually, but this will continue until the moment when the other half gets tired of it. Then you will have to clear out everything that has accumulated in other ways.

    Grapes in a dream: designation according to the Islamic dream book

    It is important to consider the time when grapes appeared in a dream. If it’s the season for berries, then expect help in business. At other times, such a dream symbolizes health problems. An unripe bunch of grapes also speaks of illness.

    How else are grapes interpreted? The dream book contains a designation for grape juice, which marks the receipt of a leadership position. The vine indicates good human character traits - generosity, piety and hospitality. These qualities will manifest themselves in you or someone you meet soon. It all depends on the details of the dream.

    What color was the bunch of grapes?

    Dream books attach great importance to the color of the vine. Based on this, they create their predictions.

    Blue grapes

    • A huge bunch promises you a significant increase in income. You may receive a pay raise or a promotion.
    • But if you see literally a few berries on the branch, then, despite all your efforts, you will have to wait a very long time for an increase in salary.
    • For women, a dream about a ripe grape speaks of a successful marriage. Your husband will be a wealthy man who will put half the world at your feet.
    • If you buy berries at the market, you will soon receive unexpected money. You can win them or find them.
    • If you pick it, you will get sensual pleasure.
    • If you make wine, you will find a successful project in which you will invest your capital.

    White grapes

    • Just seeing the grapes lying on the table means you can’t make the right choice in real life.
      Other grape colors
    • Drop it on the floor - you are tired of routine and want new experiences.
    • Eating berries means your relatives make you anxious.
    • Treating someone means melancholy, sadness.

    pink grapes

    • Sitting at a set table with pink grapes on it means you will move to another place.
    • Seeing him grow - you will meet a pleasant person.
    • In a dream, your loved one feeds you berries - you will receive a lucrative offer. You feed him - troubles in the work sphere.
    • Seedless grapes - you will be faced with a difficult choice. Eat it and you will be able to decide correctly.
    • Rotten berries are the monetary costs of purchasing property.
    • A swarm of wasps near the vine - your plans are not destined to come true.

    Dream Interpretation of Nostradamus: Why do you dream of eating grapes?

    In a dream, Nostradamus interpreted seeing grapes based on the appearance of the berries:

    • Why do you dream about seeing large grapes? To worries. Small berries indicate disappointment and frustration.
    • To see a ripe bunch - expect financial well-being.
    • Unripe or bad-tasting grapes indicate canceled or collapsed plans. There is a chance to return everything back and restore order, but you will have to work hard.
    • If you saw red or blue berries in a dream, expect conflicts, a reprimand at work, or a breakup in a relationship.
    • The berry is white - the sleeper has pure thoughts and soul.

    If you dream of a dried-up vineyard, this is evidence of future problems and misfortunes.

    General interpretation

    Most researchers agree that dreamed grapes should be deciphered as follows:

    • successful business activity;
    • financial stability;
    • fulfillment of desires;
    • career takeoff;
    • harmonious personal relationships;
    • family well-being (in a broad sense);
    • a love adventure with a happy ending.

    If we are talking about unripe, spoiled, dried out, then get ready for the following events:

    • late payments at work;
    • refusal to repay a debt;
    • financial losses (waste on unnecessary things and services, theft);
    • bitterness from betrayal;
    • unpleasant conversations behind your back.

    The storylines give the following forecast:

    1. A grape tree generously showered with ripe bunches - to sensual satisfaction.
    2. A vine entwining something (a fence, a house, a gazebo) means gossip of a bad nature.
    3. A branch with ripe, plump berries is for benefit and enrichment.
    4. A grape bush growing at home means complete well-being. The family will forget about material problems.
    5. Stealing from someone else's garden is a sign of annoyance and envy.

    It's good to see the vineyard. The space planted with bushes is interpreted as follows:

    1. Beautiful, well-groomed - to joy.
    2. There are many trees among the vines - squabbles, love affairs, rivalries.
    3. The enemy was in the vineyard - a recommendation to exercise special caution. The villain is ready for any meanness to cause harm.

    Meaning for a married woman

    Decoding is carried out based on a complex of details and sensations. Namely:

    1. Woke up happy - my husband will give you a surprise. The quarrel will end with a stormy reconciliation in bed.
    2. Stealing a few bucks is a sign of dissatisfaction with your spouse, his actions and income.
    3. Eating with pleasure - opening up perspectives. Wealth will increase. Allow yourself to spend more on pleasures: travel, cosmetologist, massage therapist, spa.
    4. Planting a bush in the ground means starting a difficult but profitable business. For example, take out a mortgage to organize a family estate.

    Admiring someone else's harvest means boredom in the family. You will want to spice up your personal life and experience the excitement of passion. If your husband refuses the call, then you will start an intrigue on the side.

    For an unmarried girl

    The current state of affairs is expected to change soon. You will gain a loyal fan. Over time, the romance will develop into a happy marriage. Ripe sunny ones promise a caring, generous, patient spouse.

    Riding a horse among rows of grapes and picking grapes as you go is a meeting of fate. Sometimes you dream of your future lover on the same horse as you. Don't miss out on happiness!

    For pregnant women

    Delicious berries - quick, easy birth. It is likely that you will give birth to a child earlier than expected. A healthy boy will appear. It won't cause much trouble. Don't become complacent about a good prognosis. Be sure to follow the instructions of the medical staff. Then success is guaranteed.

    For a man

    Carnal pleasures. For a bachelor, it is likely that he will meet a girl who is attractive in every sense. However, the sour taste recommends not bringing the matter to bed. Joys will turn out to be boring, which will disappoint. Sweet, refined - encourages activity. Immature is a sign of haste. Do not put pressure on your beloved, otherwise she will refuse to continue the affair.

    A married person should work with great zeal for the good of the family. He is one step away from huge success. Do not look at the obstacles, boldly achieve your goal.

    Rotten, bitter fruits with worms - a scandal with your wife/mistress. Reason: elementary jealousy and misunderstanding.

    For a child

    In winter - to vitamin deficiency, in summer - to the desire to study the world more intensively. Parents need to ask boys and girls about the images they have seen. They provide an incredible amount of useful information.

    Esoteric dream book: grapes

    A dream in which such a berry occurs is considered a signal that vital energy is running out. Green grapes warn that there is an energy vampire among your friends.

    Take a close look at the people in your social circle. Identify the person who is drawing your energy and stop communicating with him. If this cannot be done, then avoid his company. Otherwise, expect a protracted illness.

    Red berries indicate pressure that needs attention.

    What do variety and color mean in a dream?

    The color of the berry also affects the correct interpretation of sleep:

    • white - in the near future the dreamer will complete a complex project;
    • green – to minor problems;
    • black - big troubles are coming;
    • multi-colored - to receive a profitable offer;
    • purple (blue) – to improve your financial situation;
    • red - the dreamer should get rid of excess egoism.
    • Depending on the variety, night vision will be interpreted as follows:
    • “lady fingers” - to resolve financial difficulties;
    • “Isabella” - to a new relationship;
    • “Kishmish” - to break the connection with an obsessive person.
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