Giving birth to twins in a dream: the opinion of dream books about the birth of twins

According to interpretations, two boys - to sudden enrichment, to plan an important purchase, to fulfill a former dream. According to the dream book - wait for relatives at the festive table, communicate on family topics, rejoice at the meeting. At the same time, meet a new person, spend time actively, and get new impressions. But sometimes - to realize and fulfill a dream, to overcome the last obstacles, to achieve prosperity and happiness.

The mystery and meaning of this dream caused a lot of controversy among the authors of various dream books. In order to most accurately answer the question of what two boys dream about, we turned to the most accurate and reliable editions of dream books. The classic dream books of Vanga and Miller will give answers to the question about the meaning of the images. And the lunar dream book will give the answer to which lunar phases to expect it to come true.

According to Vanga's dream book

Seeing two boys in a dream means waiting for relatives at the festive table, talking about family topics, and enjoying the meeting. It is rare to find harbingers of meetings with relatives in her publications. They say that this is due to her dislike of meeting people and having different guests. However, boys in dreams, according to her, traditionally symbolize meetings and acquaintances.

What needs to be done to make the boys' dreams come true as soon as possible? Vanga gave a number of simple recommendations on how to do this. The most important thing is not to forget the details of the dream; they must be remembered well. Then light any candle, preferably a church candle, and walk around the house with the burning candle.

Decoding details

Giving birth to triplets means a promotion or obtaining a leadership position, financial income.

Giving birth to a handsome boy with blue eyes in dreams promises an acquaintance with a young man. If the baby is healthy in a dream, everything in life will change for the better, getting a wonderful job.

Becoming the mother of twins or twins portends a possible addition to the family. These could be children or grandchildren.

If a son is born first in a dream, then a daughter, it means that one can expect an improvement in the material side. When the boy is second, he speaks of gaining wealth and a happy life.

Other people give birth

A mother gives birth to a son - success awaits you, all your plans will soon come true. There will come a favorable period in life when luck turns its face.

If a friend gives birth, good changes will come in her life. This may also concern a personal plan and an imminent pregnancy, which she will soon tell you about. As for the sleeper himself, he urgently needs to take active action.

Watching your sister walk with a belly or have already given birth means an addition to her family, stabilization in her financial condition.

Other details

Abortion may be indicated as a warning against the failure of plans.

Giving birth to a boy from a loved one symbolizes prosperity.

The birth of a child in your own home can promise complete peace of mind in everything, peace. The house will be comfortable and cosy.

Breastfeeding a small child - the girl will be endowed with energy and good health.


Miller's Dream Book: two boys

According to Miller, if you dream of two boys, it means realizing and fulfilling your dreams, overcoming the last obstacles, achieving prosperity and happiness. Only one serious and important choice will stand between you and your cherished goal in the future. Your personal qualities and strengths will help you get through this path to the end. Don’t give up and rely on your life experience and skills - and you will definitely achieve what you deserve.

Boys occupy a special role in Miller's publications. If they constantly appear in a dream, this promises positive life changes. Occasionally they promise the appearance of new good acquaintances, as well as possible partners. Be that as it may, Miller advised remaining prudent and not making hasty decisions.

Boys and girls

Most often, from all dreams, the gender of newborns and their appearance are remembered. Depending on this, the meaning of the vision may change or become more specific.

The interpretation of a dream with twins can be as follows:

Siamese twins are an extremely rare dream. It symbolizes great luck that will accompany the sleeper in life, an early successful marriage or a long-awaited pregnancy.

According to Miss Hasse's dream book

When asked why the two boys were dreaming, Miss Hasse answered - to travel abroad, relax in new cities, communicate with new people. People you know well will also share the road with you. Most often - your loved one, as part of a romantic trip or vacation. But occasionally this can also promise a regular vacation with relatives.

With such dreams one should exercise caution and prudence. Boys, due to their characteristics, attract good luck and good changes into people's lives. As Hasse said, single dreams are not always suitable for accurate analysis. The overall picture of interpretation can easily be changed by the symbols encountered in them.

Dream book with twin boys - interpretation according to Tsvetkov’s dream book

When you have a dream with twin boys, then know that in reality you will have a hard time, because you need to make a decisive and conscious choice between what is really important and dear to you. This is a choice between a quarry and family, a loved one and friends, or a life partner and a mysterious stranger. In any case, think carefully about the consequences of your decisions so that you do not regret your choice in the future.

The birth of twin boys , in the overwhelming majority of cases, means only positive changes for you. When in a dream you hold two boys by the hands, then this is a very good and prophetic dream for you - you have to solve a matter that you have not been able to handle for a long time. In reality, you are advised to make the same efforts as before, and your goal will be achieved.

Moreover, you can be sure that Lady Fortune is now on your side. You can take on any task, because now you can handle them all. A dream of this nature may also mean to you that you will soon be surprised by a pleasant surprise that you did not expect. According to Tsvetkov’s dream book, in the near future, after such a dream, you will be able to gain confidence and firmly stand on your feet, both financially and morally. You will strengthen your position in society and people will begin to look at you in a completely different way.

Boys according to modern dream books

If you dream of two boys, expect a big celebration for the arrival of relatives on your father’s side, and make plans for the future. Such a dream usually foreshadows the appearance of distant relatives. Usually such a dream occurs before the upcoming holidays, but the meeting may be for no reason. Be prepared to also see some close friends who will also honor you with their appearance.

The main goal of the modern dream book is to correct old interpretations using recent research. Time takes its toll - and malleable human perception changes with it. This was also reflected in the meaning of boys in dreams - their descriptions in dream books constantly underwent changes. And only a modern dream book is able to answer the question about the meaning of previously non-existent symbols.

Dream book with twin boys - explanations of a common family dream book

Such a dream may portend you imminent problems that you did not plan for. If you are a pregnant woman, then you should pay attention to your health, as there is a possibility of complications. If everything is in order, then you can count on a favorable birth and the birth of two strong and healthy babies. Often, a dream may hint that positive changes are expected in the near future. There are dreams that are sad in themselves - this is when you were unable to give birth to two children. Such a dream in reality is very dangerous and can lead to completely unexpected disappointments. If a man had a dream and in the dream you successfully gave birth, then in real life you will come up with an incredible idea that you can easily implement. It will bring you a solid income in the future.

Tsvetkov's edition - expanded version

To see two boys in a dream, according to Tsvetkov, means meeting a new person, spending time actively, getting new impressions. However, be careful with new acquaintances. It may not last long, although it will give you many positive emotions. It is also not recommended to have loving feelings for a new person.

Is it possible for boys seen in dreams to positively come true? The researcher recommended staying focused on goals, thoughts and dreams. Your unconscious part of the mind is looking for ways and opportunities to achieve them. This will allow you to make intuitively correct choices in difficult and difficult situations.

If other people give birth to a son in your dream


If a girl dreamed that her mother was giving this world a boy, then the dream book indicates only positive predictions.


If in your dream you see your daughter giving birth, then congratulations, because you will soon become a grandmother!


Did you see how your friend became the mother of a son? This suggests that happy changes are coming in her life, and perhaps she will soon share the news with the dreamer that she is pregnant.

If a woman gives birth in a dream

Be careful if you dreamed that a woman you don’t know suddenly gives birth to a baby, and all the care for him falls on your shoulders. In this case, expect that someone has already sat on your neck and feels great in this place.

If a man gives birth in a dream

If for a woman the birth of a child means only good and bright predictions, then for a man it’s just the opposite.

If a man sees himself giving birth to a boy, this means that obstacles and danger await him along the way, which will be very difficult to get rid of.

Two boys - according to Loff's publication

According to Loff, two boys - to sudden enrichment, to plan an important purchase, to fulfill a former dream. One of the most ancient symbols of wealth and monetary well-being, material wealth. Seeing boys in dreams has long been considered a very auspicious sign. This promises a significant improvement in your well-being in the near future.

In Loff's publications there is no place for dividing dreams into positive and negative. In his opinion, every dream portends something happy, but some interpretations may not be entirely accurate. Everything is still complicated by the individuality of people’s attitudes to the same interpretation results. Therefore, you should not worry if you meet boys in a dream - this is a good sign.

Opinions of interpreters

Most dream books interpret a dream about twins in the same way - as a symbol of immediate joy and tranquility , stability or success in business. However, the interpretation may differ in different sources.

In the most popular dream books, a dream about the birth of twins means the following:

  1. According to Miller’s dream book, vision is an extremely favorable sign, foreshadowing success in all areas.
  2. Vanga also considered the vision a good symbol, dreaming of joyful changes, fulfillment of plans and an interesting acquaintance that could develop into something more.
  3. According to Longo’s dream book, the interpretation depends on the dreamer: for an unmarried woman, the vision predicts a quick marriage, for a married but childless woman - pregnancy, for a mother - a pleasant surprise from her own child.
  4. According to Loff’s interpretation, a dream about twins means the onset of stability at work, mutual understanding in the family and with friends.
  5. According to the modern dream book, giving birth to twins is interpreted as the onset of peace in the home and an increase in the family’s financial status.
  6. Tsvetkov agrees with his colleagues: giving birth to twins in a dream means receiving important and long-awaited news or solving an important issue.
  7. The Dream Book of the Seasons notes that the dream means making a profit, but for pregnant women it may be a warning against a possible miscarriage.
  8. Freud's interpretation is different from others. The psychologist believed that the dream means that the sleeper has a difficult choice, which he cannot yet decide. It’s worth concentrating and trying to resolve the issue so that it doesn’t develop into something more and interfere with your future life.

Many also note that if a pregnant woman dreams of twins, the dream may turn out to be prophetic. Since men practically never dream about pregnancy and childbirth, interpretations mainly apply to women. However, some note that for men such a dream usually means big profits and solving a pressing issue with almost no effort.

Analysis according to the lunar dream book

The second and third phases of the lunar cycle are the most favorable for the fulfillment of such a dream. And the day of the full moon has a pronounced peak in this probability. Important - the chance that two boys will come true on other days is practically zero. The lunar calendar also strongly recommends avoiding making important decisions these days.

In its essence and purpose, the lunar dream book is strikingly different from others. It reflects the time at which dreams have a high chance of coming true. It is based on the study of the dependence and influence of lunar phases on the course of human dreams. Some people combine it with the lunar calendar to create a powerful tool at their disposal.

Islamic dream book

But the Islamic dream book gives us a completely different interpretation of the dream in which a son is born. His appearance promises an imminent separation from a loved one. Or you yourself will go to distant lands, leaving your home and everything connected with it. But the most important meaning in the Islamic dream book is that you will find incredible ease when making such a decision, because deep down in your soul this is exactly what you would like to do.

In the Islamic dream book, the birth of a male child foreshadows unexpected worries and sadness, but it is these that will bring happiness in the future.

Why dream of giving birth/giving birth to a boy - 55 interpretations

The main thing about sleep

Giving birth/giving birth to a boy in a dream means monetary gain, experiences, as well as undertakings that are sure to bring success, despite great troubles and worries.

Features of interpretation

A boy in a dream mainly symbolizes troubles, money, and labor-intensive work. Therefore, giving birth to/giving birth to a boy in a dream literally means that one’s own efforts will cause trouble, profit, disappointment, and so on. The father of the child in a dream accordingly gives an understanding of who exactly prompted the dreamer to make these efforts.

Simultaneously giving birth/giving birth to a boy in a dream means that the time has come to do perhaps the most important thing in your life, otherwise time may be lost. However, you should prepare for the fact that achieving your goal will be associated with great hassle and difficulties, and you will have to rely mostly only on yourself.

Best and worst meaning

Best meaning: profit, luck, marriage.

Worst meaning: illness, failure of plans.

Why dream of giving birth/giving birth to a boy in detail

From whom

  • Giving birth to/giving birth to a boy from a boyfriend/husband/lover - troubles, worries, prospects, fulfillment of what you want, sorting out relationships;
  • From the ex - implementation of old plans, monetary profit, troubles;
  • From a friend/acquaintance - influence from this person, correct advice;
  • From a married man - trouble, justified risk, secret;
  • From a boss/colleague – joint implementation, implementation of other people’s instructions;
  • From the deceased/deceased - illness, unjustified expectations, fulfillment of a forgotten dream;
  • From a stranger - new things to do, unknown feelings, knowledge, troubles.

By features

  • To give birth / to give birth prematurely / prematurely - illness, unexpected profit, worries, surprise;
  • Easy/no pain – painless solution to a problem, completion of a task, release of responsibility;
  • Hard/with pain – strong feelings, difficult decisions, difficult affairs, serious obstacles;
  • Caesarean - radical changes due to external intervention, an important decision;
  • Giving birth for a long time/giving birth quickly - the time to fulfill the plan (soon or not soon).


  • Giving birth/giving birth to a boy at home - household chores, worries, everyday difficulties;
  • In the hospital - implementation of plans, timely assistance, restrictions, illness;
  • In unusual conditions - non-standard plans, ideas, adventures, unusual luck;
  • Giving birth/giving birth to a boy yourself – independence, confidence, lack of support;
  • With/helped by mother - help, support, competent advice, participation of others in your affairs.

In count

  • To give birth to/give birth to one boy is a favorable combination of circumstances, good luck, a solution to a problem;
  • Two - doubling profits, worries, realization of two goals, stability;
  • Three - the embodiment of three goals, unexpected success of a hopeless business, prosperity, multiplication of worries;
  • Four or more - numerous problems, troubles, intangible profits, money;
  • Gemini - difficult choice, double profit, multiplication of worries, marriage;
  • Giving birth to a boy and then a girl is a hassle that will bring a surprise, an unforeseen result.

By appearance

  • Giving birth to a beautiful boy means satisfaction, stability, pleasant worries;
  • Blue-eyed - hope, expectations, pleasant events, happiness, luck in love;
  • Dark/blond/red – good or bad period (interpreted by hair color);
  • Not beautiful - unpleasant chores, disappointments, anxiety, worries;
  • Giving birth/giving birth to a very large boy is a big deal, a promising idea, a major problem;
  • Small - minor success, minor problems, small profits;
  • Dead - unpromising ideas, useless efforts, failure of plans;
  • Disabled/sick/with disabilities - regrets, failure, disappointment, unnecessary troubles;
  • Black/black/mulatto – misunderstanding, rejection, unfamiliar matter, unexpected success.

By action

  • Giving birth to a boy and not seeing him means hidden fruits, lack of results, dissatisfaction;
  • Remember the face/give it a name - getting to know the soul, formalized plans, undertakings;
  • Feeding breast milk is a chore that will bring satisfaction and prosperity;
  • Cutting the umbilical cord - separation, severance of ties, relationships, postponed matters, problems;
  • Refuse/leave in the maternity hospital/give to someone - shifting obligations, abandoning the results of activities;
  • Giving birth to a boy and he died is a disappointment, an unviable idea, a hopeless undertaking;
  • Nakakal - expected profit, unforeseen difficulties.

Why does a woman dream of giving birth/giving birth to a boy?
A pregnant woman dreaming of giving birth/giving birth to a boy means a quick and rapid birth. For the rest, it means an increase in worries, hassle, everyday and other difficulties, as well as profit and satisfaction.

Why does a man dream of giving birth to a boy?

For a man to see someone giving birth/giving birth to a boy - to the successful implementation of plans, making a profit, creative inspiration, abuse or selfish interest of others.

Giving birth/giving birth to a boy in a dream according to dream books

Dream book of a gypsy

Giving birth/giving birth to a boy in a dream means great success in business or a family holiday.

Dream book for a bitch

Giving birth to/giving birth to a boy in a dream means satisfying ambitions, joy and monetary profit in real life.

Dream book of the 21st century

If in a dream you gave birth to a boy, then in the real world there will be troubles that will bring money and good luck.

Dream Interpretation from A to Z

If in a dream you had to give birth/give birth to a boy, in reality you will have to show determination and strong will.

Sleep by day of the week

  • Work related: Monday, Tuesday;
  • Personal relationships – environment;
  • Families, homes - Sunday;
  • Personalities of the dreamer, the future - Thursday, Friday, Saturday.

Lunar dream book
Implemented in the near future - 1, 6, 11, 12, 17, 18, 24, 26, 27, 28

Will be fulfilled in the distant future - 3, 15

Doesn't really matter - 5, 10, 14, 19

Describes the current situation – 2, 4, 7, 8, 9, 13, 16, 20, 21, 22, 23, 25, 29, 30

Dream Expert


I have been interpreting my own and other people’s dreams for more than 15 years. I know dozens of meanings of the same images, and I can find the most appropriate one in a particular situation.

Tell your dream

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When do prophetic dreams occur?

A prophetic dream can occur at any time, regardless of the time of day or day of the week. Most often, prophetic dreams occur on the eve of major holidays - New Year, Christmas, Easter, etc., as well as for several days before and after a birthday.

When will my dream come true?

The timing of dreams is very individual, as it depends on the information contained in it. Therefore, a dream can come true the very next day or many years later.

Why do you have nightmares?

Nightmares are the result of subconscious fears and unprocessed emotions received during real events. The deeper the fear or emotion lies in the subconscious, the more often and worse the nightmares appear.

What to do to prevent the dream from coming true?

There are special rituals and words for these purposes. However, it is important to understand that they simply help to forget the dream, but do not cancel its implementation. If you really need to change bad sleep, you need to analyze the situation and take real measures to eliminate it.

What to do to make the dream come true?

In order for the dream to come true, the most important thing is not to tell it to anyone. The fact is that a good prediction can cause too strong unconscious emotions in others, for example, envy, which can sometimes disrupt the chain of events.

What does a recurring dream mean?

Recurring dreams are the subconscious’s way of drawing the dreamer’s attention to particularly important information that can seriously affect the life of a person or his environment.

What are dream dreams and inversion?

Inversion in dreams is a mechanism that reverses meaning. Changeling dreams can be recognized by excessively vivid emotions. That is, if you laugh hard in a dream, you will cry in reality.

What is dream projection?

If the dreamer has planned something, dreams about something, or really wants something in reality, the subconscious can show a plot that exactly matches what he wants. This is a dream projection.

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