Why does a woman dream of a Beard: interpretation of the meaning of the dream according to various dream books for men and women

In reality, a beard only adds masculinity and brutality to its owner. Her appearance in a dream is traditionally considered a good omen, a symbol of glory and prosperity. However, a trimmed or shaved beard can warn of deception and possible losses. To interpret a dream, you need to remember all its details and turn to dream books.

Options for interpretation

  • Beard according to Miller's dream book
  • Interpretation of a dream with a beard in Vanga’s dream book
  • Beard in the Islamic dream book
  • Who had the dream?
  • Interpretation of sleep in detail
  • Shaving a beard in a dream
  • Red beard
  • Bearded man
  • Trim beard and mustache with scissors
  • Thick long beard
  • A woman has grown a beard on her face
  • My husband shaved his beard in his sleep
  • Child with a beard
  • conclusions

Whose beard did you dream about?

Beard according to Miller's dream book

Regardless of its type, facial hair promises trouble:

  • gray beard - to quarrels, you have to defend your interests;
  • short – loss of respect and dignity;
  • a bearded woman in a dream - to illness and unpleasant encounters;
  • combing and caring for a beard - exposure to vanity, possible deterioration of relationships with old friends;

combing your beard in a dream means your relationship with friends will soon deteriorate.
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  • washing your beard means heartfelt sadness;
  • if a young woman grooms her beard in a dream, the sleeping woman in reality fears an unsuccessful marriage;
  • someone is pulling your beard - there are big risks ahead, material losses are possible.

Rest only in our dreams!

The modern dream book believes that a woman who sees a mustache in her dream does not understand people. Because of this, her social circle is quite specific and brings little joy. Having poured out her soul to her friends, she may receive an extremely unpleasant surprise in the form of gossip and ridicule behind her back.

But what the mustache means in dreams depends on the personality of the dreamer. For the timid and indecisive, this is a sign of hidden fears and anxieties. But to solve the problem, you will have to face it - there are no other options.

In addition, the dream book points to a mustache as a clear sign of an approaching love affair.

Interpretation of a dream with a beard in Vanga’s dream book

If you see yourself with a long and gray beard , be careful, your rash behavior may become a reason for gossip.

A stranger with a beard in a dream means an unexpected acquaintance.

If you trim your beard , they are trying to mislead you. Be on your guard.

A woman with a beard is an unexpected meeting that will cause you trouble.

The appearance of a decrepit old man with a beard in a dream is a symbol of unresolved problems that will bring trouble and grief.

Harbingers of passions

If the dreamer dreamed that she had a mustache, the Modern Dream Book suggests that she be more selective in choosing friends and interlocutors. The present period is fraught with the fact that revelations can serve as a reason for gossip, and kindness is misinterpreted.

Often, a woman's mustache personifies the anxiety that gnaws in reality. After waking up, the dream book recommends dealing with your fears and, if possible, eliminating their source.

There is another interesting interpretation of the dream: a mustache portends dizzying love adventures for its owner.

Dreams are an amazing thing, they can be so interesting that sometimes you don’t want to wake up. With the help of a dream book, you can find out the meaning of any dream; for a woman, the pressing question remains why she dreams of a beard on her face. Each dream book interprets this dream in its own way, let’s look at the meaning of each.

Beard in the Islamic dream book

A long, thick beard, regardless of color, promises its owner prosperity and wealth. A good sign is to see a growing beard in a dream. It symbolizes piety, glory and a life of abundance.

For women, facial hair in a dream has a different meaning:

  • for a married woman - a harbinger of imminent separation from her husband
  • for a pregnant woman - for the birth of a son
  • for a widow - possible early marriage

Losing or shaving a beard may indicate a loss of reputation.

For a wealthy person, a beard in a dream means an increase in capital; for the poor, it means growing debts and deteriorating financial conditions.

a long beard promises success - hou hou hou

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For young men, seeing themselves with a beard is a bad omen.

Ladies nightmare

Facial hair can terrify any woman, even if it only appeared in a dream. The dream book is encouraging that most interpretations of what hair on the chin means in dreams do not bode well. The hairs on their faces are seen by bright personalities who don’t care much about other people’s opinions.

The fact that a lady dreams that she is bearded means that she will not be bored alone. The dreamer expects the return of her ex or new love and marriage. If you dream about hair on your chin, the chances of your cherished desire coming true increase significantly. The plot foreshadows a meeting with a person who will play an important role in the dreamer’s fate.

Who had the dream?

Having a beard has different meanings for men and women:

  • For a woman it promises the birth of a son. Young and single girls can count on getting married soon. For married ladies, their own beard is a symbol of the well-being of their spouse in reality; her loss - the husband faces deterioration in health and disappointment;
  • For a man, a long, well-groomed beard in a dream promises success. In reality, fame and recognition await him. Facial hair growing in a dream promises increased wealth and financial well-being. But shaving, on the contrary, speaks of future losses and waste. In a symbolic interpretation, a beard for a man can mean a desire to hide his true face from others, to protect himself from outside interference. Her loss in this case will symbolize openness and liberation.

Important! The appearance of a gray bearded man in a dream is a good sign for both men and women. It means meeting a wise person and the appearance of a spiritual mentor in your life. If you dream of an elderly woman with facial hair, be prepared for an unpleasant meeting with a grumpy lady.


If you dreamed of a woman having a beard, it is not easy to forget such a vision, if only because it is not aesthetically pleasing. Seeing herself in this form, a woman will almost certainly become nervous. And in vain: the dream book interprets the symbol quite positively. This means that the dreamer is a strong personality who has her own opinion on everything.

If you decide to find out why you dream about facial hair, you will be pleasantly surprised. Changes await you in your personal life: a promising acquaintance with an interesting man, reconciliation with a former lover, and even a successful marriage.

In a dream, hairs on the chin promise fulfillment of desires and a fateful meeting with a person of the opposite sex.

Interpretation of sleep in detail

Shaving a beard in a dream

May mean future financial losses. You shouldn't waste money. Beware of scammers in reality. But such a dream can also symbolize overcoming difficulties and troubles in life.

  • Shaving a beard in a dream means loss of reputation, fear of intimate problems
  • If you are going to shave, let yourself be deceived.
  • If you watch yourself shaving, you are actually going to implement a promising business, but your strength will not be enough.
  • If after shaving your face is clean-shaven, peace and order in your affairs await you in reality; long-standing problems will be resolved.
  • Stubble on your face after shaving means discord in marital relationships and family troubles.

a man with a large, well-groomed beard is a reliable person next to you.
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  • Seeing a man shaving means loss of property, material losses.
  • Someone shaves you - a bad omen, it can mean the imminent loss of loved ones
  • Shaving with a dull razor means wasteful expenses await you

Red beard

An unpleasant sign in dreams. Warns of the deceit and hypocrisy of your friends, is a harbinger of betrayal of a loved one or relative. A man with a red beard in a dream means the appearance of a strong opponent, whose confrontation will end in defeat for you. Seeing your beard as red in color means achieving your goal by seducing a member of the opposite sex.

Important! If in a dream you saw a man with a red goatee, beware of the tricks of the devil. Be careful in commercial endeavors; a clever and nimble deceiver may appear in life.

Bearded man

A good sign means imminent profit and financial gain:

  • a man with a large, well-groomed beard is a reliable person next to you, partnership with him will lead to big profits;
  • being surrounded by bearded people means useful contacts will appear in life that will help you climb the career ladder;
  • to see a man with an elegant beard - your ingenuity and insight will bring certain benefits;
  • light vegetation means respect in the team, a well-deserved promotion;
  • if you dreamed of a gray beard, experience and life wisdom will bring you profit and career growth.

In some cases, the appearance of a bearded man in dreams is a harbinger of unpleasant events:

  • a man with a blue beard - symbolizes jealousy, unfounded suspicions of treason and distrust of his soul mate;
  • a bearded, gloomy man means the appearance in life of a hypocritical person who hides under the mask of friendliness;
  • black hair on a stranger’s face - daily hassles will distract you from the main thing, which you will regret. Another meaning of a coal-black beard in a dream is that you are achieving your goal using dishonest methods;
  • the owner of a tangled, unkempt beard personifies protest, disagreement with circumstances, internal discomfort.

Important! For women only: If in a dream your lover's cheek is covered with stubble, you should exercise great caution. Perhaps in real life this person takes advantage of your trust and is preparing betrayal.

Trim beard and mustache with scissors

Cutting facial hair in a dream is a bad omen:

  • to lose your beard and mustache yourself is a loss; losses both material and personal;
  • to cut someone's hair is to conceive and commit a vile act; act unfairly towards a loved one; quick quarrel;
  • cutting off a long luxurious beard means losing patrons in real life.

Important! A good meaning comes from a dream where the beard and mustache are only trimmed with scissors. For men, such a dream means a quick improvement in business; for a young girl - a sign of imminent marriage or love affair.

Thick long beard

According to dream books, a long beautiful beard is a good omen. Her appearance in a dream promises quick enrichment and the appearance of reliable patrons in life. Success will also accompany you in dubious matters. Thick, well-groomed facial hair on your interlocutor’s face means that love experiences and pleasant meetings will soon await you. A thick black beard means good health.

A woman has grown a beard on her face

A bearded young girl in a dream is a symbol of gossip spread by ill-wishers.

The appearance of a middle-aged woman with an unkempt beard is a warning about a possible protracted illness and major troubles.

Seeing a mother with facial hair in a dream means strengthening her financial position in life.

Your own beard means:

for a young girl, the dream promises a quick marriage

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  • for a married woman - upcoming changes and life's adversities that she will have to cope with on her own. In life, she will face separation, divorce or the death of her spouse;
  • for a young unmarried girl and widow - early marriage;
  • for a pregnant woman - the birth of a son;

My husband shaved his beard in his sleep

Watching your loved one shave off his beard means a desire for carnal pleasures, sexual dissatisfaction. However, seeing a husband without his usual facial hair promises the beginning of a financial crisis for the family, financial problems and loss of work.

The modern dream book interprets shaving a beard as a good sign. Such a dream predicts a quick resolution of the conflict with your loved one. And everything will calm down without your participation.

Child with a beard

The appearance of a bearded child in a dream, unfortunately, does not bode well. Such a dream is a harbinger of illness, unexpected unpleasant news. It also means problems and difficulties in the professional sphere, and an unwillingness to accept responsibility. A child with a beard is a symbol of problems with colleagues and superiors.

If a small child sees himself with a beard in a dream, he may not live to adulthood.

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