What fortune-telling might mean in a dream: interpretation of a dream from dream books

Fortune telling is a kind of “related” action with the interpretation of dreams. A person, dreaming of finding out what awaits him, often turns to this method of prediction. Why such an action is dreamed of, and what it predicts for the dreamer, of course, the dream books know. But before you look for the answer on their pages, remember exactly how you guessed in a dream.

Briefly about the main thing

“They want to know what will happen” - the lines of the famous song are applicable not only to fortune telling, but also to the interpretation of night dreams as well. Don't have time to read long interpretations with tips and tricks? Use brief interpretations.

  • Fortune telling is a symbol of an important, but postponed task.
  • Charming in a dream on coffee grounds is a sign of wasted time.
  • Seeing fortune telling on Tarot cards means you are dissatisfied with your life.
  • If you tried to bewitch your loved one in a dream on your own - this means unhappy love.
  • If you predicted the future on the runes, you will find protection in the person of an influential patron.
  • Someone was told a fortune on stones - you will be struck by a brilliant idea on how to get rid of the problem.
  • Fortune telling for someone's future, carried out on paper - to admiration for your talents.
  • To see a gypsy woman telling fortunes in your palm in a dream - you are overcome by alarming doubts.

Dream Interpretation of Medea

Seeing yourself in the process of fortune telling is not a good sign. A person should be attentive to his surroundings, and also carefully check any information received from people. Almost all astrological sources advise doing this - books of interpretation, horoscope, dream book.

Fortune telling has no equal in symbolism if we consider it as a sign. That's why they attach so much importance to it. If there was also a fortune teller in the dream, such a vision is worth listening to. And it’s important to remember what she was like. Calm and friendly? This is good. This means that all problems will soon be resolved. Was the fortune teller wary and suspicious? Then the dreamer in real life should also take a closer look at his surroundings.

And if a person receives a frightening prediction from a sorceress, it’s time to take on all the things that were previously put off until later. And preferably without fuss. Excessive worry will not do you any good.

Miller's Dream Book

According to Miller’s dream book, the explanation for why you dream of fortune-telling is simple and straightforward: you have put off some important matter until “better times,” but it haunts you, constantly reminding you of itself.

In a dream, a young girl sees herself casting a spell on her future husband and wants to know why she has such a dream? The dream book hastens to reassure her: the interpretation of the dream does not predict anything terrible, she just has to make a choice between two admirers.

“Why do you dream about fortune telling in a dream? If you see Fortune telling in a dream, what does it mean?

ABC of dream interpretation

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Fortune telling on cards or objects - check the accuracy of the news received today.

Idiomatic dream book

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“Guessing on the coffee grounds” means uncertainty, deception.

Lunar dream book

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Don’t rush to guess, everything will happen in due time.

Maly Velesov dream book

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Fortune telling, divination - leading / will not help your grief, losses.

Newest dream book

Why do you dream about Fortune telling in a dream?

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Fortune telling for a patient with a surgical disease - a radical operation.

Numerological dream book of Pythagoras

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Fortune telling in a dream using two mirrors means that you will regret something very much.

If fortune telling in a dream is successful and you see someone’s reflection in the mirrors, then after 2 weeks you will learn some information that has been hidden from you until now, and your regret will turn into indignation. However, do not rush to act, wait until your indignation subsides. Trust the person you met 2 days ago after a long separation, and you won’t go wrong.

If fortune telling in a dream proceeds sluggishly and unsuccessfully, you will regret that over the past 2 months you have allowed yourself to be fooled by those around you.

If in a dream at the end of fortune telling you break mirrors, after 2 months the period of your suffering will end and you will enter a new phase of your life. Don't forget to summarize.

If you are telling fortunes using two candles, then pay attention to the flame - if both candles burn evenly and brightly, then you will have a new goal in life, and you will be able to achieve wonderful results if you rely only on yourself and 2 like-minded people.

A flame that is barely visible and about to go out is a sign of impending anxieties associated with a change of plans. Perhaps your bosses will be especially demanding of you in the next 20 days.

If one of the candles goes out, there is no reason to worry, the bosses are simply studying you up and down, checking whether they can entrust you with a new responsible task.

If at the end of fortune telling on two candles you break both or one of them, after 11 days you are in danger of failing the exam if you are studying, or making an unfortunate mistake during a public speaking. For women, this dream promises disappointment in their gentleman.

Family dream book

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A dream about fortune telling reminds you of some important and long-delayed matter.

If a young girl sees this dream, she will have to rely on her intuition and make a choice between two admirers.

Modern dream book

Find out what it means if you dream about Fortune telling?

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If a young woman dreams of fortune telling, she will become an object of suspicion.

If they read fortunes on her hand, she will have many friends, men, but women will treat her judgmentally.

If she herself examines someone’s hand, those around her will admire her deep mind.

If this is the hand of a high-ranking person, she will need the support of friends, despite her own elevation.

Dream Interpretation 2012

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Fortune telling is a reflection of anxiety from thoughts about some important and/or unfinished business. A reflection of the desire to know something, but in finding the answer you need to rely on yourself - on your intuition and prudence.

Dream book of the 21st century

Why did you dream about Fortune telling in a dream?

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Fortune telling in a dream promises you a surprise in reality, possible losses due to excessive haste, the need to solve the problem facing you.

If your destiny is predicted, such a dream promises you happiness in love.

A fortune teller in a dream is a sign of unreasonable worries and torment in the search for truth.

Dream book of the future

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If you are telling fortunes in a dream, this is a reminder that some important pending matter is bothering you, but you need to be careful and beware of troubles and problems if you decide to complete this matter; for a young girl, a dream about fortune telling means that fate forces her to make a choice between admirers and in this choice she must rely on herself in everything - on her intuition and feelings.

Dream book for lovers

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If a girl dreams that she is telling fortunes, this means that she will have to make a choice between two admirers. In this she will have to rely only on herself, her feelings and intuition.

Dream interpretation horoscope

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Fortune telling on cards - such a dream means that you should seriously think about your future.

Dream book for a bitch

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Fortune telling - you are worried about something very important to you, but you need to show maximum caution and prudence in order to successfully complete it.

To guess on your own in a dream means you have to make a difficult choice, trust your intuition and inner voice, they will tell you the right path.

Dream Interpretation of Dmitry and Nadezhda Zima

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Fortune telling in a dream is a sign of doubt and emotional distress. Often this is a reminder of some important task that you have put off, but is gradually bothering you.

If the fortune teller in a dream is friendly, and her words fill you with confidence and calm, such a dream suggests that things may soon work out on their own. This is a very favorable sign, urging you to get rid of worries and trust in fate. Nevertheless, you should not take the results of fortune telling literally - they may only contain a hint of certain events.

If, instead of calm confidence, you feel impatience and excitement, such a dream is most likely false.

Receiving a frightening prediction in a dream means that you better not let things take their course. Rely on your strengths and try to avoid unnecessary fuss.

Dream interpretation of birthday people of January, February, March, April

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Fortune telling on coffee grounds means separation.

Dream interpretation of birthday people of September, October, November, December

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Fortune telling on coffee grounds in a dream is a waste of your time.

Dream interpretation of birthday people in May, June, July, August

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Fortune telling on coffee grounds in a dream - this is what awaits you in reality.

Miller's Dream Book

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Fortune telling in a dream is a reminder to you that some important pending matter is bothering you. But when deciding to follow through with it, be careful.

If a young lady sees this dream, it means that fate forces her to make a choice between two admirers. But in this choice, she must rely on herself in everything - on her intuition and prudence.

Chinese dream book

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If you approach a person who is engaged in fortune telling using the I Ching, it portends a disease or illness.

Dream Interpretation from A to Z

Why see Fortune telling in a dream?

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Fortune telling in a dream means being concerned about some important matter that requires a decision, but in order to make it, you need to properly weigh the pros and cons.

For a young girl, such a dream means that she is faced with a choice of which of two admirers to prefer and which to resign. This decision also requires her to be subtle and slow.

If someone tells fortunes to you in a dream, it means that in reality you will be disappointed by dubious pleasures. If you are guessing, in real life you are overcome by doubts with and without reason.

Dream interpretation of a modern woman

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Fortune telling in a dream indicates that you are worried about some important pending matter. When returning to this matter, exercise caution.

For a woman, such a dream means that she will have to make a choice between two admirers. In this choice, she must rely entirely on her intuition and prudence.

Dream Book of the Wanderer

Interpretation of a dream: Fortune telling from a dream book?

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To guess is to be deceived; surprise, sometimes a form of intuition.

Dream Interpretation of Fedorovskaya

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In a dream, you were engaged in fortune telling - good news awaits you.

If you dreamed that someone was telling you a fortune, listen carefully to what they predict for you, much of this may come true.

A dream in which you watched someone tell fortunes to one of your relatives means: in the near future you may have great luck in gambling.

You dreamed that you watched someone tell fortunes to one of your friends - know: in the near future you may win an important dispute.

You watched someone tell fortunes to a complete stranger - do not pay attention to this dream.

Tsvetkov's Dream Interpretation

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Guessing means losing money; warning not to rush.

Explanatory dictionary of dreams

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Guessing is a surprise.

Gypsy dream book

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If you dream that you are being told fortunes, this means that unexpected changes in fate await you, which may or may not be favorable.

If you yourself know how to predict the future, this means that sudden insights about the future await you. You should pay special attention to the premonitions that you may have over the next few days.

Esoteric dream book

Meaning of sleep: Fortune telling from a dream book?

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Guess for yourself - seek advice in matters, do not decide everything yourself.

You - be careful, treason is possible.

Types of divination as a symbol of acquisition

If you dreamed that you were casting a spell on your betrothed according to the book of changes, then pay attention to which hexagram fell out. When you wake up, open the book of changes and read the meaning of this hexagram, recommends the Lunar Dream Book.

Fortune telling in a dream about the betrothed mummer according to the book of destinies is a symbol of the fact that you unquestioningly believe in Fate. You shouldn’t pay so much attention to your own life, you might make a mistake. Did fortune telling about your betrothed from the book of destinies predict loneliness for you? Interpret the vision in reverse: you will find a love relationship.

An unmarried girl dreamed of fortune telling on the hand - a symbol of the fact that there will be many friends, but there will be no men dreaming of a serious relationship. Fortune telling for a married lady means a large number of fans and female condemnation. You read someone's hand - expect that they will come to you for advice.

Combined dream book

They say that if a girl in a vision observed herself in the process of divination, then she is too worried about some important matter. This is true? This means that we need to show as much caution and caution as possible in order to complete everything successfully.

If she observes the process from the outside, it means that there are a lot of rumors, gossip and suspicions floating around her. This is what the dream book says. Fortune telling by hand usually promises the appearance of new male friends and acquaintances in life. And this is good, if not for one thing - the other girls will condemn her for this, and consider her not a completely pious person. However, this is most likely due to envy.

“Object” of passion, or What awaits you in love...

Fortune telling about a guy symbolizes the dreamer's dreams of love. If in a dream you cast a spell on a specific guy, then in reality this guy will take a step towards getting closer. Did you have a dream about a guy you don’t know personally? In reality you will be introduced to each other, the White Magician’s dream book predicts.

Casting a fortune on the groom, if one exists in reality, is a sign of imminent marriage. And if you dreamed about your friend’s fortune-telling about the groom, you will introduce her to a person who may turn out to be her Destiny.

Types of predictions

If you have a dream of fortune-telling that cannot be explained, it is worth remembering the details of the vision and starting from them.

It is important, for example, who tried to make predictions and how, what events accompanied the process.

Mirrors, candles, regular cards and tarot cards carry completely different signs.

Dream books give explanations for different types of fortune telling, which is what you can initially focus on:

  • Mirrors. Life will give you a chance to penetrate other people's secrets, but attempts to implement the information received can end sadly, if not tragically. Recognizing someone in the mirror means receiving news from him. Breaking mirrors means getting rid of problems radically and starting life anew.
  • Candles. This is a sign of purification, a hint about the need to distance yourself from dubious dirty deeds while there is still such an opportunity. But if the candles go out, this is a warning of impending trouble. It may concern a sharp deterioration in health, various types of emergencies, or attempts to jinx the dreamer.
  • Water. It’s not for nothing that there is a saying about a pitchfork used to write on water. For the dreamer, in reality now everything is so unsteady and unclear that no predictions will help. But the weight of worries can literally disappear like a stone if a person gets together and starts doing at least something.

  • Cards. They often symbolize deception, but it can also be for good. Red suits talk about problems or successes in your personal life, black ones talk about events at home and at work. Tarot cards symbolize secret knowledge that is best not used in everyday life.
  • Fortune telling for love. If a girl or woman is busy with them, this should be regarded as the inevitability of a serious choice in the near future. Perhaps we are talking about marriage or marriage. If the fortuneteller is a man, then this symbolizes for the dreamer uncertainty about his own actions in his personal life and disbelief in the sincerity of a loved one.

There are a lot of prediction methods: fortune tellers have beans, coffee grounds, and even a woodpile in their arsenal. Some experts now believe that the type of prediction that was seen at night must be tested in practice .

Why and on what basis was the ceremony performed - Both in joy and in sadness...

Do you want to know why you dream about fortune telling by clothes? Open the Eastern Dream Book. Such a dream means that you are not always sincere with loved ones. But for a sick person, divination by clothes means an emergency operation or other procedure to restore health that will help cope with the illness.

Did you perform the ritual of predicting love in a dream on a mirror? This vision promises unpleasant news about your lover. And if you dreamed that you were casting a spell over coffee, and now you want to understand why you are dreaming, then Medea’s dream book will help you: you should not do something that does not bring you joy, you are wasting your time and energy.

Fortune telling by candles

The astroscope dream book tells a lot of interesting things. Fortune telling on two candles, for example, can mean the emergence of a new goal in life. But this is only if the flame burned evenly and brightly. If such a vision came to a person engaged in business, then he should know that he can only rely on himself and his two comrades in business.

But when the flame barely burns, you should expect worries and changes in plans. Has one candle gone out? It’s okay, this vision promises, perhaps, minor troubles and checks at work. But if in a vision a person breaks a candle (or even two) himself, failure awaits him. Either in some significant project or in an exam. In general, the event will be important in any case. And if something like this is really planned, it’s worth preparing for it as much as possible in order to avoid a puncture.

Dreams on the topic

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