“Why do you dream about fortune telling in a dream? If you see Fortune telling in a dream, what does it mean?

An attempt to find out the future with the help of mysticism predicts interesting events, joy and happiness for you.

The dream book writes that if you find out the answer in a dream, then in reality you will be able to better understand the situation. While it is vague and incomprehensible, you are unlikely to understand how to behave beautifully.

If in a dream you do not receive an answer to an exciting question, it means that in life you will not be able to figure out the problem on your own.

To understand what it means to tell fortunes in a dream, including on cards, pay attention to the symbols, methods, whether you did the fortune telling yourself or turned to a magician. This is how the dream book most often interprets dreams about predictions.

Difficult choice!

Why else do you dream that you happened to guess on cards in a dream? The dream book believes that you doubt making a certain decision and want its correctness to be confirmed by an invisible judge.

In addition, you purely subconsciously feel that fate at the current stage depends on some force, and not on your own actions.

If in reality you often have to guess on cards or resort to predictive practices of this kind, then the interpretation of sleep is more important.

On your own or not

Laying out fortune telling cards or looking at wax at home in silence is an attempt to independently understand some situation, to understand the signs of fate.
You are confused in love affairs and dream of getting a clear answer to a difficult question. If you didn’t specifically guess, but just found out what you wanted using a deck of cards, then you will learn a lot of interesting things in a short period of time.

Going to a magic salon and seeing a fortune teller is an attempt to get an answer through an authoritative, wise and insightful person. You will get what you wanted, however, remember what exactly the fortune teller said.

If the information is confusing, unclear, and irrelevant to the question, you won't learn anything. Look at the purpose of the layout, the figures and suits that emerge in it.

For a woman, telling fortunes on your own or casting a spell on your lover is an attempt to establish a relationship with someone you like and like.

If a candle was used in the ritual, then the dream means that now is the time to clarify the issue of interest. If the flame goes out, it means there will be no result, and you will continue to worry.

When you remember the cards or prediction, try to decipher it. A girl going to a magic salon to see a fortune teller is an attempt to get advice from an authoritative woman. The dream book indicates that you want to gain female wisdom in order to better understand your situation.

A man asking a woman to tell fortunes is an attempt to comprehend the logic of girls and understand love relationships. If a woman had to turn to a male magician, it means that she herself will try to understand male psychology and wisdom. Think about whether you liked the fortuneteller or not.

If you recognize him as a father, friend, former lover or acquaintance, the dream book hints that it is his advice that you need. If a woman dreams that she is asking a friend or relative to tell her fortune, the dream book predicts that in reality she will turn to this person for advice.

Remember everything!

Seeing such a vision for a young woman means that she will have to choose one of two suitors. Moreover, you will have to use exclusively prudence and intuition.

If in a dream you had a chance to guess on cards yourself, then the dream book is sure: you need to listen to the signs given by unearthly forces in the real world.

If you dreamed that a fortune teller was telling you fortune, then you should abandon the dubious undertaking. In any case, remember what exactly the cards predicted for you and how you personally reacted to it.

Your actions with cards

  • They shuffled - reckless vanity.
  • Played - a serious miscalculation will let you down.
  • We saw a sealed deck - upcoming events are disturbing because of their unknown nature and the impossibility of influencing them.
  • If you opened the deck, you will reveal deception in your environment.
  • Lay it out - you are in control of the situation, all circumstances are on your side.

If you dreamed of looking at cards randomly scattered on the table, then get ready to find yourself in a “motley” company, united by one goal.

How to interpret?

Why do you dream about fortune telling with Tarot cards? Any picture that appears symbolizes the dreamer’s attitude to certain real events. Therefore, the appearance of even an extremely negative Tarot card does not promise something terrible and inevitable.

However, the dream book claims that it is the Tarot cards that contain the most accurate prediction. You can interpret the dream alignment in the usual way. Moreover, the appearance of any major arcana in a dream is interpreted as a description of the situation or a guide to action.

“Why do you dream about cards? If you see Maps in a dream, what does it mean?

ABC of dream interpretation

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Cards indicate your chance, aspects of your life.

Suits in a dream correspond to different aspects of life.; worms - love and friendship; tambourines - business life; clubs - financial, material situation; peaks - reflect obstacles in all aspects; an ace in a dream is the main sign of encouragement, luck, difficulty or success; Ace of Hearts - romantic relationships; ace of diamonds - a risky scam will bring success; ace of clubs - financial stability; ace of spades - difficulties.

American dream book

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Cards are the game of life. Your destiny.

Idiomatic dream book

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“Show your cards” - reveal plans, intentions; “get your bearings on the map”, “outline your path on the map” - travel; “confuse the enemy’s cards”, “your card is beaten” - failure, failure, defeat; “marked cards” are a deception.

Lunar dream book

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Playing cards is a quarrel.

Newest dream book

Why do you dream about Maps in a dream?

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Playing cards - you will have to make a risky decision.

If you admire them, shuffle them, but don’t play, then this sign indicates that you have extrasensory abilities: you can do fortune telling yourself, and not without success.

Russian dream book

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Playing is a fun company; winning means profit; to lose - to losses, damages.

Family dream book

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If in a dream you played cards for fun, expect your hopes to come true. Minor illnesses will disappear.

But a dream about gambling for money portends very serious difficulties.

If you dreamed that you lost at cards, you are about to clash with enemies.

If you win, you will be able to justify yourself before the law, but with great difficulty.

If a young woman dreams that her lover is playing cards, she should doubt his good intentions.

Dream Interpreter

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Play with cards - see the articles game, play.

Modern dream book

Find out what it means if you dream about Maps?

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Cards are a greedy act; diamonds - receiving money; worms - a love affair; kresti - a profitable enterprise; peaks - deception, illness.

Playing cards means trouble, quarrel with friends.

Modern dream book

Find out what it means if you dream about Maps?

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But if you play to win, you will have quite serious difficulties.

If you dream that you lost at cards, you will have enemies.

If you win, in real life you will be able to justify yourself before the law, but you will get into trouble.

If a girl dreams that her lover is playing cards, she may have doubts about his true intentions.

If in a dream you pay attention to the suit of cards, then diamonds mean wealth; clubs - that in real life your partner will be very demanding, and sometimes you may get into trouble when you explain your absence; worms - predict fidelity and home comfort; peaks - foretell that you will soon become a widow and you will have to manage a large fortune.

Dream Interpretation 2012

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Playing cards - you need to learn to enjoy the process and/or moderate gambling; tarot cards - life’s riddle has to be solved.

Dream book of the future

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Playing cards: diamonds - for profit; hearts - love interest; clubs are a profitable idea; peaks are a disease.

Dream Interpretation Veles

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The suit of diamonds is monetary profit, benefit, monetary interests, a monetary partner, a profitable contract; peaks - deception, illness of yourself or a loved one, serious personal failure, divorce; clubs - a profitable business, a profitable business partner; dream of the worm suit - to success in love, relationships, sympathy for someone, success in something through personal relationships.

Dream book for lovers

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If a girl dreams that her lover is taking part in a gambling game of cards, this means that she will have doubts about his love.

If you dream of a gambling house with cards, this means that your spouse will make excessive demands on you. It is also possible that he will be unfaithful to you.

If you see cards of the heart suit, this means loyalty to a loved one; cards of the spades suit mean that you will be a rich widow, but money will not bring you happiness.

Losing at cards means disappointment in matters of the heart.

Dream interpretation horoscope

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Playing cards with a stranger - you should reduce costs so as not to go broke

Dream Interpretation of Denise Lynn

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Life is a game, and sometimes a game of chance. Pay attention to the process itself, and don't think only about the end result.

Cards—does any life situation remind you of a house of cards? The project may have been built on shaky foundations. Review it.

Dream Interpretation of Dmitry and Nadezhda Zima

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Playing cards in a dream are a sure sign of false illusions and vain expectations. The dream warns that the events you expect will turn out to be as illusory as the drawings on your cards.

If in a dream the cards predict the future for you, in reality everything promises to happen just the opposite.

Playing cards with someone you know is a sign that there will be a lot of deception and falsehood in your relationship with this person.

Playing cards with a stranger is a warning that in some matter you risk making a serious mistake.

Dream interpretation of birthday people of January, February, March, April

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Marked cards mean deception with very serious consequences.

Dream interpretation of birthday people of September, October, November, December

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Seeing in a dream how sharpers use marked cards - some kind of conspiracy against you will be revealed.

Dream interpretation of birthday people in May, June, July, August

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Seeing someone playing with marked cards in a dream means that your friend will be accused of cheating.

Miller's Dream Book

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If you play cards for fun in a dream, then expect the fulfillment of those hopes that have long helped you “keep afloat”. Minor illnesses will disappear. But a dream about gambling for money will lead you to very serious difficulties in life.

If you dream that you are losing at cards, then you will have a clash with enemies, and if you win, you will be able to justify yourself before the law, but with great difficulty.

If a young woman dreams that her lover is playing cards, she will have to doubt his good intentions.

Dream Interpretation from A to Z

Why see Maps in a dream?

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Seeing playing cards in a dream foretells greedy but stupid actions at a loss.

A deck of cards scattered in disarray on the table indicates that you will soon find yourself in a motley society with people of a wide variety of activities and interests.

A dream in which you play cards just for fun is a sign of the fulfillment of your plans and aspirations, for which a very convenient opportunity will present itself.

It’s a different matter if the game is for money and big time - such a dream portends a serious illness and significant difficulties in life.

Winning at cards in a dream means that you will be glad to be invited to a house where you have long dreamed of going.

Losing means disappointment in love and friends, as well as failure in business and the machinations of enemies.

If the one you root for and worry about while watching the game from the side wins, then you will be able to avoid the great responsibility that they will try to put on you; if your friend loses, then in reality you will have a disagreement with him due to mutual fault, but not for long.

If in a dream your friend clearly cheats when playing cards, it means that in real life you will have the opportunity to doubt his honesty and decency. If you are caught cheating, in reality this foreshadows a waste of time and money.

Shuffling cards in a dream means trouble; counting cards in a deck means you will find success. Marked cards mean anxiety and injury. A sealed deck means complete uncertainty ahead; opening it means you will suffer a loss due to deception or forgery.

Showing card tricks in a dream means you will please your family by delighting them with something unusual.

Build houses of cards - in reality you will receive good news, which will turn out to be premature and false rumors. Playing cards in a gambling house or in a respectable club means prosperity, ensured by constant risk.

Playing with a card sharper means being deceived in real life. Losing all your cash to a cheater means experiencing unfair oppression. A dream in which, when playing, you have all the cards in your hands of the same suit of spades, means that, being too carried away by entertainment to the detriment of business, you will waste your strength and abilities completely in vain.

If the spades are trump cards, you will have extraordinary luck in the most risky business. The suit of diamonds in a dream - foretells receiving money, the suit of hearts - you will experience a love adventure, the suit of clubs - a profitable enterprise will bring unexpectedly large profits.

Ace in hand - in reality you will be lucky in any game.

Dream Interpretation of Simon Kananita

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Playing cards - a greedy act in life, loss; build houses of cards - news; play cards - have a lucky hand in business; card tricks - bring joy to people; to see people playing - you will suffer losses through a trick; tambourine - receiving money; worms - adventure; vini - illness, deception; clubs - to death.

Dream interpretation of a modern woman

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Playing cards just for fun - portends the fulfillment of long-held hopes, recovery from minor illnesses.

Gambling for money, on the contrary, can mean very serious difficulties in life.

If you dream that you are losing at cards, you will be unhappy in your affections and will never be able to settle things.

If you win in a dream, this portends a very unfriendly reception at a party. At the same time, you will find true friends who will help you survive many trials.

If a young woman dreams that her lover is playing cards, she will have to doubt his good intentions.

Dream Book of the Wanderer

Interpretation of sleep: Maps according to the dream book?

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Cards - lies, falsehood in relationships; deception in business.

To beat is a small acquisition.

Dream Interpretation of Fedorovskaya

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Playing cards in a dream means a quarrel with someone you know.

You watched someone play cards - one of your loved ones would quarrel with one of your friends.

If you dreamed that you were buying or selling cards, the dream you had that night will not come true.

French dream book

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Playing cards in a dream promises you to become a victim of deception. This dream sometimes foreshadows the loss of property and the deceit of ill-wishers.

If you tell fortunes with cards, then in reality some secret will be revealed that you would rather not know.

Seeing black cards in a dream means money; red - to failure in matters of the heart.

Explanatory dictionary of dreams

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Seeing playing cards means looking at the stupidity of others; shuffle - troubles; count - success; play - loss of time or money.

Ukrainian dream book

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If you dream about cards, whether you are playing or someone else is playing, then expect some kind of quarrel.

Winning at cards is a loss; losing means deprivation of trouble.

Playing cards is a waste of time or money.

Universal dream book

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Do you feel confident playing in your sleep? Who deals the cards in your dream? Is this an honest person, or do you suspect that he is cheating? What cards were you dealt? You think you have a chance to win, or your cards are hopeless - all this indicates whether luck has turned its face towards you or turned away from you.

How do you handle the cards you've been dealt? Are you a good bluffer or do you play fair? What game do you play in your sleep? The stakes in the game are high, it all depends on luck, or is it an ordinary game of cards with friends - the answers to these questions will allow you to understand how you feel about the game called “Life”.

Gypsy dream book

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Gypsies believe that cards symbolize life.

If you dream that you are winning at cards, prosperity and profit await you.

If you lose, you will fail.

Shuffle - you will have to make decisions.

If you are dealt cards, you will unexpectedly find a solution to the problem.

Esoteric dream book

Meaning of sleep: Maps from the dream book?

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Playing cards - you will be deceived, fooled.

Laying out - you are overwhelmed by doubts.

Online dream book

Meaning of sleep: Maps from the dream book?

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According to the dream book, playing cards warn that you have a very difficult choice ahead of you, you will put a lot at stake.

More interpretations

If you play them, you will spend time in an interesting company; if you win, financial income awaits you; if you lose, be prepared for losses.

If the game is played for money, enormous problems await you.

To see fortune telling cards in a dream - everything will turn out diametrically opposite to what was predicted.

If your scam is discovered, you will waste a lot of money and time, and you will not get any benefit.

If they are red, you will be disappointed in your personal life; if they are black, they portend success in the financial sector.

If you dream that you are performing tricks, in reality you will be able to arrange a pleasant surprise for your household, which will make them incredibly happy.

Club cards portend well-being, success in business, spades cards warn of difficulties that you will soon encounter, diamond cards indicate that you will immerse yourself in work, and heart cards promise the establishment of good relationships.

Playing cards - incomprehensible anxiety and negative emotions will accompany you in the coming days.

Playing cards in a dream represent worries and troubles on a long journey. There may be force majeure circumstances that will add additional hassle to the trip.

Dreaming of fortune telling on cards is stunning news. Experience strong emotions, vivid impressions, sudden events in reality.

Deck of cards - it seems to you that everyone around you wants to deceive, taking advantage of your ignorance. It will seem that you are very vulnerable.

More specifics

When dream fortune-telling, pay attention to which card suit came up most often. This will give an exact indication of the area where change will occur.

  • Diamonds - money, financial issues.
  • Clubs – relationships with the outside world.
  • Hearts - a situation in family, love.
  • Peaks are a warning of danger, risk.

Did you dream that the card was mostly black? Get money, but seeing red in a dream, according to the dream book, means major failures in love.

Book of Dreams

Otherwise called the dream book of Simon the Canaanite. In his interpretation, dreams about card games carry bad signs. Seeing the cards themselves suggests that the dreamer is doing things solely for his own benefit. He is used to using others for his own purposes and easily oversteps the feelings of other people.

Watching someone else play cards means there is a high probability of being deceived by a person whom the sleeper especially trusts. A dream about how you yourself took part in the game means luck and success in business. Putting cards in a house means interesting news is expected soon. If you dreamed of cards by suit: hearts - for love affairs, diamonds - for receiving money, spades - for tears and illnesses, clubs - for the death of the dreamer himself.

Dreams on the topic

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