“What is the call for in a dream? If you see a Call in a dream, what does it mean?

Although most dreams captivate us with their visual images, sometimes we clearly hear a whole range of sounds. The most common sound dream is one in which we hear someone's voice.
Sometimes dreams of this kind are frightening and leave a feeling of anxiety and fear. But you shouldn’t draw negative conclusions ahead of time.

The dream book characterizes the voice as a warning, a good sign or a harbinger of change. While listening to someone’s speech in a dream, try to understand and remember who is speaking to you, what the words were about and in what tone, and whether they addressed you by name.

Voice of the Dead

Probably the most ambiguous and disturbing question is why you dream about the voice of a deceased person. Traditionally, the dream book advises listening to the words that the dead speak. This could be advice, a warning, or a simple wise piece of advice from the other world. The voice of a deceased person in a dream is not such a terrible sign as many are accustomed to think.

It is especially important to listen to the speech of the deceased if he is your relative. Our loved ones come into our dreams only with good intentions, in order to tell us something important. Some dream books claim that the voice of a deceased mother in a dream is a harbinger of a happy family life, and the voice of a grandmother is a quick success in any professional endeavor.

But if you have a dream where the voice of the deceased is calling you by name, be careful. Perhaps everyone knows that it is impossible to respond to such a cry. This dream is a warning: in the near future you need to be careful, take care of your health and not enter into dubious acquaintances.

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Who's speaking?

Having heard a voice in a dream, it is also important to understand who spoke to you: a man or a woman?
Why do you dream about the voice of the opposite sex? This is a signal that your subconscious is trying to give a hint to solve the problem. Such a dream is considered a good sign. Try to listen to the words of your inner self.

  • Hearing an unfamiliar female voice in a dream means success. And if, among other things, admiration and delight can be traced in the intonation, and she calls you by name, achievements will not only lead you to career growth, but will also give you recognition from those around you.
  • The dream book often interprets the voice of a young guy as deception and a cunning trick to confuse you. So listen to what he says and do the opposite.
  • If you dreamed about the voice of an unfamiliar man in a dream, this foreshadows the appearance of a rival for the man and a patron for the girl.

“What is the call for in a dream? If you see a Call in a dream, what does it mean?

Eastern dream book

Why do you dream about the Call in a dream according to the dream book?

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You hear that some strange voices are calling your name - serious problems are emerging in your affairs.

Hearing the call of a friend or relative means that this person has a serious illness or other trouble.

A dream in which you hear your lover calling you is a warning: you risk losing your loved one.

Hearing the voice of a deceased person means a serious illness or major troubles in business.

Family dream book

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If someone called you in a dream, know that your business will be at risk, but strangers will help you.

Hearing the call of a friend or relative means illness of one of them.

The voice of your lover calling you means that you are not attentive enough to him.

The voice of the deceased warns against possible illness.

Dream book for lovers

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If lovers have a dream in which they hear the voice of a loved one, this means that in real life they pay too little attention to their beloved, which is why a quarrel and separation are possible.

Dream Interpretation of the Medium Miss Hasse

What does it mean if you dream about the Call in a dream?

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The call is an extraordinary event of an unpleasant nature.

Miller's Dream Book

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Hearing your name spoken by unfamiliar voices in a dream means that your affairs will be at risk, but strangers will help you.

Hearing the voice of a friend or relative means illness of one of them.

Lovers who heard the voice of their beloved should pay attention to this warning: perhaps they were not attentive enough to each other. Otherwise, they risk separation due to a disagreement.

Hearing the voice of the deceased is a warning about your own illness or some kind of trouble.

This voice is an echo returning from the future to your mind, which perceives the voice of its ancestor through the part of itself where the memory of him remains. In every person, some part of the mind remains unchanged, passed down in the family from generation to generation.

Dream Interpretation from A to Z

Why see the Call in a dream?

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Hearing someone's distant call in a dream foretells that in real life something out of the ordinary and at the same time unpleasant will happen to you.

If the voice or voices calling you are unfamiliar to you, in reality you will find yourself faced with the fact that a business that cost a lot of risk and money has not justified itself.

If the voice calling you belongs to someone close to you, it means that in reality this person faces a serious illness.

Hearing in a dream that your mother is calling you means that you have chosen the wrong path in business and your companions will soon leave you alone with the trough you have broken.

If your mother calls you from the other world, it means that you will soon receive good news about matters in which you are extremely interested.

In general, hearing the voices of the dead in a dream is a warning to be more careful with your health, because you may be at risk of illness or injury as a result of an accident; it is especially advisable to listen to such a call during icy conditions.

If the voice calling you in a dream is loud, shouting, in reality this portends trouble for you.

A calm, insinuating call is an omen of reconciliation and agreement.

For people in love, such a dream promises the joy of mutual communication and a happy marriage.

Dream Interpretation of Simon Kananita

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The call is an extraordinary incident of an unpleasant nature, success, wealth.

Dream interpretation of a modern woman

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Hearing your name spoken by unfamiliar voices in a dream means trouble in matters that strangers will help you deal with.

The voice of a friend or relative - dreams of this person’s illness.

A lover who hears the voice of his “half” should think about whether they are attentive enough to each other.

Hearing the voice of a deceased person in a dream means receiving a warning about one’s own illness or some other troubles.

Dream Book of the Wanderer

Interpretation of the dream: Call from the dream book?

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The call is a serious warning.

Tsvetkov's Dream Interpretation

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An unfamiliar call is danger.

Esoteric dream book

Meaning of the dream: Call from the dream book?

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Someone is calling you, no one knows who - danger from people.

Not a sound

A common dream plot is to speak or scream in a dream, but not utter a sound, as if your voice has disappeared. There are a variety of interpretations of such a dream.

  • If you scream or speak without a voice in a dream, events await you in the future that you cannot influence. At the same time, not everything will suit you completely, and you will have to put up with some unpleasant aspects of what is happening.
  • On the eve of a real performance, a dream where your voice has disappeared will be a great sign. Success awaits you at the event, and all fear of the public will disappear in an instant.
  • Sometimes a dream in which you cannot speak or scream has a simple explanation: you are tired. Probably, persistent hard work, anxiety, lack of sleep and other things that negatively affect our well-being have taken their toll. Such a dream is a sign that it’s time to take a little break.
  • Another meaning of a “voiceless” dream is your distrust of people in reality. You rely solely on yourself, refusing the help of others. But take a closer look at your surroundings: friends are nearby, and they can really help.

Talking to family

In a dream, we are also able to talk with our relatives, whom we see every day.
Moreover, such a dream may only be a reflection of a recent conversation, a desire to raise an important topic, or it may mean something else. Talking to your spouse means changes in the marital relationship. There is a possibility that a series of conflicts will come, which, fortunately, will be followed by complete understanding and harmony. If your significant other calls you by name, it's a nice sign that he or she thinks about you often.

Pay attention to what the baby's voice means in dreams, especially if he is calling you. In reality, you are probably not paying enough attention to your children. And although, most likely, this happened because of work, try to be with your children more often. Especially if your child has now reached a difficult teenage period, when a serious conversation with his parents will help avoid trouble.

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Hearing your father’s voice in a dream means subconsciously analyzing the state of affairs at the moment.
Here it is worth listening to the words and intonations. The sad note in the father's voice means that everything will not develop as planned. A cheerful, cheerful voice means things will turn out well. Hearing your mother’s voice in a dream means thinking about starting a family in reality. Such a dream is especially important for a girl. There is a possibility that she is so immersed in her career and work that she has completely forgotten about herself, about her feminine purpose.

What does modern psychology say about this?

Science denies any manifestations of the paranormal. Dreams, from a scientific point of view, are microprocesses of our brain, which reproduces them in the subconscious in a random order. Our dream picture is influenced by fatigue, stress, emotions and lifestyle. But scientific psychology says otherwise.

Sigmund Freud argued that talking to a dead person in a dream promises changes in a person's life. Let's look at some of his guesses:

  • If the deceased talks to you in a dream immediately after his death, trouble awaits you.
  • A conversation with a deceased relative about danger means you have an ill-wisher.
  • Talking to a dead person and crying means a bright streak awaits a person in life.

    ⇒ The famous American psychologist Miller interpreted this phenomenon differently:

  • Communicating with deceased parents in a dream means your health is in danger.
  • Seeing a deceased person in the form of a still living person and talking to him is dangerous. You should be more careful and prudent.
  • If in a dream you are sitting next to the coffin and talking with the deceased, unexpected journeys await you.

In most cases, seeing a talking dead person in a dream is interpreted by many experts in the field of dreams as a sign of gaining new knowledge, understanding oneself and the essence of worldly life.

For lovers

Often we hear the voice of a loved one in a dream. There are also several different interpretations on this matter.

The simplest meaning is a reflection of your thoughts. You are so absorbed in the object of your passion that you hear its voice even in your dreams. At the same time, your feelings are completely mutual, and even if you have not yet received confirmation of this, very soon he or she will open up to you.

  • A lover's upset, dissatisfied voice may foreshadow tension in the relationship. To avoid this, try to be more attentive and affectionate with your loved one.
  • If your lover addresses you by name, he is planning to give you a pleasant surprise soon and is constantly thinking about it.
  • The voice of your loved one, which you heard on the phone, portends an imminent meeting.
  • If you hear your lover calling you, it means that in reality he misses you and thinks a lot about you.


It happens that the voice we heard in a dream ends up waking us up in reality.
Such dreams can also be a sign that is worth paying attention to. If you suddenly wake up from your own scream, it's time to deal with your nerves. Apparently, in reality you were stressed and worried a lot, and the tension is looking for a way out in any way.

Waking up to your own laughter is a good sign. This is such a favorable period in your life that even in your dreams you are laughing and full of happiness.

It's not a good sign if the voice you woke up from is calling your name. The situation will be such that even a very close person can unwittingly harm you with his advice. In the near future, try not to listen to other people's words, but turn to your intuition.

If the voice that addressed you by name in a dream seemed otherworldly or unpleasant, in real life everything will turn out perfectly. The intrigues that your enemies will try to build for you will turn against them. Author: Ksenia Maisova

What does religion say on this issue?

In Christianity, the main source of knowledge is the Bible. It says that before, Christ conveyed knowledge to his prophets through dreams, but after it was written, all the answers and thoughts are contained in this book. Revelation 12/9 says, “So the great dragon, the serpent of old, called the Devil, who deceives the whole inhabited earth, was cast down to the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.” The souls of dead people continue to live, and under the power of Satan they can appear alive in dreams.

The book of the prophet Jeremiah says: “For thus says the Lord of hosts, the God of Israel: Do not let your prophets who are among you and your fortunetellers deceive you; and do not listen to your dreams that you dream; They prophesy to you falsely in My name; I did not send them, says the Lord.” From this knowledge we can conclude that God does not send us signs through dreams. Our future depends on faith and righteous action. Follow the commandments and live according to your conscience, drive away evil from your soul and refuse temptations. To summarize, in the Christian religion we find that a dead person seen speaking in a dream, in some cases, is a harbinger of certain revelations and forgotten truths, important and fateful truths that can correct and heal the soul of the suffering person.

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