“Why do you see a sword in a dream? If you see a Sword in a dream, what does it mean?


In the subconscious dream book, a sword in a dream is directly associated with some kind of threat and the need to protect yourself and your loved ones. It has been used by warriors for a long time, and now the subconscious continues to interpret the image from this point of view.

Remember what exactly happened in the dream? Who used the item - you or the person next to you? Holding a weapon in your hand and defending yourself is a sign of a hidden or obvious threat that you experience in reality.

If you dreamed that another person was protecting you, then it is in him that you actually feel strength, reliability and support. Perhaps he will help cope with existing difficulties.

Do you dream that you are attacked by a man with a sword? If it is a stranger, the vision symbolizes an unclear threat. If you knew him, you are actually afraid of what he might do.

Strengthening the positive meaning of sleep.

Imagine that you are proudly walking down the street with a sword, everyone makes way for you.

Dream book of Simeon Prozorov

Sword // dream book of E. Erickson

How to find lost things?
plot to find a lost item 1. A sword in dreams almost always suggests a powerful weapon. We can have the ability to create energy and use it in the right way through our beliefs. 2. The sword symbolizes justice, courage, strength. The appearance of his image in a dream means that there is an element of militantness in ourselves and that we are ready to fight for our beliefs. 3. From a spiritual point of view, a dream in which you dreamed of a sword in your hands suggests power and protection. If we are given a sword, it means that we have the protection of the saints. We are capable of making our own decisions.

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Freud's Dream Book

The sword, like any weapon, is a symbol of the penis.

  • A shiny, beautiful sword - symbolizes a man’s sexual health;
  • A rusty or chipped sword speaks of sexual disorders or diseases of the genital organs;
  • Broken sword - symbolizes impotence;
  • If a man fights with swords and wounds his opponent , he is prone to homosexual relations;
  • If a man receives a wound from a sword , he suffers because, in his opinion, the size of his penis is insufficient, that is, he has the so-called small penis complex;
  • If a man sheaths his sword , he strives to have sex with his beloved as quickly as possible;
  • If a woman holds a sword in her hands , this indicates her bisexuality;
  • If a woman fights with swords , she is prone to lesbianism;
  • If a man gives a woman a sword , he prefers her as a sexual partner;
  • If a woman gives a sword to a man , she is not satisfied with her sexual partner.

Who had the dream

To a woman

If a woman dreams of a sword fight, according to Miss Hasse, a two-faced person may soon appear in her immediate circle. Be on your guard.

To a man

According to Rommel’s dream book, there is currently no need to participate in risky financial transactions. This will lead to large losses.


The sorceress Medea believes that a pregnant woman should not go anywhere without her husband. This will help avoid the appearance of a rival.

Noble dream book

  • A sword in a dream warns of the beginning of enmity; you will defend your honor;
  • Swinging a sword indicates inner fear, loss of strength;
  • The sword breaks in a fight - indicates weakness of will;
  • The sword being knocked out of the hands indicates uncertainty;
  • Throwing a sword means they want to quarrel;
  • You are being cut with a sword - indicates that you will soon discover new strengths in yourself;
  • To pierce an enemy with a sword indicates the need to use cunning to defeat the enemy;
  • Hack with a sword - you will win due to your strength and energy;
  • sword on the wall - be careful and stay away;
  • The sword falls from the wall - you will soon need a lot of courage;
  • Sheathing the sword - you are striving for peace and quiet, which does not exist;
  • Taking a sword out of its sheath is a sign of passionate feelings;
  • To decorate a sword is to divert anger from another person onto yourself;
  • Losing a sword means feeling chaos;
  • The sword is too heavy - pity for the enemy hinders you.

Why do you dream of a Sword in the Universal Dream Book?

Sword - Brief interpretation: power;
protection; honor. Popular expression: a double-edged sword; cross swords.

Haven't we all dreamed of being that person who can pull a sword out of a stone and gain magical powers? Does the dream mean that you want to overcome obstacles with the help of magical and mystical powers?

The sword is also a sign of power. Who is holding the sword in your dream? If you are holding a sword, how do you feel? Relate this to your ability to wield power.

To dream that someone else is holding a sword, how do you feel about this? Do you think this person is abusing power or claiming power? Are you at his mercy?

The sword is also a symbol of protection. Do you need a sword to protect yourself? From what? Or is the sword in your dream a symbol of honor? Who is revered?

We all make sacrifices in life - for the sake of others or in order to achieve the desired result. Do you need to assess the situation and make the final sacrifice by falling with your chest on your sword?

Dream book of the 21st century

  • Sword - to start a feud with someone in the fight for the truth in order to regain one’s good name;
  • Swinging a sword means terrible events will happen soon and you will experience fear;
  • Throwing a sword between you indicates that someone wants to quarrel between you;
  • Slashing with swords means great luck and benefit;
  • Sharpening a sword means joy and good luck;
  • Pierce an enemy with a sword - defeat the enemy with your cunning;
  • Hack an enemy with a sword - defeat the enemy with strength and energy;
  • A sword on the wall warns of the need to be careful;
  • A sword falling from the wall - you will soon need a lot of courage;
  • Sheathing your sword means your soul yearns for peace in vain;
  • Taking the sword out of its sheath means you will soon experience strong passion;
  • Stealing a sword means taking the anger from another person onto yourself;
  • Losing a sword means chaos of feelings and thoughts;
  • The sword seems heavy - pity is bothering you;
  • Receive a sword - to a guest from afar;
  • Receiving three swords at once means a promotion;
  • Traveling in a dream with a sword in your hands indicates imminent material gain;
  • A sword lies at the head of the bed - great happiness awaits you;
  • Taking a sword out of its sheath means the birth of a son for a woman.

Seeing the Sword: A. Pushkin’s dream book

Sword - Seeing a sword in a dream is a bad omen, because it portends separation, quarrels, and losses in business. If you see a rusty sword, then this means dissatisfaction in family matters or a break with your lover. If the sword is sharp and shines in the sun, then such a dream means future worries. If you dreamed of a broken sword or a sword that you broke, then such a dream promises you the collapse of all your hopes. To see that you are wounded by a sword, then such a dream foretells you domestic troubles or the machinations of your opponents. If you are unmarried, then such a dream portends dishonor for you. To see that you are rushing at someone with a sword, this means that you will show a baseness of character; you need to make a lot of effort to develop a high sense of justice. To see that you are forging or sharpening a sword means that in life you will have to do something that is deeply disgusting to you. If you buy a sword, it means that you are in danger of losing friends because of your eccentricity. If a girl sees herself with a sword in her hands, then this means that she will be jealous and picky towards her lover, which is why they will constantly quarrel and swear.

From a machine gun

The dream book of Irina Udilova gives the following interpretations of this dream:

  • Shooting people in a store means envy on the part of people close to you;
  • Some of the shot people get up and call for help - an unfamiliar person is interested in you;
  • People from the store try to shoot back - your superiors at work will thank you;
  • To bury the person you shot - you will please and surprise your beloved with something;
  • Kill the boss with a machine gun - you make your enemies nervous.

Interpretation of sleep Sword

this is power and son. And whoever sees in a dream that he is wearing a sword will occupy a responsible and high position. Whoever sees that he is handing over a sword to his wife or his wife, holding it from the side of the blade, then this is a male child, and if he sees that he is handing her a sword in a sheath, then he will be endowed with a daughter. Sometimes a sword can mean turmoil and war. A sword breaking in its sheath in a dream means the death of a child in the mother’s womb, but if only the sheath breaks, then the mother will die, but the child will survive. Throwing away a sword because of its weight means losing the power of power. Seeing an acquaintance with a naked sword in a dream indicates his instability and temper. The sharpness and heaviness of the sword indicates the eloquence of its owner, who is difficult to defeat in disputes. Cutting everything left and right with a sword in a dream without the need for it means saying whatever and whatever. A person who simultaneously waves a sword and speaks in a dream is the one whose words are always true. If he sees that he has pulled the sword out of its sheath and inserted it back, then he will encourage good and repress evil, receive prosperity, praise and reward.

Kill with a pistol

If you dream about a gun , you are extremely annoyed. Your irritation turns into aggression and a desire to punish someone.

A pistol is an individual weapon and is a reflection of personal grievance in a dream. You shoot at someone - a sign of your desire to achieve a result at any cost.

A man shoots at you - there is a person who wants to harm you or take revenge for something. A woman shoots - a sign of her desire to please you and get to know you better.

It matters what kind of gun you see in your dream. Colt - participation in an adventure doomed to failure. Mauser - to respect and prosperity. Parabellum - to financial losses. Browning - to unexpected luck. Nagan - to the betrayal of your spouse. Walter - for a love affair.

Interpretation of the dream Sword: D. Mendeleev’s dream book

Sword - Holding a sword in your hands in a dream means all kinds of discord, quarrels and scandals with your neighbors, for whom you have great hostility. If an enemy attacks you, threatening you with a sword, then such a dream warns of your vulnerability to the unscrupulous arrogance and sophisticated cunning of someone from your environment. It's time for you to take a closer look at people and clearly distinguish between friends and enemies.

Fighting with enemies in a dream with a sword is evidence that you will soon suffer because of your own altruistic impulses and all-consuming love for people. Try not to idealize those around you, so as not to experience bitter disappointments later because of your daydreaming and isolation from reality.

Seeing that you are admiring a sword shimmering and sparkling in the sun means that aggression and intolerance towards human shortcomings and weaknesses will soon appear in your character, especially towards those traits that are inherent in you. What you do not accept in yourself especially irritates you in other people. Try to start improving with yourself, and only then demand it from others.

Seeing yourself as a blacksmith who forges a treasure sword is a warning that in the next few years you will be busy implementing and putting into practice one obsession that can’t get out of your head. Don't you think that it is simply unrealistic and unfeasible? Is it worth spending all your free time and remaining energy on it? Maybe it's time to finally come down to the sinful earth and start a normal, real life?

strangle a person

Strangle a stranger in a dream - you will find a way out of a difficult situation at work and will be noted by your superiors. They strangle you - some misfortune will happen in your life.

Choking from suffocation in a dream is a symbol of a situation in which you find yourself through the fault of ill-wishers and you cannot come to terms with it. If you try to strangle someone, big troubles are coming, caused by your enemies. You will have to understand the situation.

Strangle to death is a symbol of the completion of some important matter.

After reading the dream book, comprehend your dream. Replace the episodes that frighten you with neutral ones. And it is quite possible that you will be able to change the negative prediction to an outcome that is pleasant for you.

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