“Why do you dream about feces in a dream? If you see Kal in a dream, what does it mean?

It is simply impossible to call dreams in which feces were dreamed pleasant. But despite this, their meaning is favorable. Such a dream promises financial profit and rapid career growth. To find out more precisely what feces are dreamed of, you need to consult a dream book, but only after the entire night scenario has been reproduced in your memory.

Dreams in which feces were dreamed are simply impossible to call pleasant

Why do you dream of feces: interpretations in the dream book

To accurately interpret night dreams in which you dreamed of fecal excrement, it is necessary to take into account many details. The meaning of what they see depends on them:

  • smell them - relationships with people around you are quite complex;
  • seeing feces by accident - the dreamer experiences certain difficulties in solving problems and relies more on others than on himself;
  • look for where the unpleasant smell is coming from - soon someone from the close circle will unceremoniously intervene in the life of the sleeper;
  • calla lilies of an animal - the new business will be as profitable as possible. A favorable period for investment is coming;
  • human feces - conflict situations will arise, others will treat the sleeping person poorly;
  • getting dirty - increasing wages, receiving a bonus;
  • submit for analysis - financial problems arise;
  • removing them means dependence on another person;
  • fall into them - you will soon find yourself in a very unpleasant situation and even disgrace yourself.

Eating poop in a dream means you should think about your own habits, maybe something needs to be changed.

Interpretation of sleep by the type of poop

When you dream about poop with worms

, businessmen should check the financial purity of their transactions. Possible pitfalls.

Great sign - big

poop. Moreover, the larger its size, the greater the income.


the poop simply symbolizes astronomical profits or receiving an impressive bonus for work done.

Unusual white

poop is also a great symbol. There comes a bright streak in life when everything will work out.

Seeing human feces in a dream: what does it mean?

A person can dream of anything, but those night dreams in which one sees human feces have a special meaning.
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Their meaning can be as follows:

  • a large pile - a large monetary replenishment is expected. Perhaps you will soon be lucky enough to win the lottery or find a well-paid job;
  • falling into a street toilet is a difficult period in life. The dreamer will not be able to influence the development of events, no matter what efforts he makes;
  • to smear yourself in them - the goal that was set will soon be achieved;
  • on the bed - meeting a very influential person, thanks to whom all financial problems will be solved;
  • in the toilet - you will be able to make a very easy profit;
  • for children, in a pot - a good investment;
  • on the floor - the dreamer is very naive, for this reason he may soon experience financial difficulties. To save his finances, he needs to look at life realistically.

A person can dream of anything, but those night dreams in which one sees human feces have a special meaning

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