Why do you dream of being injected with a syringe into a vein, buttock and other places on the body?

Many dream books consider injections as harbingers of health problems. However, much depends on the details of the vision. To correctly decipher the dream, you should remember who exactly performed the procedure and what place on the body was chosen for the injection. No less important is how the dreamer felt.

Follow the rules!

Did you dream that you were prescribed a lot of injections? If you continue to not follow the basic rules, you risk finding yourself in an unenviable position.

Why do you dream if in a dream you had a chance to inject yourself? The dream book believes that you will fulfill this promise, even if it distracts you from personal problems.

Did you see that an unfamiliar character tried to inject you right in the middle of the street? Someone is clearly trying to attract your undivided attention in reality.

Who dreamed of the injection?

To an unmarried girl

The dream foreshadows a possible relationship, someone will fall in love with you.


If you are sick, you will be healthy, if you are healthy, then your health will improve.

Why do you dream about a sick husband? Interpretation from dream books Illness in real life is an unpleasant phenomenon, and people always try by all means to avoid it. If relatives are sick, and especially...

Married woman

It promises discord in family relationships. Try to be more accepting of your partner’s claims and smooth out conflicts.

To a man

Attend an interesting and memorable event that will be remembered for a long time .

Get your act together!

Why do you dream if you happen to get an injection in the buttock? If you resisted in a dream or felt unpleasant feelings, then some event or person will literally “awaken” your conscience. The dream book advises you to gather your strength and answer for your actions.

Injecting yourself in the buttock means that your conscience has awakened without outside interference, and clearly does not give you peace.

Seeing that someone has had medicine injected into the buttock means a situation in which you will have to reproach your loved one for his bad behavior. Moreover, to persuade, one must use what are called “prohibited” methods.

Interpretation of modern and Ukrainian dream books

Just seeing the needle leads to worries about loved ones. Seeing many problems on the personal and business fronts due to intrigue. Acquiring needles means resolving old conflicts, sometimes even reconciling with an old enemy.

Losing a needle means real losses, waste and wasted work. Finding a needle means finding new problems, but they will be resolved quickly.

If you prick yourself with a needle, you will have health problems. If a stranger is injected, then your old friend will come to your aid at the most unexpected moment.

Seeing a needle means trouble and many adversities. To sew up clothes, such a sign foreshadows gain through loss.

A new sharp needle means aggravation of relations with neighbors. A rusty or old sewing needle dreams of a lot of but useless work.

Sticking yourself with a needle means serious illness. Finding a needle is a sign that people will appear on your way who can interfere, but everything will ultimately be decided in your favor. Losing a needle means missing out on luck. Buying a needle means unexpected and unpleasant expenses.

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Decoding the place

In general, all parts of the body in a dream are responsible for one or another area in reality. It is enough to determine very precisely where the injection landed in order to get a prediction.

  • Chest and torso are a health hazard.
  • The back is the past.
  • Hands - money, work, friends.
  • Legs – position, advancement.
  • Head – plans, thoughts.
  • The neck is an accident, a chance.

Did you dream that someone tried to give an injection in the lower back, but got hit in the leg? The dream book is sure that you will have a light romance that will develop into a serious relationship and bring a lot of problems with the most unpredictable consequences.


By exploring our dreams, we give ourselves the opportunity to know ourselves from the inside, find answers to the questions that worry us, and understand the reasons for your problems that worry us in reality. Dreams are also a good helper in depression. Fear, aggression, apathy, we can understand the cause of not only these, but also other conditions by analyzing our dreams. When we learn the language of our unconscious presence in dreams, we improve our well-being, both emotional and mental in real life.

Take less risks!

In general, seeing devices for medical injections in your night dreams literally means that you are constantly looking for adventure. And one day the next rework will end very badly for you.

Did you dream that you were vaccinated in a dream? The dream book claims that you will receive information in advance, and this will help you avoid quite serious troubles.

Why dreams about injections in the head, face, neck?

In a dream, sometimes you experience something unreal, for example, a syringe entering your face?

A dream in which you received injections in your head, face, or neck suggests that you are very picky about your appearance.

An injection in the head area, including the face, may indicate that you have an erroneous opinion about the events taking place.

If you feel a prick in the neck, it means that you will have to cooperate with an arrogant person, but at the same time you will have to endure him in order for the work started to end successfully.

If you dreamed of an injection in the face or neck, this may mean that you will learn something completely unexpected for yourself.

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