Why do you dream about cakes: what do the dream books of Miller, Freud and others talk about. I dreamed about cakes: expect changes in your personal life!

If you happen to eat a cake in a dream, it means that in reality you are missing something important and necessary, dream books say. It is likely that you have desires and requests that have every chance of being successfully realized, but only if the delicacy you dreamed about was fresh and tasty. In other cases, interpreters recommend clarifying what exactly didn’t suit you about sweets, and only after that find out why you have such a dream.

What does G. Miller prophesy?

Miller's dream book, interpreting the meaning of a dream plot in which you happen to eat a cake bought with your last money, predicts wealth and prosperity. However, it is worth noting that success will not be easy for you: you will waste both your nerves and time.

For a girl to feast on a sweet eclair in a dream - a sign of meeting a wealthy and non-greedy young man. And if a man sees in a dream how he greedily eats a lot of cakes with cream, then this means that in reality the dreamer lacks endurance and poise.


Forecasters are unanimous about why you dream of eating cakes, considering it a good sign if they are tasty and fresh. This image is interpreted as the loyalty and devotion of old friends.

For those born from May to December, eating them in a dream means a prosperous sweet life. The Culinary Dream Book says that enjoying a cake means making new friends, and the Gypsy Dream Book warns that there is a danger of getting sick and missing an important interview.

The sorceress Medea prophesies fleeting pleasures, however, if you dream of a lot of cakes, but fail to try them, your dreams will fail. If you dreamed that a sweet piece was dropped on the floor, you will have to show resourcefulness in order to get rid of the problems that have piled up.

A modern dream book explains why you dream of eating cakes: despite unfinished business, it’s time to have a wonderful vacation. However, being poisoned by them means that you have invented non-existent difficulties and this is poisoning your life.

If you dreamed that your child did not want to eat anything other than cakes, there are reasons to feel guilty for indulging his whims. Watching another person eat them - beware of your own envy, it will not bring good.

Friends will please

The Eastern dream book gives its interpretation of the dream, explaining why one dreams of eating cake. If you dreamed that you saw in front of you a lot of cream pies brought to you by friends, which you bite into with pleasure, eating one after another, then this means that your loved ones will give you many pleasant moments.

Do you see in a dream how a stranger bought a cake for you, seeing how greedily you look at sweets? According to the Modern Dream Book, such a vision predicts receiving help from a side you didn’t even expect.

A similar explanation is found in the Gypsy Dream Book, which deciphers what a vision promises in which you are treated to sweet cakes by visiting guests. These are the people who will help you overcome difficulties.

Why do you dream of a cake according to Miller’s dream book?

- If you saw this delicacy in a dream, this is a sign that your chosen one is a more than worthy candidate, and if you have the intention of getting married and at the same time being the head of the family, he is the best choice;

- if you bought sweets for yourself in a dream, this is a harbinger that very soon you will receive some kind of property;

— fresh sponge cakes are a sign of pure feelings, joy and prosperity. Cooking cream for cakes in a dream means getting a well-paid job, baking the cakes themselves means simply wasting your life, wasting your time on empty talk and entertainment.

The “sweet life” awaits you

A dream in which you eat a cake, washing it down with unsweetened tea or coffee speaks of success and the fulfillment of desires, according to Pastor Loff’s dream book. Very soon you will achieve harmony and fulfill everything you dreamed of.

Did you dream about a lot of cream cakes baked for yourself and your guests? Your well-being depends only on you. And if in a dream you baked all this sweet splendor for sale, but could not resist and tried them, then on the way to your goal you will encounter a large number of temptations, overcoming which you will achieve your dreams.

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