Why do you dream about long or unkempt fingernails?

We do not always turn to dream books, and not after every dream - some dreams are bright, stunning and memorable, but others are simpler, showing and revealing everyday things or even seeming insignificant.
But sometimes in a dream nothing seemingly significant happens, and no individual bright symbols appear - but the dreamer sees himself, or remembers certain parts of his body. For example, your own nails - and this, believe me, is also a sign, and an important one.

Nails are not just a part of the body, they are a rather mystical organ associated with space and subtle energies. Everyone has heard that nails can reflect a person’s overall health, and even the fate of their owner depends on how and at what times to care for them.

So, if you see your own (or someone else’s) nails in your dreams, take this vision seriously and find out why you dream about nails - suddenly something large-scale and important awaits you. Variants of “nail” dreams can be as follows:

  • You see someone's beautiful manicure in a dream.
  • Ungroomed, broken, unsightly nail plates.
  • Dirty nails in a dream.
  • Very long nails on someone’s hands in a dream.
  • Shiny claws covered with glossy varnish.
  • We noticed someone's cut nails.
  • They had a beautiful, well-groomed manicure on their hands.
  • I had a chance to cut them on myself.
  • They wore unusually long, predatory claws on their hands.
  • Short cut nails on your hands.
  • You gnawed on them in your dreams.
  • They tidied it up, did a manicure, and filed it.
  • They carefully cleaned the nail plates on their fingers.
  • They were painted with varnish.
  • You grabbed something (or someone) with your nails.
  • They broke their nails in a dream.

Many such visions are completely ordinary, and some are unusual and can even frighten the dreamer. But this is not the time to be afraid; first of all, find out the interpreter’s answer – why do you dream of nails, then you will draw a conclusion and apply the advice and knowledge received to your waking life.

Dream symbolism

Nails are an integral important part of the body . Even in ancient times, magicians and sorcerers could influence a person with the help of nails. Nail plates were the basis of many conspiracies and curses. Therefore, after the death of a person, the nails were cut and buried in the ground.

To interpret a dream, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  • Who owned the nails?
  • Length.
  • Form.
  • Color.
  • Whether they were well-groomed or dirty.
  • What actions were performed with them.

Your own nails, seen in a dream, indicate that responsible and good work awaits you, for which you can receive a pleasant reward. The cleaner and more well-groomed the nail plates look, the better the health and luckier the fate.

If your nails are peeling, this may indicate a possible rival in your personal life. There may be problems with your loved one. Sick marigolds indicate poor physical condition.

Clinging to something with your nails means that there is a serious struggle ahead, in which you will have to invest a lot of effort. However, its result will be universal respect and financial profit.

Based on Miller’s dream book, we can say with confidence that fingernails are associated with a person’s personal life and physical health. Toenails, in turn, speak more about financial aspects and social status.

Positive interpretation

Dreams in which special attention is paid to nails cannot be judged unambiguously.
In addition, in order to get the most complete and truthful meaning, you should remember your dream as carefully as possible. Moreover, we are talking not only about the content, but also about the emotional coloring, that is, the dreamer’s attitude towards the image. For example, they say about good prospects:

  • beautiful and processed - mean success and stability in any matter related to material wealth;
  • neat, well-groomed and short - getting a promotion soon, improving your position in society.

Determining the length

Length plays an important role in the interpretation of dreams. Therefore, when considering the nail plate, it is important to pay attention to this factor. Interpretation:

  • If you dream of long fingernails, this may indicate good health of the dreamer. In this case, it all depends on how well-groomed and healthy the nails are. Long but peeling nail plates can warn of the presence of a possible disease. People with a serious illness who dream of long marigolds can hope for a speedy recovery. A person whose long nails break in a dream should be careful. Health problems are possible soon.
  • Short nail plates can indicate a person’s lack of self-confidence. Such people are subject to their own complexes and are afraid to take on new things. As in other cases, in a dream everything depends on the condition of the manicure. If the fingers are well-groomed, it means that a person has inner strength with which he can overcome problems. Nibbled, short and unkempt nails symbolize fatigue, both moral and physical. In real life, the owner of the dream should take a break, take a break from all his affairs and regain confidence in his abilities. Cutting your nails means family conflicts.

When you see other people's nails, you should pay attention to their length. If you were unable to do this in a dream, this means that it is better to inquire about the health of the person you saw in real life. Perhaps he is sick with something and needs moral support from the dreamer.

Dream: Nails

According to the dream book, fingernails

- promise you happiness.

If you saw them on your toes

- expect problems and troubles.

If they are healthy and have a good manicure

- this portends you material well-being.

Seeing them unkempt and dirty

- one of the youngest relatives will tarnish the reputation of your entire family.

You dream that your nails are very long

- Beware of all sorts of problems and aggression.

If your nails are cut short

- you will have a lot of troubles and worries, you will be tired of the mass of everyday problems that will fall on you like snow.

Dream about false nails

- your titanic efforts will not be appreciated, you will not receive the expected reward for your backbreaking work.

If your nails are affected by some disease

- serious trials and hardships await you, you will have to ask people close to you for help.

You dream that your nails are unkempt or peeling

- a warning that disappointments and health problems await you, but everything is not so scary and you will quickly return to normal.

Clean your nails

- the one who does this is very vain and narcissistic, self-love completely absorbs, and nothing can be done about it. Perhaps you will soon meet an extraordinary person who will amaze you to the core.

You shorten them

- someone will upset you, misunderstandings and conflicts are possible.

Gnaw them

- someone will give you a present.

They torture you by tearing them off or driving needles under them.

— restore fairness in the fight against competitors and achieve success.

Cutting off an ingrown toenail

- be prepared for lack of money and losses.

According to the dream book, do a manicure, in particular, file your nails

- a sign that you will have to do unsightly work for the benefit of others, over time your efforts will be rewarded.

They stick them into your skin.

- the health status of one of your relatives may deteriorate sharply, and you will struggle with a huge number of problems.

You cut your nails

- a sign that you are striving to achieve inner harmony. Now there are no trifles for you, the slightest nuance arouses your great interest and is significant to you.

For women, a dream in which she cuts her nails promises happiness in love, harmonization of relationships with her chosen one; if men saw him, they should be extremely careful in business, there is a high probability of making a fatal mistake.

If you dreamed of your own hands, on which the nails are very beautiful

- influential people will provide you with their assistance and patronage, you will be incredibly lucky in all areas of life.

The dream book interprets beautiful, long nails

- as a symbol of your speedy enrichment, which will happen as if by itself, without your efforts.

According to the dream book, cover your nails with varnish

- in reality you will receive an unexpected, but very pleasant and expensive gift from fate favorable to you.

If in a dream your nails are covered with varnish

- you should think not only about your appearance, but also about your inner content; you lack spiritual development.

See them break

- a sign that something wrong is coming, all your plans may collapse or health problems may arise, but at the same time it means that everything in your life depends only on you, confidently step towards your goal.

A dream in which nails are unkempt and broken

- portends unforeseen circumstances that will greatly harm you, and they can arise in any area of ​​your life; you will have to work hard to cope with them.

If you dreamed of dirt under your nails

- perhaps you are acting unseemly, think about your current lifestyle. Or someone’s evil tongues can bring trouble to you, dishonor you or quarrel with others.

I dreamed that my nails fell off

- to severe remorse, you will understand that you have done something truly terrible, and you will be afraid of the upcoming retribution.

Nail biting

- big problems and losses await you, you may lose a lot, and you will not be able to fix anything, so take action before it’s too late.

Degree of grooming

Sloppy and unkempt nails always cause a repulsive effect. Such a picture, seen in a dream, speaks of possible problems in the team. You should prepare for gossip and scandals at work. Most often, people dream of dirty fingernails after the problem has arisen. Such a dream is not a warning, but only indicates that it is time to face the truth. It is worth reconsidering your relationships with people, thinking about whether the right people are in your close circle.

Dirt on the hands and nail plates indicates existing envious people. Someone is harboring a grudge and trying to harm the dreamer. If a nail falls off in a dream, it means that separation from a loved one is imminent. There is still a chance to change everything if you tackle the problem in time.

The worst option for the development of personal relationships is indicated by nails affected by a fungal disease. Moreover, an important role is played by which hand the fungus appeared on. The left hand symbolizes personal life, and the right hand symbolizes physical health. A fungus on the left hand indicates possible betrayal. A fungus on the right side of the body indicates poor health.

Why do you dream about black nails?

  • A dream about black nails portends pain and sadness in reality.
  • Large black nails in a dream foreshadow financial losses in real life.
  • Short black nails in a dream foreshadow minor household worries and troubles in real life.
  • Beautiful black nails in a dream foreshadows unexpected profits in reality.
  • Sick black nails in a dream portend a deterioration in health in real life.
  • Torn black nails in a dream warn the dreamer of danger in real life.
  • Peeling black nails in a dream foreshadow a period of bad luck in real life.
  • Rotten nails in a dream foretell a loss of reputation in real life.
  • Broken black nails in a dream foreshadow problems in your personal life.
  • Cut black nails in a dream means that the dreamer is tired and needs rest in real life.
  • Bitten black nails in a dream foreshadows bad news in reality.
  • Broken black nails in a dream foreshadow the betrayal of a loved one in real life.
  • Healthy dark nails in a dream foreshadow the implementation of plans in real life.
  • Cracked black nails in a dream foreshadow the appearance of envious people and ill-wishers in real life.
  • Painted black nails in a dream foretells difficulties on the way to your goal in reality.
  • Nails with fungus in a dream foretell an exacerbation of chronic diseases in real life.

Professional opinion of Grandma Vanga

A famous healer can also give answers to various questions related to dreams. And then we will tell you what she thinks about the topic raised in the article. So, if the dreamer remembers nails with white dots, quick happiness awaits him.

An important role in the interpretation of a dream is played by the person who draws attention to his marigolds. If this is the dreamer himself, then it is important for him to reconsider his behavior. Most likely, he is prone to aggression and always strives to achieve unquestioning obedience from those around him.

Do you remember your dreams

A person sees dreams every day; they are the result of the brain working during rest. While a person sleeps, the brain processes information - hence the expression “the morning is wiser than the evening.”

But it’s not every day that a person remembers what dreams he had. It depends on the stage of sleep: a person dreams only during the fast phase, and if he manages to wake up at this time, he can clearly reproduce the picture in his head. But if the awakening occurred during the slow phase of sleep, it will seem to him that he did not see anything.

Unsuccessful pedicure

If the dreamer saw in his night dreams not finished painted nails, but the painting process itself, then he should also evaluate the quality of the pedicure. Depending on how successful the procedure was, one can judge the future events that the dream foretells.

So, according to the dream book:

  • cutting toenails and cutting cuticles means health problems;
  • seeing blood means a serious and dangerous illness;
  • a sloppy, smeared pedicure means an urgent solution to an urgent problem or issue that cannot be delayed;
  • the varnish has stained the skin around the nail plate - the need for self-control and caution in communicating with others;
  • the finished pedicure did not please the dreamer - the plans will not come true, the wish will not come true, life will go awry.

The meaning of sleep according to Gustav Miller's dream book

The compiler of the largest dream book included in his creation an interpretation of the symbol studied in the article, which, in his opinion, indicates that in the near future the dreamer will have to work hard to achieve his cherished goal.

However, the success of the achievement will not be so pleasant. Seeing dirty nails in a dream means you need to be attentive to your life and various situations that occur day after day. Otherwise, the dreamer may find himself on the edge of an abyss.

The dream book advises paying serious attention to dreams where the greatest attention was paid to the nail on the big toe. After all, this symbol foreshadows a big jackpot, which can be found or obtained exactly in the place where the action took place.

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