I dreamed that my beloved guy died: what does such a dream mean?

Heavy and unpleasant emotions associated with the death of a dear person, even in a dream, are strong and realistic. Despite this, the plot in which a loved one died serves as a warning from the dream book about a difficult period in the relationship of lovers. You can understand why this nightmare is happening with the help of details accompanying the dreamed event.

Miller's interpretation

The psychologist explains in his dream book why you dream of the death of a guy you like, hinting at losses and difficult trials that the sleeping beauty must go through in the future.

Seeing a long-dead beloved guy cheerful and alive in a dream means that in reality, you will make serious mistakes that can affect your future fate. Mobilize your forces to eliminate mistakes.

For a young girl to hear in a dream how her deceased loved one says that she loves her, Miller’s dream book foreshadows an upcoming meeting with her future lover.

Dream details

If a woman in the story learns about the death of her loved one from someone, then in reality a big scandal is brewing with her partner. It is necessary to analyze what is happening in the relationship and try to smooth out the existing corners.

Seeing the moment of death itself is a warning about the danger threatening a man in the form of physical harm. It is better to share your experiences with him and warn him against injury.

Mourning a lifeless body - in reality the couple has great difficulties in their relationship: resentment, disappointment in each other, misunderstanding. A dream can be a harbinger of a painful breakup.

If the sleeping woman managed to save her loved one from certain death, then in reality she needs to make a lot of efforts to maintain the relationship with him.

Your plans are on the verge of collapse!

Interpreting why a sick husband dreams, Hasse’s dream book warns of the destruction of the dreamer’s plans, absurd quarrels with household members, or a tense atmosphere in the work team.

If you dreamed that your loved one died after a long illness, try not to make far-reaching plans in reality, since unforeseen events that affected you will affect your priorities.

Death of a guy

Even if lovers are not in an official relationship, their feelings are still strong and mutually influence their partners. How to interpret if it was not the husband who died, but the guy:

  1. The man with whom I am currently in a relationship has an ambivalent interpretation. The vision either indicates a careless attitude of the sleeping woman towards the guy and warns of a possible breakup, or, conversely, such a dream may reflect a strong fear of losing a loved one. In the first case, you need to change your position in the partnership if there is an interest in maintaining this tandem. In the second, you should talk openly with your other half, share your doubts and calm down.
  2. If a former lover has died, then the dreamer says goodbye to the past. Major changes are still expected in the near future: marriage, the birth of a child, a change of profession or a move.

People who once participated in the dreamer's life are a metaphor for past experiences. If the vision evokes sad thoughts, then the woman is sad about what happened. A joyful mood indicates readiness to move on in life.

Bury the past

The Jewish dream book believes that the dream of a sick ex-husband personifies a painful reluctance to part with past memories that do not allow the dreamer to peacefully enjoy life.

A plot in which a former man dies after a long and protracted illness is favorable for women. The dreaming picture symbolizes the liberation of the sleeping beauty from the burden of resentment and memories of past failed love. For a character, such a plot foreshadows excellent health and longevity.

What's in reality?

Why do you dream that your ex has died? The Dream Interpretation reminds: it is very important to find out the current situation of your ex-husband (married, left, “sitting”, etc.) and make a prediction based on this.

  • Lives at home - will soon go on a long or long trip.
  • He is away and will return home earlier than expected.
  • If he is seriously ill, he will definitely recover very soon.
  • He is in custody and will be released soon.
  • Single - will definitely get married.

If you are in close contact with your ex, but in a dream he suddenly died, then in reality you will quarrel a lot about some important issue. Dream book advice: try to find in advance the most compelling arguments that can support your opinion.

Details of death

The general dream book interprets the meaning of a dream in which a loved one died, based on the reasons for his death in a dream:

  • car accident - show great attention to the feelings of your chosen one;
  • drowned in a pond - the relationship between the partner and the dreamer will change;
  • crashed on a plane - be careful while driving a car;
  • kill with your own hands - your emotions will get out of control;
  • hanged himself in a dream - announces the doubts and indecision of the sleeping person.

What if you dream about a guy dying?

According to the psychoanalytic dream book, if you dreamed about the death of your lover, then in reality the dreamer is afraid of losing him, constantly thinks about it, drawing terrible pictures of his death in her head. As a result, the subconscious sends her such dreams. As soon as you manage to get rid of the fear for the guy’s life, you will no longer have dreams with a frightening plot.

Sometimes the death of a loved one in the dream world promises separation from him. Perhaps a misunderstanding will arise or a quarrel or scandal will occur, as a result of which the couple will break up. However, you need to take the first step and make peace with the guy, there is a chance that he will give the relationship a second chance.

If a loved one died in terrible agony in a dream, then in reality he will become seriously ill. The dreamer needs to support him at such a moment and try to spend more time with him so that the guy does not feel abandoned and lonely. This will benefit the relationship, it will become much stronger, and there will be more trust in each other. The beloved will know that he has support that he can always count on.

An everyday dream book promises a girl a new love, so she herself will break off relations with her current gentleman. She will be very sorry, but the dreamer’s own happiness is above all. However, she will not get rid of the guy so easily; he will continue to pursue her for a long time and ask her to return.

According to Meridian's dream book, the death of a guy in a dream promises the girl a new stage in their relationship. Perhaps they will become stronger, there will be more trust in them, but there is a possibility that the couple will soon separate. However, this will be for the better, so you shouldn’t shed tears in the corners and try to bring your lover back. In less than a year, the dreamer will fall in love again, the relationship will be very harmonious, and the gentleman will be courteous and attentive.

When such a dream occurs from Thursday to Friday, the sleeper should be on alert, as her friends will slander her to her lover. The lie will look believable, so the guy can easily fall for their words. A sleeping woman should not brag to her friends about what a good young man she has, what gifts he gives. After all, all this causes envy and a desire to put an end to harmonious relationships. It’s better not to discuss your personal life and keep it secret, but most importantly, your friends will sleep peacefully, just like the dreamer.

If the dream occurred from Monday to Tuesday, then a misfortune will happen in the dreamer’s family. Most likely, her parents will divorce and she will be acutely worried about this.

Be confident in your partner's sincerity!

Vanga interprets the night vision in which a loved one died with a hint of the “inextinguishability” of the feelings of the other half. For girls who constantly see a similar picture in their dreams on the eve of their wedding, the seer foretells a successful and happy marriage.

But to see how you had sex with your deceased soulmate in a dream means a new exciting romance, a beautiful romantic date, a declaration of love and admiration.

If you dreamed that your lover committed suicide, unable to bear being separated from you, be completely confident in your partner’s fidelity. He is sincere and honest with you.

Suicide of a man

Suicide is voluntary death. If you dream of the death of a beloved man who committed suicide, the meaning of such a dream depends on the method of self-destruction. For example, if he shot himself, then, most likely, in reality he is not satisfied with a sexual relationship with the dreamer. I had to die by hanging - tired of the endless criticism of the other half.

If in a dream your loved one was poisoned without permission , in reality his heart belongs to another woman. He rushed from a great height - the hero of night dreams is tormented by a tearing feeling of jealousy towards the sleeping woman. I opened my veins - an unconscious desire to become a father, to have an extension of myself. Fell into an elevator shaft - a man is worried about his professional activities, afraid of losing his official position.

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