What does it mean if you dream about a guy in a dream? The most complete interpretation of a dream

Why does the guy dream: Pixabay Natasha Koroleva saw her future husband Sergei Glushko in a dream. What does a dream about a guy mean? Does such a dream always speak of mutual sympathy or is there a warning hidden in it? The nine most popular dream books give interpretations of this symbol. Focus on them, taking into account the day on which you had a vivid dream.

Miller's Dream Book

In the dream book of the American psychologist Gustav Miller, dreams about a guy occupy a special place. If a girl dreams of an unfamiliar but very handsome young man, then she lives surrounded by pleasant people, trusts them and is popular with men. In addition, in the near future the girl will experience significant financial and work success.

Kissing a loved one in daylight means a calm relationship without conflicts or obstacles. If the beloved guy gave the dreamer a generous gift, then they will soon become a couple legally. This union will be financially stable and conflict-free. Seeing your ex-boyfriend in a dream means changes in life.

Kisses in daylight - for a smooth and calm relationship: Pixabay

But there are some warnings:

  • Kissing your boyfriend in the dark - your couple will be covered by a wave of rumors and gossip.
  • Having lunch or dinner with your boyfriend is a risk of conflict.
  • Quarreling with a guy in a dream means a quarrel or separation.
  • Seeing a gloomy, unfamiliar guy means difficulties and disappointments in life.
  • Seeing an ugly guy means betrayal of a close friend.

The meaning of love correspondence in dreams

Writing letters to each other in dreams is always news. Whether they will be good or bad depends on who was the recipient of the letter.

If a girl dreamed that she was receiving a letter from a guy, it meant that the news would be good. If the dreamer herself wrote a letter to the man, she should prepare for sad news.

A dream in which you dreamed of texting or sending messages on Facebook and other social networks threatened the loss of a close friend. Sending a letter by mail to your ex-boyfriend portends new love.

Those girls who dreamed that they fell in love with a man through correspondence should be careful in everyday life. Such a dream warns of unpleasant consequences that will occur as a result of rash actions.

Loff's Dream Book

It is noteworthy that in the dream book of psychologist David Loff, a dream about a guy who likes a girl is interpreted in a negative way. The psychologist points out the painful feeling of jealousy and possessiveness that manifests itself in such a dream.

If a girl dreamed that she had lost her loved one and was looking for him, then in real life there will be a separation. Seeing your ex-boyfriend in a dream is a threat to an existing relationship.

But not everything is so gloomy; there are also good interpretations according to Loff’s dream book:

  • Seeing your boyfriend planning a wedding with another girl or cheating with her is a sign of a strong and long-lasting relationship.
  • Quarrel with your beloved guy - reconcile with him after the conflict.
  • Seeing a friend's boyfriend in a dream means professional changes.

Waylay a Stranger, or Change Company

If you dreamed that you were guarding a stranger to get to know each other, this is a signal of the need to expand your social circle. You have stopped revealing yourself as a person; you need a surge of new energy that friends can give. But all of them have already exhausted their reserves, which is why you need someone “fresh,” says the Eastern Dream Book.

It's bad if it turns out that you waited in vain. This is identified in Aesop’s dream book as the inability to get along with the team.

Freud's Dream Book

The father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, interpreted dreams from the perspective of deep processes. In his opinion, a kiss in a dream with an unfamiliar guy for whom the girl feels sympathy foreshadows a quick acquaintance. Only in reality, these relationships will be dependent and will not lead to anything good: the guy will use the girl for his own purposes.

Here are a few more interpretations of a dream about a guy according to Freud:

  • Seeing a very handsome guy in a dream means a long delay in the fulfillment of a cherished desire.
  • Seeing an unfamiliar naked guy is a risk of danger and serious illness.
  • Having sex with an ex-boyfriend means conflicts with loved ones.

The man proposed to live together

Dream Interpretation A man offered to live together dreamed of why in a dream a man offered to live together? To select a dream interpretation, enter a keyword from your dream into the search form or click on the initial letter of the image characterizing the dream (if you want to get an online interpretation of dreams by letter for free alphabetically).

Now you can find out what it means to see a man in a dream propose to live together by reading below for free interpretations of dreams from the best online dream books of the House of the Sun!

Islamic dream book

The Islamic dream book interprets a dream about a guy very restrainedly:

  • I dream of a guy I know who in life is trying to make a favorable impression on the sleeping woman - a hidden threat on his part; such a person should not be trusted.
  • An unfamiliar guy in a dream behaves defiantly, conflictingly and brutally - soon a good candidate for a permanent relationship will appear in the sleeping woman’s life.
  • Making peace with your ex-boyfriend in a dream means meeting him in real life, as well as tears and troubles.

Reconciliation with an ex in a dream means meeting him in real life: Pixabay
It is important to pay attention to your own feelings in a dream. If a guy gets into a fight, but the sleeping woman perceives it as a joke and is not afraid, then you should not be afraid of such a dream.

When did you have the dream?

  1. If you dreamed of a guy you like on Monday, the dream reveals your experiences, emotions, true feelings for your chosen one. An event seen in a dream on this day of the week foreshadows vivid experiences in reality.
  2. A dream seen on Tuesday means your aspirations and desires. The guy the girl likes came in a dream and tells her that she wants to see him, she has plans for him.
  3. On Wednesday there will be dreams that can come true in reality and should be interpreted literally.
  4. A dream seen on Thursday means achieving your goal or your intentions towards the guy you dreamed about.
  5. On Friday, as a rule, you have prophetic dreams that carry a secret meaning and a warning. You need to listen to such a dream and draw conclusions. Friday is ruled by Venus, the planet that influences feelings and emotions.
  6. Saturday dreams should be taken as advice or instructions for action.
  7. Dreams seen on Sunday are always positive. If you dream of a guy you like on a Sunday, this promises happiness and prosperity.

Tsvetkov's Dream Interpretation

According to Doctor of Physics and Mathematics Evgeniy Tsvetkov, a nice guy is never just a dream. Here are the interpretations given by Tsvetkov:

  • The guy is reaching out to you - to fidelity and devotion in a relationship.
  • Dancing with your lover means gaining popularity with men.
  • Kissing your ex-boyfriend is a pleasant surprise.

Here are some dreams about a guy according to Tsvetkov’s dream book that portend trouble:

  • Seeing your loved one dancing with another lady means problems and serious trials will appear in life.
  • If you quarrel and break up with your boyfriend, in reality the relationship will become cool and gradually fade away.
  • Seeing the vague outlines of an unfamiliar male figure in a dream is a sign of sexual dissatisfaction.

A man's silhouette is seen in dreams of sexual dissatisfaction: Pixabay
How to interpret a dream if a man had a dream about a guy? Seeing the vague figure of an unfamiliar guy in a dream means the appearance of a sexual rival or unreasonable jealousy.

What does the dreamed man have to do with the guy?

Dreaming about your boyfriend's relatives indicates that they are interested in your life. They want to know about your life goals, family or hobbies to make sure that there is a worthy girl next to their son or brother. Don't be alarmed if your significant other's family asks you a sensitive question or wants to meet your parents.

The guy's parents foretell marriage. Soon you will enter the family of your beloved, who will accept you as their own daughter. Friendly relationships with your future mother-in-law and father-in-law will provide you with protection in controversial situations and devotion from your significant other.

The guy's mother , seen in a dream, should calm him down. The fear that you feel before meeting or meeting her has no connection with reality. You can please her or please her with a gift.

The boyfriend's father symbolizes the affection that the boyfriend's parents have for you. They see in you a good housewife, a wise wife and a caring mother who can become a worthy match for their son. In order not to darken your opinion of yourself, do not allow harsh statements in the presence of your chosen one’s relatives.

The guy's brother warns against temptations. They will appear suddenly and have every chance of destroying the current alliance. Casual sex with a stranger will kill the feelings that your current partner has for you.

The guy’s sister means the appearance of a rival.

The guy's friend from the dream represents the threats that will loom over your romance. They will be represented by strangers who will intervene with advice or point out your mistakes. It is possible that the main obstacle to the development of the current relationship will be friends of one of the parties.

Dream Interpretation of Simon Kananita

The Apostle of Christ Simon the Zealot interpreted the dream in which a woman sees a guy very restrainedly, but looked at the situation from different angles:

  • An unfamiliar young and handsome man dreams of worries and troubles in real life.
  • An unfamiliar obese guy dreams of pleasant events and sensations.
  • A stranger in a shirt dreams of an unhappy marriage, in a suit - of pleasure and abundance in life.
  • An ugly stranger dreams of disappointment in a lover.

Here is how the dream should be interpreted depending on what kind of character the guy demonstrates:

  • A gloomy and unpleasant young man means obstacles on the way to the goal.
  • Cheerful and cheerful - to success, fame and wealth.
  • The guy seeks intimacy, despite the resistance of the sleeping woman - beware of betrayal by a friend.

If you dreamed about a guy, what is it for?

Before interpreting the meaning of the dream in which you saw a guy, try to remember all the little things, the details of the dream: what you felt, what you talked about, the objects that surrounded you. In a dream you can see various male representatives:

  • a man you like (beloved boyfriend, husband, fiancé, lover, object of secret adoration);
  • an attractive stranger;
  • a guy you know (neighbor, classmate, friend, work colleague);
  • boss (boss, teacher, director);
  • star or celebrity.

If you dream about a guy on different days of the week

Dreams about a guy are interpreted by day of the week: Pixabay
To correctly determine the meaning of the image of a guy that appeared in a dream, pay attention to exactly when you saw such a dream. By day of the week the symbol is interpreted as follows:

  • If from Monday to Tuesday you dreamed of a guy you know or a new lover, then he thinks about you every second and is very interested in a relationship. Wait for an invitation to a romantic date. If you dream of an unfamiliar guy, then it is he or someone very similar to him who will become your new lover.
  • Dreams on Tuesdays foretell trouble. Seeing your boyfriend in a dream means quarrels, betrayals and troubles. If you dream of a new guy who is courting a girl, then in reality you will meet a selfish person. A nightmare involving an unknown guy warns of the appearance of an obsessive admirer.
  • Dreams on Wednesdays are considered empty and are not given much importance. Only if the guy dreams during the day, then this is a good sign.
  • Dreams on Thursdays tell about the past. If you dreamed about your ex-boyfriend, it means that you still haven’t let go of your past relationship and are experiencing a loss. If you dreamed about your beloved guy and managed to clearly see his facial features, then in real life there is a risk of trials for the couple.
  • On Friday I have prophetic dreams. Seeing your loved one very brightly means his feelings are strong and indestructible. Walking and kissing a guy - expect an invitation to a romantic date.
  • Saturday dreams don't come true. If you dreamed of a quarrel with a guy, you need to analyze the relationship and have a heart-to-heart talk.
  • Dreams on Sunday speak of future gentlemen. If you dreamed of a pleasant stranger, then expect to meet him. If a loved one offends you in a dream, then in reality he will give you a gift.

Pay attention to dreams with a guy. Most often, they help to see a future gentleman or improve relationships with an existing partner.

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What happened in the dream between you and the guy

A dream about a guy cheating speaks of the sincerity of his intentions. He does not look at other girls, considering you his one and only. Any doubts about this could ruin your relationship.

Kissing a guy you like indicates a desire to attract his attention. You want him to talk to you, invite you to a meeting, or hint at mutual feelings. While you are waiting for decisive steps from him, he will have time to start an affair with other girls.

Meeting the guy's parents prophesies a way out of a difficult situation. You will find it thanks to wise advice, support provided, or material assistance that will come from an unexpected quarter. An old acquaintance or relative of your significant other will suggest a way to reconcile with your boss, lend you a large sum, or dissuade you from a rash act.

The vision in which you broke up with your boyfriend reflects your fears and concerns. Your greatest fear is that your lover will lose interest in you and initiate a breakup. Drive away such thoughts. What we think about most often has every chance of becoming reality.

A quarrel with a guy seen in a dream speaks of your lack of self-confidence. You doubt your external characteristics, are afraid to express your opinion, are timid in the presence of strangers, which makes it difficult for you to move through life. To increase your self-esteem, praise yourself more often and don’t look at others.

The death of a guy in a dream promises him good health and longevity. A serious illness, bad habit or threat of an accident will disappear from him, thanks to which he will be in excellent physical shape. To maintain good health, continue to lead a healthy lifestyle and give up risky hobbies.

a guy with another girl in a dream , in reality he will make you jealous. This will be facilitated by a meeting with an old acquaintance, an overheard conversation, a message seen, or a canceled date. To get rid of anxious thoughts, initiate an open conversation.

Night vision, where you were lucky enough to hug a guy , indicates the purity of his intentions. Your chosen one is devoid of cunning, hypocrisy and selfishness, which could alert you. You will soon become convinced that his character has much more merit than you thought after the first meeting.

Correspondence with a guy in a dream signals problems in communicating with loved ones. They will begin because of your secrecy, intransigence or lack of independence. Once again, when you avoid an important conversation with your significant other or try to shift your troubles onto a family member, a loud scandal will break out.

A wedding with a guy portends the transition of your relationship to a new level. Most likely, you will hear from him a sincere declaration of love, decide to have intimacy or start a life together. The changes that will occur between you will bring you closer to the moment of legal formalization of the relationship.

The plot where you felt the jealousy of a guy symbolizes love on his part. He has genuine feelings for you and secretly dreams that one day he will be able to get engaged to you. If you value this relationship as much as your lover, your love will continue in your children.

Hugs with a guy predict the strengthening of your couple. The feeling of understatement between you will disappear, quarrels will subside and common interests will arise that will allow you to spend more time together. Joint trips to nature or visiting the gym will make you look at your chosen one from a different perspective.

Walking with a guy in a dream means a good rest in close company. Most likely you will get together with friends or relatives to celebrate someone's birthday or arrival. Due to a lack of attention on your part, your loved one may feel out of place in the presence of your loved ones.

A guy’s betrayal represents complexes that prevent you from building meaningful relationships. Most often they appear in moments of intimacy, during visits to public institutions or long separation from a significant other. By being ashamed of your body and suspecting a guy of cheating, you yourself will provoke a breakup.

Dancing with a guy will make your relationship stronger.

A date with a guy means you need to become more decisive.

Relationship with a guy - focus on winning his heart.

Holding hands with a guy - trust him in solving an important issue.

If you are jealous of a guy, you will feel complex in the presence of a new acquaintance.

Talking to a guy means you will find yourself in a situation where your words will be of great importance.

Seeing a guy off to the army means a long separation.

Living with a guy means you feel ready for a serious relationship.

Sleeping with a guy means he dreams of another girl.

Generalized interpretation

Most dream books agree that a dream of this kind is a bad omen. As a rule, girls who are absolutely dissatisfied with the way things are in their personal lives have such dreams. It seems to them that the world is unfair, and they get from it much less than they deserve.

However, you need to look for the problem, first of all, in yourself. It is hidden in the psychological characteristics of the individual. For example, a girl cannot achieve her goals because of her naivety or weak character. Try to collect your thoughts, be patient and set yourself a specific task that must be completed, no matter what. Having achieved a positive result, you will learn to move towards your goals, feel the taste of victory, and life will sparkle with new colors.

Analysis according to the lunar dream book

The fourth and first phases of the moon cycle have the highest chance of this dream coming true. The full moon period also has a fairly high chance of coming true. And the probability that a guy’s girlfriend will come true in other phases is much lower. Also, the new moon is a period during which it is better to avoid planning your future.

The publication of the lunar dream book is absolutely unique in its purpose. It shows periods of time when a certain dream has a high chance of coming true. It is based on research into the relationship between sleep patterns and the course of the lunar phases. Some people combine it with the lunar calendar to create a powerful tool at their disposal.

Interpretations of a dream about a guy with another girl, depending on the details

Depending on which woman the guy is with:

  • with a pregnant woman - to join the family;
  • with a stranger - to participate in an adventure.

Depending on which guy was with the other girl:

  • ex - to an unexpected meeting with him;
  • naked - to increase wealth;
  • beloved - to vain worries;
  • which you like - to the beginning of an important project.

Depending on what the guy did or is doing with the other:

  • went to the bathhouse - to an exacerbation of a chronic disease;
  • deliberately met - to beneficial cooperation;
  • lying in bed - to an unpleasant surprise;
  • had sex - to the emergence of an additional source of income;
  • kissed - to a successful completion of affairs;
  • driving with her in a car - on vacation in an exotic country;
  • cursed - to respect from others;
  • woke up next to her - to the need to pay more attention to loved ones;
  • deceived one, and then left with the other - to be late for a date;
  • began to fight with her - to the patronage of a high-ranking person;
  • out of spite walked in an embrace - to offense;
  • confesses his love to her - for family well-being;
  • meets - to sad news;
  • talking for a long time - to overcome life's challenges;
  • having fun with her - to an interesting find;
  • rewritten - to regret the missed opportunity;
  • gets acquainted - to the appearance of an obsessive admirer;
  • shows mercy - to achieve the goal;
  • bathes - to conflicts or a break in relationships;
  • walks by the hand - to causeless fear;
  • sitting at the table - to work in a women's team;
  • lives - to purchase real estate;
  • standing next to her and flirting means frequent mood changes;
  • kisses - to mutual understanding in the family;
  • dancing - to victory in competition;
  • leaving - to support friends in a difficult situation;
  • looks at it - to win the lottery;
  • plays - to quickly resolve a controversial issue;
  • communicates on the phone - to opening a profitable business;
  • flirts - to moral fatigue;
  • lying in bed - to forced separation from relatives;
  • walking - to a fun time in the company of friends;
  • prepares food - to obtain a leadership position;
  • hugs her - to stagnation in business.

Depending on the actions in the dream:

  • catching a guy with someone else and crying a lot is a joyful event;
  • to see a guy driving past on the other side is a sign of deception on his part.
  • to see a guy come out of prison and go with another girl is a sign of illness.

Depending on how often the guy dreams about another chick:

  • constantly - to unforeseen expenses;
  • every night - to boredom and apathy.

Depending on where the guy is with the other woman:

  • in an apartment - to a change of residence;
  • at school - to receive useful information.

Depending on where you see the guy in company with another:

  • by car - to the need to keep someone else’s secret;
  • on a carriage - to a deterioration in relations with parents;
  • in the photo - to achieve a high position in society.

Depending on when you dreamed about a guy with someone else:

  • on Monday afternoon - to the appearance of a rival;
  • on Tuesday - for the arrival of distant relatives;
  • on Wednesday - to gossip about the dreamer’s past;
  • on Thursday - to the risk of suffering from the actions of scammers;
  • on Friday - to overwork;
  • on Saturday - to thoughtless spending;
  • on Sunday - to receive a reprimand from the boss.
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