Why do you dream about killing people? The meaning of sleep, the most complete interpretation

  • August 18, 2018
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After waking up, bright and calm dreams leave you with peace. They make you feel rested and sleepy in the morning. But when the night is filled with nightmares, when you wake up, all that remains is fatigue and exhaustion.

Nightmares tend to make you wonder about your origins. Were they simply a game of the subconscious, packaging all fears and insecurities into bizarre plots, or was there something more behind them? Maybe the Universe was trying to warn a person about something by sending him scary images in a dream? Why do you dream about killing people? The answer to this question can be found in one of the many dream books. But each interpretation must be treated very carefully.

What do you want?

Why do you dream if you happen to strangle a person to death? In reality you will experience strong disgust. If you dreamed that you were crushed to death, then the dream book predicts serious mental shock.

What else does this plot mean? In real life, you are considering ending your current love affair, marriage or business relationship. The same plot hints at the desire to subjugate someone, to force them not just to listen, but also to perceive.

Eastern dream book

According to the Eastern Dream Book, murder in a dream does not have any positive effect on reality. If a person happened to see the violent death of someone in a dream, then in reality he needs to prepare for negative emotions. Soon the dreamer's companions will be sadness, anxiety, apathy and despondency. The cause of these changes will be the enemy.

If in a dream you just tried to kill a person, but did not succeed, then you need to more carefully monitor everything that is happening around. This tactic will help avoid unwanted intrigues. But if the dreamer is still killed in a dream, then the enemies have already begun to act and have prepared a trap.

Humble yourself...

In a dream, did a rapist or bandit intend to strangle you? For a girl, this is an unkind sign, promising problems in reality. For everyone else, the dream book offers an excellent future: current relationships will change for the better, and things will suddenly go uphill.

Why did your loved one try to strangle him at night? For a girl, this means that trouble must come from the most unexpected side. Did you dream that your loved one wanted to strangle you? For some time you will have to come to terms with a subordinate position.

Dream Interpretation of Zhou-Gong

Murder in a dream is not only about bad omens and sad events. Thus, violent death can also be a sign of imminent happy moments in life. The murder of any person other than the dreamer himself is a symbol of improving his financial situation.

If a sleeping person commits suicide with a knife, then in reality luck will soon smile on him. All investments will pay off, and the budget will noticeably improve. Killing another person in a dream with a knife has several interpretations. Simply inflicting a large number of wounds brings happiness and benefit. But if blood begins to ooze from the wounds, then soon the person will have to sit down at the table with someone and enjoy a meal. Almost any death in a dream from a knife, where blood also appears, is a sign of happiness and prosperity.

When the dreamer involuntarily witnesses the violent death of someone else, and after that the killer cuts off the victim’s head and goes with it to the dreamer, then in reality one should expect good news.

But killing your wife or any other woman with your own hands in a dream means loss of abilities. A person may stop coping with his responsibilities at work, family relationships will begin to fall apart, friends and acquaintances will betray and turn away. If during the murder the woman resisted and struck the sleeping man, this predicts misfortune. However, killing a man in a dream carries a completely opposite meaning. The violent death of any male person is fortunate.

Hold on!

Did you dream that they were trying to strangle a person who had already died? Voluntarily choose isolation, seclusion, loneliness.

Seeing a deceased person at the moment of strangulation, according to the dream book, means that those closest to you will begin to offend, accuse and insult.

An attempt to run over someone who has already died also symbolizes in a dream events that will happen through one’s own fault, but will cost too much.

ABC of dream interpretation

When a sleeper witnesses someone's murder, it shows that he does not like the victim. He experiences negative emotions towards this person in real life.

If in a dream a person happened to witness the death of a complete stranger, then soon the dreamer’s life will improve. All fears and doubts will be left behind.

Killing a loved one with your own hands in a dream means a quarrel with the victim. From this moment on, you need to pay more attention to your words and actions so as not to accidentally hurt or offend your companion. If you don’t listen to the dream, you can even cause a break in a long relationship.

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