I dreamed about dust - what does this mean according to dream books?

Dust is an unpleasant phenomenon both for health and for aesthetic perception. People have been waging war against this scourge for a very long time, but they win only for a while - the dust always returns. Sometimes it seems that a person has already come to terms with this fact and simply does not pay attention to it. But dust doesn’t let you forget about itself! Growing up in a thick layer on furniture, floors, and interior items, it silently reminds housewives that it’s time to start cleaning. Entering into a daily battle with this silent and weightless enemy, it is not surprising that some continue to fight it even in their sleep, and, waking up in the morning and frantically grabbing a rag, sigh in bewilderment, looking around the clean room. Why do you have such a dream? What does our subconscious tell us by presenting such images? I suggest asking all these questions to the dream book, because no one knows all the details about dreams better than him!

If you dream of wiping off dust

Dust itself is interpreted as deception, sloppiness, and confusion in the dreamer’s affairs.

When in a dream he tries to clean a certain object from dust, he will probably be able to recognize a lying person in time, correct mistakes, and get out of a confusing situation.

What popular dream books say about cleaning

If you wiped dust in a dream

Why do you dream of wiping off dust? To obtain a complete and reliable interpretation, it is better to turn to proven, popular dream books.

Miller's Dream Book

Dream Book of the Wanderer

Room dust is considered a symbol of neglect, and perhaps even a demonic influence on your life.

Dust can also be a harbinger of your disappointment in something or someone. If you can get rid of it, then the losses will not be so serious and will not cause you much harm.

Dream book of the 21st century

Opinions of different peoples regarding dust collection

According to the Russian dream book, if people you don’t know sweep away the dust from you, you will make new friends.

The Ukrainian dream book says that dreams of dust in all its manifestations only mean deception. If you clean it, wipe it, or sweep it away, you already guess that you are being misled, but are not yet completely sure of it.

Dream about cleaning your house

In a dream you were in your house and wiping crumbs and rubbish from the furniture - you will meet an old friend, acquaintance, classmate, and have a pleasant time.

For a girl, wiping furniture means that she will soon encounter a former loved one. Perhaps you will even resume your previous relationship, but do not make far-reaching plans, this connection is not destined to last long.

Wipe dust in rooms such as a pantry, cellar, attic - go to those places that are dear to your heart, but where you have not been for a long time.

When wiping the dust, you saw that you were very dirty - be patient, you will conflict with your loved one. You can remain calm - this period will not last long.

If you get dirty while wiping the dust

Many dream books contradict themselves; in order to find your own interpretation, you should be extremely careful. Thus, the Combined Dream Book says that wiping dust from furniture means gossip and gossip that will circulate around you. But if a young girl has such a dream, then she will soon meet an interesting young man with whom she may begin a romantic relationship, which may develop into something serious.

Cleaning things

According to Aesop’s dream book, to see in a dream how unfamiliar characters treat you with excessive attentiveness, carefully shaking off specks of dust from their clothes, foreshadows in reality finding good friends in an unusual environment for you. Another option for interpreting the dream prophesies fairly close contact with little-known people.

For a man to see in a dream how someone carefully wipes the dust from his shirt or jacket, means a fundamental change in fate, which will be associated with interaction with a caring and attentive person, most likely a woman.

Wiping a dusty face in a dream is explained by the need to justify yourself to friends in real time.


Who had the dream

A girl who does not have a partner and sees in a dream how she erases a layer of dust from some, can expect a quick pleasant acquaintance. Such a meeting will turn into something more; most likely, a new romantic relationship awaits her.

If a married lady or a woman in a couple sees herself in a dusty cloud in a dream, then in the near future she will have problems with her chosen one. Mutual understanding will disappear from the relationship, and the beloved may become interested in another girl. The sleeper needs to be more tactful in order for the troubles to end. If she doesn’t do this, then everything will end in separation. A dream where she sweeps or wipes dust promises happiness in family life. The dreamer's husband and children will be happy, and harmony will be established between all household members.

A pregnant woman who sees dust in a dream should think about her problems, which she does not want to notice.

For a man who wiped dust in a dream, this is an unfavorable sign. A series of conflicts and quarrels with relatives or the woman you love will soon begin. For a free young man, dust promises a quick acquaintance with a person who will become his chosen one.

According to the Children's Dream Book, dust seen by a child in a dream means different events, depending on what actions took place in the dream:

Dirt with garbage, water, grass, snow: interpretation of sleep

Other popular meanings:

  • Dirt and water are troubles that will be provoked by offensive words.
  • With garbage, you will not be able to solve difficulties, but will only make things worse.
  • With snow - the support of friends will help you solve any problem, be it a relationship with a person or work issues.
  • With grass - you need to reconsider your decision, is it the right one?
  • Precious stones in the dirt - you will find happiness where it was not and could not be before. Be prepared for unexpected meetings and unexpected decisions.
  • Sailing a boat through the mud - a firm decision, self-confidence, spiritual strength and love will help you resist any obstacles that prevent you from finding happiness in life.
  • Dirty river, sea - someone is persistently trying to ruin your plans.
  • Dirty dishes - the desired happiness will be difficult to achieve.
  • Dirty hands - you definitely made a mistake that will make you suffer and suffer.
  • Dirty in bed - treason or betrayal, the lover/mistress of your loved one. Broken marriage or romantic relationship.

Other factors influencing the meaning of interpretation

There are many additional points that you need to pay attention to in order to most fully interpret the meaning of the dream.

Dust quantity

Brushing away a small amount of dust particles in a dream indicates that the sleeper will be able to gain authority among his environment and will become a more sought-after and effective person. A large amount of dust swirling around the apartment warns of imminent troubles. There is a risk of losing a considerable amount of money, and through no fault of your own.

If there is a lot of dust on the interior items in the sleeper’s house, then he can expect troubles in his personal life, and on work furniture - problems with career advancement. Also, a large amount of dust signals long-standing difficulties that hinder progress on the path of life.

Dust color

If a person saw himself in a dream, covered with layers of black dust from coal, then in the near future he will commit some act that will undermine his authority among friends and acquaintances. Such a person needs to be more restrained and attentive when taking actions. Also, coal dust can foreshadow impending deception on the part of the sleeper’s comrades.

Flower pollen seen in a dream will bring changes to the dreamer in relationships with the opposite sex. In the near future, he will meet a person who will become an ideal candidate for the role of his “soul mate.”

Golden dust is a good sign. It foretells financial profit. If gold dust fell from above on the dreamer, then money will appear in the near future, and in a rather unexpected way for him. However, if dust fell, but the wind carried it away from the sleeper, then he will face unnecessary waste and losses.

Where was the dust in the dream?

Dust on the dreamer's face, hair or clothes indicates that he will soon face failure in business or family life. This could be an unprofitable endeavor or a divorce from a spouse. Also, dusty clothes signify future losses related to finances, but they will not be too large. Shoes covered in dust are a sign of immediate trouble; if you dust off your shoes, you can expect to overcome troubles.

If you dreamed of dust covering your loved one or relative, then bad news regarding this very person will soon await you. However, you need to carefully check the information that reaches you - it may be erroneous.

A dust storm portends trouble. He reports that the sleeper risks falling under the influence of unnecessary troubles and unimportant trifles. While busy with minor troubles, he loses sight of something truly important.

Dust accumulated on the furniture indicates the dreamer's limitations in actions. He can't resolve a difficult situation. In this case, you should mentally wipe off the dust, and then the right decision will come. If the entire house of a sleeping person is covered with layers of dust, it means that something is preventing him from living a full life. Perhaps long-standing problems need to be dealt with. Also, dirty dust located in the sleeping person’s apartment may signal his clouded view of the current situation. Such a person should more carefully analyze his own problems, sort everything out, and then his view will become more accurate.

In addition, more precise locations of dust in the apartment also affect the interpretation of the dream:

Dust seen in someone else's house, which the dreamer wiped, means imminent trouble; dust in the house of a deceased relative - the dreamer still holds a grudge against him or feels guilty towards him. In such a situation, it is worth analyzing the whole situation and understanding your own feelings.

A pet whose fur is covered with a layer of dust, seen in a dream, foreshadows a quick meeting with old comrades.

If in your dream dust lies on something dear, then in reality you will be able to realize your own plans. However, you will need to show great persistence and patience - you will make your way to the goal as if through a wall of dust - difficult, but quite possible.

Seeing a dirty dog, cat, horse, cow, pig, bird, fish in a dream: the meaning of the dream

And sometimes you can see in the mud not only yourself, but someone next to you, be it another person or an animal.

Interpretations - dirt:

  • A dirty woman is envious at work or in personal relationships.
  • A dirty man is a serious rival who can get in your way and ruin all your plans.
  • A dirty dog ​​means trouble for a good or best friend.
  • Cat - something will seriously harm you.
  • Rat - expect unfriendly colleagues and their actions.
  • Dove - good news will please you completely unexpectedly.
  • Wolf - be more persistent in achieving your goals and you will find success.
  • Fox - in some matters you should be cunning.
  • Sheep - you will be cruelly deceived and morally destroyed.
  • Cow - you will have to defend the honor of the family.
  • Horse - be more noble and your actions will show your positive side.
  • Pig - your envious person will really need your help.
  • Bird - don't do anything stupid.
  • Pisces - expect worries and worries about children.
  • Snake – betrayal in the family and among loved ones.
  • Frog - bad gossip, bad conversations.
  • Insect - unpleasant surprises.

Dream Interpretation: dirt

What actions took place in the dream

Dust rising into the air and driven by the wind - to the rapid development of events in the dreamer's life. All his plans will begin to be quickly realized, but the path to the goal will not be without troubles and obstacles. If in a dream you cannot see anything because of the dust that stands in front of you like a pillar, then do not make plans for the future, now is not the best time for this. New circumstances will soon appear that will greatly affect your future.

In a dream, did someone unfamiliar shake off the dust from you? Expect a quick acquaintance, which promises the acquisition of a good friend.

Wiping dust in a dream is an omen of something good . The dream can be interpreted most accurately if the dreamer remembers what kind of dust he wiped:

Dusty interior items are not a good sign, but if the dreamer cleans dust from objects, then the troubles in his life will soon end and a white streak will begin. Also, cleaning dust from furniture promises imminent guests who will present the sleeping person with a pleasant surprise.

Cleaning your own face of dust means you should be more careful about your words and actions. The sleeper may need an excuse to friends or a loved one.

Wiping dust from a luminous piece of furniture, such as a floor lamp or table lamp, means the dreamer's dominance over his partner in intimate life.

Walking in a dream and picking up dust with your shoes means in real life you will have many difficulties, because of which you will have to work a lot and solve difficult problems. Also, such a dream speaks of the dreamer’s fatigue.

To dream of carpets full of dust that you shake out is a sign of cleansing. Either physical or psychological cleansing awaits you. This can be either a trip to the bathhouse or a cosmetologist, or getting rid of tormenting thoughts and fears. Also, shaking out dust from things promises a quick trip; most likely, a trip to another country awaits you.

If you swept the dust with a broom, then pleasant events await you. Cleaning a home that has been empty for a long time means renewing old connections and contacts. Cleaning up dust in a dream with a vacuum cleaner means you will have to put your affairs in order. But at the end of your work, you will receive a good reward in the form of financial profit.

In the Assyrian dream book, a dream in which a person eats dust is interpreted as an unkind sign. The sleeper risks becoming a beggar and incurring the wrath of higher powers.

If you suffocate from dust in a dream, then soon your achievements will lose their significance; If you sneeze, you will be ridiculed for your own lack of education.

To dream of a car driving along the road and raising a layer of dust, foreshadows quarrels with relatives due to the inability to divide property or inheritance. To see a horseman riding along the road with clouds of dust trailing behind him - someone close to you is too arrogant and has chosen the wrong path in life.

Have you found something in a dream, and when you tried to pick it up, it turned to dust? Expect the imminent collapse of all your plans and expectations.

To throw dust in the eyes of your interlocutor, to brag and lie is to seriously disgrace yourself in reality. If someone tried to pull the wool over your eyes in a dream, then you are in for a conflict situation with an old enemy, as well as unpleasant gossip and a discussion of your lifestyle.

Most compilers of dream books interpret dust as not a good sign. Often she dreams of annoyance, grief or separation. However, additional details can completely change the meaning of the dream, making it a symbol of something good and pleasant. The main thing is that the dreamer remembers all the nuances of the dreamed picture.


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