I dreamed that I was getting married - what could this mean?

Many people want to leave relationships with former lovers in the past. However, sometimes the subconscious mind shows us strange pictures in dreams with the participation of people that we don’t want to remember. Such dreams include a wedding with an ex-boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse, which can only be deciphered with the help of a dream book.

When a girl who is not married dreams of a wedding with her ex-boyfriend, difficulties await her in reality

What could it mean

If we talk about the general meaning of a dreamed wedding, then it is a symbol of unification, integrity, as well as the absence of contradictions and competing relationships with someone. This wonderful event also symbolizes sexuality and fertility.

Therefore, seeing such a dream is a good sign. Most often, a dream foreshadows big and happy changes in life, meeting new people and pleasant feelings.

If a former young man took part in this solemn event, then this may indicate that the dreamer has not let go of the past. Because all her attention is focused on the unfinished relationship, new ones cannot enter her life. Therefore, you need to reconsider your attitude towards what happened in order to start moving forward. After all, there is much more good and pleasant in the future than in the past.

Such a dream is a reason to think about the fact that nothing passes without a trace and everything remains in a person’s memory, but for a happy future you need to learn to let go of past relationships. And experience is always good.

Interpretation of sleep

Marrying an ex-boyfriend in a dream does not mean that some large-scale changes will happen in real life if the dreamer constantly thinks about a man with whom the relationship ended long ago. Such a dream is simply a reflection of her thoughts and feelings in reality.

Perhaps an unmarried girl still cannot let go of her former love and is very worried about this. Therefore, there is no need to consider the dream as a sign that the young man will return. It is necessary to draw conclusions from past relationships and start thinking about the future.

If you dreamed of a wedding where your ex-boyfriend acts as the groom, and all the guests are sad and crying, then this is a bad sign. Most likely, in the near future the girl will receive unpleasant news that will concern this man.

If in a night dream there was a marriage of a past lover with his new girlfriend, then in real life the dreamer will find herself in a difficult situation. She will face unpleasant statements from loved ones or well-known people. They will reproach the sleeping woman for not wanting to compromise and behaving incorrectly.

There are often cases when a wedding with an ex-boyfriend is dreamed of after the dreamer met him in real life or she simply learned something new about him. In this case, there is no point in trying to understand the meaning of this dream, since it appeared due to the girl’s emotional experiences.

A wedding has always been the personification of a new period in life , but, according to the dream book, those who are actually waiting for something else get married to their ex. The dreamer, on the contrary, will need to take a few steps back. In addition, this may symbolize some material deprivation or problems in a real love relationship.

But the meaning may change depending on the relationship with the dreaming guy. The dreamer may dream:

If one of them appeared in the dream, then this is a very good sign. In reality, the girl can expect an amazing romantic relationship that will bring a lot of positive emotions.

The new young man will be very cheerful and kind; thanks to communication with him, the dreamer will again feel like a beloved woman.

But if the girl is actually married, then seeing a wedding with her ex is a bad sign for her. According to psychologists, such a dream indicates that the woman’s marriage is not happy. Due to dissatisfaction with her personal relationship with her husband, she remembers past relationships and generally thinks about other men.

In this case, you need to take on your current relationship. You need to talk to your partner and find a solution in order to save the union. But first of all, you need to understand whether this will really help: perhaps this relationship has completely outlived its usefulness.

Possible foreshadowing

If you believe the dream book, then a wedding with an ex-boyfriend, which is fun, noisy and many people are present, warns that in reality it will be discussed. For example, the sleeping woman’s acquaintances or friends will begin to remember her past relationships, which will cause unpleasant emotions in the dreamer.

Why do you dream of a wedding with your ex-boyfriend?

Not all girls like to dream about getting married to an ex-boyfriend. The next morning, anxiety usually appears, and often the bad mood does not leave for several days. What will popular dream interpreters say about this?

  1. When a girl who is not married dreams of a wedding with her ex-boyfriend, difficulties await her in reality. The situation may turn out to be hopeless, which will be facilitated by numerous obstacles. You will be forced to stand still and will not be able to change anything. If such night dreams are constantly repeated, then this indicates that the girl still yearns and misses her past relationship. But you should pull yourself together and give yourself a chance to be truly happy.
  2. I happened to marry my ex-boyfriend in a dream - the dream book interprets this as a special sign. You need to understand yourself. If the picture was vivid and you can’t get it out of your head, be careful and don’t do anything rash. You risk making a serious mistake that will be associated with your new relationship.
  3. If the guests were sad at the celebration, this means unpleasant news. They will be connected with a former lover who was in the dream as a groom.
  4. Some sources talk about such a picture as an opportunity to start a new romantic relationship. The novel promises to be bright, dizzying, and the man you meet along the path of life promises to be a cheerful and very pleasant person. Being around him will make you look a few years younger.
  5. A large number of guests represents gossip. Your life is actively discussed, while remembering past relationships.

The meaning of a dream according to Miller

Miller's dream book says that such a dream indicates the beginning of a new interesting relationship. If you dreamed about the wedding of your ex-man, then in real life the dreamer will experience some kind of transition to a new stage.

It doesn’t matter whether she still misses her ex-lover. In any case, new happiness awaits her with another person.

Other brief interpretations

If you dreamed of a wedding, then you need to remember exactly what role the girl was in:

If you dreamed of a wedding with an ex-lover, then the dreamer should not hope for a revival of the relationship, and indeed she should not. This is a reason to think about your future and finally let go of the past. In addition, such a dream can portend a lot of good things.


Why do you dream of a wedding with your ex-girlfriend?

Former relationships can also pop up in the subconscious of men. What will the dream book tell the representatives of the stronger sex?

  1. The pain of losing your beloved still lives in your soul. It is likely that the heart does not want to accept new feelings, because it is again afraid of being broken. In general, you are passive and do not want to make friends.
  2. The dream book says that a wedding with an ex-girlfriend in a dream can symbolize dramatic changes. If you stop soul-searching, a new stage will soon begin: calm and stable.
  3. Marriage to your ex-wife portends major troubles. If the ceremony was magnificent, the dreamer will face health problems; a modest celebration promises failure in his personal life.
  4. Seeing a wedding with your ex-wife in a dream means you will not be able to develop. There is a huge burden in your soul left by past relationships. It is he who does not give the opportunity to move forward.
  5. The wedding was fun, and you danced with your ex-girlfriend - soon you may meet her again, and feelings will flare up with renewed vigor.
  6. If after the official ceremony of painting you got married to your ex, the dream book advises not to cut from the shoulder. This ritual symbolizes the unification of souls, and therefore it is quite possible to resume relationships.
  7. At a celebration with your ex-girlfriend, who became your wife in a dream, you drank champagne - your separation is final and this will benefit both of you.

As you can see, most dream books associate a wedding with former lovers with undying feelings. And here it is very important how you felt upon awakening: if the dream caused negative emotions, it is impossible to resume the relationship, but when you feel joy, there is a possibility of starting all over again.

Getting married a second time to your ex-husband

Dream Interpretation Marrying a second time to an ex-husband dreamed of why in a dream Marrying a second time to an ex-husband? To select a dream interpretation, enter a keyword from your dream into the search form or click on the initial letter of the image characterizing the dream (if you want to get an online interpretation of dreams by letter for free alphabetically).

Now you can find out what it means to dream about getting married a second time to your ex-husband by reading below for free interpretation of dreams from the best online dream books of the House of the Sun!

An ex-boyfriend or ex-husband who appears in a dream symbolizes your excessive preoccupation with the past.

This is what prevents you from moving forward and developing as an individual; your ex-love doesn't want to give up your present love's place in your heart.

The dream in which you parted with this person suggests that the time is coming for a change of priorities, the collapse of previous ideals.

After this internal audit, things will go much better for you, in all areas of your life.

For a married woman, such a dream promises great family troubles, additional financial expenses and physical labor.

Marrying a widower means danger.

Marrying a foreigner means trouble.

Marriage to a young man promises annoyance or quarrel for widows.

The dream foreshadows illness.

Imagine that it is not you who is getting married, but someone else, you are just a friend of the bride.

One can imagine a wedding suddenly being disrupted.

A dream in which your ex-lover appeared suggests that the past still lives in your heart, although you may studiously avoid memories of it.

You wait for something to change for the better in your life, secretly dreaming of the return of bygone bright, joyful days and doing nothing.

The dream tells you: stop waiting for the weather from the sea, be more active, and luck will certainly smile on you.

If you dreamed that your ex died, this means that a new period will begin in your life very soon.

It is difficult to say how favorable it will be.

Hugging and kissing your husband when meeting or seeing him off is a sign of complete understanding and love between spouses, peace and harmony in the family.

If in a dream you give your husband a letter addressed to him, having previously familiarized yourself with its contents secretly from your spouse, this foreshadows a divorce and division of property through the courts.

If your husband came home from work tired and also sick, such a dream foreshadows troubles and lack of money.

A cheerful and energetic husband returning from hunting or fishing means prosperity in the home and new acquisitions.

A dream in which you accuse your husband of cheating speaks of your overly biased attitude towards him in real life.

If in a dream your husband leaves his family in your care, and himself disappears for several days in an unknown direction, without deigning to give any explanation, such a dream means a temporary discord in the relationship between you, which, however, will soon be replaced by complete agreement.

Who acts as the newlyweds

Was the dreamer in the leading role?

If the dreamer sees herself as a bride, then each interpretation will relate to her inner world and her feelings of herself in it. If you dream about something like this on the eve of a real wedding celebration, then there is no need to look for a dream book for an explanation. This is the work of the subconscious, which is waiting for this happy moment.

To see preparations for a wedding or a main celebration where the dreamer is far from playing the main role means that the subconscious mind is telling you about problems with communication. Perhaps a relationship with someone has been damaged, and what this will lead to on the eve of an important event is very difficult to predict.

The dreamer herself had to get married

This is a very exciting dream for young girls and absolutely incomprehensible for married women. The dream book says that its explanation is simple - it means that the change in life will be so dramatic that a change in place of residence (which the dreamer has been striving for for a long time), work, or even her main goals is possible.

  • Receiving a marriage proposal means respect from people significant to the dreamer;
  • a woman dreams of preparing for a wedding - a serious event in which the dreamer will play a secondary role;
  • why marry a stranger from a dream - it means trouble in the family or among friends;
  • for a loved one - the unattainability of dreams;
  • doubt whether it’s worth marrying your current boyfriend and still choose someone else - your plans will come true, you don’t need to worry or change your decision;
  • marrying an ex-boyfriend - longing for unfulfilled opportunities, a desire to return part of the past life;
  • for a deceased person or a dead guy - one of the warning dreams, promises a long-term illness or malaise;
  • for a brother - inconstancy, obstinacy;
  • For a married woman, marrying her husband is a very alarming sign. Quarrels and scandals are possible in the family, which has resulted from a long misunderstanding of each other.

If a relative or friend is getting married

If a friend or sister gets married

When in a dream the main role does not belong to the dreamer herself, this already indicates some problems with the outside world. Perhaps she is too self-confident or likes to insist on the truth of only her opinion. In any case, you need to pay attention to whether you have caused, even by accident, some serious offense to your friends or relatives.

  • Seeing in a dream how a friend is getting married is good news. Perhaps the dreamer will be invited to a celebration that has nothing to do with marriage.
  • Dreaming that a friend is going to marry your ex-boyfriend or husband - old memories, a feast, a party.
  • For your current boyfriend or husband, there is intense competition for the position.
  • If in a dream the bride is the dreamer’s daughter, it means a long separation from someone from the family.
  • She dreams that her sister is going to marry the dreamer’s beloved - a solution to family problems.
  • To see your mother as a bride in a dream - the dream indicates unresolved conflicts and problems. Mom is also worried about this, but it is the dreamer who needs to start the conversation.

Marrying your ex-husband in a dream: the meaning and interpretation of the dream, what it portends, what to expect

A wedding is one of the most important events in the life of every girl. Some people prepare for it all their lives, while others dream of a modest event, the main thing is to spend it with a person who is worthy of it. But in any case, it changes your whole life. Therefore, even if this event was seen in dreams at night, many people wonder what it means, especially if they had to marry their ex-husband in a dream. In most cases, such a vision causes quite unpleasant emotions, worries and worries in women. And if you look into the dream book, then all these feelings arise for a reason.

Interpretation of dreams according to individual plots - marrying a husband, a stranger, an ex

We invite the reader to tune in and remember all the details of the dream. In most cases, the success of dream interpretation depends on the reader, namely his ability to find a creative approach and remember the details of the dream for further analysis. Not all details are important, but the personality of the husband, the place and circumstances of the wedding are worth remembering. So, try to find the interpretation of your dream below:

  • They propose to you in a dream. In real life, people's respect for you will increase, you will make a serious decision, the outcome of which will be favorable for you.
  • Seeing a friend get married. Being at a friend’s wedding and being sincerely happy for her is a favorable sign according to most dream books. Symbolizes strong friendship, recovery from illness, promotion and improvement in material well-being.
  • You marry your ex in a dream. You are not yet ready for a new relationship, you hold conservative views, and what is familiar to you is the best. You miss your ex, and the wedding is suffering, since this will not happen in real life.
  • An unknown girl becomes married in your dream. You are completely unfamiliar with this girl in a veil, but are somehow involved in the ongoing event - such a dream predicts a cloudless future for you.
  • In the dream, you had to get married at all costs. Such a vision symbolizes internal complexes, loneliness and bad mood for the dreamer. We recommend finding the cause of such thoughts and dealing with them before you become depressed.
  • In a dream, you become the wife of your loved one in real life. The dream is positive, the event is good, but dream books never connect this fictitious event with reality, so going to the registry office immediately after such a dream is a reckless idea, no matter how you look at it.
  • It is not you who is getting married, but your daughter. Most dream books consider such dreams to be harbingers of well-being for both you and your daughter.
  • Becoming your husband's wife for the second time. Marrying your husband for the second time, but already in a dream, is a bad sign. Dream books warn that you could become a victim of an energy vampire; you need to reconsider your priorities, company and field of activity.
  • If you looked at yourself in the mirror for a long time before getting married. You will be lonely, you often strive for self-satisfaction and do not particularly want a serious relationship.
  • Marry your own (cousin). In real life, you have to tame your obstinacy, stop being prejudiced towards people and finally settle down.
  • Dreaming about your mother getting married. Such a dream foreshadows conflicts for the dreamer, the resolution of which will take quite a lot of time. Not everyone will be able to recover from it, and your relationships with distant relatives and friends will be hopelessly damaged.
  • The dreamer did not want to get married. If you were literally forced to get married, blackmailed, or simply put under a lot of pressure, such dreams foreshadow troubles that are not always associated with something bad.
  • If in a dream you urgently needed to get married, you literally ran to the altar, for you it was something like salvation, in reality you will have an interesting job, you will be able to raise the well-being of your family to a new level and provide for yourself.
  • The bride's hairstyle was unnaturally voluminous, more reminiscent of a “nest.” In the near future, you will have the opportunity to earn a huge amount of money, conclude a profitable deal, or sign up for a mutually beneficial project.
  • You were very shy during this process, constantly having to reassure yourself. In real life, you have a very homely image, you are afraid to attract attention to yourself as a girl, because of this you have problems on the personal front. Our site sincerely recommends overcoming these stupid fears and showing yourself in all your glory.
  • Crying at a wedding ceremony. Events that will happen in the near future after a dream with a similar plot are not always clear-cut, so for some time after the dream there is no need to trust new friends, get involved in adventures and sign up for unfamiliar and strange projects.
  • You felt absolutely no affection for the person you married. This dream has an extremely interesting interpretation - if you begin to become emotionally attached to your colleagues, help and support them at every step, then in the end they will betray you in the hope of taking your warm place. This is human psychology; you should trust dream books.
  • If you experience extremely positive feelings during marriage, then you should interpret such a dream as a harbinger of joyful changes. You will achieve your goal, to which so much effort has been put. You will be able to change the way of your own life beyond recognition.

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Basic interpretation

According to many interpreters, such stories warn of the presence of a hopeless situation in the dreamer’s life. There is a high probability that quite serious obstacles will arise in its path in the near future. They will prevent the sleeper from achieving important goals.

Also, if you had to marry your ex-husband in a dream, in reality events will not turn out in your favor, and all circumstances will occur completely independently of the actions and decisions of the dreamer. This will constrain and slow you down, preventing you from moving forward and striving for new achievements.

Proposal, preparation and ceremony

Seeing in a dream how a loved one proposes is very pleasant for any girl. But none of these dreams has anything to do with love and the development of relationships between a man and a woman.

Such a situation in a dream is a sign that the dreamer is waiting for some kind of decision, which depends little on himself.

Perhaps he has completed an important project and is awaiting a well-deserved bonus or promotion.

For those who are associated with agriculture or farming, this is one of the dreams that symbolizes a bountiful harvest and breeding of livestock. An offer of cooperation from a former partner is possible.

Get a new job

If in a dream everyone was in a hurry and busy with pre-wedding chores, this means that in reality the dreamer will have new interesting work to do. At first, the project will seem grandiose, but then, when it is started, the dreamer will understand that this is the work of his whole life. Thanks to this coincidence of circumstances, he will find new friends, and, possibly, his soulmate.

The wedding ceremony itself is a dream of drastic changes. If everything went well in the dream, the bride was beautiful and happy, it means the changes will be good. If you have a persistent reluctance to enter into an alliance or mourn your choice at the altar, this is one of the negative dreams. You need to try to make every effort to prevent making too important decisions in the near future.

Recurring dream

Psychologists believe that if a dream is constantly repeated and leaves behind an emotional background for the whole day, then this means that in the subconscious you are very homesick for the past and cannot believe that all your plans and ideas did not come true. If in a dream you dreamed of marrying your ex-husband a second time, then in real life a person simply cannot get over the breakup, admit that everything has passed and need to move on.

It is no longer possible to correct, relive everything and not spoil anything. And this, in turn, does not allow you to start a new relationship with the opposite sex. Often such stories indicate that there are people in a girl’s life who are ready to build serious relationships with her, to explore the world of love and mutual understanding together, but because of her past, she cannot decide to go forward and open up to a new person.

Why do you dream of a wedding with your ex-husband?

The dream book will explain what a dream means in which you had to marry your ex-husband.

  • When such a dream occurs over a long period of time, it means that you are uncertain about the decision to divorce and consider it wrong. Pictures from the past often pop up in your memory and make you sad. Perhaps you are not satisfied with your current relationship.
  • According to dream books, a wedding symbolizes something new, a path forward, but marrying your ex-husband in a dream is a bad sign. After the dream, a woman may experience troubles and losses.
  • If a girl/woman who is currently in a second marriage saw a marriage with her ex-husband in a dream, then this is evidence that the marriage is not going well. It is possible that this relationship has already outlived its usefulness and will soon collapse.
  • But a dream can also carry positive information: if the wedding with your ex-husband did not take place, then in reality you will be able to let go of the memories and begin a new stage in life. The dream in which a girl dressed in a white wedding dress runs away from the ceremony has the same meaning.

Advice from psychologists

If you have to marry your ex-husband in a dream, this subconscious shows that in your soul you are afraid of change and want to return to your comfort zone. To a place where everything is familiar, familiar, comfortable, and precisely at a time when everything was still good and nothing had deteriorated in your relationship.

And thus, the dream seems to suggest that yes, it was good there, but these are just illusions, and it’s time to move forward and build new memories, receive emotions and create new comfort. According to dream books, marrying your ex-husband in a dream is a clear signal to action; you urgently need to let go of the past and strive forward, otherwise the state of affairs may become hopeless.

Emotions in a dream about an ex

Also, such a plot may indicate that it is time to deal with your inner world, to take a sensible look at your personal life and emotions. For example, vivid emotions and impressions in a dream may indicate that you are making the same mistake. The new man in your life may be completely different from what you imagine him to be, or his attitude towards you may be ambiguous.

Or you yourself do not feel enough emotions for him, and still yearn for your former chosen one. And therefore, your relationship cannot be called full-fledged, since you are not ready to let go of the past for the sake of this person. Therefore, it is worth seriously assessing your emotions, and if you understand that this is the case, it is better to let go of the past. You can’t get your old love back, but you shouldn’t waste a new one because of illusions. It is important to start building your life here and now.

Miller's Dream Book

According to this interpreter, there is no special significance or symbolism in the wedding. Rather, the subconscious simply prepares a person for the fact that he will have to change his life, and, as it were, sets him up for future changes. He advises accepting new things as a gift from fate, because with changes will come new opportunities. If you had to get married in a dream, why do you dream about it, according to Miller? This means that the dreamer is constrained and shy, and because of this she cannot fully express her entire feminine essence, and gentlemen do not pay due attention to her.

If a married lady re-connects her life with marriage to her real husband, then quarrels may begin in their family, conflict situations may appear, and the dream book advises talking to him, trying to learn to listen to each other again. If in a dream someone else married your husband, then a new project or work in your life can seriously affect your relationship and even destroy it. But dreaming of searching for wedding rings means deception in real life.

Interpretation of dreams by famous personalities - Vanga, Miller and Sigmund Freud

  1. Interpretation of dreams according to Miller. Being the main character in a dream series about marriage, in real life you really have a lot of problems with men. However, you do not feel deprived, but are trying with all your might to change your attitude, but you may not be moving in quite the right direction.
  2. Sigmund Freud. Freud, as always, looks to the root, but he also agrees with other somnologists and dream books - in real life you lack both romantic and sexual relationships. It is not easy for you to forget betrayal and betrayal; you become attached to people very quickly, and you lack emotional support from men.
  3. Bulgarian seer Vanga. The psychic agrees with the others, but nevertheless, in her teachings one can find that a dream about a wedding can mean the same wedding in the dreamer’s real life. So, according to Vanga, a wedding is not just a symbol of uncertainty in relationships and psychological deprivation, it is an excellent chance for any representative of the fair sex to start her life with a completely clean slate, correcting her attitude.

Freud's Dream Book

According to this interpreter, this is why a girl dreams of a wedding in a dream: it speaks of her secret desire for self-satisfaction. Freud believes that she is completely dissatisfied with her personal life, and she is afraid to change everything at once, so she prefers to lie and cheat on her companion.

If a woman sees herself in a beautiful dress in her night dreams, it means that in real life she is too proud of her appearance and satisfies her personal needs more than she strives for intimacy with her partner. If she marries her ex, it means her current chosen one is cheating on her. But a vision where a husband marries an unknown woman speaks of the dreamer’s penchant for betrayal and inconstancy.

What newlyweds look like

By the appearance of the newlyweds from dreams, one can judge the quality of the upcoming changes.

Appearance of the groom

If the groom dreams of being handsome, smiling, and his gaze is full of love for the bride, this is a very good sign. This is one of the dreams that could mean a new position or job change.

Bride's appearance

What were the newlyweds like?

What the hero of the occasion was like also complements the interpretation of the dream and brings new meanings to it.


A bride's beautiful white dress means that she loves herself very much and admires her attractiveness.

A straight and almost translucent (without an erotic connotation, but with a hint of poverty), cheap or dirty dress from dreams may indicate the bride’s illness.


A bouffant hairstyle symbolizes unexpected receipt of money.


Pay attention to the shoes - you will find a pair, there will be a new relationship.

Muslim dream book

This interpreter focuses a lot of attention on the details of the celebration. So, for example, a dream that a girl is not being married to her lover is a good sign; it foretells that her real chosen one will be a good and caring husband. If the solemn event took place in the fall, then the dreamer’s family will be strong and a successful union awaits her. But marrying a loved one, according to this dream book, warns of anxiety and bad events in the near future. Marrying a widower is a symbol of future health problems.

Marrying a deceased person

In a dream, marrying a deceased ex-husband is a very bad sign; it is a warning that she is in danger and perhaps her mental state is not very healthy. The person may be overexcited or have nervous exhaustion. Dream books say that such dreams occur during a period when there is a high risk of injuries, accidents, accidents and before a deterioration in health. Therefore, it is recommended to seriously deal with your experiences and anxieties, as well as to show more caution in everyday life. Some interpreters believe that such a vision may also indicate that the spirit of this person patronizes the dreamer.

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