Dream Interpretation Shampoos: why do women or men dream about Shampoos?

What does a dream about Shampoo mean according to the Psychological Dream Book

What does it mean to see Shampoo:

1. Shampoo in dreams has an obvious connection with cleansing and washing. On a practical level, we try to clear our heads so we can think or see more clearly. 2. Since shampoo is associated with washing one's hair - which itself represents intelligence - there is a psychological connection with the need to think clearly. We may feel that the thought process has slowed down, as if it has become clogged with influences from outside, and needs to be washed out. 3. From a spiritual point of view, shampoo - like soap - will involve an attempt to come to the origins, to purify one's wants, needs and demands, to create a new connection with the spiritual essence.

Water procedures in a dream or deception in reality

The newest dream book explains why you dream of washing your hair with shampoo, the need to submit to someone’s will, to please someone else’s ambition. To advance in your career, you may need to say what people want to hear, and not what you really think.

For lovers, a dream in which someone washes someone else's hair foreshadows the character's insincerity, deception or infidelity. Seeing a huge amount of foam that forms during the washing process means minor troubles that will arise as a result of your own rash actions.

According to the interpreter Dr. Freud, dreams of washing hair in a hairdresser prophesy to the dreamer a secret love meeting with an interesting and attractive person. For married ladies, such circumstances signal the appearance of a lover.

Why do you dream about Shampoo according to the dream interpreter according to N. Stepanova

For those born from January to April:

Shampoo - Your hopes will burst like soap bubbles.

For those born from May to August:

You will participate in a dizzying adventure, from which nothing will remain later.

For those born from September to December:

Shampoo – There is a head wash coming from my husband.

Is buying hair washing liquid in a dream a fulfillment of desires?

The dream book of birthday people explains why they dream of buying shampoo, a harbinger of the dreamer’s unrealistic plans that will burst like soap bubbles. If you had to buy shampoo in a bottle that turned out to be incomplete, it means that in reality you will not be able to fulfill the promise you made the day before.

Choosing a caring remedy for dandruff in a dream indicates the existence of a person who strongly sympathizes with the sleeping person, but does not know how to convey his feelings. Buying shampoo in a bright, attractive bottle means that the dreamer cares little about his inner fullness and personal development, giving preference to caring for his appearance.

But the seer Vanga explains why one dreams of choosing shampoo at a retail outlet by realizing what one wants through the cunning and agility shown by the dreamer.

Put it into practice

If you dreamed about washing your hair with shampoo, then in reality you will take part in some kind of adventure, says Miller’s dream book. This event will bring you little pleasure, but it will delight and invigorate your loved one. Therefore, the adventure will have a positive effect - you will make your friend happy.

If you saw your hair being washed, you will soon make a long-awaited trip secretly from other people. It will give you a lot of positive emotions and bring great aesthetic pleasure. You will also be able to take a break from society and enjoy unity with your inner self. If you washed the hair of an elderly person, then in reality you will become wiser. This can be facilitated by a book, a movie, or communication with an expert in some field.

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You might have a dream in which you washed another person’s hair with shampoo if you have to take care of loved ones. Spending time together will bring you joyful emotions and will be remembered for many years. The troubles will not be a burden to you and, surprisingly, will add energy.

The modern dream book reports that washing your hair with shampoo is a sign that in reality you are trying to please some person. This could be higher management or a new lover. If you show your sincerity, you will be able to gain his favor.

If you dreamed about your spouse washing his hair, then in reality he will deceive you. However, do not worry too much, the lie will be minor and related to everyday issues. When the truth is revealed, you will laugh together at the comedy of the situation.

Wash a child’s hair in a dream - you will mentor the younger generation. You will really be able to instill in your child’s heart and mind the basic values ​​of humanity - kindness, love for one’s neighbor, care, openness and others. Your parents will be able to support you in this.

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Freud claims that if in a dream you had your hair washed at a hairdresser's, then a secret romantic meeting awaits you. Your close friends will probably be against your date, but they could be wrong. Communication can develop into a serious and long-term romance.

If in a dream you washed an animal with shampoo, then soon you will be able to skillfully resolve some complex and controversial issue in the professional sphere. You will actively demonstrate your position and motivate people to listen to your opinion. As a result, you will be respected more and you will become an authority figure for a certain group of people. Author: Ekaterina Lipatova

Dream Interpretation - Hair

Hair - wisdom, vitality and what happens to it / honor and what happens to it. To have long and thick hair, to have a head with thick hair sticking out in all directions - wealth, strength, power, honor. To have unusually long hair hair - spiritual fatigue, depression. Having long hair and covering yourself with it - feeling ashamed of yourself. Having long hair and getting tangled with it in bushes or branches - confusion in relationships with people, in erotic relationships. Having long hair and it standing on end - being in close contact with otherworldly forces. Moderately cut hair - moderate well-being. Having tangled hair - shame. Having carefully smoothed hair - friendship, peace, good relations with people. Having a big crest - the road ahead. Having bad hair, thin, being cut bald - powerlessness, poverty, any harm, loss, illness. Shaving your hair is a disastrous undertaking. Having baldness is a nuisance. Being bald is either a great need, or extraordinary wealth / experiencing a secret fear of life that prevents you from acting. Cutting your own hair is treason , deception associated with the loss of money and time, quarrel. Cutting your hair means everything bad: misfortune, mourning, sadness, loss, melancholy, ridicule, revenge, slander, etc. Cutting someone else’s hair means happiness, victory, joy. mothers cut off a lock of hair - illness of children. Seeing a pile or strands of cut hair - evil times. For a woman to have curls - surprise. Seeing yourself curled (curled) - meeting a friend, joy. Weaving a braid - obstacles, changes. Combing your hair - success in the struggle of life / a certain liberation / a feeling that it is necessary to put things in order / a mask of thoughts about sensual amusements. Tangling your hair is a shame. Tearing your hair is loss. Scratching your hair with your nails is an honor. Oiling your hair, pomaded it - good fame, prosperity. Smearing it with mud - to experience contempt. To wash your hair - everything good / the need to free yourself from something. To dye your hair is a warning against injustice. The hair on your head is burning - profit, success. To have hair of an unnatural color is your vanity. To have variegated hair is prosperity. To have hair of a different color : red - lies, ridicule, hatred of you; blond - peace, peace, joy; black - love for you or profit; ashen - sadness. Having gray temples is an honor. Looking at or looking for gray hair in the mirror - joy, spiritual peace. Seeing yourself completely gray - heavy losses / respect for you. Stroking a girl's hair - hope for pleasure. Stroking an old woman's hair - leaving for a long time.

What kind of shampoo did you dream about?

For dandruff

Prophecy from the English dream book: if you dream about anti-dandruff shampoo, there is a risk of getting lost in the crowd of unemployed. According to the Esoteric Dream Book, trying to wash off dandruff with a special detergent means a snowy winter and a good harvest.

For lice

According to Phoebe's Great Dream Book, a dream about anti-lice shampoo can occur before a generous monetary reward. It’s especially good to see how it helps and the insects die.


According to Vanga’s dream book, a new shampoo means a complete reboot, including your image. A few fresh bottles mean a wide selection of important things in life: suitors, vacancies, places of residence.


According to the interpreter of Freud, expensive shampoo in a dream foreshadows high demands in life. Perhaps you are unable to express yourself due to excessive pride. Buying a product that is too expensive risks problems at work.


The Chinese dream book interprets the dream as follows: seeing herbal shampoo on a store shelf and passing by means appreciating and loving yourself, but remaining alone. Wash your hair with it - solve health problems, recover after a protracted illness.


According to the Modern Dream Book, seeing berry shampoo in a dream is a chance to take a long-awaited vacation and spend it in nature. Throwing away such a product means the desire to work seven days a week will bring a lot of money, but also problems with your other half.


According to Ivanov’s Newest Dream Book, dreaming about using dry shampoo means quickly climbing the career ladder. For a woman, such a plot promises a quick wedding, possibly due to pregnancy.


According to interpreter Longo, liquid shampoo symbolizes long hard work and gradual career building. A woman sees such a plot before a celebration, an opportunity to show her beauty to the public.


Buying chamomile shampoo in a dream means being unpretentious, achieving everything in life solely through your own labor. Wash your hair with it - prepare for an interview, a chance to succeed.


The father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, interpreted this dream as follows: to see birch shampoo in a dream is to propose marriage. You will experience, rather, not love, but selfish motives. Giving it to a neighbor is a serious conflict within the family over an inheritance.


According to the Modern Dream Book, people often dream about oxygen shampoo before a business trip or a trip to a resort. Such a dream may portend a chance to restore health after an injury or serious illness or attack.

Who had the dream

For women, shampoo in a dream is a way to take care of themselves, a desire to like it, building new relationships. In a man's dream, he is seen before changes at work. Pregnant women dream of shampoo as a sign of early childbirth and improved well-being.

To a woman

Interpretation according to the dream book of Dmitry and Nadezhda Zima: if a woman uses shampoo in a dream, then in reality she may have a fateful meeting, a useful acquaintance, or just good news. Seeing a product on a store shelf means making a choice in favor of a wealthy fan.

To a man

According to the interpretation of the dream book of the healer Akulina, if a man has a dream about shampoo, he may soon receive a prescription that will change his life. To wash it in the shower - pangs of conscience can lead to depression; to buy it - it is a profitable investment.


According to the Gypsy Dream Book, if a pregnant woman uses shampoo in a dream, in life she wants to give birth faster, but is afraid of the process itself. He sees it in his hands - quickly get ready for the maternity hospital.

Think about your every action

A dream in which you happened to steal shampoo, according to the Wanderer’s dream book, indicates self-deception, a subconscious intention to escape impending worries and responsibilities.

Choosing shampoo as a gift in a dream, based on the aroma of the contents in the bottle, speaks of professional growth and an ardent desire for success. For lovers, a dreamed image reveals that the dreamer has prejudices towards a loved one, which prevent them from opening up and trusting the character. Seeing your chosen one buying balm means temporary misunderstanding and loss of interaction among partners.

But pouring a care product from a bottle in a dream, according to dream books, is considered a positive sign, signaling the dreamer’s intention to engage in self-knowledge and personal growth, which will certainly result in big changes in future enterprises.

Dreams about shampoo

When you see shampoo in a dream, it is possible that you are busy bringing more variety into your life. Perhaps you are tired of the drab everyday life, you want variety and new acquaintances with interesting people.

Buying shampoo

I dreamed about a hair wash

An incomplete bottle of hair detergent means, unfortunately, you will not be able to keep your promise made a little earlier.

Did the shampoo say “anti-dandruff”? This means that next to the dreamer there is a person who has true feelings for him. The trouble is that the lover cannot open up to the dreamer.

In the store, did you choose a bright jar, but were little interested in its contents? So in reality, you are more concerned with your appearance, but do not consider it necessary to develop spiritually.

The seer Vangelia believed that when in a dream you chose one shampoo among many products presented in a store window, then in reality you are ready to achieve your goal by any means. You are ready to use both cunning and meanness. The dreamer is an agile person and will not miss his chance.

Predictions given by dream books

Washing your hair in a dream

Any dream book considers shampoo in many ways. To find out exactly your prediction, you will need to not only remember your dream in all details, but also study at least several sources.

Eastern interpreter

Wash your hair with shampoo - you will be doing something humiliating for yourself. The purpose of your job is to please the other person.

Do they wash your hair? It's going to be an exciting trip. You will like her if you can hide her from your family.

Children's dream book

Did you have any vision related to shampoo? This means that in reality you are trying to get rid of negative thoughts. The dream may indicate that the dreamer is tired of the monotony.

Female interpreter

Washing someone's hair in a dream

Wash your hair with shampoo in a dream - you will be busy with things that will take a lot of energy from you, but will not bring the desired result. The only positive thing about this vision is that you will please those around you.

Feeling that someone is washing your hair is a secret journey. The main thing is that you will have to hide the purpose of the trip from those closest to you.

Interpreter Vanga

Receiving shampoo as a gift in a dream means you will face injustice, humiliation and insults.

When the liquid had an unpleasant odor, then troubles associated with your health await you.

Interpreter for Muslims

Interpretation of detergent according to the Islamic dream book

The Islamic dream book gives a sharply negative prediction when you see a hair wash product in your dream. The Muslim interpreter believes that the other person will stroke his pride at the expense of you.

Dream Interpretation of Sigmund Freud

The famous psychologist has always considered dreams from the point of view of the sexual sphere of a person’s life. In his opinion, you can dream about shampoo when someone is deeply in love with you.

Interpreter of Gustav Miller

In the modern interpretation of the interpreter Miller, one can find several interpretations of dreams about hair washing products. As soon as you remember what exactly you dreamed about, simply choose the prediction that suits you best:

  • use shampoo - confusing and even sometimes dangerous love affairs;
  • wash your hair - you will be drawn into a scam, which will not bring the expected result;

Do not wash off your soapy hair while you sleep

applying the product to your hair - you will try with all your might to please the other person; wash someone else’s hair - go on a trip without telling anyone anything; someone washes your hair - an exciting trip; lather your hair and don’t wash it off - sad news, grief.

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