Dream Interpretation Breaking: why do women or men dream about Breaking?

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A broken thing warns of destruction or failure, it can mean a collapsed business, a broken friendship, a broken family.
An object falling apart - you will have the opportunity to start over, but in a different way. Breaking dishes means failure at work and quarrels with friends. Breaking furniture means getting money. Breaking antiques means the loss of a loved one. Breaking trees - you will receive a serious warning, and you should heed it. If you dream that you broke something in a dream, then you yourself will be to blame for your failures. A dream in which you saw someone break your thing or something else, then this person will be to blame for your misfortunes. If something breaks (falls apart) on its own before your eyes, then the dream foreshadows the complete collapse of your hopes. In some cases, a similar dream can have a positive meaning. But to understand this, you should turn to the chapters related to the items that broke in your dream, by name.

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  • 10-Aug-2021
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