Why do you dream of fire and fire: the meaning of the dream, the most complete interpretation of the dream

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Dreams carry hidden information. They can reflect the inner world of the sleeper, his experiences, or they can talk about the future, warn of danger or talk about upcoming joyful events. Every action and object carries its own information. Knowing what fire and fire and other elements mean in dreams, you can understand what is happening in reality.

Miller's interpretation

In real life, a fire is a tragedy that brings severe pain, loss, and suffering, but in a dream it does not portend anything bad. According to Miller's dream book, to see fire in a dream is the approach of joy, good news, fun.

If a woman dreams of a fire, then this indicates an acquaintance with her betrothed. And for men, a tragedy seen in a dream warns of difficulties at work. A fire in your own home speaks of difficulties in business, which will later bring additional income.

Who had the dream?

To a man

A harbinger of serious problems in the financial sphere, demotion, emergency work at work, conflicts with superiors, family quarrels.

To a woman

  • Lonely - fear of leaving home, fear of change.
  • A pregnant woman will have a difficult delivery, but everything will end well.
  • Young - rapid positive changes in your personal life and career.
  • Married - a series of quarrels and conflicts in family relationships; the desire to run away from everyone and hide.

To kid

A good sign, a harbinger of new impressions and exciting events.

Housing is on fire

Why do you dream of a fire, a fire according to Loff’s dream book? It is believed that such a dream foreshadows trials for the sleeper. How what you see will affect real life depends on the resolution of the situation in the dream. If you managed to cope with the fire, then easy income awaits you, good news, perhaps you will win the lottery, receive an unexpected inheritance from a distant relative.

If you dreamed of a burnt house, then a problem may arise with a loved one. After such a dream, it is important to concentrate and establish communication with your family, make peace with those with whom you are in a quarrel, and pay more attention to your children.

A fire in someone else's house symbolizes gossip and intrigue. You should be wary of frank conversations with strangers and try to create a trusting environment around yourself. The fears will not last very long, justice will prevail.

Our ancestors knew what fire, fire meant in dreams, they knew how to correctly decipher information and use it. It is not for nothing that fire is considered a dual symbol. It cleanses and gets rid of troubles, but it can also bring them and destroy them. This element is uncontrollable, it is a severe disaster. If the dreamed fire had a bright red outline and large tongues of flame, then this speaks of a passion that burns the sleeper from the inside. All accumulated emotions are trying to break out and find a way out. This is not only love and jealousy, but also anger, the desire to take revenge on someone.

In whose house was there a fire in the dream?

In your own home

All kinds of troubles, namely, quarrels, scandals, losses, financial difficulties. As well as upcoming repairs, a major purchase and getting rid of old cargo.

At my parents' house

There may be problems in relationships with parents.

In the childhood home

Bad news about relatives of the older generation (illness, accident, death).

In someone else's house without casualties

A sign of joy and prosperity, the beginning of a bright streak; large profit, significant financial income; destruction of a house after a fire - losses, experiences.

No casualties or destruction

According to dream books, fire can mean changes that will happen in the near future in the life of the sleeper. After their implementation, a new life will begin, full of happiness and simplicity. For women, such a dream, in which the fire did not bring destruction, speaks of a worthy chosen one, and for a man - of a favorable turn of events at work, after which life will change and become better.

Sometimes during sleep a person can control his actions. Almost every sleeper has the desire to put out the fire. If you dreamed that you were putting out a fire, then this is a manifestation of the fear of change, which you have been thinking about for several days.

Night dreams bring a variety of sensations. If you were scared in a dream, this does not mean that everything will not be in your favor. There is no need to be afraid of the future. This is a direct road to a new, happy life.

“Why do you dream of fire in a dream? If you see Fire in a dream, what does it mean?

American dream book

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Fire is purification.

English dream book

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“You saw fire in your dream, didn’t you? - said the great astrologer Benevan. - You had a good dream. It foretells that you will have good health, happiness in life, a supportive environment and loyal friends.”

Indeed, if a young girl or guy, woman or man has such a dream, it means that the one for whom you sigh, cry and with whom you passionately desire to marry will soon be yours. But be at least a little patient!

Eastern dream book

Why do you dream about Fire in a dream according to the dream book?

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The main thing is not to get burned - otherwise scandalous passions will take over you, and you may suffer.

Fire - portends a big scandal.

Imperial dream book

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Fire is one of the five main Elements of the creation of the world. Each element has its own positive and negative properties, and the negative is the former positive, brought to complete uncontrollability.

Seeing fire in a dream means being in a state similar in essence to the nature of fire: powerful, destructive external manifestations that have no form, a specific place of action, purpose and internal strength that have no validity.

To see fire in a dream without fear and, perhaps, with joy, to see oneself on fire without pain - the dreamer’s actions and enterprises are based on an empty, random source of information (theory without practice), so that the events have something to do with reality (the conviction of others), the dreamer is forced, as it were, voluntarily to serve the yang fire of action with fuel (wood). All actions-consequences in this state will correspond to the fickle nature of fire: quick, easy and unprofitable success, passing without a trace: relationships are torn, money slips through your fingers. Joy is unexpected and random, and therefore especially bright and strong, also fully consistent with the nature of fire: it burns the heart and destroys the small intestine. The result will be premature old age and disease. The dream is unfavorable: the doctor’s advice will not help without changing your attitude towards the world and its benefits.

The version of the dream when the dreamer does not want to, but is forced and must walk through the fire (he knows that it is dangerous) indicates danger from the outside (this may not yet be expressed outwardly) and the utmost strain of the strength of the person walking through the fire. If we leave aside talk about the spiritual beauty and power (fire again) of people fulfilling their duty, then such a waking dream can result in serious troubles with the heart in particular and with health in general.

Intimate dream book

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Seeing fire in a dream means you will soon fall in love, and your feeling will be mutual. You will be amazingly suited to each other, and in sex you will have absolute compatibility and harmony.

Icelandic dream book

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Falling into fire means harm.

Muslim dream book

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If someone sees a fire that causes harm in a dream, it means war and enmity, and if that fire is harmless, it means cholera and plague.

Newest dream book

Why do you dream about Fire in a dream?

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Fire - your deepest secret will soon become a reality, and ill-wishers can take advantage of this depressing circumstance.

Red fire - a disease of the skin or bones; orange - to liver disease; yellow - to gastrointestinal tract disease; green - to heart and lung disease; blue - a sore throat; blue - to head disease, neuroses; purple - mental problems.

Sparkler - your deepest secret will soon become a reality, and ill-wishers can take advantage of this depressing circumstance.

Psychoanalytic dream book

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Hellfire is the lower regions of consciousness into which an individual must plunge for life knowledge or renewal.

The flame of fire is the spirit of enlightenment and knowledge, altruistic sacrifice. Self, Love.

Fire in the wheel is a catastrophic rebellion against fate, a wheel of fortune.

Russian dream book

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Fire - quarrels, failures, something will happen.

Family dream book

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Fire is a good dream, provided that you yourself do not burn.

A dream in which you see your house engulfed in flames means that you have loving friends and obedient children.

An entrepreneur who sees his store on fire can count on profitable deals.

Fighting fire promises hectic work.

If you light a fire in a dream, pleasant surprises await you. For example, you can visit friends you haven't seen for a long time.

A big fire seen in a dream is a good sign for everyone; it promises sailors a successful and safe voyage, writers success and honors, business people unlimited success in business.

Combined dream book

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If you saw a will-o'-the-wisp in your dream, in the near future they will try to seduce you, but nevertheless you will gather your strength and give a worthy rebuff to a dishonest person.

Modern dream book

Find out what it means if you dream about Fire?

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Fire is a dream favorable for the dreamer, but only if the fire does not harm him. The dream brings lasting prosperity to sailors and travelers.

Seeing your house on fire in a dream predicts loyal friends and obedient children.

If an entrepreneur dreams that his store or warehouse is on fire, in real life he will experience great success in business and high profits.

If he dreams that he is trying to put out a fire, such a dream foreshadows a lot of fuss and anxiety due to the progress of his business affairs.

Seeing the charred ruins of your store in a dream is a harbinger of failure. The dreamer will almost give up trying to achieve prosperity in business, as he considers them useless, but unforeseen favorable circumstances will again bring him good luck.

Lighting a fire in a dream is a sign that many pleasant surprises await you. A visit from friends from afar is possible.

For sailors to see a big fire in a dream, it means profitable and safe sailing; and for people of literary work - this dream promises creative success and fame; business people - unlimited success.

Dream Interpretation 2012

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Fire is a reflection of the desire for destruction, change (also fear of this). It is necessary to undergo a rite of purification (most often to cleanse oneself of grievances, feelings of guilt and old ideas about oneself and Life). Reflection of sexual passion. Reflection of extreme anger.

Azar's Dream Book

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Fire is a scandal, bad luck in everything

Dream book of the future

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Fire is the beginning of the fulfillment of your intentions; fire in the sky - change of management.

Vanga's Dream Book

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Seeing a sheet of paper engulfed in fire in a dream means a strong fire, as a result of which all the forests of the globe will be destroyed. The planet's population will have an urgent need for wood, paper and, of course, air.

Seeing fire approaching from the sky in a dream is a sign that in the future the Earth is threatened by a large meteorite or comet. Perhaps this cosmic phenomenon will greatly damage many cities around the globe and kill a large number of people.

If in a dream a bad smell emanates from a fire, then soon you will become aware of the evil gossip that your ill-wishers are spreading about you. You will have to work hard to refute the machinations of your enemies and restore your honor and dignity in the eyes of others.

Warming yourself by the fire in a dream is evidence that in real life you are a very happy person who knows that in difficult times he will always find understanding and support from his family members. Believe me, this is not given to everyone, and therefore value your neighbors.

Watching a fire in a stove in a dream means that your home is in great danger from a fire. Be careful when handling fire, otherwise you will find yourself homeless.

To see a small flame from a lit candle in a dream - such a dream is a good omen. Your faith in God and keeping all the commandments of the Lord will have a great impact on your life. You will find peace, tranquility, happiness and love.

If you dreamed of cities or forests engulfed in fire, a terrible drought threatens the globe in the future. There will come times when people will not have a sip of water left, and then it will rain heavily, which will last for several days and nights and will give people long-awaited moisture, filling the oceans, seas and lakes with water. Anyone who survives this drought will never cause harm to nature, because people will know that the drought was sent down to them for their lack of faith in the Lord, renunciation of religion and ruthless attitude towards the environment.

Dream Interpretation Veles

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Light a fire in your heart - you will fall in love.

Dream book for lovers

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A dream in which your house is on fire foreshadows a loving spouse and obedient children.

Dream interpretation horoscope

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Contemplating fire means you will have to regret missed opportunities.

Sparklers - stop worrying about trifles and pay attention to unimportant details.

Dream Interpretation of Grishina

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Seeing a will-o'-the-wisp flashing and flickering or flickering on a plain, in a swamp, etc. is an image of your sleeping body; he talks about the weakening of his vitality.

It suddenly flashes in front of you - your “etheric body” / suddenly you have to take care of your health, think about it.

To run away from it is to drive away the truth about your health from your consciousness.

Running after him means worrying about your health / unpleasant circumstances.

Fire to see - the world of will, which can be permeated with high spiritual impulses or passions / fertility, conception, love, passions, dreams, wealth, prosperity / “light of life”, i.e. health and its characteristics / power / misfortunes, mainly “national”: plague, pestilence, war.

Okay, brightly burning - something happy.

Excessive, gigantic - more of a disaster than happiness.

Sparking, flickering, dying out of the fire - lack of positive qualities / not wealth, but poverty, not health, but illness, etc.

An abundance of smoke during a fire is a deteriorated, negative meaning of fire, especially if the smoke is black.

Seeing a clear fire in a dream foretells severe frost.

Fill the fire with a watering can and put out a quarrel.

To see a whole village, a row of houses on fire, is a very great happiness.

Fantastic, strange fire to see, dark and black, drawing in light - danger to life, death of the soul.

Hellfire, most often multi-tiered - sadness, embarrassment, dissatisfaction with oneself.

Burning in it means loss of health.

To escape from it is recovery.

Walking along a road bordered on both sides by fire is the right path to choose.

There is a blaze on a person’s head - some kind of apprenticeship awaits / teacher.

To see at the top of the tower is good hope, happy news.

Running from a fire in fear, seeing a person burning in the flames is a picture of the effect of alcohol on the body.

Dream Interpretation of Denise Lynn

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Fire is a symbol of the incredible life force within you. It can symbolize potency, power and physical energy.

Even at the dawn of time, fire was considered a necessary companion to initiation and the discovery of spiritual energies. In many cultures, people undergoing a rite of passage were purified by fire, since fire was considered a transitional state between the world of people and the world of spirit. Alchemists of medieval Europe spoke of fire as an “agent of transmutation,” since they felt that all things came from fire and would return to fire.

Fire can serve as a symbol of sexual passion when a person is in the “fire of passions.”

Dream book for a bitch

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Fire - prosperity for many years, successful deeds.

Kindling a fire means unexpected meetings, a trip to see friends, a trip to distant lands.

Putting out a fire is a hectic and useless job, a waste of effort.

Dream Interpretation of Dmitry and Nadezhda Zima

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Fire in a dream symbolizes your emotions.

The brighter the fire burns, the stronger the emotion.

Seeing that the fire threatens to cause some harm means that your intemperance can harm you.

At the same time, if the fire is clean and there is no smoke, no sparks, no charred firebrands from it, such a dream speaks of the purity of your thoughts and feelings and can portend success and happiness.

In this case, the threat that you feel when you see fire is just a reflection of internal anxieties and worries for which in reality you have no particular reason.

Sparks, firebrands and smoke mean negative feelings. Such dreams foreshadow quarrels, conflicts and losses. To avoid this, try to look at life in a brighter way and avoid dark thoughts.

Putting out a fire in a dream is a harbinger of great troubles and worries. Perhaps your excessive emotionality will get you into trouble.

Lighting a fire in a dream is a good sign, promising you a surge of strength and new feelings.

Dream Book of David Loff

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Fire has always caused an insurmountable fear among representatives of various cultures. However, it is also often associated with cleansing; to come out of the fire undamaged means to be purified.

But if you dream that you are on fire, then life seems extremely threatening and painful to you.

If any object, a house, a car, is on fire, this indicates your excessive attachment to this thing: you simply cannot imagine life without it.

According to Freud, fire symbolizes male power; if you interpret the dream in this vein, fire shows that you are striving to master the situation and control it to the extent possible.

If in a dream you successfully cope with a flame, in real life you will keep the situation under control, and vice versa. Do you question your own ethics? Are you looking for cleansing after some transgression? Do you feel that some significant turn is about to take place in your life, requiring spiritual preparation and rethinking?

Dream interpretation of birthday people of September, October, November, December

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Seeing a barely flickering light in a dream means going towards a goal, albeit barely outlined.

Dream interpretation of birthday people in May, June, July, August

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Seeing a light in a dream means there is no hope for recovery.

Dream interpretation of birthday people of January, February, March, April

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To see a light barely visible in the distance in a dream is a sign of hope that will definitely come true.

Dream Interpretation of Love Relationships

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Fire is a symbol of passionate and fiery feeling. Such a dream means that you will meet a person who will reciprocate your feelings, and your relationship will be harmonious and your life will be happy.

Dream Interpretation of Martyn Zadeki

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Fire is sadness.

Dream Interpretation of the Medium Miss Hasse

What does it mean if you dream of Fire in a dream?

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Light it up - you will start love; extinguish - give up your plans; burning brightly - undiminished joy; with smoke - an unfortunate misunderstanding; suffer losses through fire - hunting awaits; to see in the oven - offspring awaits; to see it falling from the sky - you will have to endure injustice; running through the fire - you will get rid of annoying ingratiation; artificial - short-lived happiness; The fires of the wagon train are a fun treat.

Miller's Dream Book

↑ to contents

Seeing fire in a dream is good if you don’t burn yourself. He promises lasting prosperity to sailors, travelers, and everyone who works on earth.

Seeing your house on fire means loving friends and obedient children.

If an entrepreneur sees his store on fire, this means a rapid pace in the development of profitable businesses.

Fighting fire and preventing it from flaring up promises you hectic work.

Seeing the burnt walls of your store predicts misfortune; you will be ready to stop fighting for success in business, considering it useless, but fate will unexpectedly support you again.

If you light a fire in a dream, pleasant surprises await you. you will be able to visit your distant friends.

Seeing a big fire means a successful and safe voyage for sailors.

For writers this promises success and honors, for business people - unlimited success in business.

Chinese dream book

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The sun or moon is blazing with fire - support for a big person.

Fire burns on the surface of the river - longevity, happiness.

Fire burns in the wild mountains - you will make a career, become famous.

A fire burning in your own home portends prosperity and strength.

The flames rise up - you will get rich.

Fire grows from the ground - there will be illness.

If you travel with fire in your hands, you will be appointed to a position.

A huge flame rises to the skies - foreshadows the establishment of order in the country.

Seeing yourself on fire portends the support of a noble person.

Fire and black smoke - portends illness.

Walking along the road with a torch in your hands portends great success in business.

Lighting a well with a torch in your hands portends illness.

In a home, light from a fire portends happiness and prosperity.

Tongues of fire fly out from the kitchen - portends an urgent matter.

If you hear the fire burning, you will become a district chief or district ruler.

Fire appears on the surface of the water - great happiness.

There is a fire burning in the hearth - there will be glory, fame.

Dream Interpretation from A to Z

Why see Fire in a dream?

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Lighting a fire in a dream foreshadows a love affair with violent passions; extinguishing it means you will change plans on the fly, in accordance with changed circumstances.

Seeing a fire burning in the fireplace is a harbinger of events that will bring you joy and annoyance to your husband. A burning fire means pleasant surprises; a torch means you can have some fun in the company of friends.

A weak, fluctuating or fading fire means short-lived happiness, a brightly burning fire means a streak of luck and success in everything. A smoky fire or with strong smoke portends a misunderstanding that you will get into due to your own naivety and bungling.

Seeing a fire in a crematorium oven means adding a valuable acquisition to your collection. A burning candle in the hands of a deceased person means you will have a fun visit with a plentiful treat. Mysterious lights in a cemetery at night are a sign of treason and betrayal.

Running towards a fire in a dream - in reality, rush to help your friends. Putting out a fire is a hectic job with some risk. If in a dream your house is engulfed in flames, you will be loved by your children and friends. A fire in a large production facility, which can lead to catastrophic consequences, is a harbinger of the development of events according to your plans.

Suffer from a strong fire - you will be disappointed in love. Seeing how your property is quietly stolen during a fire portends a major misfortune, from which you will simply give up and lose interest in anything.

A tree that caught fire from a lightning strike - such a dream speaks of injustice towards you by your superiors. Cooking food over a fire portends a verbal spat with mutual insults; boiling laundry means you will bring those quarreling to reconciliation and agreement. Jumping over fire in a dream means the end of a family war.

Dream Interpretation of Simon Kananita

↑ to contents

To see fire falling from the sky - you will have to endure injustice; running through the fire - get rid of annoying ingratiation; artificial - short-lived happiness; The fires of the wagon train are a fun treat.

Dream Book of the Wanderer

Interpretation of the dream: Fire in the dream book?

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Light - for friendship.

Dream Interpretation of Fedorovskaya

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If you dreamed that you were lighting a fire, in the near future you will quarrel with one of your friends or relatives, and it will be you who initiates the quarrel.

Fanning the fire means trouble in connection with an old slander.

In a dream, you watched someone fanning a fire - one of your enemies will be in trouble in the near future.

Putting out the fire means reconciliation with your enemy.

Freud's Dream Book

↑ to contents

Fire is a symbol of a man and male genital organs.

If a man lights a fire, his potency is in complete order and he is ready for new exploits.

If you cannot light a fire, you are not far from impotence.

If a woman lights a fire, she either strives for new sexual relationships, or her partner does not satisfy her.

If it is not possible to light a fire, the woman doubts her sexual attractiveness.

If a man warms himself, he is prone to homosexuality.

If a woman warms herself, she has found harmony in her sex life.

If you fill or extinguish the fire, you have problems with potency or possible diseases of the genital organs.

Fear of fire means fear of engaging in sexual contact.

Tsvetkov's Dream Interpretation

↑ to contents

Fire - pipe dreams; disappointment; quarrel in personal life; body burn - bad reputation; feeling of a burn - new friendship, exciting news; in the stove - wealth; fire and smoke are dangerous.

Dream Interpretation of Shereminskaya

↑ to contents

A fire that warms is a very good sign. This is evidence of happiness in love, warmth, recovery from illness, evidence of universal respect and business success.

Seeing ourselves playing with fire or burning objects means that we have started a risky business, or we are tempting fate by deliberately taking such a risk.

If a person can control the fire in a dream, it means that he is able to cope with a risky situation.

Fire is beyond the control of a person - most likely, he does not know how to control his sensual desires and emotions and, as a result, may suffer from his sexuality.

A fire in a dream burns everything in its path - then, most likely, you are obsessed with a thirst for revenge and are unable to cope with your resentment. It is quite possible that you are angry with yourself and cannot come to terms with some circumstances over which you are powerless and unconsciously punish and destroy yourself.

Warming yourself by the fire in a dream is evidence that in real life you are a very happy person who knows that in difficult times he will always find understanding and support from his family members. This is not given to everyone, and therefore value your neighbors.

Watching a fire in a stove in a dream means that your home is in danger of a fire.

Ukrainian dream book

↑ to contents

Dreaming of fire is a bad omen; there will be a quarrel or argument with someone.

If you dream of a big fire, you will quarrel with your neighbors about something, but if you dream of a small fire, it will be a quarrel in the house between the family.

Smoldering trees - quarrel; putting out the fire is dangerous, it could hurt someone, beware.

If you dream that a fire is burning in a stove, someone will come.

Fire in the stove is a disease.

Will-o'-the-wisp - they will deceive you and deceive you.

Universal dream book

↑ to contents

Fire is a powerful symbol. It is associated with transformation and initiation, a ritual of initiation into something new.

Fire is the only element that man cannot pollute. Therefore, fire can symbolize purification. How do you behave in your sleep while under fire? Is something in your life out of your control? How do you deal with this? Perhaps you feel like you're in the line of fire?

Fire can symbolize motivation: you can get excited about an idea, a project, a relationship. It can also represent your anger. When people dream that their place of work is on fire, it indicates that they are afraid of being fired.

How do you feel about fire in a dream? — does it give warmth and protection or does it burn, does it make you feel uncomfortable?

If in a dream you see a fire raging, are you or someone else trying to put it out? Perhaps you feel that someone in real life is trying to drown out your strength or energy. Or, perhaps, some person, on the contrary, serves as its source for you.

At first glance, large-scale fires appear to be uncontrolled destruction, but in fact they are a symbol of rebirth. Perhaps the fire in your dream symbolizes a desire to add sparkle to your relationship?

If you dream of fire, it’s also possible that the whole point is that it’s time for you to put the hot blanket you’re sleeping under in the closet!

Gypsy dream book

↑ to contents

A slowly smoldering fire indicates that you are suppressing a strong desire.

A brightly blazing fire means that the situation is out of your control.

If you light a fire in a dream, it means that you are planning to do something that will have a huge impact on your life.

If you put out the fire, it means that you will defeat your opponents.

Esoteric dream book

Meaning of the dream: Fire in the dream book?

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Fire - excessive emotions, passions, and attachments can destroy you.

To light a fire is to be the object of someone else's excessive emotions.

Putting out the fire means fighting your passions.

It burns - depending on what exactly.

Online dream book

Meaning of the dream: Fire in the dream book?

↑ to contents

Fire in a dream book - warns you that the information you so carefully concealed has leaked to the masses, and your competitors will not miss the chance to use it against you.

More interpretations

It gives you warmth - it means that soon your life will improve, your health will improve, and you will be surrounded by love.

You cheat him - fate is preparing a wonderful surprise for you.

If you dreamed of a sparkler, everything secret will sooner or later come true, be prepared for this.

If your home is engulfed in flames, you are surrounded by the warmth that close friends and relatives give you.

If you try to put it out, you will be busy with a very fussy task.

According to the dream book, lighting a fire means actually experiencing a joyful, happy event that you never even dreamed of.

If you dreamed of a fire in a stove, this is a warning that your home may be damaged by an uncontrolled flame, take all necessary precautions.

If you dreamed that you or someone else was burning in fire, this is a good sign, indicating that in any difficult situation you will certainly be given a helping hand.

If you dream that you can burn in a fire, you need to take care of yourself and exercise extreme caution, otherwise an irreparable misfortune will happen to you.

A dream in which you are trying to put out a fire is a reflection of how your mind is struggling with raging feelings, because if you give them free rein, they will not lead to good.

According to the dream book, fire from the sky means that you may be treated dishonestly, you may be undeservedly offended.

In a dream, you see that a person is on fire - this is evidence that you strongly desire something and at the same time are afraid of losing it; these experiences do not give you peace.

In a dream, you saw a house on fire, engulfed in fire - this is confirmation that peace, prosperity and sincere warmth reign in your immediate environment.

Freud's Dream Book

The famous psychologist interpreted differently what dreams of fire mean, fire in a dream. He took people's feelings as the basis for his explanations. So, according to Freud’s interpretations, if you dream of a burning house, this is a sign that the sleeper is highly dependent on sex. If you dreamed that you were putting out a fire, then not everything is good in your intimate life.

Seeing a raging flame is a passionate relationship. Smoldering embers after a fire, seen in a dream, speak of the fading of love. Finding yourself in a house that is on fire means lack of confidence in sex. It seems to you that you are unable to fully satisfy your partner.

Other interpretations

What does it mean if you dream of a house in smoke, but without fire?

Quick luck and success, but this will be accompanied by empathy and mental tossing.

Why did you dream that the sleeping person was an arsonist?

This means that the dreamer wants to radically change his lifestyle.

What does it mean to see another person as an arsonist?

  • A person you know wants to harm you.
  • A stranger - to theft and meeting a deceitful person.

Why see the consequences of a fire in a dream?

It is a harbinger of trouble and illness of a close relative.


According to this person’s interpretations, a fire in a dream speaks of obsession with passion, desire, or idea. If you suddenly dream that you are taking part in an arson, then in life someone is treating you unfairly. Such dreams show a desire to change the situation in your favor.

Saving a person from fire is a tragic end to an important task that took a lot of time and effort. A fire in the room is treason. It won't be taken seriously at first, but the situation will turn into serious problems.

If you dreamed that a fire occurred due to a lightning strike, then this indicates a meeting in real life with a person who will play an important role in the dreamer’s fate. This meeting will be accidental or under strange circumstances.

Meaning and interpretation of the dream about Kindling a fire:

According to Freud's dream book: If in a dream you light a fire, then it is your inner passion that cannot find a way out for its feelings. Unfortunately, you are not happy with the way you live now and this makes you and your partner suffer.

According to Tsvetkov’s dream book: Lighting a fire in a dream means showing the way for your friends in life.

According to Hasse's dream book: If you light a fire, stove, or fireplace in a dream, then this is a sign that you will meet a person who will involve you in a crazy passion that will be hot like a flame, but fleeting and fragile.

According to the Esoteric Dream Book: Lighting a fire in a dream means starting a new and very important thing in life.

Longo's Dream Interpretation

The magician Longo interprets what fire, fire means in dreams, differently from Hasse. In his opinion, such a dream foreshadows troubles, scandals, and quarrels. If you dream that you manage to escape from a fire, then in life you are vulnerable and touchy. The dreamer should treat people and others more easily.

If you dreamed that they were putting out a fire, then in reality you should expect a conflict with loved ones. In this case, all quarrels will arise through your fault. This is due to lack of restraint and disrespectful attitude towards others. You should be more patient so as not to lose a loved one.

Smoke according to Astromeridian's dream book

If you saw in a dream thick smoke blocking the surrounding picture from you, according to the dream book, you are filled with certain fears and doubts that prevent you from objectively assessing what is happening.

If you dreamed that acrid smoke got into your eyes, causing pain and tears - you may be offended by your own child.

If you dreamed of a veil of smoke, the relationships in your family are very fragile and can change at any moment.

Seeing smoke in the house in a dream

Dreaming of being surrounded by a lot of smoke is often interpreted as a sign of indecisiveness and self-doubt, habits that can prevent you from making progress on important projects or endeavors. Your thoughts of self-doubt can prevent you from achieving your plans. But if you can overcome yourself and not fall into despair, then you can achieve success and fame from a successful enterprise.

Why do you dream of smoke and fire?

Seeing fire with smoke or sparks flying in smoke in a dream, according to the dream book, is a warning. It means that imminent danger is approaching. You should be more careful and attentive.

Seeing an earthquake with smoke and ash in a dream

Being in the epicenter of an earthquake with the subsequent release of ash and smoke covering the sky and sun is a sign of serious social conflicts, ethnic strife and wars that will occur near you and affect your life.

Why dream of inhaling smoke?

Inhaling smoke in a dream, according to the dream book, is considered an ominous sign that predicts a relationship with dangerous people who are trying to deceive or set you up. It is possible that such a person already has you under his control without your knowledge, and you may fall into his trap even if you do not suspect it.

Seeing smoke as a thick veil in a dream

A dream that you are in a cloud of thick, suffocating smoke, especially if you have difficulty breathing or your eyes are watering profusely, usually foreshadows the ripening of some very dangerous situation in life that can change your life for the worse. A terrible disaster can negatively affect your entire family.

Why do you dream of black smoke?

Dreams associated with thick black smoke are interpreted by the dream book as being related to your addiction, possibly smoking. This means that you smoke a lot, or are around someone who smokes, and are a victim of second-hand smoke. If you are a smoker, this dream about smoke suggests that you should try to quit smoking, otherwise your health will fail. And for those who do not smoke, this dream may be a warning about the need to take further measures to protect yourself from dangerous rumors that could damage your reputation.

Why do you dream of acrid smoke?

Dreams associated with acrid smoke are usually associated with some kind of disaster and other destructive consequences for you. In addition to foretelling natural disasters, acrid smoke in a dream also foretells deterioration in health, either suddenly or over a short period of time. If you find yourself breathing this smoke or that someone else is forcing you to do so, it may be a sign that matters important to you are out of your control. This will greatly impact your authority and social status.

Seeing smoke and fire in a dream

I dreamed about fire with smoke and is interpreted by dream books as a life crisis. But don't be too afraid of him. It will, of course, deal certain blows to your usual way of life, but nothing more critical will happen.

Interpretation of a dream about smoke without fire

In a dream, smoke without fire is associated with invitations to public meetings or some kind of pretentious event, where you can meet very influential people.

I dreamed of watching smoke from a chimney

Dreaming of smoke rising from the chimney of your home is often interpreted as a positive sign associated with happiness and comfort, especially in relation to your family. A cloud of smoke in a dream indicates a pleasant, balanced atmosphere in the house, which makes life together very pleasant for all family members. If you have suffered from problems in the past, then things will get better soon.

Dream about smoke from a fire

Seeing smoke from a fire in a dream, according to the dream book, indicates that you may not be paying attention to what is happening outside your narrow field of vision. This may be due to new developments in relationships between others or opportunities that may pass you by if you do not recognize them in time and do not take advantage of them. In addition, smoke from a fire is also interpreted as receiving positive, joyful news about a matter about which you are very worried.

Fire in the apartment

Seeing in a dream how flames rise, devouring the walls in the apartment, speaks of troubles in reality. It is quite possible that such a dream warns of misfortune, a serious problem that will require perseverance and strength to resolve. In the event of a fire, the fire does not touch the walls - a good sign. Such a dream speaks of the loyalty of friends, a worthy reward for efforts.

In a dream, a fire in your own apartment often becomes an omen of an approaching conflict, a family quarrel between spouses, or betrayal. If there is no smoke in the house, then in reality the dreamer will feel a psychological uplift and will be able to implement a lot of plans.

If there were victims of a fire in a dream, then this is unlucky. You should expect tricks from friends and relatives; troubles at work may occur that will result in serious health problems. If in a dream no one was hurt during a fire, then this is a positive sign showing that life will soon change and you will make a profit.

Seeing yourself as the culprit of a fire in a dream means that you need to get rid of unnecessary connections and relationships.

Where did you dream about fire?

Prosperity in the home and harmony in the family are foreshadowed by a dream of a fire in the stove

. For single people, this is a meeting with an ardent person who will arouse interest. A stove with a fire on which food is cooked is a favorable dream. Soon the financial situation will improve noticeably.

Lighting a stove in a dream is a great sign. In reality, you will have to commit an act that will warm your soul and bring sincere joy.

Family happiness and a cozy life are symbolized by a gas stove

with fire. If the flame strives to go out in a dream, spiteful critics become more active in reality.

If you dream of a fire in the house

, this warns of conflict situations in reality. Quarrels can be completely avoided if the sleeper manages to control his own temper.

in the apartment suggests intrigues towards the sleeping person.

. However, if the flames have not touched the walls, there is a chance, with the help of friendly support, to cope with all problems practically without damage.

Put out the fire

Why do you dream of putting out a fire, a fire? Such dreams warn a person about many things. If you dreamed that you were putting out a fire, then in real life you should be prepared for conflict with the people around you. You are causing some trouble to your family and friends, showing disrespect for them. A dream in which others are putting out a fire should be taken as a warning that the dreamer urgently needs to take action to resolve conflicts. A completely extinguished fire portends good luck and happiness. It can also portend cleansing from internal problems. If you clearly see in a dream that you are using water to extinguish, this speaks of an internal state, a conflict within you.

Other dream details

Even the smallest details of night vision can radically change its interpretation. Depending on certain nuances, the meaning may be as follows:

  1. If you dreamed of a fire in your own home and the dreamer, together with his other half, is in the very center of what is happening, then this indicates that the couple began to doubt their feelings and desire to be together. Soon the time of conflicts and quarrels will come. Crying when you see your own house on fire predicts a long separation from your loved one.
  2. Seeing a friend's house burning in a dream means that the dreamer experiences a strong feeling of envy towards this person in real life.
  3. A large-scale flame that does not frighten a person in a dream foreshadows stable financial security for the next few years. A new job offer should be accepted without hesitation.
  4. The bright light of a candle, appearing in night visions, should be perceived as the speedy fulfillment of a cherished desire.

Fire has always caused an insurmountable fear among people. However, it is often associated with cleansing. Remembering all the details of the vision, as well as the emotional state of the dreamer, will help to correctly interpret the night plot in which the flame was seen.

Type of flame and its combination with other dream details

For the correct interpretation of a dream about fire, it is no less important in what form the dreamed flame was realized.

  1. One of the common dream options is fire without smoke - an image that symbolizes the validity of the rumors that circulate about the sleeper. Perhaps, through his unseemly actions, he gave reasons for others to have a bad opinion of him.
  2. A flame from which thick smoke rises portends incredible confusion in affairs for the sleeper, which can lead to failure if hasty, rash decisions are made. Choking black smoke without fire warns of danger in reality, which will cause health problems.
  3. A fire in a dream promises dramatic changes, mostly for the better, and also symbolizes passion, the desire for intimacy, a huge supply of energy, a thirst for fresh impressions and vivid emotions. For business people, such a dream foretells dizzying success, for creative people - universal recognition.
  4. Dreaming of the consequences of a fire in the form of a burned-out building or a decayed house is also a good sign, a harbinger of positive changes in almost all areas of the dreamer’s life that are significant to him.
  5. A dream in which an explosion occurred represents the sleeper’s dissatisfaction with the actions of the people around him. Being thrown by a blast wave or interacting with an explosion in some other way means in reality trusting those who do not deserve it.
  6. The combination in a dream of such mutually exclusive elements as fire and water symbolizes the internal conflict of the sleeper, the discrepancy between his ideas about life and the events that actually occur. But a dream in which a flame blazed on the surface of a reservoir foreshadows the dreamer many years of life and success in all endeavors.
  7. A blazing fire symbolizes harmony in relationships with a loved one, vivid love experiences, as well as support and understanding of loved ones and financial well-being. The dreamer will have interesting prospects that will contribute to his professional growth, but he will be able to avoid missing out on unique opportunities only through perseverance and patience.

Values ​​according to Nostradamus

Many people like to turn to Nostradamus for the interpretation of their dreams, as they consider him one of the most famous prophets in history.

The text of his dream book denotes fire as a symbol of passion and unbridled desires. Putting out the fire means that the unrest that has begun could develop into mass protests, which will be extremely difficult to stop.

If a sleeping person commits arson, it means that in reality he will have to take drastic measures, which are based on unfair decisions or an unfair decision towards him. In the end, everything will result in huge problems.

Saved someone from a fire - a concern that has been bothering you for a long period of time will not end in the best way.

A woman dreams of a fire in her room - betrayal is possible by mutual consent of both partners. Despite this, it can ultimately lead to a break in the relationship.

The cause of the fire was lightning - a sign that in the near future you will meet the most important person in your life.

In addition, the interpreter of Nostradamus predicted global changes. For example, the fire, in his opinion, could be a symbol of a quick solution to housing problems due to the creation of a new type of house.

Interpretation of dream books

The modern dream book believes that an epiphany will descend on the dreamer: he will see what was previously hidden from understanding. Sometimes such a dream precedes the revelation of the gift of clairvoyance: the dreamer will begin to recognize the true intentions of people and distinguish lies from the truth.

Miller's dream book sees the image of fire as a symbol of financial well-being. If the dreamer received burns from a flame in a dream, favorable news awaits him. Burns on the legs - the dreamer is ready to go to the end in making his dream come true, burns on the hands - true friends, completely burnt - to the betrayal of friends.

Vanga's dream book believes that this dream warns of a planetary catastrophe: a meteorite or comet will fall to the ground. If during combustion the dreamer smells burning, this indicates gossip behind his back. You will have to work hard to restore your reputation.

Freud's dream book believes that the dreamer will fall deeply in love. Feelings will be reciprocal, relationships will be harmonious. If a woman dreams of lighting a fire and then burning in it, it means that she lacks the ardor of her feelings. A woman strives for new bright contacts in order to experience new sensations. If the dreamer experiences horror during combustion, it means that he is afraid of sexual contact.

The ABC of dream interpretation states that burning in a fire means illness. If the dreamer was present at the fire, a new tempting offer will soon await.

The Italian dream book sees in the symbol of fire the burning of emotions in vain: look for constructive solutions instead of aggression and anger.

  • Russian dream book: burning in fire is a sign of joy.
  • Modern dream book: changes for the better.
  • Grishina's dream book prophesies misfortune.
  • The esoteric dream book sees love languor and ardent passion in the plot.

The Wanderer's Dream Book warns about a losing business: do not sign contracts, do not make deals. Burn in fire - succumb to your own vices. However, if the fire does not burn, this indicates the beginning of spiritual perfection.

Grishina’s dream book believes that burning in fire means illness, saving from fire means recovery. Walking through the flames of fire means spiritual rebirth and exaltation. Burning in fire without being consumed means the offense will remain unpunished, joy and liberation.

Aesop's Dream Book warns not to get involved in a new business. Refuse to a tempting offer: the deal will turn out to be dishonest, and there is a possibility of being sued.

Important sleep details

It is very important to remember your feelings, the color of the smoke and fire, whose house was damaged and other equally important nuances:

  • Putting out the flames yourself means new, suddenly opened opportunities at work. This could be a promotion or a bonus.
  • A fire has engulfed the entire city or several houses are on fire - a global catastrophe.
  • Your house is on fire - you cannot trust strangers and it is better to avoid strangers during this period. But there is another version of the interpretation of the dream, according to which such a plot promises an unexpected happy event.
  • Someone else's home is on fire with smoke - a sign of expensive gifts or news. If the smoke has a light tint, then the news will be good. Black smoke is bad news. Without smoke, everything planned will come true. Seeing smoke from the windows of someone else's house in a dream means some tests in reality. The neighbor's house is on fire - the gossip that goes behind your back will quickly stop.
  • Pulling things out of a burning house means surprises.
  • Dreaming of a fire truck putting out a fire means some difficulties at work. Hearing a fire siren in a dream means the company the dreamer finds himself in is not very good.
  • Experiencing strong fear in a dream means your wishes are not destined to come true.
  • If you dream that everyone around is trying to put out the fire, but the dreamer is not helping, it means that in reality there is something to think about, perhaps some matter requires an immediate solution.

A forest fire without casualties is a good omen. The fire was quickly extinguished, leading to recovery.

Being in the center of a burning forest means the dreamer experiences a feeling of regret about his past. Taking animals out of the fire means meanness from your neighbors.

Seeing Smoke in a dream according to the 21st century dream book

Seeing a cloud of smoke in a dream means news, praise, encouragement. Smoke without fire is surprising news. Smelling smoke or choking in smoke in a dream means that you will experience fright or fear, there may be confusion in business, minor troubles, but everything will turn out quite favorably for you.

Dark smoke most often portends trouble, a cloud of white smoke - fortunately in love.

Seeing white smoke from a chimney in a dream means fulfillment of desires, dark smoke means discord in the family.

Other interpretations

  • If you dream that you are burning alive, in reality you cannot control your ardor and emotions, this will lead to disaster.
  • If you are rescued from the fire, you will soon receive an answer to a question that has been tormenting you for a long time.
  • Burning in your house means great troubles and difficulties are coming.
  • Burning without pain and consequences is a sign of fun and joy.
  • Burning for a long time without getting burned out means great success in life.
  • Burning in hellfire means great losses.
  • Burning in hellfire and being saved means recovery.
  • Burn and run to the water - your plans will soon come true.
  • Burning and not getting help means trouble.
  • Self-arson - you don’t know how to get along with people, reconsider your behavior.
  • Fire burns your hands - to unexpected money.
  • Putting out the fire means achieving what you want is delayed.

What does it mean if clothes burst into flames in a dream? This plot foreshadows a scandal with relatives or close friends over money.

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