Why do you dream about the death of a loved one: the meaning and interpretation of the dream

In dreams you can sometimes see real nightmares that make you wake up in a cold sweat and wonder what to expect in reality. Among the most unpleasant night dreams are the death of loved ones, especially if they are alive, as well as your own death. However, dream books do not always interpret these visions in an unambiguously negative way; they can often mean the onset of a white streak in the dreamer’s life. We invite you to find out what dreams of death mean according to the most popular interpreters.

General meaning of the image

Seeing in a dream anything related to leaving this world is sad and unpleasant; it makes you think about the frailty of life. Therefore, many people wonder why they dream of death, what this gloomy dream portends. Most often, such a night dream is a warning, telling the dreamer that changes will soon occur in his life. That is why it is extremely important to try to remember as many details as possible, or at least the general mood of the dream; this information will help for detailed interpretation.

Dream Interpretations about the death of a living person

  • The home dream book considers this dream prophetic. Hearing the voice of a recently deceased friend in a dream means get ready for bad news. Talking with the deceased dad - beware of ill-considered actions. Conversation with mom - the dream encourages you to moderate your appetites and not achieve the impossible in life.
  • The modern dream book interprets the death of relatives as a sign of future trials. Hearing in a dream about the death of a loved one - you will soon hear bad news. If a loved one died in agony, in real life you will commit an irreparable act.

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Miller's Dream Book

Let's find out what death means in dreams according to one of the most popular interpreters, Miller's dream book. Most often, such a dream carries the character of a warning; for example, if in a night dream you saw the lifeless body of a loved one, then in reality you should expect severe life trials. Hearing the voice of the deceased without seeing him himself is bad news.

No less important are the words spoken by the deceased in a night dream, so you must try to remember them and write them down immediately after waking up. Very often their meaning should be taken literally.

Dream details according to Miller

To understand the intricacies of the prediction, it is worth paying attention to which of the dead the dreamer talked to:

  • With your mother, it means you need to pay attention to your health.
  • With the father - a warning that someone is trying to drag the sleeping person into a network of intrigue.

Of course, such night dreams cannot be called pleasant, but they almost never mean that in reality a loved one seen dead will actually lose their life.

Interpreter Vanga

Let's look at why one dreams of the death of a living person according to Vanga's dream book. If a loved one died in a night dream, you should prepare yourself for the onset of difficult times and the need to make a choice. Such a night dream may mean that the dreamer will find himself in a situation where he will have to refuse a financially advantageous offer for the sake of a person dear to him.

If in a night dream you see the death of a large number of people, then this dream is a warning - in reality there is a high risk of an epidemic, a catastrophe that will entail the death of many. Only a mysterious person, about whom nothing is known yet, will be able to stop the infection.

Also, knowing who exactly left this world in a night dream will help you understand why you dream of death. Interpreter Vanga offers the following options:

  • Father - the dream suggests that the dreamer has become a victim of the secret envy of a loved one.
  • Mother - a woman will have a successful marriage with a wealthy man.
  • Spouse - a dream foretells a long and prosperous family life.
  • Your own child - in reality you should expect to part with a good friend.

According to the Bulgarian soothsayer, watching the painful death of a specific person means in reality there is a high risk of nuclear war, which will entail the destruction of an entire power.

Dream Interpretations of Loff and Nostradamus

These popular interpreters also make it possible to understand why a person dreams of death. According to Nostradamus, the death of any person or one’s own predicts for the “dead” a long, happy life, paradoxically. If a famous person dies in a night dream, one should expect a political revolution in reality, a change of power, and armed clashes.

Interpreter Loff points out that the loss of a loved one in the kingdom of Morpheus is a sign that in reality the dreamer is worried about this person. Such a dream can also mean a break in the relationship with the other half.

Family member

Let's look at what it means to dream about the death of a loved one who is alive in reality. The interpretation is determined by which family member left this world in the dreamer’s night dream:

  • Mother. A dream means the onset of serious financial difficulties in real life. Now is not the best time to participate in risky activities; you should also not borrow or lend, or take out loans. The dream suggests that reasonable savings will be the solution for a while. Also, such a dream can suggest that in reality someone will try to deceive or rob the dreamer.
  • Father. The dream suggests that unpleasant news awaits the dreamer very soon.
  • Spouse. Such a night dream is an unkind sign; there is a high risk that the dreamer’s beloved will leave him in the near future. The separation will be painful.
  • Grandmother grandfather. The dream signals that you need to spend more time communicating with loved ones; the time has come to tell them how much the dreamer loves them and appreciates communicating with them.
  • Sister. In the near future, a family member will need the dreamer's help.
  • Brother. The dream warns that someone is trying to trick the sleeping person and is taking advantage of his trust. You need to take a closer look at your surroundings and identify the ill-wisher.

So, we have looked at what it means to dream about the death of a loved one if in reality he is alive. Such night dreams most often do not bring with them anything terrible and irreparable, but are warnings that are very important to heed.

The deceased daughter appeared in a dream

It happens that the dead in reality become guests of our dreams. This speaks of the impossibility of coming to terms with the loss; the longing for the departed is great. Psychologically, you can’t believe that you saw your little blood dead, are you hoping for someone’s cruel joke? Then such an image does not carry a semantic load, it simply reflects experiences.

The dead often come, hinting at the need to remember them. Light a candle, order a prayer service, go to the cemetery, or simply hand out treats. They can also warn and prepare for future events.

Again, only in a dream, seeing your daughter’s funeral is a positive symbol: the sleeper will cope with all difficulties, life will go on as usual.

Esoteric interpreter

According to esotericists, seeing a child in a dream means that in reality the relationship between parent and daughter is strained, this interferes with open communication. Rather, start sorting out the situation, it will be better for both.

If you dreamed of a sad daughter, although in reality you do not have children, the planned cheerful celebration will not take place. On the contrary, the baby was cheerful - you will soon achieve peace of mind.

Interpreter of the Apostle Canaanite

If childless people dream of a sad baby, Kananit sees only a negative component in such an image. In his opinion, a dream about a female child foreshadows troubles, troubles, and spiritual sadness.

Interpreter of the white magician Longo

If your offspring lives separately, then his appearance in your night dreams means longing for him. The sleeper worries whether the little blood's life is good.

You have a negative message in a dream if your daughter is constantly nearby, but does not stop dreaming. Such a vision may foreshadow a threat looming over the child. The Universe sent a hint: try to protect the child from harm, know how to navigate in time.

Loff's interpretation

If you dreamed about the death of your daughter, in reality you are doing everything for her well-being. Death can be a symbol of the dreamer's internal struggle between feelings of love and suppressed emotions of hatred towards it.

Interpreter of Gustav Miller

Miller considered the appearance of his daughter in night vision a positive symbol. Even if unfavorable events happen, they will point to new opportunities. Overcome difficulties, only then will a better period of life begin.

In the dream, the daughter spoke rudely and did not pay enough attention - foreshadows a coming string of unpleasant situations.

Interpreter of the Sorceress Medea

You can often observe your real relationship with a child; such visions are a projection of reality processed by the subconscious.

If the daughter was healthy, she was happy - this meant an improvement in her quality of life. An accident happened to her, illness or death occurred - the dream hints to the dreamer about his dissatisfaction with life. You are probably stuck in a debt hole, or are tormented by poor health or other troubles.

Great interpreter

According to the compiler of the Great Dream Interpreter, the night vision being discussed foreshadows the loss of a large sum of money. Perhaps someone will demand repayment of the debt, you will have to replace old broken equipment with new ones - the gap in the family budget will be quite big.

Seeing the birth of a girl means surprises. The dream book does not explain whether they will be positive or negative.

Interpreter for the whole family

Don’t be afraid of the difficulties and obstacles that stand in your life’s path, says the Family Dream Book. Only by overcoming them will the sleeper be able to know true happiness and experience well-being in life.

The daughter pays absolutely no attention - she will soon get married.

Ancient Russian interpreter

If you dreamed that death took your children, especially your daughter, pay off all your debts yourself, otherwise you risk paying off the debt by a court decision.

A female baby was born - you will lose property, ruin is possible.

Chinese dream book

According to the Chinese dream interpreter, the death of a blooded woman means a verbal altercation.

Love dream book

In this dream interpretation, the image under discussion foreshadows a trial between spouses; the outcome will probably not be in favor of the sleeper.

Family dream book

I dreamed about the death of my daughter - unexpected financial costs.

Modern dream book

A modern guide to the world of dreams promises troubles, grief, worries to everyone who dreams of their daughter’s death.

Maly Velesov interpreter

A daughter always comes in a dream to future worries, troubles, troubles. To see her birth - events will take a surprising course for the sleeper; death - you will part with a large sum of money.

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Why dream of the death of a friend who is alive and well in reality? Such a dream is interpreted by most dream books as a sign of unpleasant news in reality in the very near future. Various interpreters offer interpretations that, however, have similar general meanings.

  • Miller's dream book suggests: for a man, the death of a close friend in a dream is a sign that in reality he will have a rival. For a woman - a hint: she needs to behave more modestly, any careless action will put an end to her good name.
  • Freud's dream book answers the question “why do you dream about the death of a loved one, friend or good acquaintance?” Such a night dream will help you understand your own inner world. She will tell the dreamer that he is haunted by unfulfilled sexual desires and suppressed emotions. If the passing of these persons does not cause the dreamer to cry, then such behavior indicates that for the sleeping person the relationship with them goes beyond friendly boundaries.
  • Vanga's dream book. The clinical death of a friend according to the interpreter of the Bulgarian soothsayer suggests that for the dreamer the behavior of his family members is not obvious and raises many questions.
  • Dream book of Nostradamus. Such a dream warns that in reality the sleeper may commit an unseemly, even repulsive act, which he will later repent of.

Dream interpreters will help you understand the clues of fate, but it is important not to get upset even if you receive a bad omen. After all, everything is in the hands of a person; he has the power to make adjustments to his life plans by the power of his will. Therefore, you need to focus on the goal and not let despair take over.

To the loss of a husband or loved one

People connected by fate and feelings have a close spiritual relationship. Therefore, prophecies about the loss of a loved one come to them much more often. They may be as follows:

  • Saw a solar eclipse.
  • They were anxiously looking for the horse.
  • The woman covered her head with a black scarf.
  • We watched the flaming gates.
  • The girl looked for shoes for a long time and could not find them. If you manage to find it, grief will pass it by.
  • The sleeping woman was cutting down a perennial oak tree.
  • Losing a ring given to a loved one.

The death of the sleeper himself

Let's look at why you dream about your own death. Most often, such a night vision indicates that the dreamer is dissatisfied with certain aspects of his life. The dream suggests that the time has come to change something in her, perhaps to reconsider her life guidelines and decide on what is truly important. Such a night dream signals the individual’s desire to start a new life. There is a high probability that serious changes will occur in reality, most often favorable ones. At the same time, such a dream tells the sick person that his health will be restored in the very near future.

There are rumors going around

Dream books explain night visions, where the sleeper receives the sad news of the death of his daughter, taking into account the emotional coloring of the dreamed plot. Despite the fact that the news does not correspond to reality, it does not deprive it of the ability to cause a hurricane of emotions:

  • The natural reaction to loss (fear, grief) is associated with the fear of dormant responsibility and difficult situations;
  • If the news brought an unexpected and incomprehensible feeling of lightness, in reality the efforts will bring the desired results.

Also, the image under discussion predicts that in reality you will cope with a difficult situation, thanks to forethought and wisdom. Other interpretations promise news from afar and advise you to be more attentive to loved ones and relatives.

Attention to detail

To more accurately identify why you dream about your own death, you should pay attention to special cases and details of the dream:

  • Taking part in organizing your own funeral is a sign of a long and joyful life.
  • Suicide in a dream means the need to analyze your actions. The sleeper once made a mistake that still has an impact on his life; it is very important to admit it and try to correct it.
  • Watching your own murder means you should be wary that in reality someone is up to no good, trying to harm the dreamer and discredit his name. However, if the killer is a friend or acquaintance, then you can count on his help even in the most hopeless situation.
  • Your own death for an unknown reason is a symbol of the fact that in reality you should expect a surprise.
  • Death and the subsequent resurrection indicate that there are fears in the dreamer’s life that prevent him from fully realizing his dreams.

Such a dream often means a meeting with a fan, which will result in a long and harmonious relationship.

Coincidence or pattern?

If you manage to lose a person in a dream, interpreters clarify whether you have seen a similar plot before. Repetition with enviable consistency indicates indecision, fear of success, which is just around the corner.

When a clearly atypical image appears clearly, surrounded by action-packed details, remember how the story ended in the dream. A happy ending indicates confidence and harmonious relationships with others, while an unfavorable development of events indicates the absence of such.

Death of a child

Let's consider the meaning of another nightmare dream. Why do you dream about the death of a child? According to most dream books, such night dreams are a warning; you should listen to them, but you should not be afraid. However, to correctly interpret a dream, it is important to pay attention to the details.

Thus, the passing of your own baby after a long illness suggests that in reality his health should be given special attention, but there is no need to worry - such dreams most often predict healthy longevity for the child. Another similar dream may tell the parent that there is a high risk of problems at school, perhaps the child has lost interest in learning and has stopped studying with due diligence.

The death of a son is a terrible dream that has several interpretation options:

  • If he died happy, in reality you should expect to meet a person who has long passed away from the dreamer’s life. She will be joyful and interesting.
  • The son died sad - an opportunity to receive an unexpected gift from fate, win the lottery, receive a well-deserved large bonus.

For a pregnant woman, the death of someone else's child is predicted in a dream - her birth will take place without complications.

Couldn't find it

Many dream books consider losing a person in a dream and not being found as an alarming sign: this is often a harbinger of defeat. The psychoanalytic interpreter considers a negative attitude to be the culprit of failure.

Ancient soothsayers suggest interpreting what they saw exactly the opposite: an insoluble problem promises a successful combination of circumstances.

If the one who actually died is lost and has not been found, the symbol speaks of the still strong energy connection between the sleeper and the deceased.

Death of a relative

Let's consider why we dream about the death of a person who is alive if he is a relative of the dreamer. Dream books offer several interpretation options. When this person left our world with torment and suffering, it means that difficult times will come in the life of the sleeper. However, if death took him easily and painlessly, there is no need to fear difficulties, they will resolve themselves.

Why do you dream about your mother's death? Such a night dream tells the dreamer that now is the time to rest, he is mentally and physically exhausted, overwork can cause health problems, so it is better to organize a short vacation. To see a distant relative passing away in a dream means that in reality you will experience problems in communicating with him; constant misunderstandings will be the reason that it will not be possible to establish relationships.

We looked at what dreams of the death of a loved one mean. Such a night dream most often causes unpleasant associations and frightens the dreamer, but you should not feel horror, because dreams are clues of fate, it is very important to understand them and use them, then many mistakes can be easily avoided.

Dreams predicting the death of loved ones

One of the most reliable signs predicting the death of relatives is a story about tooth loss. If a tooth falls out in a dream, with heavy bleeding, then one of your blood relatives will rest; if there is no blood, death awaits a loved one. The degree of closeness in this case is determined by your location towards him.

Gustav Miller's dream book, describing what dreams one has before the death of relatives, assigned the main role to a mirror broken into pieces. Mirror shards are one of the most trustworthy interpretations that have stood the test of time.

A black sign is a dream when a bird hits a window, or breaks glass by flying inside - bringing the death of one of your relatives closer. More negative symbols for tragic events:

  • A white owl hooting near a house, or flying into a room and landing on a patient’s bed.
  • A black raven sitting on the roof of his own house.
  • A black woodpecker pecking at a wall.
  • We saw mirrors hung with old rags.
  • A loved one was called, but he turned away and disappeared into the distance.

If in a dream a relative performed strange actions: got married to someone who was already deceased, flew through the air, had a bizarre glow, or took on an unfamiliar image, but the sleeper understood exactly who was in front of him - all this can dream of the death of relatives.

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