World dream books: why dream of a loved one, a child, or the clairvoyant himself falling from a height.

People often dream about their own fall or the fall of another person, most often an acquaintance. There are different scenarios: a person fell into a hole, tripped out of the blue, fell into water, into an abyss, into an elevator shaft. Sometimes the dreamer simply watches the fall from the side and does not see the details of what is happening. Dream books can tell you what it means to fall in a dream.

Child falling

If children dream that they are falling, this is a sign of their growth, development of soul and consciousness.

If you dream that a child has fallen, luck will turn away from you in your affairs .

Face down in the dirt - a move awaits you.

Fell into a well and could not get out - leading to a long, serious illness.

If he falls into a hole, he will get into trouble, and you will have to pull the child out of it.

If a teenager dreams of falling, it means attraction, unsatisfied sexual needs.

Fall // Ancient French dream book

Falling - Falling in a dream, but getting up immediately is a sign that honors and prosperity await you soon. If you were unable to rise after a fall, your dream is a harbinger of future misfortunes.

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To the ground

The earth symbolizes sustenance and life force. If you dream that you fell to the ground, you should seriously think about your well-being or switch to a healthier diet. Be on your guard, now is the time to think about material things, and not build castles in the air. Simply put: return from heaven to earth .

If you fell into wet ground, into mud, you will be disappointed in your best friend. Rely only on yourself, not all people live up to the expectations placed on them.

Destruction of the structure

If in a dream you dreamed that the roof of your own house fell, then serious changes will occur. You can change your place of work, country of residence, partner. If you dreamed that the wall of a house fell, this means a serious illness. The Wanderer's Dream Book believes that being in an elevator and being afraid that the cables supporting it will break means an inability to decide on a significant action. Remember that the more you hesitate, the less time you will have to implement your plans. If the elevator fell in a dream, it means that in reality you will regret the lost time.

Did you dream that a door or ceiling fell? If it is on a living person, then he will actually be in danger. Vanga believes that if a house falls in a dream at night, then some event will happen, the consequences of which will be simply fatal.

In water

Bad dream. Water is a conductor of energy and often conducts negative energy.

Fall into the water, into the sea :

  • dreams and hopes will not come true;
  • Keep your eyes open: victory is still far away.

If you fall into muddy water, you will take a crooked path and create troubles that you will have to get rid of for a long time.

Falling into the lake means a long illness.

Falling into a swamp means boredom and melancholy.

Falling into a puddle means you will find yourself in an awkward situation.

Falling into the river means a revaluation of values ​​awaits you. You cannot enter the same river twice, and you will come out of this river completely different, as the Chinese dream book says.

Falling into a well is unexpectedly good news . And one more meaning: you will discover a new, unknown side of yourself.

Plane crash in a dream

If you dream that a plane fell from a height into an abyss, be extremely careful in your actions in the coming months. Any rash and overly impulsive decision can cause significant harm. Aesop's Dream Book believes that if in night vision a plane fell into the water and immediately sank to the bottom, then all efforts to improve the situation will end in complete failure. Don't waste your energy in vain. If you dreamed that a helicopter crashed and immediately caught fire, you need to carefully monitor your words. There is a great risk of finding yourself in the very epicenter of a complex conflict situation. Another dream about a fallen plane may mean the need for complete control over the situation. Without it you will be in serious trouble.

Fall to death

This dream says that you will lose hope. A dream about falling with a parachute that did not open or falling in an airplane (or from an airplane) may be prophetic.

Miller's dream book interprets such a dream as ruin and loss of your good name.

If you fall into the abyss and crash, you will be ruined by troubles that will come en masse.

To fall from an airplane and crash - your plans are tangled like a ball of wool. It will take a lot of patience to get them in order.

Falling from a horse/donkey/donkey/unicorn and getting killed means the job you started will end in failure.

Why do you dream about Falling // dream book of I. Furtsev

The interpretation of the psychoanalytic background of the plots when you saw a fall in a dream depends on the arrangement of circumstances in the dream - whether it was a “visible” fall or just a feeling that you are falling/failing. According to representatives of traditional medicine, such dreams should be perceived as some kind of reflection of the consequences of physiological disruptions, especially sleep disturbances.

In the psycho-emotional aspect, such dreamed stories can symbolize both the process of growth and the spontaneous activation of mechanisms responsible for the development of emotional connections.

Seeing your own fall, after which you managed to quickly get back on your feet? This portends glory and honor, effective overcoming of circumstances. Others will be happy to use your experience and listen to your advice.

Dreams in which you dream that you are falling tell us that we consider ourselves worse than others or feel that we are not able to compare with more successful friends.

Anna Faraday, a dream expert and author of books on the topic, says that we should view dreams about falling primarily as a warning. Falling is always bad and dangerous.

Dreams about falling literally warn of a danger that our subconscious (but not consciousness) has already noted. If you dreamed that you were falling down your front staircase, check it and make sure everything is in order.

General overview of dream books

Dream Interpretation of Grishina

  • If you fall while walking, you will wear the winner's crown after surviving many trials.
  • Falling from a great height means loss of trust, an ill-wisher in your home, a threat, failure in business.
  • Falling down the stairs - your social status will decrease ; you will go lower on the social ladder.
  • Falling into a hole means someone will do such a mischief that it will be difficult to get rid of the consequences.
  • Falling into a coffin - become famous for some kind deed.
  • Falling during a flight means you will be humiliated, but this will be followed by an even more significant elevation.
  • Falling into the basement means a dangerous illness.
  • Falling from a tower means losing faith in yourself.
  • Into the well - you will recognize yourself from an unexpected side.
  • Fall over and over again - worries will alternate with hopes, like on a chessboard.
  • Fear, fright, screams when falling - don’t be afraid, everything will be fine in the end, you’re worrying in vain.
  • Wake up from a fall - a bright event will affect your life.

Freud's Dream Book

  • a woman dreams of falling , beware of possible violence from the opposite sex.
  • a man dreams of falling , the dreamer is not satisfied with his sexual capabilities.

Universal dream book

  • Falling after a flight means you have lost control of something very important in your life. And although it won't be easy, try to regain control of the situation .
  • Falling from a height, fear, horror - perhaps in reality you are in serious danger. Be attentive and careful: ill-wishers are on the alert.
  • You fell off a cliff and woke up immediately - a very good sign. You will overcome all difficulties that stand in your way. You are a strong personality and strong-willed person.

Most interpretations in dream books agree that a fall in a dream is a fall in reality .

And such a dream is good only for students and contestants - they dream of it to get what they want and to win. Ultimately, we are afraid not to fall, but to hit ourselves painfully. And if we imagine that there is nothing to hit, our fall will turn into an exciting flight.

Romantic dream book: Fall

Fall - Seeing someone fall is a harbinger of the onset of a difficult period, complicated by the need to break off an existing relationship. If you happened to fall in a dream and you flew from a great height into some abyss, regard this as an admission of your own defeat in the face of circumstances.

This image usually symbolizes an internal refusal to fight, an unwillingness to fight for the attention of a lover with rivals. Expect a quick fiasco in your relationship if you don’t take active action.

However, for people with a permanent partner, the interpretation changes: despite strong feelings, you are too influenced by your significant other. In this case, the fall foreshadows the collapse of ideals, loss of oneself and imminent disappointment in the chosen one; sometimes this foreshadows an unhappy separation and depression.

A number of more interpretations

Falling from a roof or balcony in a dream means experiencing a shock. The more painful the fall, the more severe the upcoming shock will be. Falling out of the window means an extremely stressful period. The dream promises that you will have to face many difficulties in the coming months. The modern dream book is convinced that if a star falls in a dream, then a heavy loss awaits. If there was a meteorite in the place of the star, fundamental changes will occur in fate. If you dreamed that you fell off a bicycle while riding, get ready to experience failures in your intimate life; if you fell off a horse, a series of life’s adversities will throw you far back. Did you imagine that a dog fell? In reality, you will have to provide support to your true friend. Falling down from a mountain in a dream means a bereavement. You should also understand if you dream of a plot in which you fell off a cliff. The universal dream book suggests that being in the snow means difficulties at work. Rolling out of bed means experiencing mortal fear in reality. If you dream that a fence has fallen, it means that the planned task will not be completed.

Signs of Faith and Death

A dream of a fallen icon warns that a strong temptation will appear on the way. You may fall in love with the “wrong person,” ruin your marriage yourself, or ruin your relationships with those close to you. Miller's Dream Book recommends correcting mistakes without delay before it is too late. Falling into a grave in a dream means health problems. A modern interpreter believes that if the coffin fell into a hole previously dug for it, then many good events will follow.

What does the role of a witness portend?

If you dreamed about another person falling from a height and not being killed, the interpretation of various dream books depends on who you are a participant in the incident.

  • If the object of desire fell down, but was not hurt, the feelings are unrequited;
  • To see how a child was not injured after falling from a balcony - a test awaits the child;
  • I dreamed that a friend survived a fall in a dream - it’s not easy for him now, he needs your help;
  • To see how an enemy, having fallen from the roof, immediately jumped to his feet - do not hope for an easy victory;
  • In a dream, an idol fell into the abyss and climbed up again - you envy him too much.

Often, such somersaults in dreams are performed by the owners of qualities that are polar to you: either hated or desired, but inaccessible.

Falling trees, cars

A dream of a fallen tree warns that health problems will arise. Try to solve them as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will have to undergo treatment for a very long time and pay a lot of money. If in a dream a tree fell to the ground because it was cut down, unexpected happiness awaits you. The universal dream book believes that a car falling into the water is a symbol of loss of authority at work or among close people and friends. If this is too serious for you, don't worry. Make an effort, and the respect of others will return again.

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  • 24-Oct-2020 A.R.S.A. In my dreams, for some reason, I always walked along the edge of the mountains, and then I found myself on a seat that hung over an abyss (a seat like on a bus). A young woman was sitting next to me. I told her not to shake the seat, I said that I would fall down... and suddenly she removed the seat from under me and I flew down, at first there was fear, which was replaced by interest around and there was no fear, and before I found myself in the water I woke up.
  • 12-Mar-2017 Christina In a dream, I fell off a cliff into the sea and couldn’t get out, I drowned, what’s this for?
  • Maria This is for good changes.
  • 26-Jun-2016 Svetlana My daughter fell from a slide, and her neck became long and dangled in all directions. And she wheezed: mom, mom. I started shouting to my mother: call someone for help. Please explain. My daughter is leaving for vacation in two days, and I am very worried about her.
  • 29-Mar-2016 Maria A living girl fell into a well, two men took her out dead.
  • 5-Jun-2015 Larisa Tell me why a kiss on the neck might be a dream, from me to a guy I like (his neck was covered in scratches).
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    What if a woman has a dream?

    • It is believed that if a woman falls in a dream, then her moral qualities are discussed in society. People give them a negative connotation. That is, there is a moral decline.
    • Hitting the ground symbolizes the dreamer’s femininity, because the earth is a symbol of the feminine principle. Such a dream has a very good interpretation.

    Such a dream can also be interpreted this way: the dreamer feels shame because of her action, which people condemn. Surely she has already faced public condemnation. In reality, a girl may experience suffering and a lot of negative feelings and emotions.

    Dream Interpretation: Dreaming of falling Interpretation of sleep

    Dream interpretation of falling. Any fall in dreams symbolizes fear or instability in some sense. For example, falling for your subconscious is the same as “falling out” of a certain situation or feeling fear of losing your achieved position or position. It also reflects your own reaction to change.

    If in your dream you fell from a height, from any height: from a roof, from the sky, a building, from a balcony, from a bridge, from a mountain, the dream means a loss of position. Either from the context of the dream, or in relation to a situation in life, you can understand from what “height” you can fall. In any case, such a dream warns of danger and troubles, change the projection of the future!

    In general terms: falling from a roof is an unforeseen circumstance, an accident.

    From the sky - unjustified hopes, an inappropriate approach and because of all this - the collapse of hopes and plans to implement the plan.

    If in your dream you fell from a building, it means loss of position. And, as you yourself understand, it is important what kind of building was in your dream - it symbolizes a certain situation.

    Falling from a balcony means loss of stability and familiar position. Often refers to personal matters, family matters.

    Falling from a bridge means the impossibility of making a transition or change. A falling bridge - dreams of failure of plans.

    Falling from a mountain - loss of status, failure of plans, collapse of hopes.

    Falling out of a window means an accident or illness.

    Falling into a hole means danger, a critical situation, trouble. In itself, a fall in the mental world of dreams is a sharp drop in your energy, and this happens in situations when you are very upset, stressed, or in shock.

    All people dream of falling into a hole at least several times in their lives. Falling into a hole differs from other falls in that it is more difficult to get out of the hole. Harder, but possible. Do not be frightened by such dreams, it is better to analyze what you see and try to take preventive measures.

    Forewarned is forearmed! Your subconscious is your best friend and advisor. There will definitely be additional symbols in the dream that will indicate the situation itself and the people involved in it.

    Falling stones are obstacles from people, expressed in someone’s active and open actions against you.

    A falling ring means a break in relationships. It makes sense to figure out whose ring was in the dream.

    A falling cabinet may dream of changes in your personal life for the worse. In general, wardrobes, especially wardrobes, mean family life, a person’s state of mind in connection with relationships in his life.

    A falling car means changes in business. If the car is personal, it may concern the owner of the car, his affairs or health. If these are work machines, it concerns work, business, affairs.

    Falling into the snow means obstacles in business and a difficult situation to resolve. If in a dream you see falling snow, then the meaning of the dream is in delays that will not depend on you, but will create obstacles.

    A falling ceiling means worries and stress.

    A falling wall means a loss of confidence and defenselessness.

    A falling fence means the absence of obstacles in some matter.

    A falling house dreams of changes with bad and lasting consequences. Usually concerns family, relatives, household members.

    A falling roof can mean the death of the owner of the dreamed house or his serious illness.

    A falling church means a difficult period in life. There will be no place to wait for help. A falling cross is a ruined life. This is a symbolic image, it is important to figure out what it refers to in your dream. A falling icon is bad luck.

    A falling bird is bad news. Only falling vultures are a good sign. The trouble is over.

    A falling elevator means a hopeless situation, collapse.

    A falling train is an inevitable situation of global change. Indicates loss of stability, job, position, etc. The train is the sphere of business relations, social and economic.




    In almost any case, when events in life require changes, even good ones, a person perceives these changes as a departure from the usual environment. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to how exactly the fall ended in the dream.

    If it’s just a feeling of fear from falling – fear of change. If there is a fall and further landing, it means that the person falling will adapt to the changes and turn them to his benefit. Seeing someone else fall, a stranger or an acquaintance falling, means witnessing changes in the life of someone who falls in a dream. Or the one whom the falling symbolizes, reminds, personifies.

    Falling and taking off in a dream is a reflection of emotional states of joy and anxiety. Events will occur in such a way that emotional uplift and experiences will often alternate within a short period of time.

    Almost always such dreams occur at a time of psychological uncertainty and confusion. You just need to calm down, since such conditions do not go away on their own, but only cause even greater irritation, at first similar to euphoria, and then exhaust your nerves.

    Falling to the ground in a dream means despair of the situation.

    Falling into the mud means shame and humiliation.

    In the shit or toilet - to shame, insults and poverty.

    Falling into the water means danger and psychological stress.

    Falling into a well is a threat to life, an accident.

    Falling stars are a sign of symbolic death. If a star falls into your palm or arm, the dream means the fulfillment of a cherished desire.

    A falling comet or meteorite dreams of bad changes of a social nature. In the first case they will be more significant.

    A falling helicopter dreams of failure in a relationship with a specific person.

    Fainting in a dream means that in reality you will find yourself in a situation where what happened will pass by your attention or will be unknown to you, despite the fact that it will concern you. Maybe it's even better this way.

    Comments on the forum article:

    My husband and I are flying on some kind of homemade aircraft.

    I fly on top of the wings and a small body, practically just lying on top of the body and holding on with my hands. I don’t see my husband, but I know him. that it flies from below, on the other side of the body. Our structure began to descend, I began to scream that we were falling. but he calmly said that everything is fine, now we’ll gain altitude. And so it happened. But as a result, we landed next to a transport stop.

    At the bus stop, the guy beat the girl, and then came up and put something brown in a small cellophane bag. I thought. that it is tobacco or a drug. My husband bought this bag and we went home in silence. I thought to myself, after all, he doesn’t smoke, he probably bought it for someone else, or it’s not tobacco, but something else.

    And we are already on a dark street, I am walking in front, he is behind.

    I was almost crossing the street, but then I fell into the mud. There is so much mud, it is thick, homogeneous, as if it was prepared for cosmetic procedures. I'm wearing a mink coat and black boots. The left shoe fell off, I get up, pick up the shoe and scold my husband that he is so greedy, it’s not at all expensive to take a taxi, why do we have to walk through the mud.

    He replies that he’ll take the car now, leans towards me and says, let me kiss you. We haven’t kissed since (and he names some historical event. I don’t remember which), And I still insist on taking a taxi now. I want to go home.

    Posted on 04/27/2015 at 11:11 pm | In response to the author Marianne.

    A sequence of several interconnected events.

    What they have in common is that these are problems affecting both of you (you and your husband), as if you were participating in some kind of one business. First, you find yourself in circumstances in which you are afraid that everything will collapse (regarding the situation and state of affairs), but everything ends successfully.

    Transport stops in dreams are real stops of some conditions, affairs, projects, work, and so on - in life. But such symbols have one important characteristic - this is a normal natural process. For example: pension, end of contract, contract, term, and so on. Next comes part 2 of the dream and a change of events:

    “during the stop” your husband does something that he will never tell you about until the end.

    A dark street is a period of unknown, uncertainty, falling into the mud on the street is a period of failures and worries. You blame him for everything, he, understanding your despair, takes pity on you. Since there is no clear ending to this dream, you can try to “come out into the light.” The best option is to bypass all this dirt, falling, and so on. If you get OCs af, “Flamingo”, and if there is a book - “From Darkness into Light” and “There is Happiness”.





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    Find yourself in sewage

    Finding yourself in a hole filled with shit in a dream means failure, disappointment and shame. Veles's dream book believes that being in the toilet is an unkind sign. People around you will not have a very pleasant opinion of you, and because of this, all sorts of misunderstandings and conflicts will arise. Do you dream that you are in the restroom and at the same time feel afraid? Such a dream says that you are frightened by human relationships. Remember, communication is an important life skill.

    Why do you dream about a falling man, a child? What does it mean that I fall from a height in a dream?

    The person you saw falling in your dream most likely needs support and a friendly shoulder, if this is your loved one. If the person from the dream is your enemy, then this is a manifestation of the subconscious; you wish him harm, and your dreams reflect this.

    A falling child is a sign of anxiety in reality, but in addition to this symbol of your thoughts, such a dream can also mean something more fulfilling.

    For example, children symbolize your dreams, and their fall means that your dreams will not come true.

    A very tall building from which you fell can promise both huge troubles and, on the contrary, a successful breakthrough. It all depends on the general atmosphere and the distinctive features of this dream. For example, a tense situation is more likely to evoke thoughts of the first option, and a sunny day - the second. In the latter case, the fall is interpreted as a flight.

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