I fly in a dream: what does this mean? Dream interpretation

  • February 12, 2019
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We listen with amazement and admiration to all sorts of stories about human levitation, deep down dreaming of learning to fly like birds, but from the point of view of science this is impossible. However, our dreams, in which we spend a considerable part of our lives, do not obey the laws of physics at all. Anything can happen in them. We invite you to find out why you dream of flying above the ground in a dream.

Dream Interpretation Meneghetti

I fly in a dream, what does this mean? This question is asked every day by millions of people around the world, and the vision in which the sleeper floats above the ground is one of the most common. Psychologist Meneghetti is sure that levitation in night dreams is a symbol of freedom and movement. Perhaps in reality you have quite a lot of unresolved problems that you want to get rid of quickly. Also, such a dream is seen by people who strive for power and dominance over others.


The meaning of the experienced sensation is revealed:

  1. Freedom and ease of fluttering are the favor of fate, full of interesting events.
  2. Fast as a shot - delay.
  3. If you made an effort, change your plans. So far the likelihood of success is minimal.
  4. Soared up sharply - free yourself from a boring personality drawn to sins.


  1. A child's dream speaks of the growth of the body. Can be used up to 20 years.
  2. A mature character must set himself up for success and luck.
  3. The elderly are approaching the end of their earthly journey. Enjoy your old age with wonderful experiences.
  4. For the sick, this is another crisis, after which there will be radical relief.

Maly Velesov dream book

I fly in a dream, what does this mean? If you are asking this question, then the answers can be found in this dream interpreter. Soaring serenely above the ground means success in all endeavors, material stability, a good harvest, and strengthening the immune system. If the dreamer first flew and then began to fall, this is an extremely negative sign. Perhaps in the near future you will have serious health problems, and luck will turn away from you. To soar upward quickly means dramatic life changes that will bring you extremely positive emotions. Flying far means a love adventure. The dream may also indicate a long separation from a loved one.

Flying objects

Fantasies are limitless. Deciphering the object that allowed us to find ourselves in the skies:

  1. A broom is the implementation of an insidious plan.
  2. A machine is the ability to use circumstances to your advantage.
  3. Ship, boat - draw strength from hope.
  4. Star - a feeling of loneliness, the need for mutual understanding.
  5. A chair is an occupation of a higher position.
  6. Umbrella - absence of adversity.
  7. The icon represents difficulties that are overcome with the help of loved ones.
  8. Household appliances - purchase.
  9. Pillow, bed - you will encounter extravagant, incomprehensible events.
  10. Elevator - enrichment in a previously unknown way.
  11. Broom is a scandal.
  12. Motorcycle, bicycle - the goal is rapidly approaching.
  13. Bus, other types of vehicles - quick fulfillment of a small desire.
  14. Bungee, swing - immersion in childhood dreams, pleasant memories.

To be Superman, to take the helm of a fighter jet - show unprecedented willpower. The crowd will follow you. Many planes nearby are a sign of social activity.

Dream Book of the Wanderer

Flying like a bird in a dream is a good sign. Soon the favorable time will come for the accumulation of spiritual and vital forces. The dreamer will be able to achieve success in the professional sphere, as well as take his relationships to a new, better level. If you flew too high and at the same time experienced genuine fear, this is a symbol of your excessive ambition. Most likely, you will not be able to achieve high results, which will negatively affect your self-esteem and hurt your pocket. Flying on a bed in a dream is a rather rare dream that predicts unexpected but positive changes in your life. Soaring in the air while sitting on a chair is an ambiguous dream that can indicate both colossal professional problems and successes.

Become like a bird: the correct interpretation

Looking for a description of the scenario, we compare ourselves with winged creatures. Details:

  1. Dove - heavenly protection, good news.
  2. Budgerigar - gossip.
  3. Voronoi - gaining wisdom.
  4. Seagull - a rebellious soul does not want peace.
  5. Eagle - an amazing elevation.
  6. Swan - loyalty, constancy of feelings.
  7. Peacock - bragging will not lead to good.
  8. Sparrow - you will get confused in words.
  9. Rooster - you will find yourself in a stupid position.
  10. Swallow - the right choice of vocation.

Soar like a bumblebee - calmly bear the stress of everyday life. Like a beetle from one hummock to another - irritability will let you down. Check your documents.

Dream interpretation of the sorceress Medea: soaring in a dream

The dream book associates flying in a dream without wings with the symbolic separation of the dreamer’s soul from his body. At this time, you are as relaxed as possible, and your brain is able to easily find a way out of a situation that previously seemed insoluble. If you were flying indoors, then such a dream indicates your spiritual growth. In reality, you strive to correct the mistakes of the past and become better. Have you flown high above the clouds? In real life, you have a lot of unrealistic fantasies.

If you levitated low above the ground, then in reality you should refuse any advice and learn to make decisions on your own, based on personal experience and knowledge. Rising rapidly to the sky means you are an overly ambitious person, and your plans are not destined to come true in the near future. Flying on an airplane is a positive dream indicating that you are on the right path. If you have piloted a hot air balloon, pay attention to the person who has been showing you signs of attention lately. Perhaps this is your destiny.

Flying and falling means a negative experience awaits you. However, you should not accept defeat. Gather your thoughts and strength, because a lot of victories await you ahead!

Why be under the ceiling?

Suddenly find yourself at the surface limiting the room from above:

  1. Hanging - happily getting rid of a boring problem.
  2. Loitering around a bright apartment, easily avoiding obstacles is an inspiring sign. The spirit has awakened and thirsts for development.
  3. Difficult flying in a low, darkened space - to uncertainty, doubts.
  4. Soaring under the circus dome is a sign of laughter. Some problem that worries you excessively will be resolved in an unexpected way. It was in vain that they paid great attention to her.

Preparing a home levitation experience means that the dreamer's ambition conflicts with limited experience. There is not enough strength to push through the goal announced today.

Loff's Dream Book

A well-known psychologist believes that a person’s involuntary flight in a dream is his internal desire for freedom. Most likely, in real life you are hostage to some moral framework that you have set for yourself. Try to reconsider your own principles and, perhaps, you will be able to breathe the air of freedom deeply. Loff’s dream book also knows what flying means in a dream, during which you made some effort. As a rule, such a dream is a warning and symbolizes danger. You may encounter difficulties that you want to run away from.

If the dreamer happened to fly in a dream without wings, using foreign objects, for example, a broom, to levitate, then in the near future he should stop driving and using public transport. Such a dream warns of a high probability of getting into a traffic accident. To have a dream in which you slowly rise above the ground and gradually disappear behind the clouds is a symbol of spiritual development. Such night dreams, according to psychologist Loff, are an out-of-body astral experience of the dreamer.

A dream in which the dreamer flew on an airplane or other aircraft is a good sign. In the near future, you will have a white streak in your life. You will be able to achieve success in business, establish relationships with loved ones, and restore lost connections with old and good friends. Make the most of the favorable period, because luck is not a constant phenomenon.

Freud's book

The psychoanalyst is known for the originality of his interpretations, based on deep instincts. Regarding his own flight, he writes:

  1. The guy is worried about his own sexual function, while at the same time being proud of its power.
  2. A woman secretly wishes to become a man. Unfulfilled passion pushes towards lesbian games.

A snake hovering nearby prophesies an unsuccessful sexual encounter. The partner will flatly refuse to acknowledge masculinity. For a woman, such a plot predicts a lover with inexhaustible potential.

To see someone of a different sex flying - to enter into a relationship with a new acquaintance. To fly up with your arms open is a desire to have multiple connections, constant dissatisfaction in bed.

Housewife's dream book: flying in a dream

Why does a woman fly in a dream? This dream interpreter knows the answer. If you were serenely floating in the air, then such a vision reflects your peace of mind and confidence. Free flight is a good sign, indicating a surge of vital energy. If a woman herself flew long distances in a dream, then in reality she will find herself in the center of a love affair, which will take a lot of nerves and strength. Flying on an airplane - to harmony within the family. Soaring in the sky - a rather contradictory dream. For the healthy, it portends great happiness, for the sick - approaching death.

I fly low above the ground in a dream, what does this mean? If this question torments you, then the housewife’s dream book is ready to give an answer. A dream, as a rule, indicates a long journey that will make you seriously worry. Perhaps it will be a long business trip or moving to another region. Did you dream that you used the services of a helicopter and circled above the ground for a long time? Such a dream is a warning. Be extremely careful, because in the near future there is a high probability that you will get into a serious accident. Flying in a hot air balloon - you will soon regret the missed opportunity to radically change your life. Soared through the clouds on a hang glider? In the near future you will have a great rest in the company of old friends.

Tsvetkov's opinion

It is very important to remember what exactly allowed us to rise above the surface of the planet:

  1. Black wings - disappointment in a lover.
  2. White - luck in the cordial, business sphere.
  3. A hot air balloon with a basket is a romantic trip.
  4. Parachute - a feeling of protection.
  5. Balloon - missed opportunities.
  6. The carpet is an idle pastime.
  7. An airplane is a successful completion of a commercial operation.
  8. An old corn farmer means problems, a bad road.
  9. Sputnik - steep career growth.
  10. An airship is a forward, calm movement according to a planned plan.
  11. A spaceship is a huge opportunity. Try to notice them.
  12. The flying city is a hint of moving due to forced circumstances.

A long-distance flight means worries, tedious waiting for results; very high - unreasonable ambitions. Going to the moon in a UFO with aliens is an amazing event. The plate made a successful landing - you will be happy about what happened.

Psychological dream book

“I want to fly in my dreams” – young people, whose bodies continue to grow, often find themselves thinking such thoughts. This is a very well known fact. But what do the dreams in which adults already fly mean? The psychological dream book states that a person is constantly growing. When we are young, we gain size, and when we mature, we begin to develop spiritually. Such dreams indicate our intellectual and religious transformation.

I fly among the clouds in a dream, what does this mean? The psychological dream book also has an answer to this question. As a rule, dreams are seen by people who know how and love to dream. The vision itself suggests that some of your fantasies will come true in the near future. If you were flying and had black wings behind your back, this is an extremely negative sign, indicating impending trouble. Falling from a height is a harbinger of failure. But if you managed to wake up before landing, you will be able to avoid unwanted situations.

The meaning of fluttering together (with mother, husband, loved one)

Specification by person:

  1. Strangers - slander, trouble, human ingratitude.
  2. Mom - plan a joint business, joy.
  3. The father rushes above the ground - business activity will reward you with satisfaction.
  4. Parents together bless their child.
  5. Grandmother, grandfather - they call you to another world.
  6. Husband - fidelity, gifts.
  7. Wife - will make you happy with an important message.
  8. Your favorite guy will propose.
  9. The dead are angelic support.
  10. The girl is a stormy, fleeting romance.

Soaring, dancing, singing in the air is the best sign. Get your dream on a silver platter. To stop feeling the wings behind your back means to lose the opportunity to advance and develop.

Modern dream book

The dreamer who was flying high in the clouds should be wary. In the near future, a number of troubles may occur that could negatively affect material well-being, as well as the nervous system. If you levitated low above the ground, then minor health problems will soon appear. For business people who have a dream in which they are flying over troubled waters, they should expect business-related troubles. Do not sign any contracts or other securities in the near future, as there is a high probability that you will become a victim of scammers.

Have you dreamed of an intergalactic flight? The modern dream book considers such a dream to be extremely dangerous. It most likely indicates an approaching natural disaster, crisis or even war. Soaring under the clouds and looking at green grass from above is a warning dream. Minor troubles will appear in your life, which you will successfully resolve, after which a white streak will come. Flying on black wings is a bad dream that foreshadows betrayal and disappointment.

“I want to fly in my dreams, but every time I fall rapidly” - if you catch yourself thinking this way, then you should be more careful. The dream suggests that you are a very ambitious person, but because of your haste, you make too many mistakes that drag you down. Try to act more thoughtfully and perhaps the situation will change for the better. For a young girl who sees herself flying from one city to another, the dream does not bode well. Soon you will have to defend your own point of view, and you may lose most of your friends. Health problems may also arise.

Flying representatives of flora and fauna

If you dreamed of running away from a diving elephant using your wings - be on your guard. A powerful person has sharpened his teeth on you. Beware of revenge. Let's frolic in the air together with the characters:

  1. Horse - achieve a significant position.
  2. Pegasus (a horse with wings) - inspiration will lead you out of stagnation.
  3. A lizard is a sabotage from the enemy.
  4. Fish is happiness.
  5. A dog is a friendly shoulder, a help.
  6. Cat - gossipers will incriminate themselves.
  7. Mice (ground) - a thief will take advantage of your frivolity.
  8. Penguin - to peace of mind, receiving the protection of an important person.
  9. Cow - money, bonus.
  10. Turtle - something that was previously standing will move from its place.
  11. Keith - benefits from a long-distance business trip.
  12. Squirrel - fast news.
  13. Trees are an unusual adventure.
  14. Hornets, mosquitoes, moths, caterpillars, cockroaches - a nuisance.

A beautiful butterfly flutters - innocent joys will improve your mood. The witch took the bride away from the groom - become more affectionate with your loved ones. Nothing is eternal. Loved ones do not have to endure a bad mood all the time.

Dream Interpretation of Simon Canonite

Before interpreting night dreams, Canonite’s dream book recommends remembering all the details that will help give a clearer answer. If in a dream you were flying low above the ground, this is a positive sign. Luck will be on your side. There will be an opportunity for career growth, and you will also be able to establish relationships with loved ones. If you were worried during the flight or even fell down, this is a sign of trouble. Most likely, serious financial difficulties await you.

Flying on white wings means good news, good luck, happiness. On black - to illness and quarrels. Soaring in the clouds - for sick people such a dream is extremely negative and portends a deterioration in their condition and death. If a healthy person saw such a dream, then in real life there should be no reason for worry. Everything will be fine for you, since luck is on your side.

According to Vanga

Night flying reflects the excitement of the soul. Details:

  1. Swimming accomplished with the hands - dissatisfaction, limitations.
  2. Below is a cemetery - to death in the family. For a girl - for the matchmaking of a widower.
  3. It’s dark all around - you’ll find yourself in a hopeless situation.
  4. Floating in the light of the moon - to bliss; under the bright rays of the sun - fortunately.
  5. A flying coffin dreams of spiritual revelations. Gain knowledge that will help you climb the social ladder.

Soaring citizens - to a profitable acquaintance: man - cooperation; woman - love; child girl - a happy occasion; boy - troubles; pregnant - win.

The house is carried away to another city, you know, it’s time to pack your luggage. Symbolizes a natural disaster that forces you to move to another place.

Classification of dreams.

Most often, children dream about flying. With age, some lose this ability, although some experience a feeling of carefree flight into old age. During such a dream, a restructuring of consciousness and self-improvement occurs.

Oddly enough, they try to classify such dreams on the basis of the sensations and meaning that arise. There are three main types of dreams.

A person has the feeling that he can fly above the ground in a horizontal position with the help of wings, like a bird. Some even see their color and shape. Fantasy can give various shades to such a dream. Such a person is trusting and open to everything new. A dream means spiritual growth and soulfulness.

There are no wings, the movement is similar to gliding over land or water, it occurs in a vertical position. The force that interferes with gravity is concentrated in the arms or legs. If a person sees that he can fly over the sea, he is a very emotional person, and in a dream he gains the ability to control his passions and curb them. Such dreams teach you to control your emotions.

Why dream of flying on a magic carpet, on a dragon, on a fighter jet, on anything living or inanimate?

If a person flies, for example, on a horse and controls it, it means that he can take matters into his own hands and tries to cope with problems. If he simply clings to some animal in flight, he is ready to adapt to the circumstances, remaining passive. Any person dreams of this, but only a woman can dream of flying on a broom. This means the ability to cope with any situation, teaches you not to panic, but to think about the problem and solve it.

Helicopter flight

When in night vision a person has to fly in a helicopter, this situation is a harbinger of the imminent appearance of well-wishers or helpers.
When a helicopter trip is made with several people, then perhaps they will be able to help the sleeper in solving important tasks or problems. For a woman, dreams about helicopter travel foreshadow the appearance of a fan or lover; for a man, such visions indicate an excellent financial situation, as well as the fulfillment of cherished desires.

When an unsuccessful flight occurs, this is a harbinger of problems. The dream book interprets helicopter flight as a harbinger of unpleasant situations, especially in those visions where someone dissuades the sleeping person from flying.

We recommend: Why do you dream about a helicopter?

A tiring journey, which brings negativity in the soul of the sleeper, portends uncertainty in personal or career affairs. Flying a helicopter on your own means solving old ideas and realizing past desires.

Launching a toy helicopter into the sky is a sign of uncertainty or calm. If the game brings pleasure, then the person is satisfied with his current life, and he does not want to change anything in it.

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