Dream Interpretation of Mountains: Why do women or men dream about Mountains?

The human subconscious is considered one of the most intriguing mysteries. Many scientists have studied its nature and put people into a hypnotic state to try to get answers to their questions. However, today it is precisely established that during sleep the subconscious intersects with consciousness, so the dreamer remembers excerpts and entire dreams. Since childhood, many have wondered why they dream of falling from a height, because dreams often visit a person.

Why do you dream about a mountain?

When you dream of a mountain, it means that you will be able to receive benefits or benefits without making any effort.

To dream of a mountain that you climbed means you will gain success through hard work. If you are riding a horse along the edge of a gorge, it promises a strong position in life.

I dreamed of going down a mountain - the dream promises minor luck.

According to the dream book, to see in a dream how you are extracting minerals in the mountains means that you will be able to achieve the desired result in your business, despite unsuccessful attempts.

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  • 18-Oct-2021 Christina Damn, before going to bed I watched the drama “Squid Game”, the most memorable game was the 5th game, where they were on a glass bridge, so, in a dream I pass this test and just miss, and jump onto the wrong glass , and I fall. Well, I fell like that, and then I fell on my stomach and I realized that I was breathing and living. After a while I got up and ran away from the game with friends
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