Dream Interpretation of Mountains: Why do women or men dream about Mountains?

Mountains are not only a stunningly beautiful height, in esotericism a mountain is a place where the earth meets the sky, it is a spiritual height, it is our wildest desires, it is a certain challenge. It is not without reason that some cultures believed that gods lived on mountain peaks hidden from human eyes. These gods were worshiped, feared, and believed in.

In China, mountains symbolized harmony and orderliness. And in Japan, Mount Fuji is still a place where people come to perform certain sacred actions.

Climbing a mountain for psychologists is a kind of human desire for deep introspection, a desire to find out one’s purpose and highest goal. In addition, according to some interpretations, the mountain is an indisputable symbol of masculinity.

Mountains are always identified with a certain tree of life and the axis of the world. And if at the top there are always bright higher forces, then the base is intended for darkness and gloom. What does the dream in which we saw mountains call for and hint at?

Why do you dream about a mountain?

When you dream of a mountain, it means that you will be able to receive benefits or benefits without making any effort.

To dream of a mountain that you climbed means you will gain success through hard work. If you are riding a horse along the edge of a gorge, it promises a strong position in life.

I dreamed of going down a mountain - the dream promises minor luck.

According to the dream book, to see in a dream how you are extracting minerals in the mountains means that you will be able to achieve the desired result in your business, despite unsuccessful attempts.

I dreamed that I was falling from a mountain in a car in a dream

Dream Interpretation I dreamed that I was falling from a mountain in a car , why did I dream in a dream that I was falling from a mountain in a car?
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Mountain according to Astromeridian's dream book

Dreaming about a mountain is a sign that you are a nature lover. You would prefer to spend most of your free time outdoors, exploring forests and nature reserves, swimming in secluded rivers and lakes, watching migratory birds, observing wild animals in their natural habitat. In love with nature, you love life itself. For you, every day is a new beginning, and every experience is an opportunity for spiritual growth. What matters most to you is here and now. On the other hand, a dream about mountains is also a symbol of impending danger, possibly related to incidents in the mountains.

Seeing a climb uphill in a dream

Why do you dream of a mountain according to the dream book? Climbing up a mountain in a dream is a sign that unforeseen or inevitable negative situations await you, which will become a stumbling block for you in achieving your goals or plans.

Why do you dream about a snowy mountain?

Seeing snowy mountains in a dream means groundless fears and useless worries. Your irrational behavior and immaturity may have a deeper cause, such as childhood trauma resulting from a terrible personal experience or resulting from witnessing other people's tragedy. Either way, you may miss out on a lot of opportunities because you are afraid of failure.

I dreamed of going down the mountain

Why do you dream of a mountain according to the dream book? If you dream of going down a mountain, this is a warning that you may face a number of obstacles and setbacks in your career, project, business or current relationship. For an optimist like you, such problems will pass and you will emerge stronger, wiser and better than ever.

Why do you dream of a high mountain?

Seeing high mountains in a dream or climbing them is a reflection of conceit. You probably think that everything you say or do will matter to everyone around you. Therefore, they must listen to you and do what you say if they want to do it right. The point is that with or without your participation, people can make their own decisions and act on their own.

Why do you dream about the top of a mountain?

Seeing the top of a mountain in a dream is interpreted by the dream book as having the best of what life has to offer. You will reach the pinnacle of your dreams through sheer luck, inheritance, or through your own hard work. You may be one of the best in your class, the leader of your company, the chairman of a public organization, the owner of your business, or the main executor of a project.

Mountain with stones

Seeing a bare mountain in a dream is a symbol of groundless fears and anxieties. You may have gone through a very painful experience in the past that has left you hurt and traumatized. Feeling that you are about to find yourself in a similar situation, you will automatically show symptoms of these unreasonable worries and fears as a defense mechanism.

I dreamed of climbing to the top of a mountain

If in a dream you climb to the very top of a mountain, this is a subconscious urge to strive higher and try to reach the pinnacle of success in real life. You are currently enjoying the fruits of your labor. You are satisfied with a high position in the company. Your business is expanding rapidly. Your project is in full swing. By all accounts, you are already a successful person. But you haven't reached the peak of your success yet.

Seeing a mountain with a volcano in a dream

Seeing an active volcano on a mountain spewing lava in a dream is interpreted by dream books as a warning sign indicating life-threatening situations in the near future.

Fall from the mountain

Seeing a fall from a steep mountain in a dream is a symbol of an insolent demonstration of arrogance and imaginary superiority on your part.

Stand on the top of a mountain

To dream that you are standing on top of a mountain is symbolic of being on top of the world in reality. A successful life, characterized by material wealth, good social status and popularity, will put you on a pedestal for everyone to see, admire and model their life after.

Seeing a black mountain in a dream

A dream about being on top of a black or dark mountain, according to the dream book, portends imminent danger related to your work, business, project or current relationship. There is a possibility that you will lose your job if the company you work for fails to recover from recent losses as quickly as possible. You can lose a lot of money from your business activities due to external factors that you cannot control. You may get into a serious argument with your romantic partner over a third party. You must be careful in this dark situation because it can ruin your career or relationship.

Interpretation of a dream about a walk in the mountains

Hiking in the mountains or walking through mountainous areas in a dream, in reality, predicts improved well-being and career prospects. You will soon notice a significant improvement in your standard of living as a result of getting a better paying job or brisk sales in your business.

mountain of salt

To dream that you are standing in front of a salt mountain foretells the possibility of facing difficult and painful situations in real life.

Dream about climbing a mountain

If you dream of climbing a mountain, it means you have a tough battle ahead of you. The path to a happy and fulfilling life will not be easy, as evidenced by the daunting mountainside. The more difficult the climb, the more problems you will have to face on the way to your final goal. On a more personal level, climbing a mountain is also a metaphor for pursuing a partner throughout life. To achieve marital bliss and settle down with a romantic partner, you will have to go through various phases and even take breaks in the relationship before you eventually commit to each other.

“Why do you dream about flying? If you see Flying in a dream, what does it mean?

ABC of dream interpretation

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Flying in a dream is a symbolic separation from the physical body, astral travel. Characterizes the dreamer's elation of spirit, the ability to rise above his problems.

Flying in a dream (outdoors) is evidence of a surge of vital energy and sexuality.

Trying to fly under the ceiling is an awakening of spiritual powers.

Soaring high, among the clouds - a separation from real life, a tendency to fantasies.

Flying on your own low above the ground - for now, ignore the advice of those close to you and do as your heart tells you.

Flying up on your own, towards the sky - your dreams are unlikely to come true in the near future. Direct your interest to a specific cause.

Flying on an airplane means you are on the right track. A little more effort and victory will crown your aspiration.

Flying in a hot air balloon - do not miss the person who is showing you signs of attention.

Taking off by ground transport - any task you undertake now will work out. Be more active.

If you take off and fall, you will have to accept defeat and accumulate strength for a new takeoff.

Eastern dream book

Why do you dream about flying in a dream according to the dream book?

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Flying in a clean, clear sky, planning easily - to make your dreams come true.

A dream in which you fly on black wings - you will be bitterly disappointed.

Such a dream before the age of twenty is for physical growth, and after that for spiritual growth.

If you fall during a flight, this is a literal sign. However, if you woke up at the moment of the fall, you will be able to cope with the problems.

Women's dream book

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Flying from one city to another in a dream foreshadows upcoming disputes over the discrepancy between your beliefs and the beliefs of others. This will especially concern you if you dreamed that you landed on the dome of a temple or church. Such a dream promises you health problems; Even the death of one of your loved ones is possible.

If in a dream you were unexpectedly shot on the fly, it means your rivals are trying to set traps and traps for you on the path to success. So beware of making any unforgivable mistake.

Idiomatic dream book

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“Fly by” - miss, miss the main thing, not participate or successfully avoid a danger or difficulty; “fly”, “fly by”, “flew by” - the swiftness, transience of an event, a period of life; “fly down the drain” - go broke; “fly with happiness” - freedom; “fly away from work”, “fly high” - about rapid career growth.

Imperial dream book

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For a woman, flying in a dream is a sign of liberation from the excessive power of the earth and the establishment of a balance of energy; temporary removal from the earthly situation (separation, departure) shows it in an unbiased form and helps to find a solution (and all the stories about the flights of witches are a mental vision of the internal situation).

For a man, flying in a dream is a sign of loss of strength and a separation from reality: a man’s yin meridians are weaker from birth, and separation from the ground further aggravates the weakness.

The consequences of night flights will be losses, inappropriate behavior, monetary damage, possible diseases of the yin organs due to a deeply hidden desire, out of weakness, to shift the solution to the situation onto the shoulders of others and the desire to get rid of troubles.

Seeing yourself flying in a dream before puberty or after, but at the age of a flying child, means feeling the state of harmony between yin and yang from birth to puberty, given to children. This state, in general, is favorable, but is assessed by the totality of events and sensations throughout the dream: it can mean both spiritual youth and excess strength, and the desire to get rid of adult worries and fear of responsibility (the latter applies more to men).

Islamic dream book

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Whoever sees himself flying and circling over a mountain means achieving great power, in which even kings will obey him.

Flying in a dream means gaining power if one deserves it.

If a person flies and falls on something, this indicates that the person will receive what he falls on. And if a person is not related to power, then this vision foreshadows illness or even death, or the person will commit a great sin.

If the dreamer dreams that he is flying from one roof of a house to another, this means that the person will marry another woman. Some say that flying in a dream indicates travel. Flight with the help of wings portends a change in life situation.

To fly from one place to another in a successful manner is to go on a safe journey.

To see a flight from one country to another means receiving great respect and honor. As they say: “If you feel bad in a house, change it.”

Flying from bottom to top without wings means that all the dreamer’s wishes will come true, and his position in life will also go up.

Flying in the air like a dove foretells receiving honor.

If the dreamer sees himself flying high in the skies and then disappears and does not return from the skies, this means that he will die.

And if someone dreams that he is flying away from his home to an unfamiliar house, this means that he will go from home to the grave.

To dream that you are flying horizontally means traveling and receiving honor.

Italian dream book

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The act of flying symbolizes movement and freedom. The image of sublimation compensation, the desire to solve life's problems by escaping them into the creative imagination, a feeling of powerlessness and some insecurity (especially if a person often sees this image).

A rare image of flying is associated with a person’s desire to overcome obstacles and get out of a difficult situation. This image can symbolize the desire to escape from problems, to become stronger and more influential, sometimes so powerful as to have power over even physical laws such as gravity. The circumstances in which this action is performed are much more important than the fact of the flight itself.

Lunar dream book

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Fly low - towards the road.

Maly Velesov dream book

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Flying - good, success in business, joy, wealth, harvest, you will look for workers, get well (for the sick), repent, road / illness, death (for the sick); fly down - failure awaits; up - joy, luck; low - road; fly high - happy change / delusion; far away - love / long wait.

Newest dream book

In a dream, why do you dream of Flying?

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Flying (if a child or teenager) means growth; flying (if you live in abundance) - to bliss; in all other cases - to pleasant illusions and dreams.

Slavic dream book

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Fly low - towards the road; down-up - to well-being.

Dream Interpreter

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flying in a dream means imminent ruin and stoppage in all intentions; and to fly without wings signifies perfect success in the enterprise.

Modern dream book

Find out what it means if you dream of Flying?

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If you dream that you are flying high above the ground, this portends trouble in family life.

Flying low, almost close to the ground, is a prediction of diseases from which the dreamer will soon be cured.

Flying over dirty water is a dream warning: you should pay more attention to your own affairs, since your enemies are just waiting for the moment to use you.

Flying over ruins in a dream is a sign of failure and boredom caused by the people around you.

If in a dream during a flight you notice trees with green foliage and grass below, in real life you will have temporary difficulties, which will be replaced by a streak of success and material wealth.

Seeing the sun during a flight means that, despite your worries and fear. Your business will go well.

If you dream that you are flying in space and flying past the Moon and other planets, such a dream predicts famine, wars and all sorts of troubles.

A dream in which you fly on black wings means that you will be bitterly disappointed.

Falling during a flight is a harbinger of your own fall.

If you woke up during the fall, in real life you will be able to recover from the blow of fate that befell you. For a young man to see himself flying over green thickets on white wings is a sign of success in commercial affairs and in love. If such a dream is often repeated, then this is a sign of increasing prosperity and fulfillment of desires.

If the area over which he flies in a dream is lifeless and dull, he will encounter difficulties on the way to fulfilling his desires. Despite his hard work, little progress awaits him.

If a woman dreams that she flies from one city to another and lands on the dome of a church, she will face a long, fierce struggle against false ideas for her views and beliefs. She is also at risk of deteriorating health. The death of one of her loved ones is possible.

If a young woman dreams that she was shot during a flight, this is a sign that her enemies will hinder her upward path to wealth and prosperity.

Azar's Dream Book

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Flying is success in business, love, trade.

Dream Interpretation Veles

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Flying in a dream while sitting on an icon is protection and good luck in difficult situations; a lucky chance will get you out of a difficult situation.

Dream book for a bitch

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Flying is a dream come true, successful, profitable business, mutual love.

Flying low above the ground - illness or unfavorable circumstances will disrupt your vacation plans.

Flying over the sea or river - be careful in your personal and official affairs.

Fly to the sun - you will be able to cope with threatening problems and improve your life.

Dream Interpretation of Dmitry and Nadezhda Zima

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Flying in a dream, if flying comes easily and freely to you, is a sure sign that fate is taking care of you and is opening the right path for you. Perhaps not all your wishes will come true, but your life promises to be rich and interesting.

At the same time, if flying in a dream requires any effort or you are simply afraid that you might fall, such a dream is a sign of unrealistic hopes and fruitless dreams.

Dream Book of David Loff

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We often fly in a dream - this is a significant event, and sometimes we fly spontaneously, so to speak, and in other cases we see a lucid dream and consciously choose to fly. But, as a rule, flying is always accompanied by a boundless sense of freedom.

During spontaneous flights, you have to make certain efforts, like flapping your arms with wings, to stay in the air. However, many people dream that they are caught in the air by an unknown force - usually such dreams occur when we really want to travel or on the eve of danger that requires escape. In the process of lucid dreaming, we slowly rise into the air, hovering above the ground. We choose to fly because we feel we can do it. This is a type of astral out-of-body experience. Thanks to these flights, the sleeper rises above the circumstances, choosing profitable and safe promising directions. What caused the desire to fly - danger or euphoria? What did this flight lead to? Unusual means of travel. In a dream, a person can fly by himself, on a bicycle, car, boat or other “non-flying” means of transportation. Such flights are usually the result of circumstances in which a conventional vehicle becomes unusable or simply dangerous.

For example, you prefer to fly on a bicycle rather than drive a car and get into an accident - and the dream suggests that you see all the illogicality and inconsistency of the emerging danger. But it could also be a dream involving an archetypal image of a hero.

Dream Interpretation of Health

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Flying for healthy people means excellent health, high levels of hormones, fullness of strength, positive emotions; to sexual dissatisfaction; fall - to mental or physical injury and other troubles; For seriously ill patients, flying means possible death.

Dream interpretation of birthday people of January, February, March, April

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Flying in a dream means fruitless dreams.

Dream interpretation of birthday people of September, October, November, December

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Seeing yourself in a dream flying with someone and feeling the delight of the flight is a sign of stormy but fleeting love.

Dream interpretation of birthday people in May, June, July, August

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To see in a dream how you fly above the earth, soaring high in the sky - to growth for the young; for the elderly - for the last flight.

Dream Interpretation of Martyn Zadeki

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Flying means well-being.

Dream Interpretation of the Medium Miss Hasse

What does it mean if you dream of Flying in a dream?

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Flying long distances is a sign of love experiences; to fall is a nuisance; flying on wings is happiness; in heaven for the healthy there is happiness, for the sick - death.

Chinese dream book

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Wings grow on your body and you fly - portends great happiness.

You fly into heaven - wealth, nobility and great happiness.

Dream Interpretation from A to Z

Why see Flying in a dream?

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If in a dream you soar upward like a bird, this in reality will bring you fulfillment of hope, success in business and love. If, on the contrary, you plan from heaven to earth, you will become the cause and at the same time the victim of a family quarrel.

Flying through the air low above the ground portends a long journey.

If in a dream you fly far, far away and for quite a long time, in reality you are guaranteed love experiences, that is, joy interspersed with tears.

If you dream that you are flying through the sky, surrounded by bizarre faces and fantastic animals, marveling at this, all the grief that has accumulated in your soul will melt away like smoke.

Seeing other people flying in a dream means trouble.

Flying on an airplane - portends happiness in your personal life, on a helicopter - you will get into an accident, on an airship - you will perform a brave act, on a hot air balloon - you will experience regret about a missed opportunity, on a hang glider - you will have fun.

Seeing flying pigeons in a dream means that you will soon receive news from a friend that he is in an unpleasant situation.

Larks flying in a dream mean high goals, having achieved which you will get rid of selfishness and develop good qualities of both soul and mind.

If a lark, flying around, falls on you, luck will turn to face you.

Seeing cranes flying in a dream foretells gloomy prospects in commercial affairs.

If flying cranes fall to the ground, this portends unusual events in reality.

Seeing a flying turkey in a dream foretells success and fame, which will happen in the very near future.

If you see an eagle soaring high in the sky, in real life this portends you a desperate struggle to realize your goals and ideals, which sooner or later will lead to the desired success.

A flying eagle means good luck in business.

Bats seen in a dream foretell the death of a loved one. Flying in large numbers above you means a quick separation from your loved one.

Seeing a pilot in a dream means a pleasant change in your future destiny.

Dream book of the past

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A dream with flying symbolizes the desire for movement and freedom. He talks about the desire to solve life's problems by escaping them into some unreal, transcendental heights, about the unwillingness to accept life as it is. This is the case if you fly in your sleep quite often. And if occasionally, such a dream is associated with the desire to overcome obstacles and get out of a difficult situation. This image can symbolize the desire to get away from problems, to become stronger and more influential. The circumstances in which this action is performed are much more important than the fact of the flight itself.

Dream Book of the Wanderer

Interpretation of the dream: Fly according to the dream book?

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Flying through the air yourself - vital and spiritual forces, achievements in personal, professional, creative or spiritual activities.

Very often one dreams of flying as a result of some kind of spiritual practice, which speaks of progress.

Too high - ambitions, unreasonable claims, conceit; collapse of plans.

In heaven - spiritual revelation, self-knowledge; serious illness or death.

Flying on a broom or riding an animal is a fascination with demonic spiritual teachings, the imperceptible development of one’s own passion, pride, the beginning of spiritual temptation and loss of soul.

On the chair - loss of place, position, or vice versa, career success.

On the bed - an original, unexpected life turn.

Dream Interpretation of Signs

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Flying, soaring freely and easily, but not too high - means achievement in something.

Freud's Dream Book

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If a man flies in a dream, it happens that he is concerned about the problems of his erection, but more often, he is proud of it.

If a man sees a flying woman, he is concerned about the moment of entering into sexual contact with her: whether his erection will fail him.

If a woman sees a man flying, this symbolizes her desire to meet a real man (so that he always stands). But perhaps this speaks of her secret desire to be a man, which may well develop into lesbian games.

If a woman flies in a dream, she is concerned about preserving her reputation.

Dream Interpretation of Shereminskaya

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Flying by air (plane or even a hot air balloon) is a quick fulfillment of your most cherished desires and aspirations.

Tsvetkov's Dream Interpretation

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Flying through the air - road, achievements; (depending on height); very high - false ambitions; far away - love experiences, as well as a long wait; in heaven - happiness (for the healthy), death (for the sick).

Medieval dream book

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If someone sees him flying, this portends a change of place.

Explanatory dictionary of dreams

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Flying low in the air is a road.

Esoteric dream book

Meaning of the dream: Flying according to the dream book?

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Flying on a magic carpet, a vacuum cleaner, a bird - means traveling long distances.

Using something: wings, a propeller - to the acquisition of equipment (car, boat, TV, refrigerator).

Without the help of anything - to the successful use of your abilities.

Online dream book

Meaning of the dream: Flying according to the dream book?

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If you dream that you are flying in a dream, you will soon have to travel in the astral plane. You can raise your morale above all problems and difficulties.

More interpretations

If you float under the ceiling itself, the spiritual principle will awaken in you.

Fly on an airplane - the dream book tells you that you are on the right track. All you have to do is try a little and then you will achieve everything.

Hover on some kind of ground transport - everything you undertake will be successful. You should become more active.

If you dreamed that you took off and then fell, you need to come to terms with all your failures and gather all your strength for your new takeoff.

You see that during the flight you suddenly wake up - in reality you will be able to cope with all the difficulties.

If you are flying on top of a chair, you may soon change your place of work, or change the profile of your activity. If you are riding on a bed, your life will soon change dramatically, but unexpectedly.

Why do you dream about the Mountain according to the 21st century dream book?

A mountain in a dream is a symbol of hard work. Seeing snow-capped mountains in a dream is a sign that insurmountable obstacles await you on the path to success. Climbing a mountain in a dream is a symbol of difficulties on the path to success, and experiencing fear at the same time means moving up the career ladder, promotion; running down a mountain means getting rid of danger; falling from it means good luck in all matters.

Living high in the mountains in a dream means a happy event; walking in the torah means material profit and well-being. Reaching the top of a mountain in a dream means that in reality you need to take care of your health.

Why dream of a bald mountain without vegetation - a bad dream, foreshadowing suffering and obstacles in business. For a young girl, such a dream may be a warning that it is better for her not to communicate with a person who is trying to woo her. His insincerity and malicious intent can only bring her trouble in the future.

Popular interpretations

Men and women turn to popular interpretations every day to explain the nature of dreams and find out why they dream of falling from a height. The most common explanations are the following:

  1. Watch a child, a strange boy or girl, fall. For a mother, a dream means that in life she is experiencing difficulties raising her own children. Sometimes such a picture symbolizes unnecessary worries.
  2. If in a dream a woman drops her own baby, in reality she is overprotective of him, which makes life more difficult.
  3. Falling off a cliff - the dreamer feels helpless and insecure in the world around him among relatives and friends.
  4. Skydiving - a person experiences a lack of thrills in life. If in a dream an event is accompanied by delight, a feeling of sublimity, most likely his dreams will come true in the near future.
  5. To fall and break, difficulties will soon begin in life. For a girl, this can promise a breakup with her beloved guy, the loss of her best friend, or changes in her professional field.
  6. To fall and quickly get back on your feet - in life a person places too high demands on himself, can withstand all the blows of fate, instantly reacts to negativity and gets rid of people who radiate it.
  7. Falling into an abyss from a cliff or cliff - unexpected troubles in a career or at home, a serious quarrel with loved ones, disagreements with children, boss, friends. It is important to remember whether the dreamer survived. If yes, the situation will soon return to normal; if not, you need to prepare for drastic changes in life.
  8. Falling when someone close to you pushes you is considered a very bad sign. For a young guy or girl, such a dream predicts an imminent breakup, initiated by the other half. You should not trust your loved one, because there is no sincerity on his part in the relationship.
  9. Save a loved one who falls into a cliff. In life, the dreamer is a support for family and colleagues, always takes responsibility, tries to help friends and partners. At the same time, a dream may indicate that a person takes on too much, the burden of responsibility does not allow him to relax.

There are many more interpretations that can lift the curtain into the world of dreams and explain to a person the signals of his own subconscious.

Why do you dream about the Mountain according to Miller’s dream book?

For a young girl, a dream in which she is walking up a mountain in the company of her cousin and a smiling deceased brother portends changes for the better in her life. However, there is a possibility of temptation and betrayal of friends. If a girl gets tired and refuses to move on, then she will be disappointed that she will not be able to take the position for which she aspired.

If you are climbing a mountain in a dream and your road is covered with greenery, then you will quickly achieve wealth and fame. If it’s hard for you to walk and you don’t reach the top, then the dream portends the opposite, and you will have to overcome your weaknesses. Waking up at the most dangerous moment of the ascent means that your affairs will improve.

Climbing a mountain in a dream

If in a dream you were climbing a mountain, some difficulties will arise. However, as many interpretations prophesy, despite all the problems, you are moving in the right direction, which means you will soon achieve your goal.

However, if in a dream you were climbing a mountain in the mud, you will grieve.

If you were climbing a mountain, but encountered obstacles (plumb lines or stones), serious obstacles await you on the way to your cherished goal.

The climb up the mountain was not difficult, but standing at the top, you saw an ugly area, you need to seriously think about what needs to be changed in life so that your future does not seem so gloomy and gloomy to you. If you don't take active action right now, you'll be left with nothing.

If in a dream climbing a mountain was difficult, difficulties await you in reality. If you climbed to the top, but reached your goal, once you are at the very top, everything you planned will succeed. If at the same time you experienced relief in a night dream, then you will achieve everything in life very quickly.

Climbing the mountains in a dream took place in the company of a stranger; feel free to turn to your family and friends for support.

If you've been running uphill, there's almost nothing you can't overcome. Expect great success, fame and prosperity.

You were walking up the mountain, but for some reason you stopped and stopped trying to get to the peak of the hill, you did not calculate your strength and, unfortunately, you will not be able to finish the job that you have been working on for a very long time.

In the dream, you were climbing a mountain, and there were just a couple of pushes left to the top; you need to show more perseverance, find reserves within yourself and open a second wind. In this case, you will achieve what you want.

Seeing the Mountain: Rick Dillon's Dream Book

A mountain in a dream is a symbol of some great grief. Therefore, if you dreamed of a mountain, you saw it as if from the outside - this is a sad omen. You have to go through some difficult and sad situation for yourself. It’s even worse if in a dream you saw yourself climbing a mountain. The dream suggests that your own actions will only worsen your unenviable situation.

If you dreamed that you were going down a mountain, this is a good sign, because it means that, no matter how difficult your current condition may be, the peak of your misfortunes has already passed, and you will gradually emerge and extricate yourself from your grief.

Deciphering the image from dream books

To get a broader idea of ​​what you saw in a dream, it is necessary to study not only its psychological interpretation, but also the detailed interpretation given in ancient dream books. There are many publications of this kind, but only those that have managed to pass the test of time deserve attention.

Ancient interpreters

You can find out what flying in a dream means in a collection of interpretations of the famous Russian Empress Catherine II, who was famous for her gift of foresight and deciphering hidden symbols. According to this dream book, flying in a dream promises the following events to those sleeping:

  • If a person happened to rise very high up, after which the entire planet from space opened up to his gaze, then this dream can mean tragic phenomena on a global scale. The queen described this image as a sure sign that very soon humanity would have to experience the full burden of wars, natural disasters and catastrophes, entailing many victims.
  • The vision will have a completely different meaning if, while flying up, the sleeper sees a bright sun or a rainbow, because then his life will be happy and cloudless, no matter how the circumstances develop. At the same time, he will not have to make any efforts to improve his own existence, since his family and friends will come to his aid and will support him in all his endeavors.
  • Feeling like a bird in your own vision is also good, since this image promises a person a green light in all areas of life. Such symbols should be taken as a guide to action, because no matter what the dreamer undertakes, everything will go well and work out for him.
  • At the same time, the queen described night scenes in which a person flew directly over the city or its trees, touching roofs and crowns, as a harbinger of a whole series of minor troubles, reassuring the readers that they would certainly end. If the sleepers happened to fly above the surface of the earth, then such a dream was deciphered as an impending illness or irreparable losses in reputation, which would become inevitable when emerging from some unpleasant situation.
  • Oddly enough, the empress considered night flights over scorched earth, dried up forest or other similar terrain to be a wonderful omen, promising a person great victories and great achievements in the near future. At the same time, the ruins below, in her opinion, predicted great misfortune for the dreamer.
  • Having white wings in a dream means reliable patronage in reality, as well as colossal luck in all projects, including in your personal life. But black wings dream of bitterness from a serious loss.
  • Falling while flying in night vision is also considered a very bad sign, predicting great disappointment, loss and sorrow. Sometimes such images call a person to come down to earth, indicating to him that he has become arrogant and has lost his sense of reality.
  • For a woman, a dream in which she had to fly into the highest layers of the atmosphere foreshadows an extremely unsuccessful marriage. And even great wealth will not be able to bring the dreamer happiness, since her husband will turn out to be a harmful, picky and strict person. Things will be completely different if a married lady was floating above the city in a dream, seeing the tops of churches playing in the sun or bright night stars. This image indicates that she will be able to defeat her enemies and put her own life in order, although the struggle will not be easy.

Like many other authors, the queen urged people to pay attention to the day of the week on which the dream occurred. And you can verify the veracity of these predictions or, on the contrary, refute them, by studying the interpretation of the symbol in other collections.

Big collection and Miller

Another authoritative publication was the Great Collection of Dreams, the authors of which described human flight in great detail. And if you believe this interpretation, then the sleeper who happened to fly somewhere in a dream will have to experience the following events:

  • A fast flight promises happiness in personal affairs, good health and good health.
  • Soaring above clouds, grasses, forests and endless ocean waters, performing all kinds of somersaults and pirouettes in the air, and at the same time also feeling incredible lightness - to the most favorable events in life. The compilers of the interpreter believe that in this way higher powers indicate to the sleeper the possibility of complete control over his own life and getting from it everything he wants without any sacrifice or serious effort.

It is interesting that the once successful English financier Miller, who became famous throughout the world thanks to his accurate interpretation of many night images, described this image in a completely different way in his works. According to his interpretation, a dream about flying means:

  • an unhappy marriage in reality while exploring endless spaces and extreme heights in a dream;
  • illnesses and insoluble difficulties when flying in confined spaces or in lowlands;
  • the machinations of enemies while hovering over the muddy surface of the water;
  • serious tests when flying over a desert or dried-out forest.

In addition, the author strongly recommended paying attention to your own feeling from what you saw at night, believing that sometimes only the person himself can understand how bad or, on the contrary, good his dream is. If, however, the vision falls out of consciousness, emerging in it only in small fits and starts, then it should not be taken too close to the heart.

Other publications

There are several other interpreters that it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with to make the most accurate forecast. Astromeridian's Dream Book is an excellent example of this, because this edition provides the most accurate interpretations of dreams about flying:

  • The authors of the collection believe that the higher the sleeper flew above the ground, the better his affairs would be in reality. Thus, flying high, according to this interpreter, symbolizes the dreamer’s ability to independently solve any problems, as well as the achievement of all his goals. For romantic natures, this image can promise long-awaited news from afar, which will turn out to be very joyful, and for businessmen - monetary profit and rapid advancement up the career ladder.
  • Flying on an airplane in the company of close friends and family in a dream foreshadows the financial stability and well-being of the entire family of the sleeping person. Flying on an aircraft completely alone is a bad sign, indicating that in the dreamer’s close circle there are envious people who will stop at nothing to annoy him.
  • Free fall in night vision prophesies a serious illness in reality, which will take a very long and difficult time to treat. For business people, this image can predict instability in financial matters, large losses, and perhaps complete bankruptcy. If you had to jump with a parachute, then this dream is considered light and has no special meaning. Thus, he can promise pleasant flirting to lovers, and a fun time with family and friends for everyone else.

This image is also described by the famous scientist Simeon Prozorov, who compiled the Great Family Dream Book. In his opinion, high flights in a dream promise the sleeper the long-awaited acquisition of independence and deliverance from a humiliating position. The author described the low hover above the ground as the personification of unrealistic hopes, calling on dreamers to renounce them as quickly as possible.

If the sleeper happened to feel how some force carried him through the air, then in reality he will show a great desire to travel to distant lands. At the same time, Prozorov described a dream in which the sleeper moved through the air in a car or any other means that was incapable of flying in reality as strong anxiety and anxiety in reality.

Whether to believe in all these interpretations or not is a personal matter for everyone, but the fact that dreams can carry very important information closely related to the future is a proven fact. This is why experts do not recommend taking night images lightly, especially if they cause anxiety.

See the Mountain: dream book of Antonio Meneghetti

The mountain is a common image. By itself it is not significant. More important is the action that takes place in this place. The image of a person on a mountain top means that this person is beyond achievement.

If an object falls, rolls down a mountain, this indicates that the object may be reachable. If the subject sees himself falling from a mountain, this is a symbol of fear of losing luck or a reflection of health problems.

The image of a mountain, the top of which must be overcome in order to increase the level of visibility of the horizon, signals the need for self-realization. Climbing a mountain means a repressed feeling of satisfaction, the disintegration of some blocked functions or an intense interaction between the inseed and the ego, which indicates a comprehensive increase in onto-insight.

Why do you dream about the Mountain // Maly Velesov dream book

Mountain - Great difficulty, hard work, grief, troubles, troubles, obstacles; bald - anxiety; wooded - betrayal; falling from a mountain - great grief, loss, failure, you will get out of grief; and if you fell and didn’t fall, it’s okay, everything will work out; to go up the mountain - to good things, recovery // great grief, empty work, bad path; going down - good luck // for worse, failure; dreamed of walking in the mountains - experiencing great need; standing on the mountain - great honor, glory; climbing slides is a chore that will turn out to be beneficial; climbing a mountain is a difficult but good thing, sadness; if you climb but don’t climb, you will be in trouble; climbing to the top of the mountain means good things; your plans will come true; there will be failures along the way - unhappy marriage (for women); stone road uphill - obstacles.

Mountain // Aesop's dream book

Why do you dream about a mountain? This symbol is directly related to many fairy tales and legends. According to the ancestors, the mountains concealed secret powers and served as a haven for their owners. Many believed that the mountains contained treasures that were inaccessible to people and brought misfortune to those who went in search of them. For those who lived near the mountains, there were forbidden places that were not allowed to go, so as not to disturb the spirits.

Slavic oral literature interprets mountains as eternal, beyond the control of human forces. The mountain is a large and serious obstacle on the way. There is a well-known expression: “A smart person will not go up a mountain, a smart person will go around a mountain” and another one: “If the mountain does not come to Mohammed, then Mohammed goes to the mountain,” which means: do not wait in vain for the impossible, do as you can.

If in a dream you climb a mountain, then this means your desire to realize some idea. Reaching the top of the mountain means achieving what you want, making your dreams come true. If, despite all your efforts, you are unable to climb to the top of the mountain, then this indicates that external circumstances will interfere with the implementation of your plans; perhaps you should wait for some time and try again to achieve your goal.

Seeing a mountain with two peaks - such a dream predicts success in some important matter, because you have the support of an influential person. If a river flows along the slopes of a mountain, it means that many events await you ahead, but they will be small and insignificant, the work will not bring satisfaction, but this period of hectic pursuit of empty affairs will soon end.

Seeing a chain of mountains is a warning dream. If a mountain range blocks your path, it means that you will encounter insurmountable obstacles on your way. If a chain of mountains stretches along your path, then this is a sign that you will achieve your goal despite the actions of ill-wishers. If you dreamed of a mountain with settlements on its slopes, then this means that you are surrounded by a large number of friends and good acquaintances who will help you in difficult times, which will not keep you waiting.

To see in a dream how a person moves a mountain from one place to another at will - you are looking for strength to carry out your plans, but do not overestimate your capabilities and do not rely on outside help. To dream that you are going to a mountain and understand that it is approaching you on its own - this dream means that external circumstances will be favorable and you will receive what you have long deserved.

To see in a dream a friend who came at night looking to ask for help: you need to dig a mountain, and you immediately go to help him - this dream means that you do not spare yourself for the sake of others, but every day you become more and more disappointed in those who help and for whom you sacrifice yourself.

To see in a dream that a mountain begins to move, like the belly of a pregnant woman, and after that many mice appear in the area, you foresee the futility of what you are doing now and what your best energies are being spent on. To see a nag in a dream that is barely dragging itself up a mountain - endless hard work tires you too much, so you do not see any clearing ahead; you have to work hard to complete something that requires close attention.

Falling down a mountain by car

Dream Interpretation Falling from a mountain in a car dreamed of why in a dream you dream of falling from a mountain in a car? To select a dream interpretation, enter a keyword from your dream into the search form or click on the initial letter of the image characterizing the dream (if you want to get an online interpretation of dreams by letter for free alphabetically).

Now you can find out what it means to see Falling from a mountain in a car in a dream by reading below for free interpretations of dreams from the best online dream books of the House of the Sun!

A dream in which you see some kind of machines means a measured life, into which something will suddenly burst in that will require you to exert all your physical and spiritual strength.

Seeing a car standing idle means that your peers will succeed in life more than you.

Putting the machine into operation portends incredible difficulties for you when organizing a new business, when your faithful friends will rush to your aid.

A machine operating with a roar, clanging or rattling is a sign of great anxiety that will shake your home foundations to the core and force you to change something in them.

Repairing a broken car in a dream predicts losses from transactions with unscrupulous partners and other monetary losses.

Seeing the flywheel of any car, be it the largest or the smallest, is a sign of confident movement forward towards the intended goal, despite any opposition from ill-wishers.

Seeing a steam engine in a dream means looking at the very real possibility of gaining wealth.

The washing machine portends minor changes under significant circumstances.

A sewing machine is a sign of the rapid development of a new business, which will immediately recoup the funds invested in it.

Seeing a typewriter in a dream means that in reality you will settle a dispute or quarrel between quarreling friends; working on a typewriter means receiving a small amount for a large amount of work.

A watering and harvesting machine seen in a dream indicates that you will rush to the rescue of a friend in trouble; driving such a car means impending danger.

A fire truck rushing to the scene of a disaster with the lights on and a blaring siren - in reality, congratulate your friend on great luck, to which you yourself contributed a lot. Seeing a fire truck engulfed in flames means an incidental event will happen to you, which everyone you tell about it will refuse to believe.

Driving in a dream in a convertible-type car, that is, an expensive passenger car with a convertible top, is a harbinger of good luck and the acquisition of wealth.

Seeing a car parked in a garage in a dream is a sign of good news.

A car or truck in a dream: symbolizes personal capabilities in carrying out private affairs.

Its condition shows what your chances of success are.

Steam engine: portends your participation in a process that will be accompanied by emotional intensity and require a lot of stress.

A broken car: a sign of an unexpected stop in business and discord with partners.

Seeing that the gears of a working machine threaten to pull you inside the mechanism is a warning that you should not get involved in some business, otherwise the consequences may be irreparable.

Much less often such dreams report a real misfortune, an accident.

Dishes falling into the well means a joyful event.

If you see a live horse in the house, there will be a letter from your son.

Frost falls along with the snow - do not expect a successful completion in the case.

Leaves falling from a large tree are a happy event in the house.

A meteorite flies past, but does not fall to the ground - a change of residence.

A star falls - there will be illness, work problems.

Snow is falling - soon there will be great luck and benefit.

Tiles fall from the roof, you feel mortal horror - there will be a quarrel with your wife.

Falling into the water means no harm will happen.

Falling into a well is a sign of illness or trouble.

Falling into a well drunk means a situation will arise related to officials, official business.

Falling into a latrine and getting back out is fortunate.

Falling on a mountain means losing your job.

Leaves falling from a large tree is a happy event in the house.

If you fall from the ground onto the mountain, you will lose your job.

The sun and moon fall from the sky - grief, you will lose your parents.

If you saw a car in a dream, then you will take on a project that will cause you a lot of anxiety, but in the end it will be fruitful for you.

An old car is a sign that your enemies will be able to ensure their well-being faster than you.

If in a dream you find yourself pulled into a running machine, get ready for business losses and a series of other troubles.

In general, any working mechanism dreams of serious difficulties in many endeavors, but at the same time promises the support of friends.

A broken car portends the loss of friends.

A fire truck promises some kind of emergency or unpleasant matter.

Seeing cars in a dream means taking part in useful activities or succeeding in the field of production (in a plant, factory, etc.).

Observe working mechanisms - engage in difficult work, survive difficulties, but also get support from friends

Broken, old cars and mechanisms are a symbol of loss and failure, the loss of partners.

Being pulled into some kind of working machine means misfortunes and losses in business.

If you cannot understand the operation of some mechanism in a dream, then in reality the business you have started will get out of control.

A fire truck dreams of an extreme situation.

It is a mechanical means of transportation, but, unlike a train, tram or bus, the car is driven by the person himself, or his friend or relative, so this image is associated with a functional action that brings pleasure.

In-se associates it with the body or with the immediate environment, thereby indicating its attitude to the behavior of the logical-historical “I”.

Therefore, different models of machines and different ways of using them indicate different patterns of behavior of the Self.

If the subject does not drive the car himself, then this indicates the dominance of a positive or negative influence over him.

A dream about falling portends loss, illness, trouble or insult. In any case, your plans, health or happiness are in danger. Feeling in a dream that you are falling means the bitterness of loss and anxiety because of this. Sometimes such a dream can mean missed opportunities, loss of grip or dexterity. Falling from a height to the ground in a dream is a sign of shame, the collapse of your plans or hopes, humiliation and poverty. If you dream that you fell from your bed, then your family life will crack and you will soon face a divorce. See interpretation: bed.

If in a dream you fell into a river and got wet, this is a harbinger of illness or scandal. A dream in which you saw that you fell, but did not harm yourself, foretells you that what you lost will be found, and your fears will not be justified. See interpretation: water, river, etc.

Falling in a dream, but waking up before you fall, means that you will face great troubles and disappointments, which will be very difficult for you to overcome, but you can do it. Sometimes such a dream foreshadows failure in a risky business. Falling into an abyss in a dream foreshadows unexpected danger or insult. Sometimes such a dream predicts loss of fortune due to a fire. See interpretation: abyss, mountains. Falling into water or into the sea (ocean) in a dream means that your wish will not come true. See interpretation: wet.

Falling off and falling somewhere in a dream is a warning that your unbridled temper can harm your position in society. See interpretation: abyss, abyss, drop.

- robot, automaton (in the sense of dull repetition).

- a soulless cold machine (cynicism), a complex mechanism (aspect of complexity),

- “perpetual motion machine”, “not a person, but a machine” (in the sense of inexhaustible energy),


Mountain in the dream book of the White magician Yuri Longo

Climbing a steep mountain in a dream - expect serious difficulties to arise. If you climbed the mountain with difficulty, constantly stumbling and stopping every minute to take a breath, it means that the solution to this problem will not come immediately and for a while you will find yourself at a dead end. If the climb was easy for you, it means that you will soon be able to overcome difficulties very quickly, although this may require the help of loved ones.

Why do you dream about many mountains? The dream symbolizes your hectic life, and the most unpleasant thing is that you don’t feel confident, constantly doubt and expect a catch. Isn't it better to calm down and live without constant fear in your soul? Seeing someone walking through the mountains means you have to make a difficult decision regarding your personal life. Perhaps you feel offended, deprived of attention. But even if it turns out that you are right and receive little attention, you should not make a hasty decision, otherwise you will regret it later, but the job will already be done.

Steep mountains with almost no vegetation say that in real life those around you strive to resolve any issues without your participation, although it seems to you that your opinion is very important to them. In fact, it is much easier for them to agree among themselves without asking how you look at this or that event. Try to correct this situation and be more active in situations where you need to decide something. Maybe your friends don’t listen to your opinion because they don’t expect valuable advice from you? But if you show prudence and wisdom at least a couple of times, your loved ones will understand that you are a good adviser and they neglected your opinion in vain.

According to the dream book, falling from a mountain in a dream means that in reality you will commit a dishonest act towards a person whom you do not know very well, but he himself treats you as well as possible.

Seeing the Mountain: dream book of Hubaishi Tiflisi

A high mountain in a dream, which you personally own, promises you the support of a high person. If you dreamed that you intended to tear down this mountain, then in reality you seem to be planning to offend your patron in some way. In the event that you dreamed that you decided to settle or are already living on the mountain, know: you have a high and powerful patron who will help you climb the steps of the career ladder.

Climbing a mountain, painful and long, foreshadows grief and failure. An easy ascent is a sign that you will very quickly achieve fame and success. Often this is an indication of the possibility of quickly approaching the top of the city administration or even the entire country. Falling from a mountain means losing the position you currently occupy.

If you dreamed that you were on the top of a mountain, but the mountain itself was black, beware: your life is in serious danger! If the mountain is illuminated with an incredible magical radiance, you are destined for success in all your endeavors. Seeing yourself at the bottom of a deep mountain gorge means imprisonment or imminent death.

Miller's book

The famous psychologist Miller wrote his own book of dream interpretation, in which you can find many interpretations for each person. Today, some sections of the book are irrelevant, but most of them are in great demand. The dream book suggests studying the following meanings of dreams:

  • falling from a height - lack of stability in personal life, the dreamer’s reluctance to compromise will certainly lead to a breakdown in relationships;
  • falling from a cliff and staying alive - a person has willpower, is able to withstand difficulties, but cannot identify his enemies in his immediate environment;
  • falling into a sea with dirty water - those around them are plotting and trying to denigrate the dreamer in front of their superiors or other colleagues;
  • swimming in a muddy river after falling from a gentle slope - a close friend or friend can cause trouble;
  • hovering slowly above the ground with a parachute - a person is on the rise, but any mistake can lead to collapse.

The interpretation may differ for a successful careerist or an ordinary working person, a single or married woman. To accurately explain the meaning, it is recommended to study the psychologist’s book in detail.

Mountain // Zhou-Gong's dream book

If you penetrate inside the mountain, there will be success in all matters. You are gaining ground for yourself - portends monetary losses, humiliation. If you fall from the ground onto the mountain, you will lose your job. Climbing up the mountain, you feel fear - There will be advancement in your career. Destruction and losses when climbing the mountains - portends evil and misfortune.

You are going on an excursion to the high mountains - In spring and summer it portends happiness. If you walk along a slope covered with earth, thoughts of illness will go away. If you live in the high mountains - portends a happy event. A walk in the mountains - portends material profit, well-being, and good luck in your career.

Holding an object in your hands, you climb the mountains - your wife will bring a noble son. Among the mountains you are engaged in agriculture - There is plenty of clothing and food, basic necessities. A dried tree turns green again - Prosperity and happiness for children and grandchildren. A hole appears in the ground in the covered part of the palace - portends grief, the loss of a mother.

Mountain // dream book by Taylor Joles

Mountains usually signify ambition and obstacles along the way, and if there are no mountains near your home and you are not into mountaineering, then the meaning of mountains in dreams is usually quite straightforward. The higher the mountain, the greater the ambition; the ease or difficulty of lifting reflects your attitude towards how easy it will be to satisfy them.

If you are standing on the top of a mountain, looking at the view unfolding before you, this means that according to your feelings, you have achieved what you want or are close to it. If you do not experience joy and triumph, you should take a closer look at your desires and dreams. Perhaps they are not really yours - maybe they are the wishes of your parents or partner that you realize, and therefore your victories feel empty.

Why did you have a dream: You were carried up a mountain? This means that you expect other people to clear the way for you, perhaps even doing all the necessary work for you. If you are carrying someone, you feel like you are doing something similar in one form or another in real life.

Going down the mountain in a dream

If in a dream you went down the mountain without any problems or difficulties, in reality you will go through life in exactly the same way. If you have any worries about something, they will soon disappear and harmony will come into your life.

Your night descent from the mountain took place with the help of a rope, you will be devastated and disappointed, because the task that you have been doing for a very long time will not bring you joy. It is possible that a lot of problems will arise because of it.

You managed to drive down a mountain hill in a car; you will cope with all difficulties and misfortunes with lightning speed.

If you were driving down the mountain, you need to be patient and not rush things.

You were going down the mountain and were very scared; in reality, expect obstacles on the way to your intended goal.

In the dream, you rolled down a hill and encountered rocks and steep cliffs on the way; difficulties and problems await you at work. There may be misunderstandings within the family.

Descending from the mountain in a dream delighted you, unprecedented success in business awaits you, you will learn a lot of valuable and interesting things that will force you to do a very important thing that will bring you real happiness.

If you skied down a mountain, you will be praised at work and at home. But don’t try to overestimate your strength, many important achievements await you ahead.

In a dream, you rolled down a mountain and hit yourself painfully or were injured; the dream hints to you that you should give up bad habits. Be careful with alcohol!

If you ran down the mountain, you will quickly achieve what you want.

Mountain in Arnold Mindell's dream book

In a dream, you climbed to the top of a mountain and looked around the area - a good dream; it testifies that your spirit is high and your thoughts are pure; your role in society will be significant; you will take part in solving global problems.

It’s as if you are walking, going uphill and never getting to the top - you have a desire to achieve a high position in society, but life constantly puts some obstacles in front of you that you have to bypass or overcome - wasting time and energy; expect obstacles in the near future.

Mountain in V. Samokhvalov’s dream book

A dream about a mountain usually symbolizes an obstacle that needs to be overcome. When we strive to conquer a mountain peak, we try to challenge our inadequacies and free ourselves from fear. Reaching the top of the mountain means achieving your goal. Why dream of falling from a mountain - an indication of inattention, negligence.

We all have to face difficulties in life. And sometimes it is very important how exactly we meet these difficulties. The mountain symbol has many interpretations, but it always means that thanks to a dream, you can develop the best plan of action in real life. The mountain is an image that can be worked with again and again.

Interpretation of the Tarot dream book

Mount Sinai, standing on its top means achieving success, power, high position in reality. To see that the mountain is right in front of you means that to achieve your plans you will have to overcome serious obstacles.

Seeing yourself climbing a mountain in a dream is a good sign, indicating that you are on the right, albeit difficult, path. But if you dreamed that you were falling from a mountain, the dream warns you that you are behaving too arrogantly and arrogantly. Soon you will have to be punished for your actions.

Dream prediction Fall

The dream is not bad at all. Falling in a dream means difficulties, through overcoming which good luck will come to you. If you dreamed that you were walking along a flat road, stumbled and fell, an unexpected obstacle will arise in front of you. By coping with it, you will learn something new. If you fall down the steps, you will be transferred to a new job. Falling into a ditch - a dream foreshadows a decline in some affairs, but upon sober reflection, you will understand that these affairs were doomed to failure from the very beginning, so this will not bring you much distress. Falling off a cliff - a dream suggests that you are doing the right thing when you trust only yourself and do not involve even your closest friends in your affairs. Any information leak could lead to disaster, so you should continue to remain silent.

You almost fell from a height, but you managed to hold on - you will find a lost thing or make peace with a person with whom you have been in a quarrel for a long time.

If you nevertheless fell from a height (for example, from the roof of a house), but did not crash, the dream means a temporary failure, which will only bring the completion of the intended task closer.

Imagine that you fell and immediately got up. You did not receive any damage.


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