Dream Interpretation Briefcases: why do women or men dream about Briefcases?

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A dream in which you see a briefcase portends dissatisfaction in life due to a specific situation. Try to resolve it as quickly as possible and life will become easier. If in a dream you are walking with a briefcase, this is a sign that it is time to throw off unnecessary piled-up obligations. Seeing schoolchildren with a briefcase behind their back in a dream means nostalgia and worries about their own self-realization.

Seeing a Briefcase in a dream according to the 21st century dream book

Why do you dream about Briefcase according to the dream book:

Briefcase - Seeing a folder or briefcase for documents in a dream means that all your failures and mistakes are temporary, the experience gained thanks to them will allow you to soon achieve excellent results.

Losing a briefcase or a folder with documents in a dream is a warning; be careful when resolving serious issues, concluding contracts, transactions; you can receive material benefits, but your authority or reputation may be damaged.

To receive an organizer or a chic briefcase for documents as a gift in a dream is a good dream, your friends will help you in difficult times, you can count on them.

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  • 9-Apr-2020 Lyudmila I dreamed that a friend and I were going on vacation, and on the way we met a man I knew. He says let's hurry up, otherwise we won't catch the bus. But I can’t walk quickly, the briefcase is so heavy, which is what I told this man. He took the briefcase from me, opened it again, looked at what was in it, and carried it. But I still can’t catch up with them, I’m walking behind. And there were so many people on the road, and at a fork in the road I lost them, it was like a lot of people had evaporated, but they weren’t there. Well, I stopped, I think they’ll notice that I’m gone and come back, and I’ll wait for them. Well, I woke up. Why is this dream?
  • 21-Sep-2017
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