Dream interpretation of Hangers: why do women or men dream about Hangers?

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A dream in which you cannot find a free hanger or hook for clothes foreshadows an interesting and exciting life. Seeing in a dream how all the hangers and hooks are filled with your own things means that in reality you may find yourself absolutely alone, the reason for this will be selfishness and pride.

Why do you dream about a hanger?

If you dream of a hanger, you will prove that you are right, but only after a long run around the authorities.

Seeing a hanger with clothes is a sign of many unsuccessful endeavors, but it can also predict a successful purchase.

Dreaming with an empty hanger - all things will end in failure, need and misfortune await.

If the hanger is broken, it predicts that you will be tired of household chores and caring for relatives.

If you dreamed about hanging clothes on hangers, big losses are possible in the future.

Look wider!

In a dream, did you have to personally hang a dress on a hanger? The dream book suspects that you yourself will give a reason to a certain person, after which you will not be able to get rid of her.

Did you dream of a dress hanging on a hanger? You think too narrowly, and therefore are not able to see open prospects. If you carelessly threw your robe on the hanger, then it’s time to seriously think about relaxation.

Have you ever seen an original evening dress on a hanger? This means that you have a certain goal, but are not clearly striving to achieve it.

Hanger // Aesop's dream book

Hanger – The symbol of a hanger appears in thoughts when associated with thinness. There is a popular comparison of “hanging like on a hanger,” which means dangling, very loose clothes that do not fit your figure. Seeing a lot of hangers - such a dream means a desire to lose weight, change your life for the better by correcting your figure.

Looking for a free hanger, not occupied by clothes, means worrying about a person whose health is in danger and he is losing weight by leaps and bounds. Finding an empty hanger instead of a hanger with clothes that you had prepared in advance - be careful with unknown, untested technologies and methods of treatment, they can lead to unexpected, quite possibly disastrous, consequences, which is how the dream book interprets this dream.

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