Dream interpretation of Bute: why does a woman or man dream of Bute?

Who fell under the hot hand

It’s interesting to know why you dream of beating a stranger. Often this is a reflection of extreme dissatisfaction with real events, a desire to punish their culprit, even an imaginary one.

Beating up a stranger indicates accumulated negativity and the search for a way to throw it out.

There is also a positive explanation for why you dream of hitting an unfamiliar opponent. Your fighting spirit will lead to success.

Madame Hasse has a positive explanation for why you beat your beloved spouse in a dream. The upside-down plot foreshadows warmth and passion in family relationships.

If a young girl who actually does not yet have a husband or lover happens to show and see aggression, the Women’s Dream Book promises her a meeting with an interesting young man.

If this is not the first time you have dreamed of beating your loved one, the sorceress Medea believes that in reality there is something very dissatisfied with you in your relationship with him. A frank conversation will help get rid of an obsessive dream.

If you had a dream about Beat // Ancient European dream book

To beat someone means to transfer your strength, money, potency to another. Beating subordinates means obedience. Beating your wife means cheating on her. Mother - worry about her, about her. Beating the sick means their health. Outsiders - their crime against you. Pushing and hitting a passerby is an innovation. Stabbing someone without a break is a joy at work. Slap in the face, hit in the face - quarrel with your wife. Give a click - a new relationship (new acquaintance). To pinch is slander (wealth). Scratching is a loss. Why dream of beating mummers is a surprise. Beating Jews is expensive. Beating your husband is a new friend (pleasant surprise). Hitting with a stick means friendship.

Strike first!

If you hit your face, you will face material or moral damages.

If you dreamed of hitting your opponent in the face, the dream means an internal readiness to act radically in order to achieve a goal.

If in a dream you hit a real person in the face, Longo’s dream book believes that in reality he causes fear and impotent anger.

If you had to hit a man on the head, there is a dialogue ahead with an unpleasant person, a know-it-all who loves to teach and interfere in other people's affairs.

Hitting the head signifies how unbearable it is to control oneself in a tense environment. You are afraid to break loose and give vent to rage.

When you happen to beat a man, remember, you dreamed of a comic brawl or you were ready to beat him to death. With this criterion, the dream book measures the strength of the secret desire to dominate.

If a boss dreams of beating a subordinate, his company will experience a financial breakthrough.

Beat // dream book Feng Shui

Hitting someone means people's praise. If you dreamed that a stranger was beating you, it means defeat and disaster. If you saw your lover with a bat, it means eternal love. If you see a beaten dog, your true friends doubt you. Seeing a beaten cat means your neighbor will slander you. Beating yourself in the chest means losing a relative.

If you knock on the floor, it means a promotion (for a bankrupt this is a good dream). If you were beaten to death, trouble and grief will soon end, leading to a happy life. If you order someone to beat another person to death, then this person will be your reliable friend. If a patient sees such a dream, it means a speedy recovery.

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