Why a man can cum in his sleep: causes of wet dreams

If you cannot understand why your man cums in his sleep, do not rush to panic and ask unnecessary questions. This is a normal phenomenon if it does not happen too often. Every man at least once in his life has encountered the phenomenon of wet dreams. To put it simply, he came in his sleep. This can happen for various reasons, but there is no need to worry.

Warning symptoms and reasons for their occurrence↑

Nocturnal emissions can be accompanied by painful symptoms and signal the development of pathology.

The following manifestations indicate violations:

  • Painful sensations during ejaculation, interfering with normal sleep.
  • Prolonged erection that does not disappear after ejaculation.
  • Impurities of pus and bloody inclusions in the semen.
  • Temperature increase.
  • The occurrence of ejaculation during the daytime without prior arousal.

Similar phenomena occur with the following deviations:

  • Infectious and inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system.
  • Phimosis, causing accumulation of smegma and sperm in the preputial sac.
  • Hormonal disorders causing increased testosterone levels.
  • The use of hormonal drugs and anabolic steroids.
  • Benign and malignant neoplasms of the genitourinary organs.
  • Disturbances in the functioning of the brain centers responsible for sexual arousal and ejaculation.

To eliminate frequent wet dreams, it is often enough to regularly visit the gym or other sports training. Physical activity helps normalize testosterone levels, and fatigue makes sleep deeper and more restful.

How to avoid nocturnal emissions

If nocturnal emissions cause discomfort, find out why they occur. During puberty, the phenomenon is normal; as you grow older and reach puberty, the situation normalizes. If the reason is long-term abstinence, begin to be sexually active. But it should be regular and with one partner: promiscuous sexual intercourse is fraught with sexually transmitted diseases. If there is no opportunity to start sexual relations with the opposite sex, you can masturbate to relieve tension and get rid of spontaneous ejaculation. These recommendations are also relevant for women.

To reduce the frequency of wet dreams during sleep and get rid of them, follow a few rules:

  1. At night, you should wear loose and breathable underwear, since tight underwear will stimulate the genitals and cause arousal, while non-breathable and warm underwear will provoke blood flow to the genitals, increasing the risk of a wet dream.
  2. Do not watch movies or photos with erotic content at night.
  3. Married women and married men should perform their marital duties regularly. But don’t do it forcefully, sexual intercourse should occur by mutual desire.
  4. To relieve stress at night, you can take a warm bath, adding essential oils with a calming effect. A contrast shower is appropriate in the morning.
  5. Avoid consuming hot spices and spices, tea and coffee before bed: these products increase blood circulation and have a stimulating effect on the nervous system.
  6. Create an environment for sound, restful sleep: ventilate the room or leave the windows open at night, close them with curtains, eliminate all sources of sounds and other external influences. If a person sleeps restlessly and tosses and turns, he involuntarily stimulates the genitals and provokes arousal.
  7. Sublimation will help, that is, redirecting energy in another direction. You can go in for sports: this will give an outlet to your emotions, make your sleep calm and healthy, and improve your hormonal levels. An exciting activity will relieve you from unnecessary thoughts.
  8. Empty your bladder before going to bed: when full, it can put pressure on the prostate and stimulate the production of seminal fluid, which will need to be released through wet dreams.
  9. Follow the rules of personal hygiene. Due to contamination, inflammation can develop, and when localized in the head of the penis, spontaneous ejaculation is possible.

To relieve tension and reduce agitation, you can take mild sedatives, preferably on a natural basis. Folk remedies will help:

  • Pour a tablespoon of hops into a glass of boiling water, leave for twenty minutes, strain, divide into three parts and drink throughout the day. The product will relieve tension, eliminate stress and improve sleep.
  • Decoctions of mint, valerian, and lemon balm are effective. Preparation: a tablespoon of raw materials (you can mix herbs) is poured with 300 ml of boiled water, left for half an hour, filtered. Before going to bed you need to drink half a glass.
  • Pour a teaspoon of cinchona bark into 300 ml of hot water, cook for ten minutes, strain after cooling and drink two tablespoons at night.

Who dreamed of sperm in a dream

A pleasant and promising acquaintance is foreshadowed by sperm

lonely woman. For a married lady, seminal fluid is a very favorable symbol. Married life is close to idyll. Seeing dried sperm on the sheets is a warning. A fleeting romantic infatuation threatens with serious problems.

When a girl

, she will soon experience a feeling of disappointment. The young man she is in love with will show his true intentions. This will push her away. If a young lady sees how her friend is engaged in self-satisfaction and achieves ejaculation, in reality she should stay away from him. For a virgin, stains on the bed are a sign of unpleasant gossip about her. Envious people spread rumors. For a lonely girl, sperm means the appearance of a boyfriend. However, the dream warns that his intentions will be frivolous, and one should not count on a serious relationship.

dreamed of sperm

- a magnificent symbol. This is a harbinger of the opportunity to easily earn an impressive amount. Seeing dried spots on the bed means the appearance of a rival and the emergence of a “love triangle.”

For older dreamers, regardless of gender, dreaming of sperm means that a long-standing business is nearing completion. The ending will be favorable.

A fine line between normality and violation2

Sexologists and urologists believe that rare nocturnal emissions are normal if they occur during prolonged sexual abstinence. Ejaculation can happen several times a week or a month, and in this case there is no need to worry.

However, if this happens more often, despite the fact that the man has a regular partner, you should consult a doctor. Probably, the man simply has a strong sexual temperament, but if wet dreams have not occurred for several years, and then suddenly appear, you should be wary.

Signs of pathology: too frequent emissions, ejaculation during the day, or ejaculation without orgasm and erection.

Recommendations for preventing wet dreams

“I cum while I sleep, what can I do about it?” - this is exactly what every representative of the stronger sex thinks after a “wet” night. The tips below will help, if not get rid of this condition, then minimize the likelihood of its occurrence. So let's get started:

  1. Before going to bed, you should ventilate the room every time and try not to allow sufficiently high temperatures in the room at night.
  2. If possible, you need to have a fairly full sex life, since its absence is the main cause of wet dreams. In the absence of a sexual partner, nighttime ejaculation can be avoided through masturbation.
  3. It is important to observe the rules of genital hygiene, because the presence of even minor inflammatory processes that arise as a result of insufficient cleanliness of the glans penis can also provoke nocturnal emissions.
  4. Due to the fact that during rough sleep, underwear can stimulate the head of the penis and thereby bring a man closer to orgasm, it is best to sleep naked.
  5. Walking at night, hardening the body and playing active sports will not only improve the health of the body, but will also help avoid “wet” dreams.

Wet dreams are a normal and natural phenomenon that should not be ashamed, because it can happen to absolutely every representative of the strong half of humanity.

Why does ejaculation occur in a dream?

Nocturnal emissions are a signal that the male body is healthy and functioning even at night. After all, while you sleep, the exocrine glands do not sleep and continue to produce sex hormones and produce sperm.

Of course, it is possible to completely get rid of ejaculations or reduce the intensity of nocturnal emissions, but for this you need to have regular sex life. True, for some men, even intense and frequent sexual contacts still do not relieve periodic ejaculation in their sleep.

The first nocturnal emissions begin to appear in adolescents aged 12-15 years. At this age, an intensive restructuring of the body occurs, when, during puberty, sex hormones begin to be produced, and the young man experiences his first sexual sensations.

In an adult man, nocturnal emissions can be caused by:

  • rare sex life;
  • increased level of production of sex hormones;
  • when a man does not fully satisfy his sexual desires and needs;
  • due to emotional stress - in this case, nocturnal emissions represent a kind of “mechanism” that protects the man’s nervous system during the night. For example, experiencing sexual arousal and fantasies during the day, but not satisfying them in sexual intercourse, a man remains tense during sleep. Therefore, at night he produces sperm and naturally ejaculates during sleep.

Regardless of the above reasons, involuntary ejaculation during sleep is normal and can occur in men at any age.

Frequency of appearances

According to studies, at various periods of life, up to 83% of men have experienced orgasms that occur during night sleep. The age at which the first nocturnal ejaculations appear and their frequency depend on the individual characteristics of a person, his state of health, the direction of interests and lifestyle.

On average, adolescents and young men experience wet dreams once a week, while adult men experience wet dreams once a month. But it is worth considering that with prolonged abstinence from intimacy with a woman, wet dreams may occur more often.

Many representatives of the stronger sex often think that since I come in my sleep, there is a high probability of developing spermatorrhea - a condition in which sperm is constantly released, even during urination. In reality, this disease is not characterized by erection and orgasm, and the sperm itself flows out in small portions and very slowly. Therefore, there is simply no reason to fear.

Wet dreams - normal or abnormal?

Experts agree that wet dreams are an absolutely natural phenomenon that does not indicate any deviation. Frequent nighttime ejaculations, which also occur against the background of existing sexual intercourse, can be evidence of a man’s hypersexuality.

Surprisingly, such a state can be caused not only by a lack of sex or an erotic film watched the night before bed, but even by a hearty dinner. This is due to the fact that a full intestine puts pressure on the prostate gland, which is likely to send a signal to the brain to release excess seminal fluid from the full seminal vesicles.

How to get rid of night orgasms3

While it may be nice, not every man wants to wake up to a wet bed every morning. If there is no pathology, doctors advise taking several steps to prevent wet dreams: before going to bed, it is recommended to ventilate the room and achieve a comfortable temperature in the room. It shouldn't be too hot or too cold.

Watching porn before bed practically guarantees nocturnal orgasms, so unless a man wants to wake up in wet underwear, it's best to abstain. In addition, you should not eat a lot at night. Food in the intestines puts pressure on the prostate.

Tight-fitting underwear puts pressure on the penis and stimulates an erection. Sexologists advise men not to take too long breaks in their sexual life, as they most often have a negative impact on men's health. Ideally, when a man leads a healthy lifestyle, has an active sex life and maintains personal hygiene, then his penis will be in perfect order.

“I’m cumming in my sleep.” Possible causes in adults

Adult boys may experience nocturnal emissions due to sexual abstinence. A similar phenomenon promotes the constant evacuation of sperm and simplifies such hard-to-bear consequences of abstinence as spontaneous erection and concentration of the psyche to a greater extent on a sexual topic.

For adult men who have not had intimate intimacy with women for a long time, night ejaculation is a kind of adaptive mechanism aimed at eliminating the excess volume of seminal water accumulated in the genitals. We can say that wet dreams to some extent compensate for sexual life, and with its onset they stop without the help of others.

Wet dreams - what are they?

Wet dreams are involuntary ejaculations that occur in representatives of the stronger sex outside of masturbation or sexual intercourse. In fact, this is a normal ejaculation caused by sexual arousal and accompanied by orgasm.

Wet dreams occur without sexual intercourse between a woman and a man, which is why they differ from premature ejaculation, which occurs before the start of an intimate relationship. Despite the fact that this kind of ejaculation is considered to be a normal phenomenon from a physiological point of view, many men, and especially teenagers, are afraid to admit it to loved ones, and the phrase “I cum in my sleep” seems very shameful to them.

Own feelings

If you have had such an unusual dream, it is worth remembering your own feelings that arose in the night dream.

  • Strong excitement at the sight of ejaculate indicates readiness to plunge headlong into a new whirlwind romance.
  • Disgust or disgust from the specific smell of semen means isolation and loneliness. Such a dream warns that not a single person in the world can meet the dreamer’s strict requirements. You just have to allow your partner to be himself and the relationship will only be a joy.
  • Experiencing the joy of successful sexual intercourse is a successful outcome of the matter.

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Where did you see sperm in a dream?

When you dream of sperm in your mouth

is a symbol of irritation with the development of the novel. Relationships do not bring complete satisfaction.

For a woman to swallow

the partner’s sperm symbolizes her readiness to please him in reality, and at the same time indicates some suspicion. If a man sees a girl swallowing semen, a dizzying love adventure soon awaits him.

Representatives of the stronger sex dreamed of sperm on their face

tells his beloved about her readiness to be paired in subordinate roles. For a woman, feeling drops of seminal fluid on her face means unconditionally recognizing the authority of her partner.

Sperm on body

signals excessive concern for external beauty. For a woman dreaming of a child, this is a joyful sign of the onset of a long-awaited pregnancy.

Smearing seminal fluid over the body means getting vivid impressions of new experiments in the intimate sphere.

For entrepreneurs, seeing traces of sperm on a suit means an awkward situation and the emergence of mistrust among business partners. It will take considerable effort to get out of trouble and prove your honesty.

If a girl dreams of wiping sperm off the floor, in reality the events of her personal life are actively discussed by spiteful critics.

When trying to figure out what sperm means in dreams, you can pay attention to a fairly favorable context. In addition, if you use tips from sources, you will be able to avoid difficult situations.

What kind of sperm did you dream about?

Uniform white men's

sperm is a symbol of well-being. Everything will be fine for both the dreamer and the relatives. Vivid love relationships are also expected. An unpleasant odor or unusual color warns of illness. It is important to start treatment when the first symptoms appear, then the disease will quickly recede.

The subconscious desire to increase the family - this is what the husband’s

a woman of childbearing age. For elderly ladies, the plot portends a successful period; for those who are keen on gardening, a good harvest.

Unexpected trouble means sperm with blood

. For lovers and families, such a vision indicates that the couple has few common interests.

Black seminal fluid is a call for discernment in intimate contacts. There is a high chance of contracting a sexually transmitted disease.

See a lot

sperm in a dream - to a passionate romance. Married dreamers after such a dream can enjoy absolute harmony in their personal sphere.

Dried sperm warns that soon you will have to bring the abandoned case to the end. Also, a former lover or passion may unexpectedly appear on the horizon.

Dreamed about a condom with sperm

- a reflection of anxiety due to some difficulties and awkwardness in intimate relationships. An alternative interpretation claims that the state of the financial sector will improve.

Spilled sperm means that there is a person nearby playing a double game. Ill-wishers are weaving intrigues around the dreamer, dreaming of taking over his position or depriving him of part of the profit.

Animal sperm is a good sign. You will meet dear friends whom you have not seen for a long time and have fun.

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