Dream Interpretation of Noodles: why do women or men dream of Noodles?

Noodles in the dream book of the White magician Yuri Longo

If the dreamer dreamed of Noodles

Eating noodles in a dream means you will soon meet a person who seems unusually strong and interesting to you. Your new acquaintance will have such a strong will that it will begin to suppress your own. This person will significantly influence your life without you even noticing it, believing that everything you do and say is the fruit of your own thoughts. In fact, this someone will force you to change the way you think. Cooking noodles in a dream means changes await you regarding love relationships. Most likely, you will achieve what you have long dreamed of or what was hidden in the depths of your secret fantasies.

Seeing noodles fall off a spoon - a dream means that in real life you are doing things that are uncharacteristic for you, seriously believing that this brings some variety to your “gray life!” Life doesn’t let your loved ones get bored. In fact, the unusual actions you perform cause confusion among those around you - no one understands why you do this.

Who had the dream

To a woman

  1. According to Miller’s dream book, for a married woman, where she dreamed of noodles, promises an acquaintance with an interesting person who will become a faithful mentor and friend, or even a lover. If the noodles are dry, this person will turn out to have a strong will that will be able to suppress the will of the sleeping woman.
  2. Freud believed that if a girl dreamed of making noodles, this signifies harmonious relationships among household members and comfort in the family.
  3. If a woman bought noodles in a dream, expect a quarrel with her lover based on jealousy or mistrust of each other. It may happen that the conflict turns out to be more serious than it seemed at first glance, and this means that the relationship will have to be terminated.
  4. If a woman eats noodles alone, a time of sadness and sadness will come. Perhaps the woman will get tired of those around her and the problems that have arisen, which will fall on her head at the most inopportune moment.
  5. When a woman is eating at someone’s house, get ready for the fact that there will be a person nearby who is only pretending to be a friend, but in fact is not one, because he is spreading rumors about the girl.
  6. From Azar’s dream book: if the noodles fall from the cutlery onto the floor, the woman will act completely uncharacteristically for herself, which will entail negative consequences in relation to her close circle of friends.
  7. A woman who eats delicious noodles will in reality be able to achieve all the goals that appear in her life. Even secret fantasies that previously seemed impossible will become real.

To a man

  1. For a man, seeing noodles, according to Miller’s dream book, promises a grandiose, joyful event. It may be associated with an improvement in financial situation or a promotion at work. Or I’ll meet my soulmate, maybe even my future wife.
  2. According to Loff’s dream book: raw noodles are a sign that a man will have to find himself in an awkward situation that will undermine his reputation among colleagues or relatives. It is possible that someone from the environment will spread rumors, which will also lead to negative consequences.
  3. According to the clairvoyant Vanga, if a man cooks noodles, his income will rapidly increase, and the team will begin to respect him thanks to the man’s desire to become better.
  4. If you cut noodles in a dream, then Vanga believed that the joyful event would be followed by negative emotions due to a rash step.
  5. According to Azar’s dream book, a man is expected to do meaningless things, running around without meaning and care, which will deprive him of his last strength, although they will not carry any semantic load.


For a pregnant woman, noodles are a sign that she will have an excessive appetite, which can harm her health.

Noodles // Stern Robinson's dream book

Let's figure out what Noodles are dreaming about?

Seeing a lot of boiled noodles means that you too often show excessive flexibility and complaisance. Softness prevents you from building business relationships. You buy instant noodles in a store, which means you will soon go on a trip in which your usual rhythm of life will be disrupted. You buy long dry noodles in a store - the dream indicates that you do not have enough creative imagination to maintain the fervor of love in family relationships. You are preparing noodle soup, but it is too boiled in the pan. The dream says: stop standing still, it’s time to act.

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  • 23-Apr-2021 Oksana Was at the New Year's ball in the palace, fun, dancing, everything was beautiful and in the end all the halls were filled with some small garbage mixed with noodles and there was so much of this noodles, whole huge piles a meter high filled all the halls in castle But then everyone started cleaning up this mess, they didn’t let me take part in the cleaning, and so quickly everything was put away and washed, everything was shining and sparkling again.
  • 20-Aug-2019 Elena I was given bright multi-colored spaghetti in my hand.
  • 23-Mar-2019 Igor Eat noodles.
  • 14-Jul-2018 Valentina I washed long noodles in a dream.
  • Yulia This is the second time I have dreamed that I am eating thin, tender noodles. Today I dreamed of a huge long table completely filled with noodles. It's just that the noodles are on the table, not on the plates. I ate it with great appetite.
  • 22-Oct-2017
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