Dream Interpretation Drinks: why a woman or a man dreams of Drinks

All nutritionists in the world insist that lemonade is harmful to health, but rarely does anyone listen to such admonitions. With dreams, things are about the same: how can one imagine that such a tasty and sweet drink could promise something bad? It turns out it can. If you saw a lemonade drink in a dream, then be sure to remember all the little things and check in the dream books why you dream about this delicacy.

Why do you dream about a drink according to Miller’s dream book?

Why do you dream about Drink in a dream?
Drink - A dream in which you buy a drink foretells your seizure of property to which you have no rights. If you sell a drink, you will be judged for being stingy. Drinking it means that you will receive prosperity in some dubious way, but your generosity will gather a cheerful group of friends around you and women will try to keep you.

Seeing drinks in barrels is a sign of prosperity, but this does not apply to family relationships.

Bottled drinks portend good luck.

For a woman to carry or drink a drink means that she will live like a bohemian. However, for all her good nature, she will lack intelligence and prudence. She will be very generous with her rivals, and the indifference of her lover or husband will not greatly upset her.

Drink sparkling water

If you drink sparkling water in a dream and nothing distracts you, this is all because the most difficult period has passed, and now you can calmly enjoy your vacation or your results.

A cool drink in a dream means that your health is fine. If the water is warm, then you should listen to your body and go to the doctor.

According to the Feng Shui dream book, if mineral water is perfectly clean, it means that you are surrounded by the right people, and if it is dirty, then someone wants problems and troubles.

Miller wrote that if you watch yourself drinking water from the outside, apparently someone admires you and the opportunity to satisfy your desires will soon appear.

Seeing a Drink in a dream: Large modern dream book

Drink - You seem to be buying a soft drink - the dream suggests that you will appropriate for yourself some property that clearly belongs to others. It's like you're selling drinks - in real life, greed will let you down; through greed your wealth will decrease; they will talk about you with hostility in society.

The drink you drink seems very tasty to you - your soul will be light; you will enjoy the benefits you deserve. The drink you drink does not quench your thirst - you are enjoying benefits that you do not deserve; the origin of your wealth is questionable. You dreamed of a barrel of drink - not everything is going well in your house with great wealth; Perhaps children, who do not know anything to be denied, are too spoiled and capricious.

Seeing a bottled drink in a dream means your happiness will have a material embodiment; you underestimate the importance of the Spirit. It’s as if you spilled a drink - some find will greatly please you.

Why do you dream about Drink: Great Encyclopedia of Dreams by O. Adaskina

Why do you dream about a drink according to the dream book?

Drink - If you drink any drink in a dream, then in reality you will soon come into possession of a dubious state. At the same time, your generosity will attract sincere friends to you who will do everything to support you in an unequal competition with the law.

To dream that you are buying any drink means that you are appropriating someone's property to which you have no legal rights.

If in a dream you sell any drink, for example, sparkling water, then you will soon be condemned for your own generosity and charity.

Seeing drinks in barrels means prosperity, but also an unfavorable atmosphere in your home, which will alienate many friends. If in a dream you see drinks in bottles, then your happiness will be embodied in monetary form.

For women only - To dream that you are holding or drinking any drink is a sign that short-lived happiness and superficial infatuation await you.

Who had the dream

To a woman

In women's dreams, sparkling water means that you can be confident in your best qualities, because those around you have already appreciated them and clearly admire you.

Vanga’s dream book says that if a woman is surrounded by mineral water, then she is very talented in all areas of her life. All this also speaks of the harmony of the soul with your body. When sparkling water appears in a dream, it means that you should not worry about the opinions of strangers and dwell on the past.

If you dream about spilling water on yourself, this foreshadows financial instability or a great misfortune for a loved one.

To a man

If a man sees mineral water in a dream, this means that his financial situation will soon improve. However, if you spill soda water on the floor and do not clean up after yourself, this will lead to the fact that you may lose everything you have. Even when we managed to restore order, there will still be losses, but insignificant ones.

In the dream book of Nostradamus, you can find out that if a man drinks water in a dream and there is some kind of garbage or insect at the bottom of the glass, then this promises a series of failures that cannot be avoided.

If a young man pours water into his glass, this is a symbol of imminent marriage or meeting the lady of his heart.


Water is one of the main symbols of life, therefore, if a pregnant girl uses sparkling water in a dream, she can be calm about her baby, he is growing strong and healthy.

Why did you dream about Drinks according to the dream book from A to Z

Why do you dream about Drink according to the dream book:

Buying a soft drink in a dream means that in reality you will meet a person towards whom you initially harbor a hostile feeling. Drinking lemonade drinks in a dream means that you are about to meet, which will quickly develop into a great feeling. Warm lemonade means that in reality you will make an attempt to change your image, but nothing will come of it. Drinking Coca-Cola, bubbling with gas, in a dream means improving your health; exhausted Coca-Cola, on the contrary, portends a deterioration in well-being.

A dream in which you drink a drink such as kvass foreshadows frustration due to domestic troubles. Cooking kvass at home - you will hear dirty gossip addressed to you. Buying kvass from a warm barrel means that in reality you will find yourself in an unpleasant story, which, however, will end quite happily. Drinking cold sour kvass from a wooden jug is a sign of rich travel experiences. Treating your friends to this drink means making an unforgivable mistake.

Making a drink like berry juice in a dream foretells that the planned event will have to be canceled due to unforeseen circumstances. Drinking chilled fruit drink that hurts your teeth means that you will be treated rudely, to which you will have to respond in kind. Cranberry sour juice means that your behavior will be condemned by older people of strict morals.

Sweet apple juice - such a drink in a dream means that they will agree to fulfill your desire under a condition that turns out to be in no way acceptable to you. If in a dream you are treated to a cocktail, this means that in reality you will display qualities that are not usually characteristic of you, which will greatly amaze those around you. Preparing a cocktail means you have to do several things at the same time. A milkshake means that you will show sufficient insight into the true intentions of the person who is trying to be your friend.

A drink like kefir in a dream means that you will be concerned about the troubles that befall your friends. Drinking kefir will help you survive light losses and temporary troubles. Buying kefir is a sign of health and wealth, which will come unexpectedly. Breaking a bottle of kefir means that in reality you will lose something important to you. Sour kefir is a victory in the fight.

Drinking an Asian drink - kumiss - in a dream means that in real life you lack self-confidence. Fresh kumys portends elation and success in business; if it lingers in the warmth, it portends a quarrel with a loved one. An exploding bottle of this drink portends misfortune with friends.

Dream meaning of sparkling water:

1 According to the Dream Book of Catherine the Great

Drink sparkling water - you have gone through many thorns and now the most pleasant thing awaits you - achieving your goal, gaining benefits; you will quench your “thirst.”

You treat someone with soda - you are in reality a selfless person.

2 Why do you dream of Water?

A symbol of change, resolution of contradictions, evolution, renewal, washing away of sins and oblivion.

Inside everyone, even the best of us, lies an uncontrollable wild beast that wakes up when we sleep.

When a rich man sees in a dream that a bright stream flows near his house, this dream promises him a profitable, prominent position, in which he will become a support for the unfortunate. A troubled stream means loss and harm from fire, legal costs or enemies.

A young man who dreamed of a small pond will be loved by a beauty. If a woman saw such a dream, then he promises her the fulfillment of her desires.

Riding a boat on a river, pond or lake in a dream, where the water is clear and calm, means joy, prosperity and good luck in business. When a patient sees streams and fountains with clean and quietly flowing water in a dream, this portends his recovery. If the water is dirty and overflowing, this is a sign that recovery will be slow.

A person who sees in a dream that his stream or fountain has dried up will soon face loss, failure or some kind of grief.

To dream that water is flowing from a place where it was impossible for it to come from means care, worry, trouble, grief.

Hiding a vessel of water in the ground in a dream threatens the sleeper with some sensitive loss.

Water plays a huge role in human history. Whether it is a deep fresh lake, a river that brings life, or an ocean that swallows people, water is both friend and foe. If a dream contains this significant symbol in any form, it is extremely important to understand its role.

Water in dreams is a powerful symbol because very often its appearance coincides with the highest point of feelings. If other objects have a relaxing effect, then a babbling stream flowing through the meadow enhances this effect. If some symbols create a feeling of fear or ANXIETY, then the stormy ocean intensifies it. Water has a symbolic, primary meaning, according to which it either ensures the existence of life, or keeps a secret, is fraught with danger. This is a reflection of the human experience with water.

At the dawn of humanity, hunter-gatherers quickly realized that water was a central component of life. (They die from thirst much faster than from hunger.) Even more important was to know where the water was, because it made it clear where the FOOD was. However, with the spread of trade, water became a necessary evil, fraught with unknown dangers. TRAVELING by water was dangerous and mysterious, as sea creatures, storms and rough seas took the lives of many travelers; contaminated water affected livestock and spread disease.

Emphasizing the positive view of water, it should be noted that it is often a symbol of new life, restoration of strength and energy. Water in controlled quantities or in a controlled environment almost always causes this feeling in the sleeper. Managed water is the key to solving problems.

If there is a lake in the dream, is the entire shoreline within sight and probable reach?

If you dream of a river or stream, have they overflowed their banks, and in your opinion, can they be overcome by ordinary means? These are all examples of managed water.

Water represented in this way often indicates renewal. For example, a tired traveler, dreaming, suddenly comes across a stream. A place where you can refresh yourself and gain strength to continue your journey is close, at hand. Perhaps the dreamer is sailing on a BOAT, slowly gliding along the surface of the water. The sleeper must be anticipating a time of respite from everyday worries or trying to specially create such an opportunity.

Uncontrolled water creates anxiety. Raging rivers, rapids and boundless lakes reflect the uncontrollability of the circumstances in which the dreamer finds himself. Quiet, deep water that seems refreshing can also create feelings of anxiety. The reason for this is the potential danger lurking in the darkness and the lack of knowledge of what lies in the depths.

The exception to the general statements above are water taps. In a dream, it is important to determine whether the tap is controlled by the dreamer or another person and for what purpose this is done. If the dreamer is ineffective at operating the tap, then it can be assumed that he feels that he is out of control and unable to cope with simple circumstances (or, even worse, perhaps there is no water in the tap). If the tap is controlled by another person, then we can conclude that the dreamer feels that his position, whether good or bad, is determined by the whim of another. This whim can cause one to feel significant discomfort or comfort, depending on whether it comes from an unpredictable boss , lover or other persons significant to you.


Drink // dream book of Nostradamus

If you dream of alcoholic drinks, this is a symbol of calm, relaxation, friendship and union.

To see people sitting in a circle and drinking a golden drink from the same cup in a dream means that an event is coming in the fall that will quarrel the members of the strongest union, and this will bring collapse to some areas of state activity, in particular to trade and the food industry.

If you dream of a green alcoholic drink that spills from a decanter onto the ground, this is a harbinger of a fertile year and an unusually warm spring.

Drink in V. Melnikov’s dream book

If you dream that you are buying soft drinks, then you will soon meet a person towards whom you initially harbor a hostile feeling.

Drinking lemonade in a dream - this drink means that you are about to meet, which will quickly develop into a great feeling.

Drinking warm lemonade in a dream - this drink means that you will make an attempt to change your image, but nothing will come of it.

If you dreamed that you were drinking Coca-Cola, bubbling with gas, this drink symbolizes improved health.

Exhausted Coca-Cola - this drink, on the contrary, portends a deterioration in well-being.

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