Dream interpretation of Yolks: why do women or men dream about Yolks?

Many people know the fact that an egg is a symbol of new life. However, seeing him in a dream can have both positive and negative interpretations. In some sources, what was seen is interpreted as the acquisition of wealth, while in others - illnesses and a series of failures. To understand why you dream about the yolk of an egg, you need to remember the details accompanying night dreams and turn to dream books for help.

If you had a dream about Yolk // Gypsy dream book

Why do you dream about Yolk according to gypsy traditions?

Egg yolk – Signifies benefit and success.

Breaking an egg in a dream that does not have a yolk means failure in business awaits you because you have not thought through everything to the smallest detail. For a woman - frivolous behavior that will have consequences.

Beat the yolks with sugar - you will receive a reward for your work.

Separate the yolk from the white - you will sort things out with your spouse, this may end in a lawsuit or divorce. For a woman, you will lose the whims of your fans.

Psychologists' point of view

A person’s emotional reaction to an egg in a dream can sometimes provide more valuable information than the image itself. Among other things, this symbol can be interpreted as an attempt by a person’s subconscious to return to childhood, which means that such a dream is a hint of certain problems that the dreamer does not want to notice in his real life.

The shell, in turn, plays the role of protection, often vital for a new “life form” to form. Looking for bird's nests is a sign of impatience, due to which a person is unable to implement his plans in life. People who blame themselves for one or another action may dream of a scene in which they are pelted with slop and eggshells.

Sigmund Freud

Since, from the perspective of a psychoanalyst, eggs symbolize the female reproductive system, such a dream, with a high degree of probability, indicates a person’s desire to have a child. The presence of a large number of eggs indicates the dreamer's or dreamer's need for family relationships. However, there is a caveat - if a person goes to bed hungry, then he may well have a similar dream!

The terrible and nauseating smell of rottenness and staleness of the product indicates a person’s concern for his health, as well as the possible occurrence of hidden diseases. Boiling eggs is a sign of a person’s immaturity and shortsightedness in sexual matters; It is quite possible that these qualities are caused by frivolity, as well as young age.

Cooking fried eggs or an omelet means a person’s subconscious fear of losing his child both during pregnancy and in adulthood.

Gustav Miller

An egg seen in a dream speaks of an opportunity that the dreamer should take advantage of before other people become interested in it. The absence of yolk means problems that will arise due to the slowness and excessive caution of a person. For a man, such an image can mean subconscious worries about protecting his vulnerabilities from attacks from other people.

Cooking egg dishes, as well as eating them, means feeling the need for unnecessary information such as listening to gossip, rumors and opinions of other people about unimportant issues. Peeling the shell or holding it in your hands means that in the near future a person will have to reconsider some of his views.

Antonio Meneghetti

The Italian psychologist believes that this image should be interpreted negatively. The fact is that for the dreamer it is absolutely unknown who or what can crawl out of this “image of creation” and what this will lead to - many reptiles, like birds, are oviparous, and a worried mother may be next to the clutch. In addition, the following interpretations are possible:

  • Symbolism of childbirth and sex. If the eggshell is damaged, one should assume the presence of hidden sexual pathologies or deviations.
  • Threat from the outside world.
  • The threat that comes from the dreamer himself (in particular, the state of auto-aggression).

However, if you dream of egg dishes along with others, then in this case the interpretation of the dream takes on a neutral or even positive connotation. A person’s actions in a dream plot reflect his true attitude to problems, and this position may not be accepted by the person himself while awake.

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Seeing Yolk in a dream: Large modern dream book

Yolk - a dream foretells success soon; the deal you make will be very profitable. It’s as if you break an egg, but don’t find a yolk in it - because of some annoying little thing you won’t be able to complete an important task; if a woman has a dream, she has a scene of jealousy ahead of her; a woman will give a reason for jealousy - but not a reason.

Having broken an egg, you separate the yolk from the white - the matter between the spouses will almost lead to a quarrel and will end in a showdown; the conversation will be long; you will sort all your actions and statements of the last days into categories; the intensity of passions will gradually subside. It’s as if you are whipping a yolk - your work will be noticed and appreciated; the reward will be beyond all expectations.

Interpretation from various sources

Many dream books associate the yolk of a raw egg with a hint from the subconscious, indicating that the dreamer should not be reckless or frivolous.

Yolk in Freud's dream book

According to this source, seeing a chicken product in a dream means imminent financial loss . Eating it indicates that a certain person is trying to find out the dreamer’s secret. And he will succeed if the observer does not make more efforts to protect the information.

For a girl, such a dream indicates an obsession with her own personality. She is advised to pay more attention to her chosen one, otherwise her behavior will soon affect the relationship and will be of a very unpleasant nature.

Throwing away the core of an egg in a dream means the emergence of a relationship that will bring neither benefit nor joy. But their completion will bring many benefits to the beholder.

A fresh pink yolk indicates that actions taken out of personal calculation will end in failure or become the beginning of a crisis.

Miller notation

Raw yolks in a dream indicate a serious mistake will be made in the near future. The dreamer needs to be careful and attentive to all decisions and actions.

Also, a raw product is an indication of the subconscious . It reminds the beholder and warns him against:

  1. Absent-mindedness while performing daily duties.
  2. Unnecessary distraction of attention to third-party incidents and trifles.
  3. Large and unnecessary expenses.

Saving is very important now; it will help stabilize your financial situation.

Decoding Vanga

According to this interpreter, a chicken yolk seen in a dream means an unreasonable feeling of happiness and a lack of concern about financial well-being. The dream also has another interpretation - the desire of the opposite sex to meet the dreamer.

A crushed yolk indicates the appearance of an ill-wisher who intends to commit fraudulent acts against the beholder. As a result, the latter will suffer major losses.

Definition of Nostradamus, Hasse and Longo

I dreamed of two or more yolks; the dream is interpreted according to Nostradamus’s dream book as an indication of an unpromising investment of one’s own capital. As a result, the dreamer will face a number of problems related not only to finances. If there were many yolks in one egg, then night dreams mean that the help provided to someone you know was not appreciated.

Hasse associated black yolk with anger, the causes of which are not clear to the dreamer.

In Longo's interpretation, a boiled yolk is a symbol of being burdened with an important secret in real life.

Fedorovskaya's interpretation

In this source, the chicken product is a symbol of profit and success in the business started. If a sauce or dish is prepared from the product, then this is the beginning of a major project that will bring benefits.

For young girls, a dream where they broke an egg, but there was no yellow core in it, indicates their frivolous behavior and warns of problems associated with it.

Black yolk is a bad sign. It indicates the death of a loved one. Whipped with sugar - a good job offer.

Modern and great predictors

In the modern dream book, products whipped with sugar indicate a promotion and a corresponding salary. The absence of yolk in an egg indicates payment for previously made mistakes. It may also indicate a collapse in a recently started business.

For young girls, such a dream foreshadows an imminent quarrel with their lover, which will be caused by the lady’s selfishness. Separating the yolk from the white is a conflict with household members. A black chicken product means bad news, major losses and the death of a loved one.

The Big Dream Book interprets the dream depending on which bird produced the product:

  1. At home - stability and harmony in relationships with loved ones.
  2. Dikoy - problems in dubious matters or undertakings.

Eating yolks speaks of making a profit from a hopeless business, and dishes prepared from them are an unhindered embodiment of the plan.

For women, hard-boiled yolks foretell the occurrence of diseases associated with their gender, for men - everyday troubles that will cause a bad mood.

Family source

In the family interpreter, many yolks seen in a dream predict the collapse of plans and hopes . Beating a poultry product with sugar yourself indicates an imminent meeting that will end with a lucrative offer.

The separation of the yellow core from the base of the egg promises family quarrels and scandals. The reason for them will be the jealousy of one of the spouses. The absence of such in the egg predicts the failure of the plans.

For young ladies, such a dream indicates their selfish behavior, which will lead to a quarrel with their lover. If in a dream the yolk has an unusual color, then this is an indication of unpleasant events in real life.

If you dreamed that a child was eating yolks, then you need to pay attention to the state of his health, and if the dreamer himself, then success in the business he has begun.

Raw poultry eggs are an ancient and sacred symbol. It indicates the birth of something new, the implementation and successful outcome of what was planned. Therefore, almost every existing dream book interprets what they see as a good sign.

Why do you dream about Yolk according to the dream interpreter according to N. Stepanova

For those born from January to April:

Boiled yolk (egg) - to abortion or miscarriage.

For those born from May to August:

Yolk - the child eats only the yolk from the egg - you will be concerned about his health.

For those born from September to December:

Yolk - in a dream, eating boiled eggs with very yellow yolks means getting jaundice.

Dreams about chicken eggs

Eggs are symbolized mainly with the beginning of something or with newness. It is interconnected with dreams and ideas, as well as the plans and life of the dreamer. In the case when the shell is destroyed, one should expect dashed hopes for something new. To make an accurate interpretation, you need to remember the following details:

  1. Actions carried out with eggs.
  2. Their location and location.
  3. Color.
  4. Quantity.

What were they like?

What exactly the raw eggs were plays a big role in the interpretation.

The general interpretation of the dream book suggests the following:

  1. White raw eggs in a dream indicate that soon there will be a deal with an organization that had no prospects. In the future, profit will come from it.
  2. A broken product promises the implementation of a project that does not show any hope. The dreamer simply wanted to forget about this matter altogether. A good sign is when the insides of a broken egg remain intact.
  3. A bad symbol is a rotten egg. Plans will not be so rosy, and progress will become worse. There may even be a loss of property.
  4. Large eggs are a symbol of the integrity of the family, which will certainly be quite prosperous and happy. There will always be prosperity in it. But the collapse of family ties and poverty will happen if the product turns out to be broken.
  5. If you dreamed about a small egg, it means that the sleeper spends a lot of time in real life on small chores. Such a dream warns a girl that she is wasting her life on men without any intentions. But for men, this is a symbol of the fact that he is doing something worthless.
  6. A large amount of this product suggests that in reality, all endeavors will end in dizzying success.

Who had a dream

If you dreamed about raw eggs, then such a plot has a sacred character: it can be a symbol of comfort in the home, a rich sex life, success in business and financial solvency. Much depends on who exactly had the dream:

  1. For a woman, such a nightly plot promises stormy nights with excellent partners, as well as a good sex life. During this period of life, the likelihood of becoming pregnant increases significantly. The plans of a couple who have long wanted to have an heir will soon come true.
  2. Such a dream is a favorable symbol for an unmarried girl. The chickens that appeared in a dream will bring with them a successful ending to future affairs and good news.
  3. In the case when the plot appeared in a dream to a pregnant woman, it is recommended to immediately contact the clinic. Such a vision may portend a miscarriage. You can count on an easy birth and well-being only when the chicks have hatched from the eggs.
  4. A dream is also a favorable symbol for representatives of the male part of humanity. It portends a reliable sexual relationship if the sleeper has put in a basket, acquired or collected testicles.

If a man is already married, then most likely he will take a mistress. But at the same time, family life will remain happy.

Location and action

Where exactly the food was located in the night’s dreams plays a big role.

There are the following interpretations:

  1. The nest promises a happy marriage. It is also a symbol of home comfort. Such dreams for a woman indicate frequent hobbies. But for the strong half of the population, such a dream promises wealth and success, as well as a happy family life.
  2. In reality, you should prepare for unexpected profits when the person sleeping in the chicken coop collects eggs. Everyday worries will bear fruit.
  3. But a product placed in the refrigerator foreshadows falling in love from which there will be no joy. Feelings will turn out to be non-reciprocal, which will entail suffering and pain. There is no need to take any action towards the object of your desire.
  4. Comfort and coziness in the house are foreshadowed by the eggs located on the table. Broken or rotten ones promise money spending and some problems in relationships.
  5. If the product was in the basket, the dreamer begins to become aware of his promiscuity. His inner subconscious already wants to stop and create a full-fledged family.
  6. If the sleeper collected this product in his night dreams, it means that a loved one does not trust him. But seeing laying hens is a sign of a wonderful romantic evening with your chosen one.
  7. The set goals will certainly be achieved if a boiled product appeared in the plot. The dreamer's dreams will slowly begin to come true.
  8. Fried eggs promise loss. It could be some important thing, finances or even a person. But in this situation there is no question of death. Such a vision portends a quarrel or separation.
  9. Eating this product in a dream is considered a good sign. Especially when the taste and aroma were pleasant. Perhaps the sleeper will soon meet people whom he has not seen for a long time.
  10. Drinking eggs in a dream means experiences in real life. But soon the troubles will be replaced by joy if you enjoyed the process. This vision also says that in the life of the sleeper there are a lot of lies from relatives. To protect yourself from gossip and ugly conversations, you need to find out who it was in the near future.
  11. But in the case when the eggs were broken in night vision, you can expect recovery from the illness. Through dreams, the Universe conveys to the dreamer that he is the chosen one and the favorite. All plans will be fulfilled without any obstacles.
  12. To acquire means to be deceived. You should never agree to suspicious adventures. Also, such a vision can foreshadow a successful, but at the same time unexpected, solution to a problem.

Why do you dream about Yolk according to David Loff’s dream book?

Egg yolks are where new life is born. But it is also quite a valuable ingredient in cooking. In dreams, seeing how the yolk is separated from the white can be an omen of family discord, a loss of mutual understanding between spouses. If you dreamed that in a dream you were whipping eggnog (yolks with sugar), then this dream foreshadows an attempt to arrange a holiday for yourself and your loved ones. If you dreamed that you saw that a broken egg had no yolk, then this dream foreshadows failure in business due to the short-sightedness and rashness of the dreamer himself.

Whose eggs did you dream about?

Besides chicken eggs, there are many other eggs. The meaning of dreams involving them varies.

Geese are considered a lucky symbol

eggs. They portend unclouded well-being and prosperity.

A sign of cash receipts are quail

eggs in a dream This can be either a planned salary or an unexpected bonus.


eggs are treated as news. Most likely, you will find out about a loved one.

Large ostriches

eggs, which in reality are exotic for ordinary people, signal strong feelings. Also, these giants may appear in a dream as a memory of visiting a farm with ostriches.

Bird eggs

forest inhabitants foretell the receipt of an inheritance. Joy will be overshadowed by negative emotions.

You will have to answer for everything if you dream about snake

. Even the smallest actions can have an unfortunate resonance. Crocodile eggs warn of a serious conflict. He will grow out of a previously unresolved situation with ill-wishers.

men warn about unfulfilled sexual desires

eggs. For representatives of the stronger sex, such a vision is also an indication of latent homosexuality. In general, genitals in a dream call for paying attention to the genital area and bringing it into harmony.

Luck is on your side!

A modern universal dream book will please a person who ate egg yolks in a dream with a significant increase in income. And if the yolks were large, in reality the financial profit will exceed all expectations!

A bright yellow yolk in a dream means that you need to approach the solution to a possible problem from a different angle and choose an unconventional solution path. Whisk the yolk - you may have the opportunity to take part in a profitable deal and earn a decent income.

Medea's dream book explains the yolk seen in a dream as doubt, uncertainty about an upcoming important event, or mistrust of a loved one. Cooking and eating it means there is a risk of failure in a risky business that promises good benefits.

What is a yolk really like?

Most dream books explain why the yolk is dreamed of based on the appearance and properties of this yellow substance.

In dried form - a warning about possible illness and poor health.

Raw - the likelihood of receiving a tempting offer and concluding a profitable deal.

Boiled - misunderstandings and troubles are expected in the family.

Spoiled - warns of unfulfilled dreams and disappointments.

Black - you risk succumbing to the evil eye or evil spells.

Miller's position

Miller explains a broken egg with no yolk as a failure and problems in business. Such a failure may be associated with poor organization of the enterprise or an incorrect development strategy.

Boiling eggs according to Miller’s dream book is, rather, a warning about an unwanted meeting with a two-faced person who can set you up at work or deceive. If you eat scrambled eggs in a dream, be prepared for competition and intrigue from your employees. But a well-known psychologist predicts pregnancy for a woman who eats a raw yolk, and very soon.

Dream interpretation

The symbol is very positive and can indicate the completion of a business or the beginning of the implementation of an idea, as well as the receipt of prosperity.

If you combine all the interpretations of chicken eggs, then the symbol is positive and portends prosperity for you. You can benefit and spend virtually nothing. This period is favorable for you and even difficult things will end positively for you in the future.

You should pay attention to the symbolism of broken eggs, here the meaning is negative. It is quite possible that you have lost hope or done something wrong and, as a result, cannot count on a positive outcome for your own affairs.

In addition, broken eggs can indicate a relationship. For example, if you break an egg through negligence, then your relationship with someone close may be shaken. Think about whether you have offended someone; the other person may not show any signs of it, but feel sad about it.

Eating eggs is a positive symbol that indicates your physical health. You feel great and will feel great in the future.

Why do you dream of a lot of raw eggs, how do dream books interpret the symbol?

In general, such a product is not a symbol of any negative phenomena. By remembering his mood in a dream and all its circumstances, the sleeper will be able to understand as accurately as possible why he dreams of a lot of raw eggs.

Raw chicken eggs symbolize new plans, ideas, and the successful completion of something started earlier. Therefore, they can be considered favorable harbingers, especially if the sleeper did not experience negative emotions in his dream.

Often such a dream is seen by young representatives of the fair sex who have long dreamed of a relationship. If the eggs were in the nest and did not frighten the sleeping woman with their appearance, then this is a clear sign that the girl will soon receive a marriage proposal from a man she likes.

You shouldn't even think about it. The offer received should definitely be accepted. As a result, the created family will be very happy. A woman will be able to live with her chosen representative of the stronger sex for many years in love, trust and respect for each other.

If the eggs in the nest turned out to be broken, it was unpleasant to look at them, etc., then the dream can be considered a reverse warning. Most likely, it would be better for the girl to refuse the proposal to marry.

Sometimes raw eggs appear in a dream simply after the dreamer actively interacted with them the day before in real life, for example, preparing some complex dish, coloring them before Easter, etc.

If a person sees a full basket of large raw chicken eggs in his dream, then this is a very favorable sign. He promises him successful financial transactions, success in business and, in general, in any endeavors related to the material side of life.

In the near future, you can safely borrow money, take loans, make any transactions related to finances, or, for example, start a new business. If the dreamer has been planning his own business for a long time, then the dream suggests that a favorable period has come for this. It's time to change your field of activity to a more profitable and interesting one.

If you had to eat raw eggs, then this is a sign to the sleeping person that he is the darling of fate. Especially in the case when their taste turned out to be pleasant for a person or was not felt. You should definitely take advantage of this and try to achieve all the goals you have set for yourself during the favorable period that has begun. The main thing is not to miss a rare chance.


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