Dream Interpretation of Plum: why a woman or man dreams of Plum

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Having remembered his dream in detail, the dreamer will guess what awaits him in the future. The dream about plum fruits in the dream book is interpreted as joys and fleeting pleasures.

The article will tell you in more detail about what to expect based on the meanings of such a dream.

Why do you dream about Plums according to Miller’s dream book?

Why do you dream about Plums?

Plums - Green plums in the green foliage of trees mean that anxiety and deprivation will not affect you personally or anything directly related to you.

Ripe plums foretell fleeting joys.

If you eat plums in a dream, you will be carried away by flirting and other transitory joys.

If you pick plums in a dream, your desires will come true, but they will disappoint you with their flimsiness and ephemerality.

If in a dream you pick up plums from the ground and find several rotten ones among them, then you will have to admit that your expectations are in vain, because you cannot taste the joys of life alone.

The meaning of dishes and actions of the sleeper

If you happened to eat juicy and incredibly tasty large plums in a dream, this means that in real life you will be able to carry out your plans. The plans that the sleeper has nurtured in his head for so long will soon come true. The actions of the sleeper have a certain impact on the final interpretation of the dream:

  • Treating relatives with the harvested plum harvest means the dreamer is wasting his vital energy in vain. He does useless things and spends a lot of time with those people who are unpleasant to him.
  • Preparing a fragrant pie is a sign of uninvited guests and unexpected expenses.
  • Making Georgian sauce means an exciting trip and an unforgettable experience.
  • Preparing jam and other preserves for the winter means spending your earned money sparingly. The sleeper always has a certain amount in order to always stay afloat as a result of unforeseen circumstances.
  • Cooking plum jelly is a harbinger of danger. A sleeping person needs to be extremely careful and attentive on the road. You should not drive in bad weather. It is better not to use your car at all in the coming days, but to give preference to a taxi or public transport.
  • Picking ripe fruits means bright prospects and ample opportunities.
  • Collecting blue and yellow plums under a tree means being content with little, finding positive aspects in everything and not losing heart.
  • Stealing fruit by climbing into someone else's garden at night in a dream is a dubious undertaking. The dreamer wants to get everything at once, so he easily agrees to take risks in the hope of easy enrichment. Easy money will not bring the desired satisfaction and will cause many troubles.

Seeing Plum in a dream: Large modern dream book

Plums - why do the dreamers dream?

Plums - Seeing ripe plums in a dream - your joys will seem too fleeting to you against the backdrop of sorrows; Before you have time to get enough of it, some new misfortune will arise. Seeing unripe plums in a dream means you will become carried away by a project that has no basis in reality; You are easy to persuade, and selfish people often take advantage of this weakness of yours.

It’s as if you are picking plums - the dream promises that your wish will come true; but the dream does not guarantee that you will like the end result.

In a dream you seem to be eating plums - the dream suggests that you are an overly amorous person; you will have many joys in life, but all of them are insignificant; you perceive everything superficially - you are not capable of deep experiences; do not look for great satisfaction from love, be sure that you can easily endure any insult.

Dreamer's personality

Depending on who saw the dream about plum trees and the fruits on them, the interpretation can vary significantly. Interpretations of the dream can be as follows:

  1. For a young man, this is a sign of high achievements not only in the work field, but in matters of the heart. The guy has many fans, he is a real heartthrob and seducer.
  2. For a businessman, luck will accompany the one who falls asleep in all his endeavors. The business will soon expand significantly and the sleeper will reach a new level, increasing his income several times.
  3. For a mature man, this is a sign that the dreamer is the master of his life and does only those things that give him pleasure. He goes to his favorite job, with his beloved and faithful comrades next to him.
  4. For a young lady - a symbol of frivolity and frivolity. The sleeping girl has only entertainment in her head. She does not have clear goals and aspirations, she is used to her parents doing all the hard work for her and does not want to change anything in her life.
  5. For the bride - a sign of a strong and happy marriage. The young lady has found her other half.
  6. For a married lady, a woman cannot decide on her preferences. She does not feel inner satisfaction from her life and longs for change.
  7. For a pregnant woman, the birth process will take place without complications, and the woman in labor will not take much time to recover.
  8. For a sick person, very soon the person who has fallen asleep will feel much better. However, eating green plums in a dream means neglecting your health. After such a vision, it will not be possible to get back on your feet soon.
  9. For the poor, hard times will soon end and a favorable period for financial enrichment will begin.
  10. For a rich person, it is a symbol of prosperity and success in the professional field of activity.
  11. For a child, it is a symbol of childish maximalism and boundless imagination.

Why did you dream about Plum according to the dream book from A to Z

Why do you dream about Plums?

Seeing plum trees in a dream foretells that in reality you will have a real opportunity to finally acquire the thing you have been dreaming about for a long time. Shaking plums - you will make an erroneous judgment without understanding the essence of the issue, because of which your loved ones will suffer.

Collecting ripe plums means prosperity in the house, cordial relationships in the family. Green or wormy plums indicate your inability to adapt to changed circumstances.

Making plum jam means your patience, thanks to which sooner or later you will realize your plans and thereby ensure lasting success in life. Buying plums in a dream means futile efforts to get rich; selling them means you won’t have much luck at work.

General information

Ripe and juicy fruits are usually dreamed of by people who are not burdened with worries and live for their own pleasure. They do not think about their future and try to get maximum pleasure from every moment . Here is what popular dream books say about dreamed fruits:

  • A sleeping person is the darling of fate and is accustomed to having all his whims fulfilled as if by magic.
  • The dreamer is not ready to face reality. He has never faced difficulties, so even the simplest test will seem insurmountable to him.
  • Unripe fruits promise serious complications during illness and indicate problems in the body and hidden ailments. If a person feels good about himself, this does not mean that everything is fine with him. The most dangerous diseases are asymptomatic, and malaise appears only in the final stages, when nothing can be done. That is why it is so important to undergo medical examinations on time.
  • Rotten plums are considered a sign of betrayal and insincerity on the part of people close to you. The dreamer spent a long time communicating with hypocrites hiding under the guise of comrades.
  • Prunes in a dream can mean unresolved problems and things put off for later. Sooner or later, the sleeper will still have to take on the work that he has avoided for so long.

Interpret Plum according to the Everyday Dream Book

Everyday interpretation of a dream about Plums

Seeing plums in a dream usually means your short-term successes, fleeting joys - this is if the plum you dreamed of was ripe and beautiful. If you dreamed of a plum that was not ripe, then people close to you are in for big troubles that will not affect you personally.

If you had a dream in which you eat plums, then you can soon hope for your wishes to come true, but the result will not please you. Your desires, the fulfillment of which you so strived, will turn out to be completely unworthy of wanting to be realized so much.

If you had a dream in which you pick up plums from the ground, and at the same time find several rotten ones among the ripe berries, then in reality some of your expectations will be in vain.

Remember that those who are with you in grief, support you in difficult times, should, at a minimum, share with you joyful events, happy moments of your life - only in this case can we talk about sincerity and harmony in the relationship.

If you had a dream in which you are treating someone with plums, then in reality you will receive pleasant news about those people with whom you have not communicated for a long time.


A ripe plum, like any sweet fruit, is a positive symbol associated with fertility, prosperity, and pleasure, but most dream interpreters talk about the fragility of what such a dream predicts. Dreaming of flowering or fruit-bearing plum trees is also very favorable.

You need to beware of dreams in which the plum turns out to be green, sour in taste, crushed, eaten by worms - however, such an unfavorable prediction will also be of a rather short-term nature.

Location of fruits

For a more complete interpretation of the dream, you must remember exactly where the sleeper saw the plums:

PlaceInterpretation of sleep
On the treeSoon there will be a chance through which the sleeper will be able to realize his deepest desires
On the groundThe dreamer's hopes will not come true
In a refrigeratorThe dreamer sets his priorities incorrectly. There are more important things to do today that will help him succeed.
On the plateAttend a gala event, meet old friends
In the basketFind limitless happiness

Bucket full of drain

Dream Interpretation Bucket full of drains dreamed of why in a dream you dream of a Bucket full of drains? To select a dream interpretation, enter a keyword from your dream into the search form or click on the initial letter of the image characterizing the dream (if you want to get an online interpretation of dreams by letter for free alphabetically).

Now you can find out what it means to see a Bucket full of drains in a dream by reading below for free interpretation of dreams from the best online dream books of the House of the Sun!

This symbol has several meanings in a dream. It all depends on how this image appeared in your dream.

Since ancient times, a bucket has been valued and was considered a necessary and valuable thing in the household. They used a bucket to get water from the well, pour milk into it, etc. The bucket is associated with labor, heaviness, profit and the weather.

There is a sign that if a person with an empty bucket crosses your path, then failure, trouble, frustration, sadness awaits you, and if the bucket is full, then this is a sign of good luck.

If you dreamed that a bucket fell and the contents spilled out of it, then this portends you troubles that will occur through your fault, due to your imprudence and carelessness.


Dreaming of prunes means that the dreamer shows perseverance in various life situations; he is not so easily broken by troubles and difficulties.

It also matters what dish you saw prunes in:

  • If you saw prunes in baked goods in a dream, this means that you can hope for luck even in the most risky endeavors. Good luck is with you.
  • Prunes in candy in a dream - soon you will be in a good mood and high spirits.
  • If you dreamed of prunes in a dish with potatoes, this portends a successful deal that will bring you tangible financial profit.
  • Compote with prunes in a dream means that in the near future you will be able to take a break from your problems and have a great time.
  • The prunes you saw in ice cream in a dream are a warning that something may interfere with your plans. You should think carefully about where exactly pitfalls may await you on the way to your goal.
  • You saw prunes with meat - such a dream foreshadows worries and responsibilities in the family that will put moral pressure on you and take away some of your time.
  • Eating prunes in a dream is a symbol of the fact that you do not dare to take any action, although the situation requires immediate action. Consult with your loved ones to quickly make the right decision.
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