Giving birth to twins in a dream: the opinion of dream books about the birth of twins

The appearance of two babies in a family at once is a rather rare and joyful event. A dream in which you happen to give birth to twins in a dream also happens infrequently. Usually such an event evokes a lot of positive emotions, and interpreters confirm that the dreamer expects success and prosperity, harmony in family and life. For a detailed interpretation, it is important to recall certain details.

Opinions of interpreters

Most dream books interpret a dream about twins in the same way - as a symbol of immediate joy and tranquility , stability or success in business. However, the interpretation may differ in different sources.

In the most popular dream books, a dream about the birth of twins means the following:

  1. According to Miller’s dream book, vision is an extremely favorable sign, foreshadowing success in all areas.
  2. Vanga also considered the vision a good symbol, dreaming of joyful changes, fulfillment of plans and an interesting acquaintance that could develop into something more.
  3. According to Longo’s dream book, the interpretation depends on the dreamer: for an unmarried woman, the vision predicts a quick marriage, for a married but childless woman - pregnancy, for a mother - a pleasant surprise from her own child.
  4. According to Loff’s interpretation, a dream about twins means the onset of stability at work, mutual understanding in the family and with friends.
  5. According to the modern dream book, giving birth to twins is interpreted as the onset of peace in the home and an increase in the family’s financial status.
  6. Tsvetkov agrees with his colleagues: giving birth to twins in a dream means receiving important and long-awaited news or solving an important issue.
  7. The Dream Book of the Seasons notes that the dream means making a profit, but for pregnant women it may be a warning against a possible miscarriage.
  8. Freud's interpretation is different from others. The psychologist believed that the dream means that the sleeper has a difficult choice, which he cannot yet decide. It’s worth concentrating and trying to resolve the issue so that it doesn’t develop into something more and interfere with your future life.

Many also note that if a pregnant woman dreams of twins, the dream may turn out to be prophetic. Since men practically never dream about pregnancy and childbirth, interpretations mainly apply to women. However, some note that for men such a dream usually means big profits and solving a pressing issue with almost no effort.

Boys and girls

Most often, from all dreams, the gender of newborns and their appearance are remembered. Depending on this, the meaning of the vision may change or become more specific.

The interpretation of a dream with twins can be as follows:

  1. 2 girls were born - to news and changes. At the same time, it is important how exactly the birth went: if it is easy, then the news will be good, if it is difficult, most likely, the news will be bad, and the changes will not bring joy. Also, the birth of daughters can become a symbol of the “rebirth” of the woman herself - new plans and thoughts, unusual ideas will appear.
  2. 2 boys were born - to career growth and improved financial condition, perhaps to the fulfillment of desires if they were related to work or self-realization. In this case, it is worth paying attention to the hair color of babies: blondes dream of changes in the workplace, redheads warn about envious people and danger from them, brunettes confirm that the decision made was the right one. If babies are born without hair, you will soon receive a lot of money.
  3. Finding out why you dream of giving birth to twins, a boy and a girl, is extremely simple: it is a balance between work (boy) and family (girl). This is a symbol of the fact that stability has been established between the dreamer’s personal life and career; he will be surrounded by calm and mutual understanding. If the birth of babies of different sexes was associated with joy, new talents will be discovered in the near future. Another interpretation of the dream is fear associated with the need to make a decision and be responsible for it.
  4. The appearance of triplets means the implementation of long-standing plans, for which a large amount of work will have to be done. The birth of girls is a sign of pleasant news and surprises, perhaps soon guests; boys are a sign of exhausting chores that will be rewarded. If children of different sexes were born, the dreamer will soon have an unusual journey or the solution to a mystery.

Siamese twins are an extremely rare dream. It symbolizes great luck that will accompany the sleeper in life, an early successful marriage or a long-awaited pregnancy.

What dream books say

It’s best to look for the answer to why you dream about many children, one baby, twins or triplets, in the author’s dream books. But do not forget that the interpreter will offer several universal tips, and you will have to figure out the true meaning of the dream yourself:

  1. In Miller's dream book, newborn children mean problems in your personal life. It’s a bad sign if the baby is sick - the troubles will be very serious. A cheerful toddler also promises troubles, but not as significant as in the case of an unhealthy child - a small quarrel with a loved one is possible.
  2. Vanga’s dream book also “does not favor” babies - small children cause a lot of trouble, so in dreams they are often associated with worries and anxieties. Moreover, the more toddlers you see, the more problems await the dreamer in reality. If a person sees himself as a newborn, in real life he is defenseless against the machinations of vile people. If he happened to be looking for a baby, in the near future he will have to solve a difficult and confusing problem.

  3. According to Freud's dream book, newborn children represent genitals - a girl is a symbol of female genitals, a boy is a symbol of male genitals. If in a dream a person takes care of a baby or plays with him, then in reality he experiences a pathological craving for self-satisfaction.

  4. In the Modern Dream Book, babies in the first year of life symbolize great happiness and harmony in the family. A dream in which twins or triplets become the “main characters” is especially favorable - love and joy in family relationships will increase many times over.
  5. The family dream book interprets dreams with newborns as a subconscious desire to avoid difficulties. Holding a crying baby in your arms means being afraid of not being able to cope with the task. Breastfeeding means overcoming your own fears to achieve your desired goal.

If a long-awaited baby has just appeared in the dreamer’s house, then all the interpretations presented do not matter. Dreams about a newborn child in this case are inspired by worries, anxieties and happy experiences associated with a new, but beloved family member.

Additional details

To get a more specific prediction, it is worth remembering the details of the dream . Depending on what caught your eye or stayed in your memory, a dream can have different interpretations.

Important nuances may mean the following:

  1. Twins are familiar to the dreamer in life (for example, a woman dreamed that she gave birth to her sister’s twins) - a fun adventure, a walk or a date. If you dreamed about the children of any relative, this is a sign that the woman in labor and the dreamer have begun to communicate little. It is worth establishing communication, as relatives may need help that they cannot ask for.
  2. Giving birth to unfamiliar children means a difficult period in life will soon begin; you should prepare and be patient.
  3. Babies are happy and calm, smiling, dressed in clean clothes and diapers - in the coming days a “bright streak” in life will begin.
  4. Newborns cry, they are sick or dirty - problems and difficulties are to be expected.
  5. Feeding babies means increasing your financial status.
  6. Children in diapers - good luck is expected in love and money, in a beautiful stroller - marriage will be happy, but if the relationship is just beginning, it is likely that it will lead to marriage.
  7. If the children are very similar to each other, practically indistinguishable, this means strange news, unpleasant worries, perhaps they will be associated with the appearance of an enemy or competitor. Sleep can also mean an increase in problems. The sleeper will have to solve them himself; colleagues and friends will refuse to help.

If the babies were abandoned, you should expect a sudden and large profit - an inheritance or winnings.

Women often dream about giving birth as a harbinger of an imminent addition to the family or a reflection of her thoughts. The birth of twins in a dream is a rarer vision, which is mainly interpreted as immediate joy or good luck, success at work or achieving mutual understanding in the family. For a more specific interpretation, it is worth remembering the details of the dream and correlating them with the dream book.

Interpretation according to Miller's dream book

So, you must understand that interpretations cannot be axioms or ones that cannot be subject to criticism or rethinking. Childbirth in a dream can mean the following: 1. Changes will inevitably come into your life that will radically change the usual order of things, both for the bad and for the good. As a rule, this foreshadows the realization of long-planned goals and desires. You yourself will be surprised how quickly everything around you changes, as if at the behest of a magic wand. A dream where two little girls foreshadows only good and positive events in your life. 2. From a psychological point of view, such a dream means that you are committed to victories and great achievements, and they will soon begin to come true. In addition, this can be interpreted as liberation from a heavy burden of emotional experiences. You will soon complete a difficult task that will enrich you. Having children (two girls) is a sure sign of long-awaited changes that will lead to happiness.

3. According to Miller’s dream book, the interpretation is as follows – birth, in any case, entails pleasant consequences, which you will soon begin to feel on yourself. But you shouldn’t hope for sleep and just sit with your hands folded in anticipation of favorable changes. You just have to keep working hard and then everything will be great. Remember the proverb - you can’t catch a fish out of a pond without difficulty. Here it comes in handy more than ever - think about it and do everything right, otherwise no positive changes are expected. Great happiness will happen if in a dream you happen to adopt a girl and two boys . This means that you have a good heart and in the near future you will get a big increase in your salary or you will succeed in your business and business. 4. When a man dreams of watching the birth process, it means that it’s time to remember your family and friends whom you have not visited for a long time. You should not ignore this dream, since with almost one hundred percent probability we can say that it is prophetic. There is a high probability that your family needs you right now. Remember that you have a debt to your parents, which most likely needs to be repaid right now. 5. There is another similar interpretation that deserves attention. For a girl, giving birth in a dream means that she will soon get rid of everyday troubles or other difficulties. This may also mean that in the near future you will be freed from a problem that you have been trying to solve for a long time, but never succeeded. After such a dream, you can be sure that your future life will be much simpler and easier, which is good news. 6. There are dreams when you are not a participant in the birth, but at the same time you play the role of a midwife. In this case, be prepared to help a little-known person who will thank you very generously. This situation will be completely unexpected for you, so get ready to be sincerely surprised after such a dream. 7. A dream when childbirth began unexpectedly suggests that you will come to the aid of a person who needs you, and we are talking about a loved one. Most likely, trouble will knock on his window, and you are the only one who can help him.

8. Pay attention to this interpretation. Giving birth to two girls in a dream means that in real life you have a young man who, in your opinion, is ideal for you to marry. All you have to do in real life is let him know that you care about him, and everything will turn out more than favorably for you. 9. There is a very rare dream - the birth of a fantastic child, similar to a young animal. He says that soon you will hit a big jackpot in your endeavor, and you will have a lot of money, and life in general will go up. But don’t expect approval from others, because they will judge you and try to push you off the peak to which you have climbed with great effort. You should be extremely careful in choosing new friends and acquaintances, as they can betray you at any moment. No one questions the fact that the birth of a child in real life is a big event for both the mother and the father of the family. All relatives and friends will certainly rejoice at the birth of a baby. But if you dream that you are giving birth, it could mean completely different things. The birth of girls in a dream is also explained as follows. A girl who gives birth in a dream can be sure that in the near future she will give birth in real life. A man who sees himself giving birth in a dream will be doomed to unpleasant consequences in real life. They can be caused by love affairs on the side. At the same time, you may also see yourself helping someone give birth. This is a very good sign that portends only good changes in your life. Most likely, you will receive a promotion at work or success in business will overtake you.

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