“Why do you see a tower in a dream? If you see a Tower in a dream, what does it mean?

A beautiful tower is a symbol of success, according to the interpretations of most dream books. It’s bad if you fell from it in a dream, this is a sign that not everything will work out the way you want. In general, it is impossible to say unequivocally what the tower is meant for in dreams. In such dreams, you should take into account all the details: height, external condition, what you did on it. Let's figure it out.

Opinion of Vanga's dream book

Vanga's dream book claims that the tower reflects sublime feelings, an unattainable dream and overcoming obstacles. If in a dream you managed, albeit with great difficulty, to climb the steps to the very top, then in reality there will be many difficulties on the path to success, and you will earn your success through hard work.

Seeing a high tower in a dream means that your heart is filled with bright dreams and good thoughts. Building a tower of sand, which is immediately washed away by the oncoming wave, is worse. This is a sign of disappointment and wasted effort.

Did you dream that you jumped from a tall tower, but survived? The dream book suspects that you have to make an extremely important decision that concerns not only you, but also those around you.

Wandering inside a tower that is collapsing before your eyes means that you will become a witness and even a participant in a social conflict. It’s good to build a tower yourself in a dream. In reality, you will be able to survive all the hardships of life and find happiness.

Ruins, ancient and modern

You dream that you are sitting on top of an old fortress that has suffered from destruction - you put the interests of your friends above your own, this is good, but not always. Sometimes you need to be more firm and learn to say no.

If you dreamed that an old castle or fortress was collapsing before your eyes, it’s time to give up illusions and start living in a new way.

A dream in which you witnessed the destruction of a huge skyscraper - beware of troubles, you may become a participant in the conflict.

I dreamed that among the centuries-old ruins you found an ancient watch that was well preserved - a sign that time is now “working” for you. If you have any unrealized plans, now is the time to bring them to life.

I dreamed of a tower - a fortress

Why do you dream of an impregnable fortress? In a dream, it symbolizes a difficult problem that you have not been able to solve for a long time. Direct action will not help here; look for workarounds.

Did you happen to see a fortress besieged by enemy troops? You will have to face a competing party or someone else's opinion. Be careful, the rivals are literally “armed and dangerous.” The upcoming or existing confrontation promises to be hot.

Did you dream of a well-fortified tower with loopholes? This is an eloquent sign of power, which is based on resigned submission and fear.

What did you do in the dream?

Seeing a tower in a dream while taking an excursion, according to the dream book, means observing important events from the outside. Experts recommend not to interfere in other people's affairs, but only to learn lessons from what is happening.

Walking around a structure means carefully thinking about your actions. Perhaps now not only your fate, but also the future of your loved ones depends on you. By taking the right steps, you will ensure success for yourself and your family.

If a tower falls on you in a dream, then fate is giving you an important warning. You shouldn't take on something you can't do. Do only what you really have a passion for.

Climbing a building - according to the dream interpreter, means quickly achieving success. The main thing is not to be afraid of difficulties, to be confident in your abilities. With such a mood, you will get everything you have long dreamed of.

Why do you dream about a clock tower?

In a dream, a clock tower reminds of time that is irrevocably passing away. This is a call not to waste your strength and energy. Probably, in reality there is an unresolved matter that requires an immediate response.

Seeing an ancient clock tower means the need to think about the values ​​of life, rethink your past and think about tomorrow. Did you dream that you clearly heard the chimes on the tower? Get ready, it's time to make an important choice.

Beautiful towers

Seeing a beautiful tower in a dream means stunning success awaits you. Whatever you undertake, you will succeed as planned, Miller’s dream book pleases.

If you dream that you are watching the clock count down time on the high town hall, and the bells are ringing every hour - you will soon hear the good news that you have been waiting for for a very long time.

Watching in a dream how a high-rise building sways - despite the precarious position, you will be able to stand on your feet, Tsvetkov’s dream book prophesies.

If you dreamed that you were inside an ancient fortress and saw beautiful frescoes and decorations, in real life you will be involved in an interesting and exciting story.

I dreamed of a destroyed tower

If in a dream you happened to see a tower being destroyed, then in reality some event will happen that will radically change the situation, primarily material.

Seeing the ruins of an ancient tower in a dream is a colorful warning. You are trying in vain to avoid something; you cannot hide from problems. The vision calls for immediate action, otherwise you will suffer a lot of unpleasant consequences.

Rising and falling from heights

Climbing a castle wall in a dream means amazing events that will change your life.

Climbing a bell tower in a dream and ringing the bells means you will learn something interesting first-hand and will be able to tell all your friends about the sensation.

Climbing a high dilapidated lighthouse - although it will not be easy for you, you will be able to achieve what you want, the Eastern Dream Book promises.

If you dreamed that you were falling from a high-rise building, no matter how hard you try, you are unlikely to be able to accomplish your plans.

Tower in dream books

Dream Interpretation of Denise Lynn (brief)

Can mean isolation. Being locked in an ivory tower. You are cut off from other aspects of yourself. May represent a point of spiritual clarity. Spiritual vision. Read more →

Dream Interpretation of Denise Lynn (detailed)

This sign can symbolize isolation. Do you feel as if you are locked in an ivory tower and cut off from various aspects of your own personality? Declare to yourself: “I Read more →

Dream Interpretation Maya

Good meaning A tower decorated with flags and banners - your life will be filled with laughter and joy. Everything will work out, and you will be on time everywhere. You will feel a surge of strength. Read more →

Noble dream book of Grishina

To see a tower, a lighthouse, a factory chimney (without smoke) is a plan that can be successfully implemented / a call to chastity / to feel dissatisfaction in love. Look from the tower, Read more →

Dream Interpretation of Shereminskaya

A very interesting symbol is a tower or lighthouse, which symbolize the sublimity of feelings, romanticism, overcoming obstacles in the name of love. A dream in which you see a tall, beautiful woman in front of you Read more →

New family dream book

A dream in which there is a tower means that you want to achieve a lot in life. If you climb the tower, you will achieve success. But if you barely get down and the tower collapses, wait Read more →

Gypsy dream book

You will meet an interesting person of the opposite sex. Research him carefully before entering into a relationship with him. Read more →

Chinese dream book of Zhou Gong

Wearing an official headdress you climb the tower. - There will be promotions. Read more →

Eastern women's dream book

Climbing to the very roof of the tower means the implementation of all planned plans. However, if you dream that while you are climbing the tower, the steps under your feet crumble and the tower eventually Read more →

Ancient Persian dream book Taflisi

Usually a tower seen in a dream symbolizes the head of state, an important official or representative of the administration, as well as a high clergyman. What they all have in common is that they are like Read more →

Miller's Dream Book

If you dream of a tower, it means that you want to achieve a lot in life. If during a dream you climb a tower, you will achieve success. But if the tower collapses as soon as you leave it Read more →

Tsvetkov's Dream Interpretation

obstacle; many towers in the city - an unusual enterprise. Read more →

Vanga's Dream Book

In a dream, a tower symbolizes the sublimity of feelings, overcoming obstacles or an unattainable dream. If in a dream you climb the steps to the top of the tower with great difficulty, this is Read more →

Modern dream book

A dream in which you see a huge tower symbolizes your desire to achieve heights in everything. If in a dream you rise to the very roof of the tower, then in reality you will be able to realize your plans Read more →

Esoteric dream book

Seeing a tower means rich opportunities. Being at the top is a danger from vanity, don’t worry. Climbing to the top is a difficult part of life’s journey with limited opportunities. Jump, Read more →

Italian dream book Meneghetti

Reflects the morality of the dominant “Super-I” (social rules and norms learned by the individual from the outside) and symbolizes a tradition or ideology that impedes development. Read more →

Dream Interpretation of Nostradamus

The tower is a symbol of power and authority. Seeing a pointed tower, strongly stretched upward, means that the dreamer has power, but uses it imprudently; means that the dreamer Read more →

Dream Interpretation of Hasse

Climbing the tower is a disease; falling tower - you will be deprived of freedom; a beautiful high tower - to overcome difficulties; watchdog - good prospects for the future; seeing the tower at all is expected Read more →

Dream Interpretation of Tarot Symbols

Towers are not uncommon in Tarot. In the Arcana Moon and Death one can see pairs of towers as gates, symbolizing, like double mountains, difficulties and obstacles. In the map Death of the Tower - on Read more →

Ivanov’s newest dream book

A big and serious problem associated with competitors (rivals, fans) - if you climb the Tower, if you watch - to unrealistic hopes. Read more →

Dream Book of the Wanderer

The tower is a life difficulty. Read more →

Psychoanalytic dream book of Samokhvalov

Symbol of the ascension and formation of the Self. The human body. Emblem of the Virgin Mary. In the 16th arcana of the Tarot, a tower struck by lightning - destruction of projects, disaster of plans, overthrow of idols, Read more →

Dream book of catchphrases

TOWER - “collapse the tower” - threat, aggression, collapse. The tower indicates the difficulty of achieving something. “Imprisonment in a tower” is a severe punishment with the impossibility of escape. Read more →

Dream Interpreter of 1829

Seeing a tower in a dream is a sign of exaltation, and for those in public service - a reward, promotion of rank or favor from superiors. Read more →

Solomon's Dream Book

good news. Read more →

Dream Book of Schiller-Schoolboy

good news. Read more →

Old Russian dream book

let; many towers in the city are an unusual undertaking. Read more →

Ukrainian dream book

Seeing from afar is a reckless act, speculation. Falls, collapses - to loss, misfortune, you can lose your freedom, go to prison. Climbing a tower is a great pleasure and benefit; to Read more →

In the dream book, the interpretation of the dream “tower” may be different and its meaning may be unclear. Take a careful look at the illustrations for the interpretation of the dream, maybe why do you dream of a tower - is it not at all what you think about? Good luck!

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Dream Interpretation of Nostradamus

The tower is a symbol of power and authority. Seeing a pointed tower, strongly stretched upward, means that the dreamer has power, but uses it imprudently; means that the dreamer overestimated his strength and underestimated his rivals; means a decrease in influence, loss of majority support. Seeing a tower that is impossible to approach means a meeting with a very significant person, a politician or a financial tycoon. Seeing a thoroughly fortified tower is a symbol of strength and great influence. Seeing a collapsing tower is a symbol of big changes (political and other courses). Seeing a tower besieged by armed men is a symbol of a clash between different camps that have great influence, a struggle between opponents, opponents, which will have significant consequences. Seeing a tower with loopholes is a symbol of power, which is based on fear, resigned submission, a symbol of aggression.

Seeing the Tower in a dream: Symbolic dream book

The Tower is a bridge between heaven and earth, the architectural “embodiment” of the World Tree, the latter being the cosmic support of the universe (it is in this context, especially after the events of September 11, 2001, that the New York Twin Towers, the World Trade Center buildings, are perceived).

The most famous of the towers is the Tower of Babel, with which the biblical legend of the Pandemonium of Babylon is associated. The Bible says: “The whole earth had one language and one speech. Moving from the east, they found a plain in the land of Shinar and settled there. And they said to each other: Let us make bricks and burn them with fire. And they used bricks instead of stones, and earthen resin instead of lime. And they said, Let us build ourselves a city and a tower, its height reaching to heaven, and let us make a name for ourselves, before we are scattered over the face of the whole earth. And the Lord came down to see the city and the tower which the sons of men were building. And the Lord said: Behold, there is one people, and they all have one language; and this is what they began to do, and they will not deviate from what they planned to do; Let us go down and confuse their language there, so that one does not understand the speech of the other. And the Lord scattered them from there over all the earth; and they stopped building the city (and the tower). Therefore the name was given to it: Babylon, for there the Lord confused the language of all the earth, and from there the Lord scattered them throughout all the earth.” (Genesis 11:1-9). According to this text, the tower is a symbol of the unification of people (“before we are scattered”), moreover, a symbol of identity (through the construction of the tower, the nomadic people gain a name). The confusion of languages ​​leads to the loss of common identity (instead of “we are people” the definitions “we are Jews”, “we are Sumerians”, etc.) appear and, as a consequence, to the cessation of the construction of the tower - that is, to the rejection of heaven and to “burdened down by worldly worries.”

As a mediator between earth and sky (“neither earth nor sky”), the tower in myths and folklore most often acts as the dwelling of a sage; it receives a similar meaning in reality: cf. the famous “ivory tower” of Vyacheslav Ivanov, the tower houses of A. Einstein and C. G. Jung, the tower of J. Joyce. As a poetic symbol, the ivory tower is the personification of chosenness and contempt for the “worldly.”

The Eiffel Tower is a symbol of French national identity and the emblem of Paris; American skyscrapers (as, by the way, the skyscrapers of German Frankfurt) are a symbol of wealth and prosperity; the same meaning is attached to the skyscrapers of modern Moscow.

In addition, the tower has an erotic “meaning” - an erect phallus.

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