Why dream of breaking dishes in anger - 18 interpretations from different dream books

Night visions sometimes leave not the most pleasant memories. Everything that happens in a dream not only reflects experiences after the day, but is also considered a prediction for the sleeper. Interpreters suggest paying attention to every detail, rather than focusing on the main plot. For example, if you happened to break dishes in a dream, for interpretation it is important to remember the emotional state, the environment, and the people present nearby.

Broken dishes and dream books

Sleep is a time of rest for the human body. But not for our brain. This body works without breaks or days off, analyzing and sorting out what we saw (heard, felt) throughout the day. It is from this point of view that science views this process. Many people look for some clues, hints or signs from above in their dreams.

For many centuries, humanity has been interpreting dreams. First, shamans and oracles, and then philosophers and thinkers tried to understand the nature of human sleep and find a subtle connection connecting it with reality. This is how many dream books were born, each of which presented its own interpretations and theories.

Oh, I dreamed that I was quarreling with a man, but in my dream I couldn’t understand who he was, and standing in the kitchen, I began to break deep plates with sides, hit them with all my strength on the floor, and they hardly broke into large fragments, I broke at least three plates, and then collected the fragments in a large enamel bucket and covered it with a cloth, hiding the bucket behind the sofa

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