Why do you dream of beating a man - 40 interpretations from different dream books

In the modern world, few men use dream books, as they are treated as fables. It’s in vain, because everything that we dream is nothing more than the fruit of our subconscious, which is trying to hint to us about something important. If in a dream you had to see yourself hitting another person, then this can have many interpretations. You should not take everything straightforwardly - each dream book offers its own version, so it is advisable to study them all and, based on them, build a picture of what can happen in reality after such a dream. So, let's try to understand what it means hitting a person in a dream and what you should prepare for.

Relationship difficulties

Often dreaming of a beaten person in reality is a provocateur of aggression. Try to limit your communication with him to avoid a surge of negative emotions. But when it’s someone close, be patient and ignore provocations.

Why do you dream of a beaten person? Regardless of who it was - an acquaintance, a loved one, young, old - the dream means readiness to achieve the goal at any cost. But the opposite is also true: someone is also capable of doing this to you. The correct interpretation of the plot depends on other details.

Where was the man beaten?

The place where a representative of the stronger sex happened to be beaten should also be taken into account for an accurate interpretation of the dream. But remember that this plot in any case means the inability to control emotions. You'll have to work on this!

In the apartment

The old debt will be returned to you. It will be unexpected, but extremely pleasant and, just in time.

On the street

According to the dream book of Dmitry and Nadezhda Zima, beating a man on the street in a dream means that there will be a major quarrel, even a fight with unfamiliar individuals. Try not to enter into conflicts with them, and the best thing is not to communicate with strange people at all.

At the entrance

Betrayal from loved ones or friends will unsettle you for some time. But there is no need to worry too much about this.

In the forest

Freud believes that a woman dreams of beating a man in a forest and subconsciously wants to dominate her other half.

In a public place

You will be very disappointed in someone. But it's for the better. After all, this situation will allow you to understand who is really sincere with you, and who is holding a stone in their bosom.

At the party

Your attempts to restore a good reputation will fail. Because of past mistakes, you will not regain the respect and trust of those around you.

At the wedding

According to Aesop’s dream book, if you dreamed of beating a man at a wedding, you will be forced to solve other people’s problems by taking on additional obligations.

At the funeral

You absolutely do not know how to control yourself in a tense environment. Urgently work on your emotional component - this can lead to serious problems. Outbursts, rage and aggressive behavior will get you into trouble.

Favorable interpretations

Sometimes dream books interpret such a plot in the opposite way. So, if you dreamed that your loved one, husband (wife), was injured, he will have good luck. Perhaps he will buy something profitably, win the lottery, or receive an unexpected profit.

I dreamed of getting hurt myself, but fighting back against offenders in a dream means good luck at work. The work started will be completed successfully. A promotion that has long been sought is possible.

Sometimes dream books explain the vision of being beaten as a harbinger of a love date.

The meaning of the image of a fight

The struggle for vital resources, as well as defending their personal interests, often ends in clashes. In addition, the distribution of cuffs is associated with personal hostility towards a certain person and his position on various issues. Therefore, if a person was hit or beaten in a dream (dream books often interpret both the attack itself and its threat in the same way), this may mean the following:

  • In the circle of acquaintances there is an ill-wisher and an envious person who holds a grudge against the dreamer.
  • In the near future, a person will face slander and slander against him.
  • Deterioration of financial situation.
  • A period of failure; it is better for the dreamer to refrain from taking risky steps and activities in the near future, since fortune will not be on his side.
  • Family problems, discord, quarrels, swearing.
  • Cooling of relations with your soul mate, possible separation. If in a dream a person attacked someone with his fists, then this may indicate the presence of a rival or rival on the love front.
  • Fear of loneliness.
  • Health problems.

It should be understood that the main significance for the correct interpretation is not the fact of beating in a dream, but the dreamer’s emotional attitude towards this event. For example, if a person tried to actively resist the offenders, then this foreshadows a long struggle in real life, which will end in favor of the dreamer.

Severe pain and a desire for revenge indicate the dreamer's envy towards one of his acquaintances or friends. Also, such feelings indicate that the dreamer does not trust others and expects a trick from them. Esotericists, in order to answer the question of why they beat you in a dream, recommend paying attention to your thoughts and intentions - it is quite possible that the subconscious gives a person a kind of slap in the face for his own cowardice, laziness and infantilism.

Avoid other people's fights

What does it mean in a dream to separate fighting acquaintances and suffer from it yourself? In reality, you often interfere in something that is not your own business (even with good intentions), and you suffer from this. Help turns out to be unnecessary or unnecessary, and you feel like a fool. Stop interfering where they are not asked - they will sort it out themselves, save your nerves.

If it was a bald young man in a dream, the dreamer will face a breakdown in relationships with family and friends, anxiety.

Where was the man beaten?

Of great importance for the accurate interpretation of a dream about beating a man is where exactly he happened to be beaten. Be sure to remember this detail of the night’s plot, and then read the interpretations of modern dream books.

By the face

Felomena's dream book interprets the dream as follows: your reputation will be lost due to frankness with unfamiliar people. Try not to trust such individuals and stay away from them.

On the cheeks

According to Aesop’s dream book, if you dreamed of being beaten on the cheeks, you will soon change all your life priorities. This will only lead to better things.

On the head

Make peace with close relatives with whom you have been quarreling for a long time.

On the stomach

According to Jung’s dream book, hitting a man in the stomach in a dream means a change in lifestyle is expected ahead.


Leiman's dream book warns: problems with the law are coming. But, do not be upset, but rather stop communicating with people who drag you into committing dubious acts.


You will easily overcome all your competitors and be able to realize your own plans that they were preventing you from bringing to life.

On the legs

There is a high risk of getting into a dangerous situation in the near future. Try to avoid risk!


Why do you dream of a bald, beaten man? According to the dream book, such a vision warns: you should be wary of adventurers so as not to ruin your plans.

A beaten person in a dream means: you will feel devastation. Perhaps you are tired of work or an eventful life and it’s time to take a break. If they beat you, it means illness.

A girl’s dream of a loved one covered in blood, who got it in a fight, warns of insidious enemies. They want to prevent her from pursuing a successful career, for which opportunities will soon open up.

Why does a young man dream of seeing himself covered in blood after a fight? Dream books sometimes explain: this is a symbol of transition to a new stage of life, purification. On the way to a better life, he will need to go through discomfort - moral or physical.

Examples of interpretations

When interpreting a dream, you should first of all be guided by your intuition. It is also important to pay attention to the small details of the dream: in what setting the beating took place, who was present, what the dreamer’s response was, and so on.

Islamic dream book

A dream in which a person was beaten predicts that he will meet unpleasant and deceitful people. If the dreamer managed to escape from the attackers, then this promises him a long journey in real life . To beat someone yourself means the person will lose his property. In addition, such a dream promises the dreamer a loud scandal in the family.

The number of attackers also matters; a fight with someone “one on one” is a harbinger of competition for the lady of the heart or for a profitable place at work. If among the offenders the dreamer was able to recognize one of his acquaintances or relatives, then this indicates that soon the person will accidentally be privy to a shameful secret.

Tsvetkov's dream book

The beating symbolizes drastic changes in life, which will initially seem painful and unpleasant to the dreamer. However, later an understanding of the need for these changes will come . The dreamer should be prepared for unexpected events:

  • Sudden dismissal, demotion or forced business trip to another city.
  • Divorce from your spouse.
  • An accident that will cause other troubles.
  • Deterioration of financial situation.

But there are no losses without gains. If a person is able to adequately withstand the impending blows of fate, then he will gain not only financial well-being, but also true love, as well as true friends. In this sense, a dream in which a person had to run away from his tormentors is considered a bad sign - this indicates that the dreamer has not yet matured and is not ready to accept his destiny.

Miss Hasse's interpretation

From the point of view of a famous medium, a fight and punches in a dream symbolize the cooling of personal relationships between loving people. This is especially true if the dreamer does not remember or does not recognize the aggressor. For a woman, such a dream indicates that she sees her partner as a potential threat, and a man, being beaten by his wife, suffers from her attempts to control everything.

The presence of blood in a dream, as well as visible injuries on the body, indicates the betrayal of one of your relatives. If the unlucky dreamer was also robbed in a dream after a fight, then it is better for the person to hold off on participating in dubious financial projects.

Position of Gustav Miller Sigmund Freud

The famous psychoanalyst believed that the subconscious produces scenes of beatings and conflicts in cases where brewing internal contradictions are ready to spill out. In this context, the dream has a purely positive meaning, since it promises a person a quick deliverance from complexes and thoughts that have long tormented him or a change in behavior. Such a dream can also mean the following:

  • The dreamer is afraid of the people around him, fearing to be disappointed in them or to expose himself in an unsightly light.
  • For women, such a dream may indicate an attraction to certain men, which she successfully refuses to acknowledge due to her upbringing or internal moral standards.
  • A person's tendency to accumulate anger within himself. The reason for this may be dependence on surrounding opinions, as well as the habit of keeping all your thoughts and emotions to yourself.

In addition to uncontrolled aggression, such a dream may also indicate the presence of qualities of a sadomasochistic nature (especially if in a fight in a dream one of the attackers literally grabbed the dreamer with his teeth). And if the dreamer himself beat someone, then this speaks of a feeling of guilt and remorse for a mistake made in the past.

According to Sigmund Freud, giving blows or receiving them in a dream is a desire for sexual intercourse . Also, such a symbol can indicate that a person is planning a mental shift towards masochism, sadism (however, this is only true if such dreams occur repeatedly over a long period of time). Beating, which is accompanied by severe bleeding, means a person is dissatisfied with his sex life.

Interpretation according to Miller's dream book

To see yourself in a dream covered in blood from an inflicted wound - some incident will happen to you. The dream book warns: those whom you consider friends will betray you, causing significant harm to your interests. Therefore, until you know who you can trust, it’s better to keep your secrets to yourself, otherwise everyone will know about them.

A beaten person in a dream often means regret after some action. However, nothing can be changed, so you need to proceed from existing realities when planning future actions.

Such a dream foreshadows difficulties that can be overcome by showing all the determination. You need to persistently move towards the goal.

Dream Interpretation of beating a person in a dream - interpretation according to Tsvetkov’s Dream Interpretation

Tsvetkova's dream book believes that such a dream indicates dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs. You are clearly not happy with something: relationships with loved ones, conflicts with management, a period of lack of money, or sudden and all-consuming depression, but you are not going to correct this situation. This may be due to the fact that you simply don’t know what to do or you only have enough willpower to give up on it all. But the dream hints to you that it’s time to take effective steps, because, otherwise, your problems will poison your life even more.

If in a dream you hit a person in the face , then this emphasizes your determination in life, trying to take a more piquant place in the sun. However, on your way there are those who envy your success and try in every possible way to interfere, putting spokes in your wheels. It’s good that you are strong enough in spirit to successfully fight the onslaught of ill-wishers. Continue to follow the intended course and do not pay attention to the people around you - you will certainly achieve anything in life!

Sometimes such a dream may indicate your tendency towards sadism, but not physical, but moral. It is possible that the path you have chosen can be changed in order to both achieve success and not ruin the lives of others. Review your immediate plans and try to understand what can be changed. Otherwise, all your friends and family will turn away from you, leaving you completely alone. Now we have found out that hitting a person in the face is not always a good sign, but another reason to think about your life and the actions you are doing.

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