Why do you dream about a white dove? We talk about the symbol of the dove in dreams.

A white dove in a dream is a good sign, traditionally representing peace and love, and good luck in the upcoming undertaking. It promises unmarried girls a good groom and a quick wedding, women a comfortable future, and men peace and harmony in their souls.

A dream in which you see a dove is interpreted by all dream books as favorable, while a white dove only increases the likelihood of positive omens.

A dove flying into the window

It means the arrival of guests who may bring you good news or simply make you happy with their visit. If in a dream you are worried and worried, you will receive sad and disturbing news related to family members. It can also mean changes in a person's life. The nature of the changes will be the same as the behavior of the bird in a dream. Calm means the changes will go smoothly, but if it’s the other way around, then new events will cause a lot of trouble. If a dove flew in and flew out , then the changes will not affect your life in any way. And a bird that flies into the house (and you joyfully watch its flight) portends a pleasant surprise or gift. When the dove flies high into the sky , success, recognition and a great future await you, and in your personal life you will arouse great interest among the opposite sex.

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Dream for a wedding

A very good sign if a young unmarried girl dreamed of doves, especially if they were white! This means that in real life a happy marriage awaits her very soon. In this case, pigeons promise a long and happy family life. This means that the husband will be very good. And the girl need not worry about her choice.

If white doves appeared in a dream to a future bride who is worried about her wedding, then this is a sign that everything will be fine. Therefore, she can not doubt, but calmly get married. Single men also dream of white doves for an imminent wedding. What does such a dream mean for family people? A dove in night vision is a sign that their relationship will continue to be full of respect and mutual understanding, and they will be able to live a long life together. Such birds also promise the justification of hopes and desires, as well as the implementation of all plans.

Why do you dream of white doves calmly flying across the sky? A dream in which a person saw birds flying high suggests that his dreams will soon come true. Perhaps he will be able to realize his plans. He can take on any business and endeavor. All of them will give a positive result.

White dove in the hands of a girl

If a lonely lady appears with a dove in her hands, it means that she will soon get married or she cannot avoid meeting a new acquaintance. If the girl is married , then good and bright news awaits her, for example, the imminent appearance of a baby or news that will strengthen the well-being and love in the family. Pigeon kisses between a female and a male mean romantic connections, new relationships, or the introduction of a new turn of events into your personal life. However, a peck will mean the loss of a loved one or disappointment in him. Be sure to pay attention and talk to your loved ones.

Dream: a dove flew in. Vision interpretations

If a person had a dream in which a bird was in his house, then this means that there is a very decent and important person next to him. He is my support and closest friend. You may have another dream - a dove, for example, flying in or knocking on a window. This is a sign that good news awaits you. Perhaps your loved one will come.

If a pregnant woman has a dream in which a bird is knocking on the window, this is a “notification” of an imminent successful birth. Quite unexpected news awaits the one to whom a dove appeared, carrying something in its beak. The news may be different. But if the dove was white, then most likely they will be joyful.

Watching a dove drinking clean water in a dream is a sign of pleasant changes in life. Pure means overcoming all problems and getting rid of ill-wishers. If the water was dirty, it most likely means untidiness or poor health. Good news will be received by the one who was able to ring or catch a dove in a dream. Such a person literally caught his luck.

What does the Russian dream book of the 20th century say?

According to ancient beliefs, seeing a white dove is always a good sign, foreshadowing unexpected joy. If such a dream appeared to single guys and girls, it was believed that a wedding would definitely take place this year. The contemplation of doves in a dream by married men promised the imminent birth of heirs (if you dreamed of a dove, then a girl was born, and if a dove sat down, it meant a boy).

Seeing a flock of pigeons has always meant receiving unexpected wealth or very good news. Sometimes such a dream was interpreted as a quick promotion or success in professional activities. People who saw a large number of pigeons in a dream were overtaken by good luck in business.

Feeding the pigeons was also a good sign. Such a vision predicted a quick recovery (cure from a serious illness) of a person or his relatives.

If you feed a dove by hand, you can expect imminent news of receiving a profit in the form of a sudden inheritance or winning the lottery.

If a dove flies into the window , it notifies you of the imminent arrival of unexpected guests or distant relatives. These people are always welcome in the dreamer’s house, so such a dream is considered very good, bringing happiness and joy.

Good sign

Today we’ll figure out why pigeons dream. It’s unlikely that this cute bird can portend trouble! If you dream about pigeons, then this is almost always a good sign. Such a bird is a harbinger of some pleasant events, meetings or news. She represents trust, mutual understanding, peace, tranquility and love. But there are also dreams where a dove dreams of unpleasant events. You just need to be able to correctly interpret these visions.

So, why do you dream of white doves? Such a dream promises a person great luck in all matters, pleasant events in the very near future, success in the family and at work.

Can you believe dreams in which you dreamed of a dove?

Most often, dreams in which a dove or dove appears carry something good and bright . It is noted that after such dreams a person wakes up in a good mood, feels great, everything works out for him and “things are going smoothly.” A surge of strength and vigor is noted by more than half of the people who have seen these birds in the world of dreams. However, we must not forget that a dream is an analysis of our brain of the past day. Therefore, it is worth correlating the information received with reality, and not blindly trusting what you see at night.

Lots of birds

If a person sees in a dream many white doves flying, gathered in flocks and circling chaotically above him, then very soon you can expect news from loved ones. For example, from distant relatives. Perhaps there will also be a meeting with friends whom he has not seen for a long time. Why do you dream of white doves? In fact, there are a lot of interpretations. The symbol of such a light bird itself suggests that the dream brings good luck in love and happiness in marriage.

When in a night vision there are many white doves, and you clearly hear their cooing and noise, then know that this promises “loud” joy, noisy fun, perhaps some kind of holiday or even the birth of children for a young couple, peace, harmony and goodness in family. This means that all bad things will pass by, and loved ones will be pleased only with good news.

Two little doves

If two pigeons fly into an apartment, this is a harbinger of an imminent wedding or engagement. This is a celebration in which two people participate. If two doves are sitting on the window, soon your loved one will send some pleasant news. It could also be an unexpected surprise.

If pigeons hit the window, the news will be unexpected. It can even lead the dreamer into confusion. Most often this speaks of news in your personal life.

Some dream books interpret this image differently. If two pigeons fight at the window, this may portend some news from relatives. Such news will be joyful. Pleasant news can be unexpected and take a person by surprise. But these are good changes.

You are loved and appreciated by your family

Just a couple of pigeons in the distance for a woman is an excellent omen. Idyll and cloudless happiness reign in the relationship with the chosen one. Your husband and household value you and are grateful for the care with which you surround them.

Such a vision in a dream also gives confidence: mutual understanding and trust with family will not be violated by anything, the harmony between you will last for many years.

Hasse's Dream Interpretation and Esoteric Interpretation

The dream book of the medium Hasse also gives certain interpretations of such a dream. If a dove sits on the roof, the news will be joyful. Feeding the birds means doing a good deed. The man did the right thing. In the future he will be rewarded for such an act.

A dead dove foretells the loss of a friend. A bird flying into a window brings joy. If lovebirds kiss, the partner will show tenderness and care. The relationship will be tender and pleasant. If a person holds a roasted pigeon in his hands, which is intended for food, turbulent times await in the future. There may be serious financial difficulties.

The esoteric dream book also considers this image from its own point of view. It says that a white dove means that a person's hopes will come true. If there are a lot of birds, the news will be good. Black doves in this dream book are interpreted as serious trials in life. A person must go through a difficult period, after which everything in life will get better again.

In any case, if in a dream a person experienced fear or negative emotions, you need to prepare for trials in the future. Events can be alarming. However, a person must pass all tests with honor. The dark period will soon end. In most cases, doves symbolize joy and family happiness.

Why does a man dream of pigeons?

If a man dreams of a dove, it can mean both positive and negative changes in life. A white bird means a quick meeting with your soulmate. A black dove portends separation, quarrels, and a break in relationships.

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Grandfather and a flock of birds.

If a bird sits in a cage, this indicates problems in a person’s life. He is uncomfortable at home, he does not like his current relationship with his wife. A representative of the stronger sex feels unwanted and is not confident in his abilities.

If a businessman dreams that he is catching pigeons, then this is with the aim of increasing income and strengthening business relationships. If he fails to catch the birds, he will have to lose some of his money.

When a young man sees a dove, he will soon have a reliable and strong family. When a young man catches a bird, he will quickly win the favor of his beloved. A dream in which you had to buy a bird warns of a possible illness.

Why does a woman dream of pigeons?

When a woman sees a dove in a dream, she can hope for a pleasant future. There is a chance that an obedient and intelligent child will be born. You can also count on material well-being.

Woman and bird

If a girl saw birds flying in the sky, this was supposed to solve life's problems. Everything will get better soon, you don’t have to worry about tomorrow.

The white dove cooed displeasedly for a successful and quick marriage. If the dove fell into your hands, it was after the matchmakers arrived. An escaping bird indicates an imminent separation from the chosen one.

If a woman sees a pigeon with chicks, you can be sure that soon everything will work out in the family. They are proud of their children because they will behave well and study diligently.

For a girl, catching a pigeon symbolizes meeting interesting young people. One of them may become the chosen one with whom he will live his whole life. A bird in a cage means an unhappy marriage. It is advisable to end the relationship with the young man present.

A dove drinking from a house portends positive changes in life. Fate puts this person to the test, but soon there will be a reason for joy. It will be possible to attract positive events.

A woman selling pigeons risks losing something valuable. Be careful not to regret it later.

Dreaming of a dead dove

The dead bird serves as a warning that the current way of life is not leading to good things. It is important to understand what is wrong, to rethink your attitude towards work and health.

If a dead bird comes to life, this is a white streak of life. A black dove means victory over a serious illness. In this case, the dark color foreshadows positive changes in life.

Pigeons eat from hands

If someone baked a pigeon, they should rethink their relationships with others. Most likely, he is too aggressive towards them. Healing a sick creature means that all problems will remain in the past. It is important to remember what people dream about after the death of a dove in order to protect themselves from danger.

Several other interpretations

There are several other interpretations that the dream book talks about. Did a bird fly into your apartment and fly out of the window? This is a good omen. This most likely indicates some changes that will not cause any trouble to the dreamer. He will witness some action, but nothing more.

If the dove flew away on its own, this indicates some news. For example, this could be a wedding invitation. Such events will not affect the life of a person or his family members in any way. But some news is still worth waiting for.

If a person felt joy at the sight of a bird, this indicates the receipt of some kind of gift. The dream can also foreshadow pleasant events or news. Perhaps it will be some kind of pleasant surprise. In any case, the dreamer will rejoice at the new information.

Women's dream book

Girls love to decipher every dream. Did a dove fly into a woman's window? This may portend news from a distant friend. Perhaps the girl has not communicated with this person for many years.

If a dove coos, it is a sign of a happy family life. If the girl is not married, she will soon become a bride. The union will be successful. For a married woman, such a dream speaks of happiness in the family.

If in a dream a woman caught a dove with her hands, this speaks of her tough character. She is too strict, maybe even unfair to others. If a girl caught a pigeon for a long time, but still caught it, this means that she will be able to achieve what she wants. However, her goals are low and unworthy. You need to think carefully about whether it is necessary to achieve such a goal?

The meaning of the image of a dove in a dream

In modern culture, the dove is a symbol of purity and innocence, the so-called “bird of peace.” This image represents holiness and spiritual knowledge. However, not every dream in which pigeons appear has a positive interpretation. Some dreams, according to psychoanalysts, may be reflections of emotions experienced by a person the day before. However, according to parapsychologists and psychics, the image of a bird in a dream can be a warning about what is to come.

In any case, it is impossible to give an accurate description of a dream with pigeons without studying the features of its plot. It is especially recommended to pay attention to the following details:

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  • Pigeon size;
  • Number of birds in a dream;
  • Dove color;
  • Human actions in a dream.

Let's consider each of these points separately.

Depending on the size of the pigeon

The size of a dove in a dream is of great importance when interpreting this symbol. Depending on this parameter, it depends on how exactly what is seen in night dreams will be interpreted. Thus:

  • A small dove in a dream symbolizes the aspect of a person’s life that worries him most at the moment. A chick knocking on the window means that forgotten love will return to a man or woman soon. A little dove flying into the apartment symbolizes the expectation of happiness and harmony with oneself. If you take a chick out of the nest, reconsider your views on life;
  • A medium-sized bird symbolizes spirituality in your life. Depending on the nuances of the plot, you are either in complete harmony with yourself, or you should pay attention to mental disharmony;
  • A large or fat dove is a symbol of financial wealth. However, if you see the bird dead, the dream will take on a negative meaning. A wounded large dove signifies vain hopes.

If you dreamed of a bird of gigantic size, you are taking on too many responsibilities in life. Allow yourself to rest and relax.

Interpretations by number of birds

The number of birds in a dream is also of great importance when interpreting the symbol. If you dream:

  • One bird, the dream concerns only you. This dream will not tell you anything about people dear to you;
  • Two doves, this image symbolizes love and unity of souls. The dream speaks of a future or current relationship with a like-minded person;
  • Three birds, a dream can predict enmity or rivalry in both love and corporate matters;
  • A flock of pigeons in the house or in the dreamer’s arms, the dream foretells a new addition to the family. In this case there will be more than two children.

If you dreamed of a large number of beautiful pigeons in the sky, the dream could mean home-made feasts in a narrow circle of relatives. According to another interpretation, birds circling in the sky can be a symbol of change in the near future.

Interpretation by color

The color of the dreamed bird is also important for the interpretation of the dream:

  • The white dove symbolizes a bright event that is about to happen in life. For a lonely girl, such a dream means a quick marriage;
  • A blue or gray dove flying into your hands portends good luck. However, if she dies in the arms of a person, luck will be deceptive and fleeting;
  • A gray dove warns of a serious illness that will unsettle the dreamer for a long time. However, if his feathers are more of a smoky hue, the dream foreshadows an interesting acquaintance;
  • The motley bird symbolizes bright events that can significantly change your life;
  • A black dove seen in a dream means that in reality a person will do a good deed, which will be interpreted incorrectly.

You should also pay attention to the color of the environment surrounding the dreamed bird:

  • A dove on a white background symbolizes the emergence of sublime feelings, sincere and pure love;
  • A bird against a blue sky means freedom of choice and life path;
  • A dove in a nest among green foliage symbolizes the birth of a new life and the triumph of birth over death;
  • A dove on a transparent background indicates that there are no barriers to achieving your goal.

A negative dream is one in which you dreamed of black birds against a dark background. Such a dream can be a sign of an impending depressive state.

By actions related to the pigeon

The key criterion for deciphering a dream about pigeons is human actions associated with the bird. Thus:

  • Releasing wounded pigeons means that the dreamer is a kind and sympathetic person, but for some reason he is trying to hide it;
  • Letting a pigeon that was thirsty into the house means that a person will soon be able to easily solve problems that at the moment seem unsolvable;
  • Catching a dove in a dream symbolizes good luck in any endeavor. If a single guy or young girl had such a dream, the dreamer will soon meet his soulmate;
  • Eating pigeons means disappointment in real life and insurmountable boredom;
  • Feeding a wounded pigeon that has flown into the house portends a new addition to the family. However, if the bird is black, there are unkind people in your environment. Beware of the evil eye;
  • Seeing a dove flying in the distance in a dream means that it is time for you to reconsider your views on life. If at the same time a dove flies towards you, expect quick changes;
  • If a bird knocks on a window in a house , the dream symbolizes news of an imminent wedding and a successful happy marriage;
  • Seeing a drowning dove in a dream means that in reality you will take on a hopeless task that you cannot cope with;
  • Ringing a bird in a dream in order to send a letter by pigeon mail anticipates amazing news that will both amaze and delight the dreamer;
  • Looking at the inhabitants of a dovecote means unexpectedly winning a large sum. This could be winning the lottery or receiving a large inheritance;
  • Killing a pigeon means exhaustion of imagination and lack of ideas.

A pregnant girl may have a dream in which she will feed the birds in the house on the window. This is a fairly good sign that promises good health and harmony in the family, as well as the birth of a healthy baby.

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