Why dream of taking someone else’s child - according to all dream books

According to interpretations, taking someone else’s child means traveling to distant lands, visiting many new cities, and expanding your circle of acquaintances. The main meaning is to have a quick wedding ceremony, see distant relatives, and make plans for the future. And also - to material and monetary success, plan big purchases, realize an old dream. But sometimes it’s also a sign of visiting relatives soon, resolving important issues, planning your future life.

The meaning of this symbol has historically caused much controversy among interpreters. In order to answer the question as succinctly and accurately as possible about why you dream of taking someone else’s child, we analyzed all known editions of dream books. The collections of Vanga and Miller will help you suggest what the images in your dreams promise. And the lunar dream book will tell you exactly when it can come true.

According to Vanga's dream book

Taking someone else's child in a dream means an imminent wedding ceremony, seeing distant relatives, making plans for the future. In Vanga’s publications, children are described as an incredibly happy element. Their frequent appearance is a harbinger of a very long love and passionate relationship. And a long dream may indicate a long celebration and feasting.

Is there a way to speed up the realization of children in dreams? This can be achieved by following the instructions and recommendations from Vanga. First, remember well or even write down all the details and details of the dream. Then stand for some time by your bed with a lit church candle.

Caring for a baby

Possible actions with the baby are most often positive. For example, if, in addition to motion sickness, you also had to feed the baby, the person was finally able to deal with his inner experiences and love himself. Thanks to this, it will be easier to implement your plans and arrange your life. If the baby smiles while feeding, close people are ready to support the person and provide both moral and material assistance.

You should be wary if you have to bathe a sick child in a dream . An exhausted baby is a sign of a waking disease. The dreamer should take care of his health and even undergo a medical examination. Such measures can prevent unpleasant consequences.

A sick baby can talk about other things. The sleeper should expect a serious conflict with strangers. Perhaps it will happen due to a person’s naivety and inattention.

An unpleasant dream in which a baby dies does not bode well. Rather, on the contrary, all possible troubles will bypass the sleeping person. In any plot, this is a symbol of retreating misfortune. Another unpleasant moment in a dream is washing a child who has peed or crap himself. However, you should rejoice, as this is a good sign. Financial success awaits a sleeping person. Perhaps the management will finally decide to raise wages.

Miller's Dream Book: pick up someone else's child

According to Miller, if you dream of taking someone else’s child, it means traveling to distant lands, visiting many new cities, and expanding your circle of acquaintances. Soon you will have the opportunity to visit other cities, and perhaps even countries. This trip will seriously expand the circles of your acquaintances, and will also give you new good friends. And one of these people will become your very good and close friend.

Children, as Miller believed, have a fairly broad meaning. Their constant appearance is also considered successful; they are harbingers of good and positive changes. Occasionally they promise the appearance of good business partners and even friends. At the same time, the researcher advised to remain wise, prudent and not rush into making decisions.

Hold or rock in your arms

Sometimes a man or woman nurses a small child in his arms. It does not matter whether he is a baby or an older child. Such a dream suggests that the dreamer spends too much time planning things and will not begin to implement them. Grandiose plans will remain plans if you do not take active action. Such a prediction is a call to action. This period is the most favorable for the implementation of an unrealized plan.

A man rocking a baby in his arms and experiencing discomfort at the same time speaks of his fear of responsibility. Such people still have not started a family, are afraid of serious relationships and have not even achieved good success at work.

If this state of affairs suits the dreamer, you can leave everything as it is. Otherwise, you should reconsider your life and discard unnecessary fears. Uncertainty and suspiciousness will prevent you from achieving success throughout your life.

A calm newborn baby in your arms does not indicate favorable moments in reality. On the contrary, if you see a child lying calmly in your arms in a dream, you should expect a blow in the back from loved ones. An unexpected betrayal can cause serious moral harm and temporarily unsettle a person.

According to Miss Hasse's dream book

When asked why she dreams of taking someone else’s child, Miss Hasse answered - to realize her cherished dream, to overcome the last obstacles, to achieve material well-being. This dream marks serious and positive life changes. In the foreseeable future, your secret dream will come true. Successful decisions you make will greatly contribute to this.

However, this dream requires you to be careful and attentive. Children certainly attract good luck and good changes into people's lives. According to Hasse, analyzing just one dream can reduce the accuracy of interpretation. Among them there may be symbols that both clarify and can change the entire meaning of the interpretation.

Children according to modern dream books

If you dream of taking someone else’s child, it means that relatives on the father’s side will arrive, discuss family problems, and rejoice at the meeting. The most likely arrival of maternal relatives. Such a meeting is usually due to a holiday, but it can also be completely without a compelling reason. Close friends may also pleasantly surprise you with a visit.

The modern dream book performs an important task - it corrects old interpretations with adjustments to the present time. This is also influenced by a person’s changeable perception. This was also reflected in the meaning of children in dreams - their descriptions in dream books constantly underwent changes. And only in a modern dream book is it possible to find information on completely new symbols.

Tsvetkov's edition - expanded version

Taking someone else’s child in a dream, according to Tsvetkov, means an early visit to relatives, resolving important issues, planning your future life. Most likely, your relatives will intend to raise difficult family issues. Be careful and do not let this develop into a family quarrel or conflict. It would be a good option to simply not allow the topic to develop.

Do you need to do something to make sure that the children you see in your dreams come true? The interpreter advised keeping more records of your plans, keeping thoughts in your head about your desired goals. Thus, without knowing it yourself, you will be on the path to achieving them. This will allow you to make the right decisions, relying on yourself intuitively.

“Why do you see a freak in a dream? If you see a Freak in a dream, what does it mean?

Imperial dream book

↑ to contents

In a dream, the image of a crippled freak is only a manifestation of one’s own internal distortions and problems: the body in a dream makes one aware of the problem; since in reality they do not want to notice the problem, the image of it is given in a dream for clarity, scary and fantastic, but attracting attention and pushing to action.

Seeing a freak and being afraid of your dream is a manifestation of fear of the future, passivity, weakness, inertia. Sleep is unfavorable: you should pay attention to your health, since all career and personal affairs end in failure due to lack of energy.

Seeing a freak and trying to leave, quietly turning away - a dream means extreme uncertainty and misunderstanding of the meaning of one’s life and any connection with the common life of humanity, nature and the Cosmos. Trying to protect yourself from internal problems by running away has never brought success to anyone. The dream speaks of the need for psychological and medical (secondarily) help.

Seeing yourself/one of your loved ones as a freak - the body gives a sign of a growing internal problem; energy blocks developed by an incorrect worldview are ready to manifest themselves as illness.

Seeing one of the elders in the family (living or dead) as a freak means a serious violation of the ancestral information.

The deformity of the ancestress will affect physical illnesses.

Seeing yourself as a freak without shame, fear and other negative emotions/helping a cripple/freak in a dream without disgust - a dream means getting rid of fears and the power of your own negative emotions. Such a dream is usually preceded by ill health or troubles, long-term bad luck, an unfavorable course of affairs, but soon everything will change for the better if the dreamer, aware of the causes of his misfortunes, intelligently continues the internal struggle for liberation begun by his body.

Maly Velesov dream book

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Freak - luck, inheritance/failure; lying with him is a disease, annoyance.

Mythological dream book

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Freak - disabled from birth; in some folk traditions, freaks are considered children of the devil - trouble, bad progress; something ugly (feelings, vices) of the sleeper himself or failures in his affairs.

New dream book 1918

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Seeing a freak is good luck, inheritance; for young lovers - doubt.

Dream Interpreter

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A freak seen in a dream means failure in business.

Modern dream book

Find out what it means if you dream about a Freak?

↑ to contents

If you met a disgustingly ugly person in a dream, this means that your appearance will become a subject of discussion and envy.

If you were born a freak, this dream should alert you: you are doing something dangerous and threatening serious consequences.

If you see that ugly creatures have hatched from eggs, it means that you will witness an event that will make an indelible impression on you.

If instead of your own reflection in the mirror you see an ugly monster, this means that you are dissatisfied with the attitude of others towards you; You are frightened by impending changes.

Dream Interpretation of Dmitry and Nadezhda Zima

↑ to contents

Meeting a freak in a dream is a sign that someone may try to drag you into a business that threatens to turn into big trouble.

An ugly woman in a dream is a sign of a destructive passion, succumbing to which, you risk ruining your life. After such a dream, you should control your feelings and not succumb to any dangerous temptations.

Dream interpretation of birthday people of January, February, March, April

↑ to contents

Freak - a disgusting act will be committed towards your loved ones.

Dream interpretation of birthday people of September, October, November, December

↑ to contents

Freak is the rage you feel from meeting one person.

Dream interpretation of birthday people in May, June, July, August

↑ to contents

Freak - dreams of insult.

Dream Interpretation of Morozova

↑ to contents

Meeting a freak means good luck or receiving unexpected income (inheritance). For lovers, such a dream means doubts.

Seeing yourself as a freak means all sorts of failures, and for the patient it means death.

Dream Book of the Wanderer

Interpretation of the dream: Freak according to the dream book?

↑ to contents

Freak - some kind of “ugly” feeling of the sleeper himself, forbidden desires, his own vices and harm.

Seeing is a failure in business and plans.

Dream Interpretation of Fedorovskaya

↑ to contents

If you dreamed that you had an ugly appearance, troubles await you in business.

If you dreamed that one of your relatives or friends turned into a freak, this person will be in trouble in the near future.

Meeting a freak means money.

Fighting a freak means improving the situation.

In a dream, you saw someone beating a freak - soon your family will become rich, and something will fall to you.

Killing a freak means good luck.

If you dreamed that someone killed a freak, soon one of your close relatives will be lucky, he (she) will receive a lot of money, but you will not get anything.

Tsvetkov's Dream Interpretation

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Seeing a freak is good luck, inheritance; for young lovers - doubt.

Gypsy dream book

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A freak to see - the project you are currently working on will not be successful. You better change your plans.

Taking someone else's child - according to Loff's publication

According to Loff, taking someone else’s child is a sign of material and monetary success, planning big purchases, realizing an old dream. This symbol has reflected wealth and material well-being for many years. Seeing children in dreams is very lucky. And soon your standard of living will change for the better.

Loff's unusual approach to interpretation was the absence of the habit of dividing dreams into positive and negative. He believed that all dreams foreshadow positive changes. People tend to perceive events that certain dreams may promise differently. Therefore, do not let children in your dreams cause you anxiety - this is a very good sign.

Whose child was it and what gender?

The gender and belonging of the child to someone matters. This information can significantly change the interpretation of the entire dream.

  • The child of the dreamer himself - the problem will be resolved successfully, a way out of the crisis will be found;
  • The dreamer’s child in a dream, although in reality the child does not exist - something is haunting, some thought has stuck in the brain;
  • The child of a loved one or friend - you should help your acquaintances or friends deal with problems;
  • A strange, unfamiliar child is strange news, it is not yet known whether it is good or bad, a symbol of something unrealized;
  • Girl - to joy; if you dreamed about a woman - to vanity, gossip; dreamed of a man - flirting, love luck;
  • Boy - to troubles; if you dreamed about a woman - to the emergence of a relationship, a new permanent interesting admirer; dreamed of by a man - this is a symbol of a constant problem tormenting him;
  • Gender is not clear - some idea is still knocking unsuccessfully on your subconscious;
  • Children of different sexes are a great sign of more money, the receipt of a round sum, the fulfillment of a plan and a promotion at work.

Analysis according to the lunar dream book

The third phase of the lunar cycle has the highest chance of this dream coming true. During the full moon the chance also remains high. The probability that it will happen to take someone else’s child in other periods is practically zero. The lunar calendar also suggests refraining from making important decisions during this period.

The lunar dream book is unique in its kind and has an unusual purpose. It reveals information about the likelihood of various dreams coming true in different lunar phases. A huge step towards its creation was the study of the influence of the lunar cycle and phases on human dreams. To use it correctly yourself, you must also rely on the lunar calendar.

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