Why do you dream of adopting a girl child - according to all dream books

According to interpretations, adopting a girl means going on a trip to the sea, getting pleasant impressions, and expanding your circle of acquaintances. According to the main interpreters - to monetary luck, to plan an important purchase, to fulfill a former dream. Much less often - to experience romantic feelings, find a sexual partner, brighten up life events. Much less often - to a new romantic acquaintance, to find a sensitive love partner, to get involved in love affairs.

The meaning of this symbol has historically caused much controversy among interpreters. To answer in detail the question of why you dream of adopting a girl, we turned to the most famous and reliable dream books. Collections by Miller and Vanga will help you learn about the future meaning of the dreamed image. And the lunar dream book will tell you when and with what probability it will come true.

According to Vanga's dream book

Adopting a girl in a dream means experiencing romantic feelings, feeling unprecedented passion, getting involved in love affairs. Soon you will be filled with warm feelings, as well as romantic attraction. This will contribute to the formation of long-term relationships, as well as attachment to the person. And this relationship will be all the more passionate, no matter how vivid and memorable this dream was.

Is it possible to speed up the realization of children in a dream? Following the recommendations and instructions from Vanga, this can be achieved. The most important thing is to remember the most important details and elements of the dream. Next, walk around the room with a burning church candle, keeping these memories in your head.

Popular interpretations

As a rule, dreams where the main plot is the adoption procedure foreshadow dramatic changes in life. This can serve as both a good sign and an unfavorable one. Most often, such dreams appear before a change of place of residence or work, as well as before such important events as marriage. If in reality you have to make a serious choice, such visions can visit the sleeping person.

It happens that a child who is adopted in a dream is a harbinger of misfortune, loss and serious health problems .

A dreamed adoption can indicate a great lack of communication with people or a need for support.

Adoptive parents appeared in a dream - the relationships that reign between people are important: is it joy or anxiety. This directly shows your current relationships with others.

If in a dream someone else’s boy became a son, it’s worth understanding yourself. Carrying out an analysis of your psychological state and constraint will solve internal problems. It’s worth starting to look at things more simply and enjoy life.

Becoming a foster parent for your own child promises a complete lack of mutual understanding and trust with family members .

By turning to famous interpreters, you can note the individual meanings of dreams in their dream books. Plots are interpreted by predictors depending on the details and features of dreams.

Miller's Dream Book: adopt a girl child

According to Miller, if you dream of adopting a girl, this means a new romantic acquaintance, finding a sensitive love partner, getting involved in love affairs. Your current marital status influences the meaning of this dream. If you are already in a relationship, it symbolizes their strengthening. If not, you are soon destined to meet new love.

Children are placed in a separate category in Miller's publications. Their regular appearance promises good life changes. Sometimes they promise the appearance of very good friends, colleagues or partners. At the same time, Miller strongly advised to remain reasonable and not make hasty decisions.

According to Miss Hasse's dream book

When asked why she dreams of adopting a girl, Miss Hasse answered - to prepare for the arrival of distant relatives, to gather in the family circle, to put things in order in the house. Distant relatives on your mother's side will visit you on the occasion of the upcoming celebration. But at the same time, people without an invitation may also turn up at the holiday. It would be wise to prepare for this situation in advance.

It is necessary to pay increased attention to such dreams. Children certainly attract good luck and good changes into people's lives. According to Hasse, it is very important to explore other dreams along with the current one. The overall picture of the interpretation can easily change due to the details in one of them.

“What is the purpose of adopting in a dream? If you see Adopt in a dream, what does it mean?

English dream book

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If you dream that you have an adopted child, this is a very bad dream. It can bring upon you your worst enemies, a long and serious illness, or even become a harbinger of an untimely death.

If you have such a dream on the eve of some trip, it will be better if you postpone it for a while. For a dream about an adopted child always foreshadows misfortunes, losses and hardships, as well as damage to your health. For an unmarried girl, such a dream is a warning that her current boyfriend may leave her.

Newest dream book

In a dream, why do you dream about Adopting?

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Adoption - do a noble deed.

Family dream book

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If in a dream you met your adoptive parents, in reality you will have great luck. You will even receive help from complete strangers.

If you dreamed that you or someone else was adopting a child, try not to change your place of residence. This event may not end well.

Modern dream book

Find out what it means if you dream about Adopting?

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Seeing an adopted child or adoptive parents in a dream means that you will achieve success thanks to the efforts and intelligence of strangers.

If you dreamed that you were adopting a child, unexpected changes for the worse will occur in your home.

Dream Book of David Loff

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The topic of adoption often appears during periods of fundamental life changes or crises.

Adoption - speaks of an acute shortage of human communication or the need for additional communication. Such dreams occur on the eve of moving, changing jobs, before a wedding, or during periods of uncertainty. Moreover, it is important who is adopting you and what kind of relationship you have with your adoptive parents, whether you feel joy, anxiety or uncertainty about this. Here is an example of a dream that a twenty-four-year-old young man had on the eve of his own wedding: “Surrounded by strangers, I am sitting at a card table and playing a game whose rules I do not understand. They try to teach me, but they don't know how to speak English. I get up to leave, but they treat me like their own son and take me home.” Due to the discrepancy in traditions, you may feel awkward in your new family, but at the same time feel sincere affection from your adoptive parents, which helps you overcome the barrier of a new relationship. Adopt someone. In the interpretation of such a dream, the gender of the dreamer plays an important role. As clinical studies show, men and women treat infertility with the same degree of responsibility. However, women tend to be more concerned about raising children, so in critical situations they try to fulfill their destiny as a continuator of the family by adopting a child. It is important for a woman to understand the role of external circumstances and the status of her Self in the life cycle. Have there been cases of infertility in your family? Maybe you're planning to get pregnant, but you're afraid you won't succeed. The fact of adoption for both women and men may indicate that you see yourself as a breadwinner, a guardian. People increasingly see their purpose in changing the life of another person for the better, so the search for justice is transformed into an attempt to help the disadvantaged.

If a man has doubts about adoption, this is an alarm about male maturity and compliance with generally accepted ideas about a real man. Who do you adopt and why? Perhaps a new relationship or breakup makes you feel insecure - and this is precisely what is hidden behind your emotions. Do you feel the need for emotional support? How badly do you miss her? Or do you feel that new horizons are opening up before you?

Dream interpretation of birthday people of September, October, November, December

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Adoption means intercession.

Dream interpretation of birthday people in May, June, July, August

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Adoption - to harmonious relationships in marriage.

Dream interpretation of birthday people of January, February, March, April

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Adopting someone in a dream means forcing oneself to do something.

Dream interpretation of a modern woman

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The topic of adoption most often appears in dreams during periods of radical life changes or crises. Often it means an acute lack of human communication. The fact of adoption in a dream, for both women and men, may mean that you see yourself as a breadwinner, a guardian of people or children who depend on you. Fortunately, people increasingly see their purpose in changing the life of another person for the better, so the search for justice is transformed into an attempt to help the disadvantaged.

Children according to modern dream books

If you dream of adopting a child, a girl, it means good luck in money, planning an important purchase, fulfilling a former dream. Try to remember as many details of the dream as possible to get more clues. A great variety of clear images can promise very quick enrichment. And if it is repeated time after time, it promises making the right life decisions.

The modern dream book contains all the corrections of old editions, correcting them for current research. Human perception undergoes many changes over time. This also applies to the meaning of children from dreams, which took on different meanings in different years. And only in a modern dream book is it possible to find information on completely new symbols.

Tsvetkov's edition - expanded version

Adopting a girl in a dream, according to Tsvetkov, means a trip to the sea, getting pleasant impressions, and expanding your circle of acquaintances. Heralds many new acquaintances, trips to new lands and cities. This will be a long journey in which you will meet a lot of people. But be careful - perhaps not all people will want to be kind to you.

Do you need to do something to make sure that the children you see in your dreams come true? The interpreter gave advice to keep your plans, dreams and goals in your head. Thus, unwittingly, you are in search of opportunities to achieve them. This will allow you to make the right decisions, relying on yourself intuitively.


If you want to adopt a girl, an unheard-of, downright miraculous event will happen in reality.

taking a daughter into your family in a dream foreshadows an easy and carefree life in abundance.

a woman dreamed of an adopted boy - peace and grace reign in the family. but for a man, this plot foretells that he will be forced to make a choice.

Adopt a girl child - according to Loff's publication

According to Loff, adopting a girl means experiencing romantic feelings, finding a sexual partner, and brightening up life events. The fire of passion, ardent love and hot feelings await you. You have not yet met the person who will bring such a surprise into your life. And this can be a great chance to build a very good and long-lasting relationship.

Loff's publications practically do not divide the symbolism of dream images into positive and negative. He believed that most “negative” dreams are the result of inaccurate interpretation. People tend to perceive events that certain dreams may promise differently. There is no need to worry if you met children in a dream - this is a very good sign.

Interpretation of details

The deep meaning of dreams about adoption lies in the subconscious: if in life there is a desire and attempts to have a baby, the dream will be a reflection of reality. But if the situation is the opposite, it’s worth taking a closer look at the interpretations of popular dream books.

Circumstances of adoption

There may be many reasons why the sleeping person decided to take the child into the family. It is important to remember what prompted the boy to become an adopted son.

The determining circumstances of adoption may be:

  • the death of the baby’s natural parents - this foreshadows troubles that will appear unexpectedly from a person from a close circle;
  • inability to have your own children naturally. This promises wonderful events that can bring joy in life;
  • the desire to have a large family, to increase its number - the dream promises profit and a stable financial situation;
  • showing pity for the child - grandiose changes in life are expected, kind and happy.

In addition to general interpretations, it is worth paying attention to the appearance of the adopted baby. Thus, his image, behavior and mood can have a meaning that directly determines the meaning of the entire dream.

Appearance has an impact on dream interpretation:

  • a child with a beautiful face or an intelligent expression promises the sleeping person happiness and every success;
  • a child with defects in appearance marks the emergence of an unusual situation;
  • an active and cheerful baby indicates good luck that is nearby;
  • an adopted boy falls ill - portends a good appetite and excellent health;
  • baby - speaks of stability, improvement in the general state of affairs;
  • an adopted teenager indicates inevitable troubles;
  • if the baby cries, you should be prepared for financial difficulties in life;
  • a child playing speaks of an unstable situation. A double situation is possible or misleading others with your character;
  • an aggressive child represents betrayal or deception from potential enemies;
  • Punishing an adopted child promises an unstable psychological state, when it is better to refrain from action and do nothing in life.

Who had the dream

Depending on who dreamed of adoption - a man or a woman , the visions may also have their own characteristic differences in interpretation . In life, the gender of the sleeping person, as well as the one who appeared to him in a dream, is of great importance.

If a woman saw in a dream how she sheltered someone else’s child, this speaks of the growing up of children whom she, as a mother, is unable to let go from under her “wing” of guardianship and care. But it’s worth doing, because the children are already grown. If you adopt a boy, mutual understanding and happiness will reign in the family.

Why does a woman dream of adopting a girl - to joy and good luck. A little baby promises a woman the fulfillment of her wishes, as well as the onset of amazing events.

A man sees how he adopted a baby - in life he strives to control everyone around him in order to subjugate him. If a boy is adopted, he will have to make an important choice in life .

If the girl is not married, the dream can serve as a warning about a possible break in relations with her loved one on his initiative

Any interpretation, positive or negative, is not the ultimate truth. Every event can be changed if you put in the effort.

Analysis according to the lunar dream book

The highest chance for such a dream to come true is during the third lunar phase. The chance is also very high during the full moon, and then it gets lower. The probability of adopting a girl in other periods is practically zero. Also, the lunar calendar indicates that these days it is better to refrain from making important decisions.

The edition of the lunar dream book is strikingly different from its analogues. Unlike conventional interpretations, it reveals the possibility and frequency of dreams coming true. A big step towards its creation was serious research into the dependence of dreams on lunar phases. And to work with it correctly, you also need to use the lunar calendar.

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