What the military might dream about: the opinion of dream books

An army is an organized armed formation that is an obligatory element of the structure of any state. Regardless of government policy, the structure of the army and the principles of its formation, army service is synonymous with strict discipline and everyday restrictions, while at the same time the powers of army commanders are much higher than those of their civilian counterparts.

The appearance of an army can be associated with an enemy attack that brings trouble to the population of the occupied country. so it is with liberation. A dream in which an army appears can refer to any of the aspects associated with it, so various dream books give it different interpretations - from fire to great success and unlimited power.


An army in a dream is the personification of an external force that is difficult to resist, inevitable events in which one will have to take part. The correct interpretation of such a dream depends on whether this army was friendly or hostile, in whose role the dreamer saw himself, as well as on the real circumstances of his life. A dream about the advance of an enemy army carries the threat of serious conflicts, subjugation of someone else's will, deprivation of property, as well as natural disasters; the defeat of such an army is a very happy dream.

The army as a liberator means changing the situation for the better. successful solution to all problems, success at work and cash income. Being drafted into the army and serving in it as a private means difficult life circumstances, but the appearance of a commander in such a dream means that soon the life situation will radically change for the better thanks to outside help.

Seeing yourself in the role of a commander means the need for decisive action. Becoming a high-ranking military man in a dream means great success in life. An army marching in a parade is a complete triumph, a happy solution to all problems.

Why do you dream about the army? The dream book advises not to provoke conflicts. This way you can avoid unpleasant situations. When in a dream you are in the army or just seeing military personnel, it predicts some news from familiar people who are currently away from you and have not had contact with them for a long time. When a woman serves in the army in a dream, this foreshadows an unexpected improvement in her financial situation. It is also a signal for you that you have large reserves of strength within yourself, thanks to which you can cope with almost any task that you take on.

When a man dreams of an army , it symbolizes receiving some bad news.

When you dream that your brother is in the army it can also symbolize a large, bordering on madness feeling about what kind of person you have. The worst possible explanation is that it is a harbinger of the death of someone close and very important to you.

This may also portend the appearance of various kinds of misfortunes in your life. Most often these are quarrels, false people who crave your destruction and serious disagreements for families.

“Why do you see a military man in a dream? If you see a Military man in a dream, what does it mean?

ABC of dream interpretation

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Military - symbolizes active resolution of your conflicts. Also an indication of discipline, like military discipline, which limits your life.

If you see a military man in a dream, get ready for attacks and battles in life.

For a woman, the image of a military man is a possible appearance of a seducer in her life.

Eastern dream book

Why does a Military man dream in a dream according to the dream book?

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Military is an unfavorable sign. For a young woman, a dream in which she marries a military man means: her family life will not be easy.

If you dreamed that you were attending a military parade, you were tired of the chaos reigning around you.

Lunar dream book

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Seeing a military man is a disappointment.

Newest dream book

In a dream, what does a Military man dream about?

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Military - to tense relationships in the family.

New dream book 1918

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Soldier - great distress; officer - violence; general - patronage; to be a military man himself means a quarrel between spouses; a lot of military men - boredom; sentry - joy; to see military men fighting - a night attack; military exercises - success in business.

Modern dream book

Find out what it means if you dream about a Military man?

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Seeing a military man in a dream is a sign of great concern about loved ones.

Talking to a military man in a dream means that there are many flattering friends around you.

To dream that a military man is saluting you is a sign of unexpected success in a business begun not so long ago.

If in a dream you yourself salute a military man, someone wants to influence you.

If you dream that you are being called up for military service, your boss will offend you. The dream warns: avoid conflicts with management in the near future.

Dream Interpretation of Grishina

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Military men dressed in uniform - an attack on you from the outside / anxious readiness of the soul / mobilization of spiritual forces / your excitement and upcoming unrest.

Seeing a lot of military people is boring.

Dream interpretation of birthday people of January, February, March, April

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The military man is a protector.

Military bearing - for official affairs.

Dream interpretation of birthday people of September, October, November, December

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Seeing a gallant military man with excellent bearing in a dream means a whirlwind romance with a military man.

Dream interpretation of birthday people in May, June, July, August

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Seeing the military in a dream means conscription for the army for a young man

Chinese dream book

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If you put on armor and a helmet for protection, there will be great benefits and good luck.

A pike or a long battle ax, a gun - happiness and benefit in connection with promotion.

Seeing the defeat of the military in battle portends misfortune.

If you are poor and hungry among the soldiers, this portends great happiness and good luck.

Dream Interpretation from A to Z

Why see a military man in a dream?

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Hearing the bravura sounds of a military march in a dream is a sign of your inclination towards a man in public service. You should be careful not to get caught up in a new passion.

Finding yourself in a military camp in a dream means getting married at the first available opportunity.

Warships in a dream mean a long separation from the place in which you live.

Dream Interpretation of Fedorovskaya

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Seeing a military man in a dream means trouble.

If you dreamed that you yourself became a military man, unpleasant troubles await you, perhaps they will even open a criminal case against you.

A dream in which one of your relatives or loved ones became a military man means: one of your relatives or friends will stab you in the back at the most inopportune moment.

You dreamed that you got into a fight with a military man - in the near future you will have unpleasant troubles associated with the loss of a very large sum of money for you.

Tsvetkov's Dream Interpretation

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A soldier is very upset.

Universal dream book

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During a decisive battle, it is nice to see cavalry appearing on a hill - as this means that reinforcements have arrived.

What are the soldiers doing in your dream? Are they following orders or ensuring national security? Are they aggressive or protective?

If in a dream you are a military man (but in real life you are not), the dream symbolizes your desire to achieve more in life, because the military is a symbol of discipline and organization.

Military life also involves obeying orders. Are you forcing someone to obey your orders, or is the other person forcing you to obey their orders?

What in your life requires violent intervention? - perhaps military forces also symbolize the unification of efforts, i.e. the dream suggests that you feel stronger as part of a team.

If in real life you are indecisive, such a dream may indicate a desire to have support in two camps in order to be sure that the outcome will not be destructive, no matter what happens.

Gypsy dream book

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For a woman to see a military officer in a dream means that she will have many admirers, for a man it means that later in life he will achieve recognition.

Any officer of justice or the armed forces means anxiety, trouble. You will have trouble with the law or worry about something you did poorly through oversight or ignorance.

Police officer - gloomy foreboding.

Online dream book

Meaning of the dream: Military according to the dream book?

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If you dreamed about a military man, expect struggle and confrontation on your way.

More interpretations

A dream in which you are being drafted into the ranks of soldiers warns of possible misunderstandings with your superiors, which could turn out badly for you.

Being a military man in a dream means debilitating worries in reality; troubles with law enforcement agencies are possible.

If you dreamed that your loved one was in uniform - when you least expect it, he will betray you.

If you dream that you are talking in a dream with a man in uniform - perhaps you are mistaken in people, there are many hypocrites in your environment.

A dream in which a military man salutes you portends good luck in your endeavors.

If you dream of a military uniform, you will be faced with a new obligation that will be impossible to refuse.

Why does a guy dream about an army - Freud’s dream book

To see a guy being drafted into the army in a dream is most often a reference to your long life, which, most likely, you will be given to experience certain obstacles.

If a guy dreams of a large army, this may be a sign if you are running your own business - in this case, you can count on well-being in making major decisions and a significant increase in your income.

When in a dream you see yourself leaving to serve in the army, this may mean that you subconsciously miss traditions and would not like to return to old values.

Why does a girl dream about the army - Miller’s dream book

When a girl or an unmarried woman dreams of an army, the dream book interprets this as the fulfillment of your deepest desires, the fulfillment of which you did not expect at this stage of your life. An army in a girl’s dream may mean that some male person sympathizes with you.

Everything that a crowded army dreams of is noted in the dream book as: too high aspirations and may be a signal that you should take into account and not overestimate your capabilities. Even if this is not the case, this dream is a warning: if you really intend to realize your ambitions, you will have to work hard, and a negative outcome is possible

Why do you dream about seeing off to the army - Vanga’s dream book

When you dream of seeing off to the army, this is a sign that your love or romance will soon end and this ending, unfortunately, will not be happy for you. It is possible that your health will seriously deteriorate for some time. If in addition you see that a young man is being escorted, this means that you will face great shame due to your inability to work correctly towards your partner, and you will be blamed for the breakdown of this union.

To dream that you serve in the army in relation to your personality means how you will cope with these difficulties. If you are so worried that it was not you who loved this person, this means that problems will be very difficult for you and may exist in your life for a long time.

Dreaming of military duties - Longo's dream book

When you sleep and dream that you are performing some kind of military duties, this means that, in the end, you will be able to bring to a happy end some important matter for you, which previously kept you awake at night.


I would like to ask dear readers, those who served -
do you often dream about the army?
It is clear that dreams are different, some people dream about memories of service, colleagues, some moments from life.
I consistently dream of only one moment - I am being drafted into the army again.

There are so many funny pictures, memes and other demotivators floating around on the Internet, the plot of which is just about my dreams - a lot of them!
The most interesting one for me is this one (well, the honest truth)


You’ve already served for a year and a half, but then you fall asleep and see: your unit is back and you’re back in army uniform. Conscripts are running around, fussing, and you stand there, looking around in the middle of your barracks.


At the same time, in a dream I clearly know that I have already served.
One day, I dreamed of a bus that took us from the station to a military unit. I’m going to my unit and thinking about how tomorrow I’ll go back to demobilization. “We need to prepare the uniform again, like the last time I left home.”

so everything is real in a dream.
Every time I ask myself the question: “Well, I’ve already served, why was I taken (called up)?”
And then I immediately add:
“Yes, I’ll be home soon, in just a couple of months (I always have a few months left before demobilization in my dreams), I can finish my service now.”

I once dreamed of one of the officers of my unit, to whom I say this, “for the second time leaving for demobilization”:


From my point of view, such things are dreamed of because of significant memories associated with the service. For some, these are bad dreams, nightmares, if the service was like that, but for others, these are ordinary nostalgic dreams in which you see nothing bad.


in my dreams every month
(until now)
I leave to serve, or return from service again. But I never experienced any nightmares or horrors in my sleep. Apparently, because he always assessed his service on the positive side.


No, I’m deceiving you – I once dreamed about a sergeant major.
I am the company duty officer, and because of my mistake, he throws the book for issuing weapons and ammunition out of the window from the floor. That's terrible)
Probably, dreams about the army also come along with this channel. After all, it was also created on emotions, on nostalgia for that time spent far from home in the barracks. And now the channel has become some part of me. I don’t manage to write every day, but if I publish material, I put all my heart and effort into it.

What kind of dreams do you have, friends?

Thanks for reading, comrade!

I ask you to evaluate other materials on my channel. I will be glad for your reading and evaluation. Thank you for everything, friends!

Dreams reflect a person's inner experiences. They symbolize joy, anxiety, seal and other emotions. Psychotherapists think so. But esotericists have their own vision of dreams. According to their theory, dreams are harbingers of future events that help prevent bad omens.

People have different dreams. Many of them mark favorable events, others are alarming. But few people know what an army means in a dream.

A guy who previously served in the armed forces had a vision. This is a sign that the guy is yearning for service, he lacks a daily routine, orders and confidence in his own strength.

If a guy saw the service, then he lacks the thrill. Life has become boring and monotonous, it is not filled with adrenaline as before. The guy should find himself an extreme hobby to release energy, otherwise he will plunge into depression and become aggressive towards other people.

The dream was seen by a man who had not previously served in the service. Vision has several meanings:

  • Soon a man will need to defend the honor of one of his relatives, friends or relatives. The vision foretells that a person will be slandered and will have problems that the dreamer can solve.
  • Service in a dream symbolizes the uncertainty of a young man. He feels uncomfortable around other guys. He has low self-esteem and no purpose in life. Vision is a sign to change your character, become tougher, and learn to appreciate your own talents.

If a woman has a vision, it is interpreted in different ways:

  1. Seeing your son being drafted to serve in the army. The dream tells the mother that the child has become an adult, an independent person, capable of living and making decisions independently.
  2. A dream is a reflection of a girl’s internal state. She worries about a loved one because of the problems he has. The vision portends a favorable outcome. The guy will cope with problems without harming his reputation and career.
  3. The girl saw herself in the role of a military servant. The girl will face obstacles and obstacles; problems will arise in her career. To avoid this, she should be more attentive to her career and colleagues who are capable of setting the girl up.
  4. The girl dreams that the guy was drafted into the army. A quarrel with her loved one awaits her. There will be a crisis in the relationship. The girl will be able to improve the relationship. The preservation of love and trust in a couple depends on it.
  5. To accompany your father or brother to the service. The girl needs support from influential people.

To accurately interpret the vision, it is worth remembering the details that happened in the dream:

  1. The summons has arrived . The meaning of what you see depends on the gender of the dreamer.
  2. The girl sees . A strong shock and surprise awaits her. She will soon hear news that will dishearten her.
  3. The guy sees . This is a sign of upcoming trials. He will not be able to overcome them on his own, so he will have to ask for help from family and friends.
  4. Serve . This is a symbol of a change of place of residence or work.
  5. March along the parade ground . Expect empty troubles, troubles and problems.
  6. See yourself as a future deserter . This is a sign that the dreamer will soon decide on a desperate act, which will bring a lot of problems and troubles.
  7. See yourself as an officer . The dreamer wants to become a qualified specialist.
  8. Command a regiment . The dreamer has not realized his goals, desires and ambitions in life. He should change his lifestyle. This is a sign that if he changes his life, he will achieve his goal.
  9. See how your co-workers offend . Soon the dreamer will fall under the influence of a morally strong person who used him for selfish purposes.
  10. See the war with the offensive. A person expects to overcome all difficulties and obstacles.
  11. The dreamer came home as a demobilized soldier . A love adventure awaits the guy. He will meet a girl with whom he will create a strong family. Another interpretation: the guy will start dating a young lady who previously rejected him and did not reciprocate.
  12. If the guy left as a demobilized soldier , then this portends a short trip to another city or country.
  13. See the army . Expect the arrival of relatives.
  14. To go to vacation . This is a sign that foretells a great weekend getaway.
  15. A friend or husband is demobilizing . The character seen in a dream will soon leave the borders of his native country.

"Oh, little soldiers..."

If you saw that you are at war, and your army is advancing on the enemy, who is fleeing, this means overcoming difficulties and obstacles on the way to achieving your goals.

I dreamed that you defeated the enemy and returned home in full army uniform - to victories “on the love front.” That person who did not reciprocate your feelings will begin to look for meetings with you.

Seeing many soldiers of the airborne troops in a dream means the unexpected arrival of distant relatives, Miller’s dream book prophesies.

A dream in which you go on leave from the army means a pleasant weekend getaway. Perhaps you are going to travel out of town, to visit a relative or friend.

Interpretations according to different dream books

The dream can be interpreted in different ways. Each of the dream books offers its own version of solving what they see.

Dream interpretation has been practiced since ancient times. People tried to figure out what the pictures they saw at night could mean. Today, to decipher dreams, you just need to try to remember as many details and emotional load as possible.

Why do you dream about the army?

Many dream books agree that such a dream means that you will soon part with a close friend. If the army lost the battle, this is a bad sign that promises disappointment and various troubles related to work or business. Night vision of being drafted into the army is a negative symbol that warns that it will be difficult to resist the current circumstances. It’s also worth figuring out why you dream about the army, or rather a festive parade. Such a dream is a harbinger of betrayal by relatives. If in a dream you were escorted to the army, this is an indication that close people are worried about the dreamer’s lifestyle. Seeing a foreign army in a dream means that in real life you will have to deal with unfounded rumors and gossip.

Why does a guy dream about the army?

Such a dream is a signal that people around are aggressive about the dreamer’s behavior. It could also be an indication about difficult choices in life. For representatives of the stronger sex, a dream about the army is a harbinger of events that will become reality, no matter how much they want it.

Interpretation by gender

It is very important who exactly had the dream with the military. For representatives of the fair half, such dreams can predict the following events:

  1. For unmarried ladies, men in uniform can foreshadow the appearance of several fans who will compete for the attention of their chosen one. The person will even have to make a choice in favor of one.
  2. Seeing yourself dressed in a ceremonial uniform is a good symbol. Most likely, you will receive a promotion at work or a good and lucrative offer that will significantly improve the financial situation in the family.
  3. For young virgins, soldiers with weapons can portend an early marriage, moreover, the marriage will be happy, albeit turbulent. There will be love and passion in the relationship, but the spouse will often be jealous of his beloved, as a result of which quarrels and scandals will arise, which, however, will only strengthen the union of the young.
  4. A military procession predicts for an adult woman that pleasant household chores will soon happen, perhaps distant relatives will come or come to woo her daughter, that is, she will have to set a rich table and treat guests.

For the male half, dreams with military men have a different prediction. Well-known dream books interpret such visions as follows:

  • A person in uniform predicts the appearance of an opponent, so it is necessary to concentrate all forces to be able to resist him. Also, army personnel can predict that a long-standing conflict that has been troubling the dreamer for a long time will soon be resolved.
  • Watching or participating in a military parade is a good sign, representing that all achievements will be recognized in the near future. Perhaps the bosses will note good work or pay attention to the sleeping person.

Wearing army boots in a dream, regardless of whether it was a woman or a man, predicts a happy meeting. Very soon on the path of life you will meet a person who will become your life partner.

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