Why do you dream of breaking up with a girl: the opinion of dream books

In a dream, problems and situations that concern a person in his real life are expressed in encrypted form. And therefore, in order to understand why you dream of breaking up with a girl, you need to carefully consider the characteristics of the dreamer’s temperament, the nature of his relationship with his girlfriend, and the specific events that preceded the dream.

Miller's Dream Book

Gustav Miller is sure that the dream of breaking up with a girl is only a reflection of the real state of affairs.

If in life you not only continue to meet, but have not even quarreled, then such a vision may mean your fears of losing your loved one.

Well, to see in a dream a real breakup with your beloved, which took place in your life quite recently, is a signal of the resentment that you feel towards your former lover. Most often, such dreams occur if the initiator of the breakup was the dreamer’s chosen one.

Breaking a relationship with a loved one - what does the dream book talk about?

A dreamed separation from a loved one can be of several types: realistic - that is, based on the dreamer’s recent experiences and emotions, or it can be metaphorical and even unexpected, for example, when the relationship between lovers in reality is good. All this should be taken into account when interpreting such dreams. It is the details that can tell you whether the dreamed separation means something negative, or whether you should still expect changes for the better.

In addition, you should pay attention to the time frame of the incident. When exactly did the dreamer dream about the separation? This may tell you what to expect from such a dream in reality.

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On what day of the week do you dream about breaking up?

  • Monday - there is a chance that the dream will come true;
  • Tuesday - the probability of a rupture is high;
  • Wednesday - you should beware of your opponent or rival;
  • Thursday - will not come true;
  • Friday - there is a chance that it will come true;
  • Saturday - will not come true;
  • Sunday - there is a chance that it will come true.

Why do you dream of parting with your loved one or loved one? If you don’t go into details of the plot, you won’t get a definite answer. Saying goodbye to a person dear to your heart in a dream is explained by psychologists as a subconscious desire to move to a new level not only in personal relationships, but also in work and social relationships.

For men, such dreams can mean changes, fears, warnings about possible injustice towards the dreamer. Speaking about guys, dream books highlight precisely the psychological aspect of such dreams.

For women, separation in a dream is not only a reflection of real problems, but also acquaintances predicted in the near future, successes on the personal front, or renunciation of a toxic love affair .

But these are only general predictions. Analyzing the details of the plot will help you find out more precisely what exactly your dream means. Let's take a closer look at the particular features of dreams for men and women separately.

What does it mean to part with your loved one in a dream?

Saying goodbye forever to a boyfriend, man or husband in a dream is stress, which in real life can lead to the logical development of a love story. Whether it will be good or bad depends on what exactly the girl dreamed about and whether she correctly interprets the meanings indicated in the dream books.

One popular dream book suggests interpreting breaking up with a guy as a sign that in reality the relationship will be long and strong , and the most violent dreamed quarrel will be a sure confirmation of this. It is important to remember who initiated the separation in the dream: if it is a man, then this is a really good sign. It’s another matter if the woman is to blame for the breakup: this is a subconscious manifestation of uncertainty about the future of the couple, dissatisfaction with the other half.

Why dream of breaking up with a guy without negative emotions and regret? Such a dream may foretell minor troubles in everyday life.

A dream about a difficult breakup, in which a woman asks a man to return , promises the dreamer a difficult period in her relationship with her partner.

A girl’s tears in such dreams foreshadow interesting events for her in reality. But if a guy cries , this is a hint: you should be more sincere with him.

Why dream of parting with a loved one, calm, but leaving a residue ? The meaning of sleep prepares a woman for a difficult period in life.

Why do you dream of separating from your husband? Often, dream books offer a positive answer to this question: the relationship between the spouses will become stronger, the uncertainty in the relationship will disappear. If you dream of a quarrel with your ex-husband , you should be wary of a trick from him, and a new relationship may be worth reconsidering.

Knowledgeable people and psychologists advise you to listen to yourself, and after such dreams, begin to look at your soulmate differently. This is stated both in Vanga’s interpretations and in Miller’s famous dream book.

Why do you dream about breaking up with a girl?

Dreams of separation that men see are almost always directly or indirectly related to real events, and are explained by experienced emotions, experiences, unresolved internal and external conflicts, and doubts about the current relationship. Decoding will help you decide on your position in life and deal with the current state of things.

And although sometimes the answers are obvious, many guys are still interested in why they dream of breaking up with their girlfriend ? A correct interpretation can make a man’s life easier; one has only to remember his feelings in a dream.

A dreamed farewell to a girl with whom the guy has an excellent relationship in life is a subconscious manifestation of the fear of losing her.

A severance of communication with one’s soul mate in a dream, which has already happened in real life before , is interpreted by dream books as a manifestation of male resentment, explained by a refusal to recognize the real state of affairs.

Only a person who is not ready to let her go can be jealous of an ex-girlfriend in a dream

The dream the relief that parting with a girl brings as a desire for change and a man’s willingness to move on.

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Changes await you

Explaining why a guy dreams about his beloved girl after they have stopped all relationships in real life, the Eastern Dream Book recommends remembering what sensations the dreamer experienced in a dream.

If a guy regretted that love had passed, then this means he was not ready to accept the situation that was developing around him.

But if a guy dreams that he painlessly survived a breakup with his ex-lover, or after separation he sees her in a dream with blurry outlines of her face, then in reality he is ready for a new relationship.

An interesting explanation is given by the Gypsy Dream Book. According to this interpreter, dreaming of parting with the girl you are going to marry is a sign that you will encounter problems that you can only solve one by one. Don’t put pressure on each other, be patient and, most importantly, trust.

Presence of third parties

If in a dream a girl leaves for another man, this promises the dreamer a collapse of hopes, disappointment and unrealizable plans. If she went to an unfamiliar man, this tells the sleeping person that she is not satisfied with many things, and in reality she is thinking about changing her partner. If he goes to an acquaintance, brother, friend, one of the close people (friends or relatives) may turn out to be a traitor. But you should not consider and interpret the vision literally. Most likely, the person betraying the dreamer’s interests will not be the one who appeared in the plot.

A scene taking place in front of strangers can be interpreted as a warning about someone’s desire to destroy the union. Friends and close relatives will constantly interfere with him. After such a dream, you need to focus on your partner, want and be able to hear him in order to jointly resist other people’s negativity.

The presence of a guy’s mother in the plot, especially when her opinion played a major role in the breakup, says more about the sleeping person than about the relationship as a whole. The son's reliance on such authority only indicates his lack of independence and immaturity.

Make new acquaintances

Pastor Loff's dream book, deciphering why a young man dreams of breaking up with a girl, gives the following interpretation of the dream: seeing a former lover in the arms of another man and experiencing dissatisfaction or a feeling of jealousy is a sign that you are marking time.

You should make new friends, get carried away with something that is not typical for you - this will help you get through a difficult period in life, says the dream interpreter.

If a man dreamed that his sweetheart no longer had a feeling of being in love with him, so he decided to break up with her, then this means a desire to either diversify his relationship with his partner, or expand his circle of acquaintances, Longo’s dream book assures.

Interpretation according to different dream books

Miller's Dream Book

speaks of separation as a sign of troubles in everyday life. If in a dream you break up with friends, it means that you cannot avoid problems at work, and if the separation is associated with the severing of all ties with an unpleasant person, well-deserved success awaits you.

Tsvetkov's Dream Interpretation

interprets such a dream as a sign to reconsider your goals.

Those that you installed a long time ago are no longer relevant, it’s time to change the vector. If parting in a dream is difficult, get ready for easy work, and if in a dream you feel relief, then in reality you will have to solve difficult problems. Parting with a particularly dear person is a sign of a pleasant event or a funny misunderstanding. Modern dream book

explains this dream due to heavy workload at work. You dream of finishing all your work and parting with the work routine that won’t let you go. Also, according to the dream book, such a dream is a symbol of success in your personal life. If you have been struggling with loneliness for a long time, very soon you will be able to defeat it.

According to the Russian dream book

parting in a dream foreshadows a meeting in reality. There is a high probability that it will become fateful. For single people, this means meeting a loved one, and for those in a relationship, it means meeting a like-minded friend. Also, such a dream is a symbol of unfulfilled hopes. You have long been haunted by a cherished dream that you lacked the courage to fulfill. Now is the most favorable time to satisfy all your long-standing desires.

Freud's Dream Book

speaks of separation in a dream as a fear of losing control over a lover in reality. You are used to being the leader in a relationship, controlling your significant other. Such a dream speaks of you as an insecure person who is afraid of losing the meaning of life. Be bolder, cast aside your fears, and have the confidence to make you desirable to your loved one.

What do we have to do?

When deciphering what predicts breaking up with a girl in a dream, remember the reason that prompted you to do this. So this happened because:

  • betrayal - there is an urgent need to change something in yourself;
  • deception - you are bored with this connection;
  • loss of feelings - you do not want to accept your partner’s position;
  • moving - something is preventing you from building relationships;
  • rejection by your loved ones - you shouldn’t cling to a falling apart union.

Manifestation of feelings in a dream

The psychotype and temperament of a person in a dream is revealed in a completely unexpected way. For example, breaking up on one’s own initiative in a dream is not interpreted at all as a manifestation of independence and maturity, but, on the contrary, as an inability to choose a single option from several possible fans. If everything happens against the backdrop of rain, bad weather, or a blizzard, then the tendency to make rash decisions is added to the previous one . Such natural phenomena warn of impending troubles and conflicts.

Violent manifestations of feelings during parting testify to their strength and depth in reality. But attempts to return the beloved with the help of tears and humiliation speak of weakness of character and willingness to be henpecked, no matter how macho the guy may seem in reality. If a man cries in a dream because of breaking up with a girl, it means that the time has come to end this relationship and start a new one.

If in a dream a girl not only leaves, but also kisses him goodbye, then such a dream portends illness for the guy. But in general, kissing in a dream is always a bad sign, which indicates an imminent separation in reality.

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