Why do you dream about Struggle: interpretation in various dream books

Sometimes some action performed in a dream does not have a clear interpretation, and you can find out what a dream means only by paying attention to its details. According to the dream book, struggle refers specifically to such dreams. The meaning will depend on the participants and your emotions.

If you dreamed of a struggle, most likely pleasant changes in life await you. But don't let your guard down.

Taking part means difficulties

A woman dreamed of fighting with a man - to a misunderstanding with her lover, Miss Hasse’s dream book prophesies.

The man had a dream that he was fighting with a man - difficulties awaited him for which he was not prepared.

If you dream that you are in a fight with a bear, this means big problems. It’s especially bad if the clubfoot beat you.

Your fight with a dog or a wolf means that you are in for a fight with an honest and noble opponent, but if you fight a snake, beware, the enemy can strike on the sly.

Pilot tips

— The best way to fight sleep is to get a good night's sleep before a difficult night flight. This, of course, will not help 100%, but you will definitely feel better. If, nevertheless, it starts to “chop” at night, there are several recipes that I recommend: this is either strong green tea, or an “alarm clock” - strong coffee (preferably boiled) and a glass of cola, which together give the effect of an energy drink. And I’ll say right away that it’s much safer than drinking store-bought energy drinks: tested. There is also a way: try to maintain a conversation with the commander on any topic, the main thing is to constantly chat and tell jokes. If it’s really bad and nothing helps, then go to the toilet more often and wash with cold water,” plane pilot Artyom shares his advice.

— If you want to sleep so much that your vision gets dark, then, in my opinion, nothing will help except a reboot for 10-15 minutes. If I go on a long night flight, I use the so-called old-fashioned way to cheer up: brown bread crackers, toast with coffee or sunflower seeds,” says another pilot.

The battle of good and evil, or Surprises: pleasant and not so pleasant

If you dreamed of a fight between demons, it means unpleasant events, especially if there were a lot of demons, is interpreted by the White Magician’s dream book. And if you fought in a dream, and not only with demons, but also with other evil spirits, and with all of them at once, you are inviting trouble upon yourself.

Fighting a vampire, werewolf or zombie in a dream foreshadows sudden and not very happy news.

But if you dream that you are in a battle with a dragon or other mythical creature, expect unexpected pleasures.

Medea's dream book says that the fight against evil spirits, especially the devil, is a warning about the danger looming over the dreamer. But Nostradamus’s dream book does not agree with him, who predicted the fight against evil and evil spirits as difficulties in overcoming obstacles.

“Why do you dream about fighting? If you see Struggle in a dream, what does it mean?

Eastern dream book

Why do you dream about Fighting in a dream according to the dream book?

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A dream in which you are involved in a fight portends serious troubles.

If you win in a fight, you can handle everything.

Ancient Persian dream book Taflisi

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If you are fighting in the arena, but the forces are not equal and in the end your opponent wins, this is a good dream.

In general, seeing a wrestler is always lucky!

If you fight with a woman, it spells trouble! Most likely, you will have to experience need and humiliation.

Idiomatic dream book

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“Overcome (overcome) yourself” - come to an agreement, decide on something; “life is a struggle” - a struggle in reality; “a struggle of ideas, opinions, contradictions, irreconcilable positions” - incomprehensibility; “fight for power, freedom, truth, happiness” - try to find the truth in reality; “punchy person” - be persistent.

Newest dream book

In a dream, why do you dream about Struggle?

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To win is to fame; to lose - to mental disorder; being at a competition is a pleasant surprise.

Psychoanalytic dream book

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Struggle is a moral confrontation or mental conflict. Aggressive context of counteraction.

Russian dream book

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Seeing a fight in a dream means that you will conquer your enemy.

Family dream book

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If in a dream you are fighting with someone, expect to encounter serious difficulties in the near future.

Win - you will overcome obstacles. For business people, such a dream foreshadows conflicts with partners.

Watching a fight in a dream means wasting time and money.

An injury received during a struggle promises you material losses.

Combined dream book

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Fight in a dream - significant problems await you, but if you win in a dream, then you are destined to overcome all obstacles. For businessmen, such a dream prepares quarrels with partners.

Watching strangers struggle portends that you will waste your energy and money in some enterprise.

If you get injured during a fight, such a dream means significant financial losses.

If in a dream you watch a duel with pistols, such a dream prepares you worries and difficulties, but in the end everything will be resolved successfully.

Modern dream book

Find out what it means if you dream about Struggle?

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If you are fighting with someone in a dream, it means that serious difficulties await you in the near future, but if in your dream you win, it means that you will be able to overcome the obstacles that stand in your way. For business people, such a dream foreshadows conflicts with partners.

Watching the struggle means that you are wasting your time and money. —

If you get injured during a fight, such a dream promises you material losses.

If in a dream you watch a duel with pistols, such a dream promises you worries in the future. Don't worry, all your problems will be resolved in the end.

Dream book of the 21st century

Why did you dream about Fighting in a dream?

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Fight in a dream - in reality a quarrel or big disagreements awaits you.

To fight and win means that you will be able to overcome the obstacles that stand in your way.

Dream Interpretation of Dmitry and Nadezhda Zima

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Fighting with someone in a dream is a sign of your inner energy and perseverance. In addition, the image of wrestlers locked in a fight indicates that you have to overcome the resistance of loved ones or partners.

Winning the fight is a sign that you have enough strength to defend your position.

If your struggle is of a sporting nature, this is a very good dream, foretelling success in business and excellent relationships with others.

Losing a fight in a dream is a hint calling on you to either mobilize or, in a real confrontation, try to come to some kind of compromise solution.

Dream interpretation of birthday people of January, February, March, April

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Struggle leads to victories and honors.

Dream interpretation of birthday people of September, October, November, December

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Watching a fight means a fight.

Dream interpretation of birthday people in May, June, July, August

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If in a dream you watch a fight in the ring and know that there will be no winners, expect difficulties in your commercial activities; competitors will not give you a pass.

Dream Interpretation of the Medium Miss Hasse

What does it mean if you dream about Fighting in a dream?

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Fight - you will earn a reward with good deeds; to see struggle - you do not have a heart for your neighbors; seeing a bloody fight is a bad future.

Miller's Dream Book

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If you are fighting with someone in a dream, expect to encounter serious difficulties in the near future, but if in your dream you win, it means that you will overcome the obstacles that stand in your way. For business people, such a dream foreshadows conflicts with partners.

Watching the struggle means that you are wasting your time and money.

If you get injured during a fight, such a dream promises you material losses.

If in a dream you watch a duel with pistols - such a dream promises you worries in the future, but, in the end, all your problems will be resolved safely.

Dream Interpretation from A to Z

Why see Fight in a dream?

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Fighting with someone in a dream means you will soon encounter serious difficulties, however, having won in a dream, you will find a way to resolve all problems in real life.

Fighting a lion means being indifferent and indifferent to someone else’s misfortune.

The wounds received as a result of this struggle indicate impending material losses.

If you have something in common with business by and large, you will have to conflict with your partners.

To witness others struggling before your eyes in a dream means that you are completely wasting your time and energy on petty matters.

If the struggle takes place with the use of some kind of weapon, this foreshadows alarms in the future, which will nevertheless turn out to be false.

Solomon's Dream Book

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Fight - honors, victory.

Dream Interpretation of Fedorovskaya

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If you dreamed that you were fighting with someone, trouble awaits you.

You are watching a struggle - troubles await one of your friends or loved ones.

Ukrainian dream book

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Fight - you will earn a reward with good deeds; to see someone’s struggle - be merciful to your family; bloody struggle is a bad future.

Universal dream book

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What are you trying to protect in your dream? Are you attacking someone or something in your dreams? - in real life, we defend ourselves to protect our beliefs, our loved ones or property, or we attack because we do not agree with other people's desires to gain power over someone. Carefully remember the struggle you saw in your dream. Did you defend yourself from an attack from the outside or did you attack because you wanted to establish justice?

People often dream of throwing a punch but not being able to touch the person the punch is intended for - do you feel like you are fighting against someone or something in real life but getting nowhere?

If you are not the one fighting in the dream, then who is it? What do you do in this case? Do you leave the fighters alone or try to intervene? How do you evaluate your actions? - Do you think it is better to let them fight until they win or is it better to stop their fight so that they can resolve the conflict verbally?

Whatever happens in your dream, it is important to understand that the struggle represented a conflict between your interests and the interests of another person or your internal confrontation.

If you fight in the ring, do you want to be judged on your fighting ability without necessarily destroying your opponent? This means that you are able to defend your point of view without knocking out your opponent.

Sparring partners as a symbol of success in business

Did you dream that you were a visitor to a sports bar watching a rat fight with a rat? Success awaits you in your plans. And if another rodent competes with a rat in a rat fight, luck depends on you, the Eastern Dream Book suggests.

If you dream that there is a fight between a man and a bear in the arena, no matter how difficult it may be for you, you will be able to achieve success.

To see that you need to fight a snake, and a huge one at that, means the path to success will be long; whether you reach the end will be determined by your victory in the world of night dreams.

Practical guidelines for interpretation

Next, we will give some recommendations for interpreting a dream about wrestling. Astrologers recommend taking into account not only the details of the dream itself, but also the position of the moon.

Assessing the feasibility of a dream on January 27, 2022

, according to the website Gadalkin House.
Today is Thursday, the Waning 4th quarter from January 25 16:42, the Night Sun entered the 1st house. If you had a dream on another day, you can look at the recommendations in this table
. Now let's look at the main indicators of today that influence the interpretation, according to astrologers.

Probability that the dream will come true: no more than 50%
IndexGuidelines for interpretation
Day of week:
Try to remember everything that you dreamed about on the night from Wednesday to Thursday as accurately as possible - pay attention to small, at first glance, insignificant details. Most likely, the interpretation of today’s dream will be somehow connected with your personal life or some hidden desires.
Lunar day:
25 Lunar day. Today is the day of prophetic dreams. Much of what you saw this night may come true in real life in the next lunar month. It’s more difficult with those dreams that you don’t want to come true. To avoid such a dream coming true, wash your face with cold water and whisper “The water has flown and the dream has gone.”
Moon in sign:
Sagittarius (29°34'59");
Sagittarius - in the case of dream interpretation, symbolizes the progress of relationships, the achievement of goals and a successful combination of circumstances. If you have come across something similar among the interpretations, take note.
Waning 4th quarter
Waning moon. Whatever the interpretation of the dream, keep in mind that this period is characterized by a loss of strength and energy. The person becomes more passive and tired. If there are some global projects coming up or active actions are required from you, put things off until the period of the waxing moon.

Wrestling as a show is a sign of entertainment

The fight of a bullfighter with a bull, presented in the form of a show, predicts entertainment of an extreme nature.

The interpretation of a dream in which you watched a fakir pacify a cobra promises to be cheerful - a noisy party awaits you. But if the fakir had difficulties with the snake, beware of the consequences and avoid drunken brawls.

A fight with wolves, organized as a demonstration performance, promises a sleeping person the joy of communicating with loved ones.

Warm up

A little exercise, a series of bends or squats, is a good way to shake off sleep. If you are shy with your colleagues or do not want to embarrass them, do the exercises in the corridor. Any room where there is enough free space and where you feel comfortable will do. The simplest exercises will do: head turns, bending and squats.

Add any exercises from your school physical education course. Gymnastics helps improve blood flow in the body. Blood carries oxygen faster to the brain and all organs. Ten minutes of simple exercises - and vigor returns.

Try breathing exercises. For example,

Another breathing technique is called “skull shining breath” (that’s right). It will come in handy when you need to quickly wake up, warm up, or start making important changes in your own life. We take a slow, deep breath, and then exhale quickly and forcefully. As you exhale, the lower abdomen works. Ten such exercises - and the brain is ready to work again.

Hunger and desire to sleep

Irregular meals often cause dozing during work hours. Blood glucose levels drop, and the “little gray cells” of the brain lack energy. Deficiency of vitamins and mineral elements affects sleep at inopportune hours and the development of chronic fatigue syndrome.

  • Sleepiness after lunch occurs for natural reasons, so it is better to set aside the first half of the day to solve complex problems.
  • Digestion of fatty foods is accompanied by a decrease in blood flow to the brain and a strong desire to sleep.
  • Skipping breakfast and lunch reduces the supply of nutrients to the brain and causes drowsiness.

Never skip breakfast.
From lunch, however, Glucose, as a source of energy for the body, is also released during the decomposition of nutrients. Simple carbohydrates in candy or cake quickly “burn out” in the intestines. Complex carbohydrates, which are found in vegetables and fruits, legumes, cereals, and durum wheat pasta, gradually release energy. Every three hours, a mental worker needs a light snack: yogurt, an apple or banana, a handful of almonds or walnuts.

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