Why do you dream of Bad Weather: interpretation in various dream books

When it’s cold outside, there’s frost and there’s snow, many subconsciously dream of warmth and the sea. Such people often dream of summer during the cold season, and there is no need to worry about this.

In fact, such a dream does not have a vivid meaning, since outwardly it simply brightens up the icy everyday life, especially if in reality the dreamer is very cold and dreams that January will pass quickly.

Therefore, those who do not tolerate cold well, have turned the heater on too high, or have recently spent time in a sauna should not interpret the dream, since this is simply a consequence of physical factors. But if you dreamed about the warm season unexpectedly, in the midst of the winter cold, the dream must be interpreted.

But in many cases, dreaming about summer in winter is very good. The dream book writes that this is a very favorable sign, good changes and fulfillment of desires. This is what he promises to different categories of people.

Specific phenomena

Traditionally, bad weather itself does not carry any special meaning, and it should be considered exclusively in combination with one’s own feelings and dream plot. However, the dream book offers the most common interpretations of bad weather in a dream.

  • Cloudy day - depressed mood, illness.
  • With a light drizzle - extraordinary luck.
  • With pouring rain - an unpleasant conversation, possibly with your boss.
  • With the wind - an insult from a loved one.
  • With fog and dampness - sudden changes for the better.
  • Hurricane - deception, fraud.
  • Storm is a spiritual storm.
  • Pleasant bad weather - joy, peace.

Small dream book

The small dream book considers rain in dreams as news of imminent joy. Perhaps there will be a reason for fun. Heavy clouds portend alarming news. Do you have to hide from the rain? In reality, the dreamer is trying to avoid serious problems. And if you managed to hide in a dream, then in reality all the troubles will pass by. Do you have to watch the rainy weather from the window? In reality, good luck will begin to accompany you in all your endeavors. You can achieve great results in your professional activities, which will instantly affect the financial sector. Did you hear the sound of rain, but didn’t see the bad weather itself? Possible health problems. However, they will not be serious.

For a woman, a dream in which drops were heard drumming on the glass or roof predicts receiving good news. If the roof leaks in your dreams, you may encounter serious conflict situations caused by controversial entertainment. You need to control your own desires and emotions in order to avoid unpleasant moments.

If the dreamer watches how strangers get wet in the rain, it means that in reality he is distrustful and wary of others. If the sleeping person gets wet himself, then he should expect improvements in the financial sector. Warm and pleasant rain foretells that the dark period of life is coming to an end. Everything will get better soon, you just need to be patient.

Cheer up!

Did you dream of bad weather with heavy winds? After a streak of troubles, a prosperous period will certainly come. Therefore, the dream book advises not to worry and to tune in to the good now.

Why do you dream about bad autumn weather with dampness but no wind? This is a symbol of joyless thoughts. Did you happen to see dirt and slush on the street in a dream? Get ready for everyday adversity and disagreements with your family.

Hold on!

Why else do you dream about bad weather? Remember exactly where you were caught by bad weather conditions. Did you dream that you were on the road and it started to rain? Unreliable business partners will let you down.

Seeing how the sky becomes dark during a picnic means that you will experience several bad events at the same time. If you managed to ride a boat with your other half on a rainy afternoon, then get ready for betrayal.

In a dream, did you happen to leave the house in bad weather? The dream book predicts receiving bad news and an unsuccessful business trip.

“Why do you dream about rain? If you see Rain in a dream, what does it mean?

ABC of dream interpretation

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The positive aspect of rain is something that fertilizes the earth, washes away the dirt of difficulty.

Negative is a hindrance, a concern that forces a person to hide, to withdraw into himself.

Getting wet in the warm summer rain is happiness in love, emotional release.

Inclement weather means difficulties in business.

Flood, to be overwhelmed by a stream of rain - to experience delight, to be overwhelmed by emotions.

American dream book

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Rain - cleansing, freshness, emotional renewal. You may be going through an emotionally charged period in your life right now.

English dream book

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Seeing rain in a dream is a prediction of future worries and troubles, especially if in your dream the rain is heavy and accompanied by a furious wind.

To be caught in a warm, soft spring rain in a dream is a very good sign, predicting favorable circumstances and happy love.

Vedic dream book from Sri Swami Sivananda

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Rain - this dream portends great difficulties, especially if the rain is heavy.

A little rain is a harbinger of a calm and happy life.

Eastern dream book

Why do you dream about Rain in a dream according to the dream book?

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Getting caught in the clean streams of summer rain is a sign of joy. You will regain the feeling of youth.

If you are caught in the pouring rain, you can count on a monetary reward or a salary increase.

If you are soaked to the skin in the rain, you should not be so frank with strangers.

If you see heavy, low clouds during the rain, get ready to be alarmed by unexpected news.

Warm summer rain - dreams of a complete family idyll that you have dreamed of for so long.

Seeing others caught in the rain means: you will not be able to trust your friends.

A dream in which you manage to hide from the rain is favorable - this means that you can avoid problems and troubles.

Watching the rain through a window glass is a sign of success and favor of fate.

Hearing the disturbing sound of rain is a sign of illness.

Hearing drops drumming on the roof in a dream is a sign of happiness and small domestic joys. Fate will be favorable to you.

If you see that the roof of your house is leaking and clean water is pouring from above, this is a warning to you: avoid dubious entertainment.

If the flowing streams are dirty and cloudy, expect all sorts of troubles and dangers.

Children's dream book

↑ to contents

Rain - indicates the disposition of the mistress of luck, Fortune, towards you.

If the rain is light, unpleasant and cold, you can’t count on luck and luck now. In affairs during this period, you can rely only on your own strength, and the demands on life should be reduced as much as possible.

If the rain falls in strong, transparent streams with a pleasant temperature, it means that the sun of your luck is high and you can ask your fate for anything, everything will come true.

In general, in a dream about rain, you need to pay close attention to what feelings the touch of drops on the skin evokes. The more pleasant it is, the better your business and well-being will be in the near future.

Ancient Persian dream book Taflisi

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If someone sees rain in a dream, a war may happen in the area where he lives. War should be understood not only as a direct invasion of a military army from another country; it is likely that the dream will also warn you about street riots, unauthorized demonstrations that will be dispersed with force, and holiday celebrations complicated by conflicts involving the use of force.

When you dream that because of the rain your house is filled with water to the very ceiling, the dream is favorable, since all sorrows and worries will very soon leave this home.

If a sick person sees rain in a dream or hears thunder, he has reason to rejoice, since such a dream, as a rule, announces that he will certainly find healing

In the same case, when such a dream occurred to a person burdened with debts, let him also rejoice, because very soon he will be able to pay off all his debts. If a prisoner sees such a dream, he will soon be released.

Egyptian dream book of pharaohs

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If a person sees himself in a dream seeing the sky with rain, it is bad, it means that quarrels will begin against him.

Idiomatic dream book

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“After the rain on Thursday” - never; “bad rainy weather” is a stagnant time.

Imperial dream book

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Rain is a natural element in all the fullness of its properties, uncontrollable by man.

Seeing rain in a dream, getting caught in it, getting wet is a merging of all fleeting states and signs of droplets of internal state and external situation into a single whole. Separately, the states and causes could be ignored and not noticed, but now the internal states are already stronger than the dreamer, and there is nowhere to hide from them.

The situation symbolized by rain in a dream is internally and externally unfavorable for the dreamer: he was busy with himself for too long and rarely paid attention to what was happening around him. The situation is not so much outwardly uncontrollable as it is as if there is no person in it: nothing depends on him and no one is paying attention to him.

The veil of rain before the eyes is the inability to clearly perceive and react adequately to the surroundings: everything is not clearly visible and everything in front blurs before the eyes. And everything that is ahead in a dream is the future in a dream: close objects/landscape - the near future; distant outlines - distant future. If the contours of the future are blurred to the point of indistinguishability, then the future as the sum of its own purposeful actions does not exist. But the future cannot not exist at all: with personal passivity, the future will be ensured by those around you. Then the dreamer finds himself completely at the mercy of the external situation: anything can happen at any moment, and no one will be found to blame - everything will be washed away by the rain. This cannot be favorable, and the most unpleasant thing is to get caught in pouring rain in a dream; such a dream is interpreted as a loss of time and great failures in the absence of any attempts to change one’s attitude to the world and behavior.

Rain with sunlight / rain ends in a dream - this means a favorable end to the situation and the return of the yang energy of the Sky to the dreamer. This does not relieve the dreamer of the need to realize the reasons for his past depression, which caused the dreamy image of rain.

Rain with darkness and the dreamer wakes up with a feeling of rain, darkness and fear - very unfavorable: with a weak spleen, lungs and damaged kidneys, there is no vitality to resist being washed away by rain from life as something unnecessary to nature in the fall. You can become the ballast of nature only through your own fault, having an extremely inadequate attitude towards the world, people and your own person. Here we need to think carefully.

Italian dream book

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Rain is an element, a hindrance, an undesirable influence that prompts a person to close up and hide. Therefore, the image of rain is often an indicator of the presence of a depressive formation or excessively expressed introversion (“withdrawal”), a feeling of inferiority, up to the formation of complexes.

Lunar dream book

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Rain is a win; with the wind - misfortune.

Maly Velesov dream book

↑ to contents

Rain - profit in the household, seeing someone you haven’t seen for a long time, gain, success, good news / tears, there will be trouble, for the deceased, waste of time; on a clear day - joy; on cloudy days - tears; quiet - justification; strong - for good / failure, changes in life; with the wind - anxiety; blind - pleasant changes; get wet - illness, loss.

Muslim dream book

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If someone sees rain in a dream, there will be a war in that area.

If someone sees in a dream that because of the rain the house is filled with water to the very ceiling, all sorrows and worries will leave this home.

If someone sees in a dream that it is raining sandy or dusty, earthly blessings and means of life will be in abundance.

If a sick person sees rain in a dream or hears thunder, he will receive healing, and if a debtor sees this, he will pay off his debt; If a prisoner sees such a dream, he will receive freedom.

Newest dream book

Why do you dream about Rain in a dream?

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Light rain - to bitter tears of repentance; torrential - to strong crying, hysteria; got wet - go for new clothes.

New dream book 1918

↑ to contents

Rain is a waste of time; quiet - justification; strong - big failure; get wet - illness, to be loved; through the sun the blind rain is a pleasant change; with thunder - trouble, danger of getting involved in a major squabble.

Psychoanalytic dream book

↑ to contents

Rain is refreshing. Release from an emotionally or intellectually boring period.

Russian dream book

↑ to contents

Heavy rain - to failure; get wet - to tears; warm spring or summer rain - to a calm period in life; downpour - unexpected tears and grief.

Russian folk dream book

↑ to contents

Mushroom rain with a rainbow - good luck; getting wet means trouble.

Slavic dream book

↑ to contents

Rain is a win.

Dream Interpreter

↑ to contents

Quiet rain without storms, winds and thunderstorms promises benefit and profit to the farmer; insanity, loss and loss to the merchant, artist and artisan; heavy rain with hail, whirlwind, thunder and storm - portends grief, boredom, displeasure, loss for the rich, and perfect success in business for the poor.

Rain is a sign of profit.

Modern dream book

Find out what it means if you dream about Rain?

↑ to contents

If you dream that you fell under transparent streams of rain, in real life a feeling of delight and joy, similar to what you experienced in your youth, will return to you. Prosperity also awaits you.

If rain pours from low-hanging, gloomy clouds, in reality you will be alarmed by the gloominess of the prospects that have opened before you.

If it started to rain in your dream, but you managed to escape from it, in real life you will achieve success in carrying out your plans and succeed in life.

If you dream that you are watching the rain through a window, success in love and the smile of fortune await you.

Hearing the sound of rain in a dream is a sign of a serious illness approaching you - maybe even incurable. Perhaps the dream foreshadows the death of someone close to you.

Hearing raindrops drumming on the roof in a dream means happiness and small domestic joys. Fate will be favorable to you.

To dream that the roof of your house is leaking during rain and clean water is pouring from above means that you should expect unexpected dubious pleasures, but if the flowing raindrops are dirty or cloudy, then expect all sorts of troubles and dangers.

If you dream that during the rain you regret some unfulfilled task, in real life you will seek pleasure at someone else’s expense.

Seeing others caught in the rain means that in reality you will not trust your friends.

Getting wet in the rain is a bad dream. You open your soul to the wrong people, they will let you down. Remember that not every person who can speak smoothly is honest.

If a young woman dreams that her clothes are wet from the rain and dirty, in real life she will behave unreasonably, and her friends will condemn her for her frivolous lifestyle.

Seeing rain in the countryside in a dream predicts disappointment in commercial affairs and troubles related to your position in society.

If in a dream you were caught in heavy rain, you will soon receive a monetary reward or your salary will be increased.

If you dream of warm summer rain, your family life will experience the complete idyll that you have dreamed of for so long.

Dream Interpretation 2012

↑ to contents

Rain is a reflection of the process of life. The need for spiritual cleansing (also an opportunity). The need for an outlet for sadness. Reflection of the beginning of a fruitful period of life.

Dream book of the 21st century

Why did you dream about Rain in a dream?

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As a rule, dreams in which you see rain are unfavorable; they can be a harbinger of failure, a waste of time, or obstacles in business.

Rain through the sun often dreams of winning, blind rain - of pleasant changes in business.

A downpour in a dream is a harbinger of great failure; getting very wet in a dream means you need to devote more time to your health and monitor it.

Azar's Dream Book

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Seeing rain is a big profit.

Dream book of the future

↑ to contents

Rain - big profits await you.

Dream interpretation horoscope

↑ to contents

Heavy rain - a change in business towards growth and improvement.

Dream Interpretation of Grishina

↑ to contents

Rain without wind is always something good / the end of a bad time.

He walks in his sleep day and night - especially well.

Getting wet under it means domestic happiness / fidelity in love / you will find happiness where you least expect it.

With the wind - anxiety.

Dream book for the whole family

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Seeing rain in a dream means various events in life that will be important to you.

If in a dream you got caught in the rain but didn’t get wet, it means that in reality you will avoid a very serious conflict that could affect your career.

If in a dream you see rain, you will have many problems that require immediate solutions.

If you dream that you are caught in a downpour and get wet, it means that problems and troubles will negatively affect your life and your relationships with others.

If in a dream you were able to hide from the rain, it means that in reality you will find a patron who will help you solve problems.

But if you dream that you are walking under an umbrella when it rains, in reality you will be able to exercise caution, which will help you avoid many troubles.

When you see in a dream that one of your loved ones is caught in the rain, it means that he will have problems that he cannot solve without outside help.

If you dreamed of mushroom rain, very soon you will experience great happiness in your personal life.

If you see rare shiny drops of rain in a dream, this indicates a meeting with an old acquaintance, which will make you very happy.

If, on the contrary, the raindrops are cloudy and heavy, this portends a meeting with a person whom you have not seen for a long time, and who is either very unpleasant to you or evokes unpleasant memories.

If in a dream you feel wet raindrops, in reality you should take care of your health, otherwise you may become seriously ill.

If you dream that you are caught in the rain, but do not feel its touch, it means that you can avoid a long and debilitating illness.

If you see that the drops falling around are dark or rusty in color, this warns you that your ill-wishers will resort to slander.

If you get caught in such rain and get wet, this is an indication that slander cannot be avoided and you will have to make efforts to overcome the unpleasant consequences of this.

Dream Interpretation of Denise Lynn

↑ to contents

Rain clears the atmosphere of dirt.

Rain perhaps means that your life has entered an emotional phase and you are undergoing a cleansing process. It can also symbolize intense emotional cleansing.

Rain can also lead to tears. Do you remember a period in your life in which sadness remained undispelled? It can also be a potential sign of growth and fruitfulness, as rain brings life to plants. This may be a sign that you have entered a fruitful period in your life.

Dream book for a bitch

↑ to contents

Rain - success, good luck in all matters, significant profits and great benefits.

Dream Interpretation of Dmitry and Nadezhda Zima

↑ to contents

Mushroom, light rain on a fine summer day in your dream is a good sign, foreshadowing joyful events and good health.

Cold, drizzling rain is a signal of urgent problems that may become protracted. Often such dreams say that you can avoid trouble if you don’t give free rein to your bad mood and look at life a little brighter.

Seeing how in a dream the weather suddenly deteriorated and cold autumn rain began to fall means that the cause of your troubles may be that you turn a blind eye to some problem and avoid solving it.

Dream Book of David Loff

↑ to contents

Weather in a dream is usually not of interest for analysis, unless for some reason it comes into the sleeper’s field of vision.

Rain is one of these “noticeable” exceptions. The reason lies in the direct relationship between water and fertility, which is recognized by many cultures.

In dreams where there is an equal sign between rain and fertility, rain is endowed with special qualities - it can simply end a drought or fall indoors, and only on certain people. Is rain a source of your anxiety or a pleasant addition to your dream scenario?

Dream interpretation of birthday people of September, October, November, December

↑ to contents

Warm rain - dreams of hope for the best, for a good harvest; torrential rain with thunderstorms - to threats.

Dream interpretation of birthday people in May, June, July, August

↑ to contents

Warm rain - to awaken your vitality.

Heavy rain means a big harvest of mushrooms.

Dream interpretation of birthday people of January, February, March, April

↑ to contents

Light rain means tears.

Heavy rain means hysteria.

Cold rain means sadness.

Warm rain is a sign of joy.

Dream Interpretation of Martyn Zadeki

↑ to contents

Heavy rain - profit; with the wind - great displeasure.

Dream Interpretation of the Medium Miss Hasse

What does it mean if you dream of Rain in a dream?

↑ to contents

Light, quiet rain is an excuse; abundant - great luck; through the sun - a pleasant change; being soaked is a disease.

Chinese dream book

↑ to contents

If you dream about how the sky clears up and the rain stops, all your sorrows and worries will pass.

Cloudy, raining, gloomy weather - foreshadows unhappy situations.

If you get caught in the rain on the road, there will be food and drinks.

Dream Interpretation from A to Z

Why see Rain in a dream?

↑ to contents

Seeing pouring rain and hearing the sounds of thunder in the distance means there will be a noisy showdown in a tipsy company.

A fine mushroom rain means a good appetite in the morning.

Seeing rain in a dream is an unfortunate event.

If the rain is blind - to a possible win.

Rain with thunder portends that you may witness a family scandal among your friends.

Rain without wind and storm - to gain and profit.

Heavy rain with wind, lightning and thunder - in reality they will insult you, they may even rob you.

Autumn, finely drizzling rain - a justification.

If the rain finds you in the forest or in the field, pleasant changes await you in reality.

Getting wet to the skin in the rain is a danger of getting seriously ill.

Standing at night in the pouring rain under the door of a house that you cannot get into - in reality you will commit actions that you will later repent of, in addition, this dream foreshadows an acquaintance with a frivolous person.

Dream Interpretation of the Pechora Healer

↑ to contents

Heavy rain is good, good luck.

Dream book of the past

↑ to contents

Rain is an element, an obstacle, an undesirable influence that prompts a person to take cover and hide. Often this image speaks of a tendency towards depression or excessive introversion (“withdrawal into oneself”), a feeling of inferiority up to the formation of complexes.

Solomon's Dream Book

↑ to contents

Rain and wind are a nuisance.

Dream Book of the Wanderer

Interpretation of the dream: Rain according to the dream book?

↑ to contents

Rain - disappointments, a stagnant period of life; malaise.

Pleasant, calm with sunshine (mushroom) - a change for the better; calmness, contentment.

Dream Interpretation of Fedorovskaya

↑ to contents

In a dream you were caught in the rain - an obstacle awaits you in business.

Getting caught in the pouring rain means trouble at work.

If you dreamed that you were watching it rain, an obstacle in business awaits one of your loved ones.

Freud's Dream Book

↑ to contents

Rain is a symbol of ejaculation and fertilization.

If a woman gets wet in the rain, she wants to have a child.

If a man gets wet in the rain, he is prone to masturbation.

If a woman takes shelter from the rain, she is afraid of an unwanted pregnancy.

If a man takes shelter from the rain, he has problems with potency.

If a child dreams that he is sheltering his mother from the rain, he does not want new children to appear in the house.

If in a dream you got wet in the rain and froze, your blanket probably just slipped off!

Tsvetkov's Dream Interpretation

↑ to contents

Rain is a waste of time; quiet - justification; strong - big failure; get wet - stagnation, illness; through the sun, blind rain - a pleasant change; got your head wet - passion.

Dream Interpretation of Shereminskaya

↑ to contents

Getting caught in the rain and getting wet to the skin means a cold relationship with a loved one is possible.

Light rain means minor troubles;

Getting wet in the rain means stagnation, illness.

Aesop's Dream Book

↑ to contents

Rain is the personification of purity, hope and the best intentions. And this is no coincidence, because people have long associated all the good things with rain: a good harvest, evenings with their friends. People were looking forward to the rain.

If in a dream you are caught in a heavy downpour, you have the power to put an end to all your old problems and start a new life, full of the best plans.

Hiding from the rain in an unfamiliar house in a dream is a sign that due to the interference of strangers in your affairs, your hopes for quickly achieving your goals will not come true.

Washing your hair with rainwater in a dream is a prophecy that you will have a great time with your friends. Don't refuse the party, no matter how strange it may seem to you at first glance.

Watching in a dream raindrops that flow from the leaves of trees - such a dream indicates that it is time to go for a walk in the forest. You will not only have a good time, but also collect a considerable harvest of mushrooms.

Swimming in a river in the rain in a dream is a harbinger that if you engage in agricultural activities, you will reach great heights. Perhaps such a dream prophesies a solution to a big long-standing problem.

If you dreamed that you were walking in the rain, in real life you prefer to take the easy way to achieve your goals, relying on a miracle or the help of other people, and therefore it is very difficult for you to solve matters that require even the slightest effort.

Medieval dream book

↑ to contents

Seeing rain is a sign of abundance and joy.

French dream book

↑ to contents

Most often, rain is a dream of sadness.

If you dream of golden rain, the dream foreshadows adultery.

Heavy rain promises you to receive news from a loved one.

A little warm rain portends profit and success.

A strong thunderstorm, storm, downpour with terrible wind is also a harbinger of good luck in business, especially for those who are engaged in honest work.

If a thunderclap thunders over your home, this means that fate is protecting you from troubles and dangers.

Lightning flashing above you promises a happy, but short-lived love.

Ukrainian dream book

↑ to contents

Rain is unkind; tears; waste of time; small, quiet - justification; heavy rain - a significant failure; with the sun in the sky it's a nice change.

Heavy rain is a change in life.

Getting wet in the rain is a disease; a loss.

It rains on a clear day - joy, in the darkness - tears.

Universal dream book

↑ to contents

If we are in a bathing suit, we are not afraid of being wet by the rain, but when we are in outerwear, we are afraid of the rain, as if bricks were falling from the sky. Does rain in a dream make you feel vulnerable because you are caught off guard and exposed to the environment? Or does it represent tears, and you wake up refreshed and calm, as if sleep has helped you free yourself from recent sadness?

Does someone else get caught in the rain in a dream? Does the rain take this man by surprise, or does he have an umbrella and raincoat with him, which indicates his foresight? - in this case, the dream hints that you should be more prudent and organized in the future.

If you dream that many people are caught in a downpour at once, the dream may mean that at moments when you want to draw the attention of others to your ideas, those around you “pull the blanket over themselves.”

Rain can also represent sweat. What task is so labor-intensive that it makes you sweat?

Gypsy dream book

↑ to contents

Light, light rain - to the success of your real enterprises. This is a particularly favorable sign for lovers.

But if it's pouring rain with sudden flashes of lightning and thunder, beware of the onset of many problems and disappointments.

Esoteric dream book

Meaning of the dream: Rain according to the dream book?

↑ to contents

Rain - see comfort, safety.

Get caught in the rain - cleanse yourself, wash yourself, perhaps with tears of relief.

Erotic dream book

↑ to contents

If you dream of warm summer rain, your family will experience the idyll and harmony that you can only dream of.

If the rain is prolonged or cold, this is a sign of tense relationships. You will come across a wall of misunderstanding on the part of your loved one. Perhaps you just need to wait out this “rain” under some cozy roof.

Online dream book

Meaning of the dream: Rain according to the dream book?

↑ to contents

If you dreamed about rain, the dream shows your sensitive side. Most likely before this you had a very emotional period in your life.

More interpretations

Getting wet in a downpour in a dream means a lot of luck awaits you, and your feelings will be a little relieved.

The dream book says that if you are caught in a heavy downpour, expect a salary increase or a bonus.

Getting wet in the rain in a dream means you don’t need to be so open in front of strangers.

If you dream about how you avoided it, in reality you will also be able to easily escape from all difficulties.

If you saw mushroom rain - very soon you will be very happy with your soul mate.

Seeing warm rain in a dream means a favorable time awaits you in real life. Your family relationships will become as harmonious as possible, joy and peace will reign in the house, and you will be happy.

To see fiery rain in a dream - probably this dream signifies impending cataclysms and natural disasters. Also, if you do not have prophetic dreams, the dream may mean your tension in reality. The feeling that your life has reached a dead end, and there will be no enlightenment in the future.

If you dream of snow and rain, a situation will occur in which there will be both a bad side and a good one. If in a dream it snowed at first, and then it gave way to rain, your happiness will be overshadowed.

If you get caught in a downpour while walking somewhere, expect some kind of party soon.

If you dream of thunder during the rain, you will soon become an eyewitness to a scandal in the family of your friends.

Walking in the rain - in reality, on the way to your goal, you choose a road without difficulties.

If a financially secure, influential or rich person dreams of torrential rain, heavy rain, or downpour, the dream predicts a reduction in finances and a deterioration in business. If those who have serious financial difficulties have nothing to worry about, there will be no losses.

If you dream that you see rain outside the window, being dry and warm, you will be spared disappointments and difficulties. If you see rain from the window of your own house, the dream is interpreted as unnecessary and vain worries about your child in reality.

There are several meanings for a meteorite seen in a dream. In the first case, the dream foreshadows possible natural phenomena of a destructive nature (earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, hurricanes). In the second case - as a sign that in reality troubles and serious problems await you.

Getting wet in the rain in a dream is a negative sign. This speaks of your internal exhaustion, accumulated fatigue, and a number of problems in reality, the solution of which took a lot of energy. You need to pay attention to your physical health.

A dream in which you see yourself walking in the rain suggests that in reality you choose the easiest paths, believe that not everything in life depends on you, rely on chance, and let things take their course.

If you dream of snow and rain, an unpleasant situation, difficulties or problems await you. If you see a thunderstorm, thunder, or pouring rain in a dream, more than one trouble will come. You may encounter several rather dangerous situations in reality.

Dreams on the topic

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