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If in a dream you are sitting at a bus stop waiting for a vehicle, then in reality expect an important message. If while traveling by car you decide to stop for a picnic, then in reality you should think about taking a short break from work, at least for a couple of days. Otherwise, the consequences can be unpredictable, even a nervous breakdown is possible.

Seeing a bus in a dream

Seeing a working bus from the outside or being inside is a favorable sign. A person traveling in dreams continues to experience happy moments. The dreamer observes changes for the better, realizes the correctness of the chosen path, and finds solutions to the assigned tasks.

Getting off the bus means going against the rules and traditions. Behavior that is incomprehensible to others leads to conflict situations in the family or with colleagues. A trouble that happened on the road or a feeling of discomfort means dissatisfaction with the chosen field of activity or health problems.

If you get on a bus in a dream and realize that this type of transport is not moving fast enough, the road to your goal will be long. Such dreams are caused by the realization that moving forward takes a long time, in a roundabout way. Plans need to be adjusted. If you spend more time on important issues, don't get distracted by trifles, or do something else, changes will happen faster.

Miller's Dream Book

Gustav Miller associated dreams with buses with unfavorable situations, with rare exceptions:

  • Being in a moving vehicle means approaching failure, moving away from your plans, which in any case will not come true.
  • You dream of a lot of people in the cabin and a lack of empty seats - competition awaits ahead.
  • A dream about a bus stop warns that traffic to the goal is blocked. You need to think about the right choice.
  • Leaving in the wrong direction means choosing the wrong road to make your dream come true.

The exit at the stop has a double meaning. A dream can mean a break in a relationship or promise the success of a new turn on the path to achieving what you want.

Freud's Dream Book

According to an Austrian psychologist, dreams of buses are related to sexual life:

  • Watching buses in a dream means a lack of intimacy and a search for a partner. If the dreamer is married, there is a lack of confidence and initiative from the other half.
  • Standing at a bus stop and waiting for transport means wanting decisive action from your companion. Girls in reality dream of being asked to become a wife. Family people want confirmation of feelings.
  • Boarding the bus means realizing the wrong choice of a partner due to loneliness.
  • Riding in a cabin means understanding that a companion cannot fulfill your sexual fantasies. To prevent the couple from breaking up, you should not tell him about it.

If you dream of a bus crowded with passengers at night, relatives or friends will visit.

Esoteric dream book

The author of the esoteric dream book, Elena Anopova, claims that observation and remembering your feelings from what you see in a dream helps to reveal the secrets of your subconscious. The head of an esoteric school believes that seeing a bus in a dream means a change in the weather, namely:

  • an uncomfortable trip means that the weather interferes with the execution of planned tasks;
  • waiting for a bus or trying to catch up with it - long-term dissatisfaction with the abundance of rainfall or drought;
  • seeing yourself as a driver in a cab means having common interests with someone you know;
  • a comfortable trip means favorable weather.



I’m looking for my husband’s mistress in a dream and I can’t find her, and someone tells me that it’s her, and I go to her and start beating her, and she’s afraid of me and covers herself with her hands, and I faithfully swear at her and hit her


I dreamed that I was on a bus and passed the right stop, I tried to get off, but to no avail, I had to drive further and get off at the wrong place, I walked back


Good Evening, I was walking to the bus stop, I approached it, and there, as always, there are trash cans, I go up to them, and there are snakes, at first I was scared, I walked away and saw more, and then I saw that there were people at the bus stop, don’t be afraid of them, I approached myself and I also felt somehow comfortable, not afraid, one might say I had such a warm, pleasant feeling


[email protected]


the bus stop is yellow. a hurricane hits and demolishes the concrete top of the stop... and I wake up


Hello Tatiana. On March 22, 2014, I had a dream: My mother, my sister and I were standing at the Yekaterinburg-Voronezh bus stop. We were leaving without my dad, he stayed at home. And now on March 22, 2015, I had the same dream. All the colors were gray and it was raining. Mom stood at the bus stop and cried, but she was already without her wedding ring. What does this mean please tell me, I really want to know. Thank you in advance)

A woman dreams about a bus

The circumstances of dreams with a bus seen by women are interpreted as follows:

  • The transport passed by - it’s time to take care of yourself. It is necessary to find time for a beauty salon and purchase of new outfits. By raising her self-esteem, a married lady will become more attractive to her husband, and a girl to guys.
  • Being in the cabin of a moving bus means realizing that the person next to you is not the one you need. Such a dream warns of an unpleasant meeting with a stranger. In the near future, you should not take initiative at work or promote new projects. There is a high probability of remaining misunderstood or even losing your place.
  • If a pregnant woman travels by bus in a dream , she is looking forward to the birth of her baby and trying to bring this happy day closer. You need to use the remaining time before giving birth to communicate with friends. To benefit the cause, they take courses for expectant mothers and read special literature.
  • Getting on a bus for a girl means mutual love. A stormy, long-lasting romance will begin.
  • A married woman dreams of transport to communicate with relatives and general cleaning.

If a lady sees a crowded cabin and is among the passengers, it means that guests will suddenly arrive. Friends will tell you good news and make an offer promising an improvement in your financial situation.

Who had the dream

According to most modern dream books, being at a bus stop means expecting life changes in reality. But whether the dreamer is well prepared for them, and what they will be like, can be judged only after the most detailed interpretation of the dream. It is also of great importance who saw a similar plot in their night dreams.

To a woman

  1. For a young girl to be at a bus stop in a dream - in reality, she will soon meet her life partner.
  2. After such a nightly plot, a married lady may be preparing to get a new job or move to another place of residence.
  3. Seeing a lot of people at a bus stop in a dream means there will be many guests in your house ahead, which means a lot of trouble.

To a man

  1. For representatives of the stronger sex, a night story about a stop does not always promise a pleasant experience. If a man was at a bus stop during the vision, then this means good prospects for work and an improvement in material resources. However, the same dream may indicate a deterioration in your relationship with your significant other. Even a complete break is not ruled out.
  2. For a single person, the dream promises complete disappointment in love.
  3. For a businessman, a business person, it is a vain expectation of help from partners or colleagues.


For a pregnant woman, a nightly dream about stopping predicts an expectation that may be a little longer than planned. Maybe you are a little past your due date. But nothing bad will happen from this.

A dream about a bus in a man's dreams

Many men dream of a luxury, fast car. But when you dream of a bus at night, the dream means that your dreams are not destined to come true in the near future. To correct the situation, you should get together and earn the missing funds.

Other interpretations of dreams seen by men:

  • riding with other people on the bus symbolizes a quarrel with a friend, requiring a detailed heart-to-heart conversation;
  • unexpected obstacles on the road in the form of an accident or traffic jam are interpreted as the appearance of a rival in a love relationship or a competitor in business;
  • sitting comfortably in a separate seat in the salon ؜ - to encourage colleagues to support innovative ideas and proposals;
  • seeing yourself as a passenger means meeting in reality an important person who will change your life for the better;
  • a dream involving or observing a traffic accident from the outside predicts financial losses.

Night dreams with a vehicle on fire warn motorists and professional drivers of danger, as there is a high probability of getting into an accident.

Where are you going to go: detailed interpretation

The most important component of a dream. Intentions in dreams often become reality. Here's how the direction of movement is deciphered:

  1. They were on their way home - an unexpected meeting with old friends, former classmates or colleagues.
  2. To go to work - to work pressure, time pressure, increased workload.
  3. They will invite you to visit the other day.
  4. On a business trip - there will be a need to increase the level of knowledge and search for information.
  5. On vacation - to a quiet existence, planning a real vacation.
  6. On an excursion - to visit a cultural institution, museum, planetarium.
  7. Riding aimlessly means wasting time on unnecessary conversations.

Some driving nuances provide even more information:

  1. Racing at high speed on a flat and smooth road means complete confidence in the future.
  2. Winding along a mountain serpentine means an exciting journey.
  3. Driving fast on an uneven country road is a problem for an unbalanced person.
  4. Standing at a red light at a traffic light is a signal to think, stop, slow down the speed of life. Just don't make hasty conclusions.
  5. If you suddenly cross a stream of water or a river, a break with a loved one is possible.

Watching a sinking bus is a victory over problems. If you stayed inside and couldn’t get out, then your complexes dominate you.

I dreamed about a bus stop

Waiting for public transport is a positive sign. Depends on a situation:

  1. Standing for a long time slows down processes. It takes endurance.
  2. Waiting for the bus means quickly promoting an idea.
  3. Refusal to expect leads to erroneous judgments about a person or incident.
  4. Getting off at the bus stop means that you will certainly find a new and only correct solution to an old problem. It will turn out to be simple and obvious.

If you clearly see the numbers on the license plate or flight announcement, then remember. This is angelic help. Studying the schedule prepares you for future planning. Resources need to be allocated correctly. For example, money.

Lots of transport to choose from. Two minibuses herald a cardinal turn in fate. Sorrow and happiness depend on the chosen direction.

See the driver, conductor, controller

Employees of carrier companies personify interaction with superiors and government agencies. Options:

  1. Buying a ticket, paying for travel - praise for zeal at work, bonuses. To pay in small change for a coupon - buy a lottery ticket. The chance is good.
  2. An unpleasant conversation with the controller at the door leads to a tiresome conversation with management.
  3. I had to pay a fine for traveling without a ticket - take care of your finances, unexpected expenses are possible.
  4. Finding yourself without a ticket and feeling remorse is a vain worry. This is a symbol of increased anxiety.

The figure of the driver indicates the authority of the sleeper. Based on the pictures, a conclusion is drawn about the correctness or unfoundedness of the choice of the presenter. Namely:

  1. A skilled driver means you are following the right person.
  2. A girl driving is a sign of jealousy.
  3. An incompetent driver means a mistaken belief. Reconsider your attitude towards important people. We got carried away by talkers and idle talkers.

Get behind the wheel yourself - take control of your destiny. This is a beautiful image. Losing control and being afraid of an accident means an unpleasant conflict. Try to build a balanced position in the confrontation.

Decoding the allocated space

Riding standing up means an uncomfortable environment. The sleeping woman does not feel support from people whom she unconditionally trusts. Balancing while walking without being able to lean on the handrail means falling into despair.

The place prophesies the following:

  • comfortable chair - prosperity;
  • choose - poverty;
  • occupy - elevation in society;
  • to give in - giving up benefits for the sake of another;
  • look for a way out of the crisis.

If you remember the place number, then focus on the nearest date with these numbers (tribute or month). Something extremely important will happen.

What do dreamed travel companions mean?

The personality of other dream characters clarifies the forecast:

  1. A loved one nearby means trust, openness of relationships.
  2. Child - rejoice at his achievements.
  3. Someone else's child means: girl - surprise; boy - troubles.
  4. A dead person is support from above. A deceased relative is a patron in worldly affairs.
  5. Man - increased attractiveness.
  6. A woman has low self-esteem.
  7. Mom, grandmother, aunt - I need advice.
  8. Husband or wife - harmonious marriage.
  9. The ex-boyfriend is bored and wants to meet.
  10. Lover - the connection will become closer.
  11. Colleague, friend - the secret will bring you closer.
  12. A stranger of any gender - to a sudden romance.

Seeing yourself naked among clothed passengers is an unpleasant omen. Gossipers took over the sleeping woman. Evil tongues do not miss a single word or action of yours. Each one is studied under a magnifying glass and turned over in its own way.

Bus stop

Waiting for a bus at a bus stop all alone is a dream when in reality you need help. If other people are standing nearby, changes are expected in life. A dreamed bus stop promises the dreamer a fateful meeting if it looks presentable. When there is dirt and garbage around, you are fussing in vain, to no avail.

Looking at a stop means slowing down development and being afraid of change. We need to get together and act. Indecision prevents the implementation of plans. Seeing an empty waiting space means that your actions and choices are not shared by friends, colleagues and loved ones. If you do not reconsider your outlook on life, there is a high probability of being left alone. The stop that the girl dreamed about symbolizes the desire to find a partner for a relationship. When a married woman sees such a dream, her loved ones lack warmth and care.

See schedule

Looking at a bus schedule in a dream from different sources means:

  • count every step, pay great attention to planning;
  • nostalgia;
  • lack of time to do something important.

Discussing the schedule with passengers promises the conclusion of a profitable contract.

How did you dream about her?

The interpretation of the dream depends on what you did there. If you had to:

  • standing on it means an annoying, boring task ahead;
  • drive through - plans will fail;
  • go out on time - new prospects will appear;
  • leaving earlier than necessary - with your haste you can ruin your planned business;
  • wait for the bus - expect changes for the better;
  • wait for the tram - the success of a new risky enterprise depends on the ability to find a way out of difficult situations.

Did you dream of missing your stop through your own fault? This means: your lack of punctuality prevents you from achieving the desired results. To pass it because the transport did not stop there - the dream book indicates: your actions are completely inconsistent with the circumstances and people.

Going out where you were going is a good sign. You planned everything correctly, so you will achieve your goal or get what you need on time.

Dream Interpretation wait for the bus

A dream about waiting for transport suggests that the dreamer is overcome by doubts and anxiety. You can’t achieve your plans, you can’t see the results of your painstaking work.

If you dreamed of waiting for a bus, you are worried about your health. There are a lot of people at the stop - problems have arisen at work. Experiences are empty and undermine peace of mind. Your efforts will not go unnoticed. You will be rewarded in due time. You need to focus on your own desires, think about your family.

Waiting for a bus in a dream and waiting means finding happiness and outside help. Talking on the phone while standing at a bus stop waiting for a minibus symbolizes loneliness, the lack of people with whom you can discuss current affairs.

Settings from Miller's dream book

A famous psychologist claims that a person who dreams of a waiting room is not quite ready to implement his own projects. He waits for the right moment and learns from others. Seeing a bus stop in a dream means:

  • deserted - to loneliness and helplessness;
  • with a crowd of people - someone wants to interfere with plans, is actively building barriers;
  • destroyed - to difficulties, fruitless actions;
  • new and clean - to meet a person destined by fate.

Dream - being behind the wheel of a bus

If a man sees himself in the seat of a bus driver, it means he takes responsibility for other people and is used to being in control of the situation. You can rely on a dreamer expecting a promotion in difficult times and entrust your secret. A pregnant woman who gets behind the wheel in a dream will give birth to a child quickly and safely.

Independent control of transport speaks of leadership qualities and influence on others. If you have problems with driving and need outside help, in reality you doubt the correctness of your decisions.

I dreamed of a bus with people

One dreams of a transport crowded with people, when in reality the dreamer is tired and empty. Dream books recommend completing urgent matters and resting. You can go on a trip, go out of town into nature, and devote time to your favorite hobby.

If you dreamed of a bus with people, detached from the side, it means that numerous things await you. It is necessary to properly organize your working days and concentrate on the tasks at hand.

Night dreams in which bus passengers look at the dreamer from the windows warn of getting into an awkward situation. If the dreamer is a girl, there will be no end to gentlemen.

Bus ticket

If you are in a good mood after buying a ticket in a dream, a quick trip or vacation trip is possible. If you woke up with a feeling of anxiety, it means you are afraid of sudden changes, encountering problems and failures. Purchasing a bus ticket in a dream speaks of your organization and habit of paying bills yourself. A ticket for public transport is a sign of news; dreams of losing a ticket warn of a lawsuit with an unfortunate outcome.

Dreams about a bus encourage you to analyze events and your actions. You should take advantage of the warnings sent by the subconscious, reconsider your goals, attitude towards work, and others.

Take a break and spend time with your family

Why dream about a long-familiar road and a stop that shouldn’t be there? The dream book promises: in a series of routine everyday life, habitual worries, there will be an opportunity to relax a little.

Have you seen a public transport stop in a dream? The dream book indicates: the dreamer’s rhythm of life is too stressful, he has to solve many different problems at the same time. It's time to take a break.

Did you dream of standing on it while waiting for transport? There will be a hitch in some matter related to health and life. Standing on it in a dream and waiting for the bus - in reality the dreamer is waiting for his soul mate, whom he has not yet met. For families, this is a signal: you need to devote more time to your family.

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