Why do you dream of swearing or quarreling with your brother - 120 interpretations from different dream books

Don't lose control of yourself, find a compromise

A dream of a violent trial indicates: the sleeper often cannot control himself in disputes, scolds and blames his opponent. If you had a chance to sort things out in this way, there are difficulties in your relationship with your brother.

Also, a fight with your brother in a dream signals, according to the dream book: you have some diametrically opposed views on a problem that needs to be solved. Try to calmly listen to his opinion and evaluate it impartially. Perhaps then it will be possible to find a compromise. However, if he is not going to listen to you, but is only waiting for concessions, you are unlikely to be able to come to an agreement.

Who had the dream

To a woman

If a woman in a dream screamed and quarreled with her brother, who is no longer alive, according to Morozova’s dream book, the search for a new source of income may take a long time. Therefore, do not rush to spend what you have accumulated. Unfortunately, we will have to live in austerity mode for quite a long time.

To a man

According to Miller’s dream book, if a man quarreled with his cousin in a dream, an unusual situation in which the dreamer may find himself in the next month will reveal his potential and allow him to show the best traits of his character.


A dream in which a pregnant girl had a fight with her brother suggests that a risky project can bring both big profits and end in complete failure. To understand more accurately the prediction of higher powers, remember how the quarrel ended in the dream.

Hypocrisy, infighting, rivalry

Seeing your quarrel in a dream, which escalated into a fight, means: a person who was trusted as a family will show hypocrisy, and perhaps even betray.

Why dream of a fight with your brother, where both suffered equally? The dream book reports: quarrels and showdowns will begin in the family. This will have the same negative impact on everyone.

The dream plot also indicates the emergence of rivalry in a hitherto strong friendship. Misunderstandings and disagreements may also arise between friends or loved ones, which will cause great distress.

Where did they fight in the dream?

Interpretation of sleep depending on where the quarrel took place:

  • quarreling with your brother at a wedding - dreams of a fight with an enemy;
  • at home - to generosity towards friends;
  • in the kitchen - to love and harmony in the family;
  • on the street - to the collapse of plans through the fault of the person himself;
  • in a public place - to a meeting with an obsessive admirer;
  • in a store - to the development of a serious illness;
  • in the market - to the completion of a complex project;
  • in a cafe or restaurant - to great benefit or good luck;
  • in the car - to abandoning planned activities;
  • on the bus - to the successful purchase of some thing;
  • on a tram - to indecision in business;
  • on a trolleybus - to petty disputes with friends;
  • in the subway - to the emergence of an expensive hobby;
  • at school - to a fun trip with a friend;
  • in the hospital - to decreased performance;
  • at sea - to a pleasant acquaintance and new relationships;
  • in church - to trouble due to curiosity;
  • in a cemetery - to misunderstandings with loved ones;
  • at a funeral - to the successful implementation of the plan.

Good omens

Did you fight with him in a dream and come out victorious? This means: in reality you will start a successful business - you will think through all the options and reduce the risk to a minimum.

Why do you dream from the sidelines of seeing two brothers fighting? The dream book states: happiness and quick profit await you in some business.

Did you dream that he was the initiator of the fight with his brother? You may have moved away from each other somewhat, but he misses you and wants to restore your previous warm relationship. Meet halfway - understanding and support from loved ones always mean a lot in life.

What were they fighting about?

The meaning depends on why you fought with your brother in a dream:

  • quarreling with your brother over money - dreams of the arrival of an old friend;
  • over a trifle - to a serious conversation with the authorities;
  • because of nonsense - to receiving financial help from a friend;
  • because of studies - to deception on the part of someone close to you;
  • due to smoking - to income that can be easily obtained;
  • due to drunkenness - to a joyful event in the family circle;
  • due to misunderstanding - to participate in a fun event;
  • because of an inheritance - to talk with influential people;
  • because of a bad joke - to buying an unnecessary thing;
  • because of clothes - to new meetings and interesting acquaintances;
  • due to different views on life - to possible poverty;
  • because of a girl - to participate in a dubious matter;
  • because of housing - to chagrin and ruined plans.

Dreams on the topic

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